oh and i was there

critical role ep 26
  • party: *turn themselves into cows as bait for a predator*
  • bard: it's COW-mouflague
  • DM: *looks into the camera like he's on the office*
  • druid: *tries to talk to the actual cows, meaning the DM has to speak as a cow*
  • barbarian: since nothing is happening, I'm just going to eat some grass
  • bard, infamous for randomly shitting in places he shouldn't: well for ONCE I'm going to take a shit and have it not be REMOTELY WEIRD

anonymous asked:

camie is totally the type to invite bakugou and kirishima to hang out with her and ends up cancelling last minute and tells them to enjoy their d a te

Camie: *cancels*

Camie: *sends motivational Shia*

Camie: go get that D, hon. you’re gonna thank me later. promise

Bakugou: I h8 u

Bakugou: ur dead

Camie: you’re such a mad hoot, sweetcheeks

Kirishima, with a crease between his eyebrows: what’s up? you have your murderous face on, man

Bakugou: … 

Kirishima: ok, fair point, you always do. but where is she?

Bakugou: hopefully in a fucking morgue by tonight