oh and i was there

for yoongi to admit that he doesn’t match well with tae and then say that he wondered what he could do to strengthen friendships, saying he’ll do whatever tae suggests and focus on whatever he wants to do because he’s aware that tae might not follow his suggestions just shows how kind-hearted yoongi is and that he’s willing to put people before him bc deep down he cares about tae a lot



all right, after reading the anon sent to @alwaysanotheroc i feel a strong urge to speak and i am going to do so right now. i don’t want to put this under a read more because i feel like this is something people need to read so i apologize in advance for the length.

first of all, i just want to say i wholeheartedly concur with emma’s reply to that anon–she spoke so eloquently and so thoroughly on the subject and i applaud her for that. i don’t know if i will be able to speak with the same grace but i will speak with candor because i feel it is necessary.

ok. so onwards with the discussion. i will not lie, i have noticed undertones of racism in this fandom in regard to the black LIs, specifically. this is not to open up old wounds, but rather to serve as an example

  • a lot of people in the fandom were critical towards james in a way that was harmful when he was, yes, being manipulated and taken advantage of. a lot of people viewed him as should having been hypermasculine–and though it was never said, i believe it is because he was black. black men are seen as hypermasculine by a lot of the world. if a female were in this situation, we probably would have empathized with her.
  • many people call sean “boring” or “one dimensional.” he’s a football player who has a good heart and will stands up ferociously for what he believes in and will never give up on that sentiment. i feel like there’s a similar character? oh yeah, chris powell, and not once have i heard that chris is boring or one dimensional. i love chris as a character, he was my first desired LI in any choices book, but i see this discrepancy and recognize it. what is one thing that separates the two of these characters? chris is white and sean is black
  • in the last chapter of the sophomore people were so quick to go for james’ jugular at his misstep in talking to mc. he snapped, but he recognized his wrongdoing and apologized. i think it was very unfair for people to say “HE WAS BEING OUT OF CONTROL! HE HAS ANGER PROBLEMS!” when both of those statements are severely unfounded. he was stressed, and though that is not an excuse to lash out at anyone, that was the reason he got upset and quickly apologized (like literally in his next line of dialogue?). i know that i have personally had moments where i have relayed my aggression to someone who had nothing to do with my anger because i was feeling incredibly stressed or upset and i’m sure i’m not alone in that experience. i also know that i was a little upset with james during this interaction, but to go as far as it changing my entire view of him or saying he has anger issues was definitely going too far. 

these are all things i have noticed as trends in the fandom in regards to black LIs. i know everyone has the freedom to be critical towards characters, but it is not hard to notice that as far as this “criticism” goes, black LIs get an unwieldly amount. it is unfortunate because i feel as though if any of these LIs were white, the hate they got for certain things unwarranted for hate would be nonexistent. 

also, i just want to make it clear, you are free to romance who you wish, not i or anyone else can take that away from you. i just want to distinguish a few things though. only liking someone who is SHORT rather than TALL or only liking someone who has LONG HAIR rather than SHORT HAIR is a PREFERENCE. only liking someone who has LIGHT SKIN over DARK SKIN is COLOURISM/RACISM. if a person has qualities you would otherwise find desirable in a partner but their race or skin colour is something that makes you say “i would never date them” that is RACIST. if you would personally love to date chris but never want to date sean simply based on their skin colour alone, that is racist.

also calling someone black an “ape man” is racist. i didn’t think that’d be so hard to grasp for people? i…

anyway, if you are racist or bigoted in anyway, please block me because i do not desire having any sort of interaction with you. thank you.