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Spencer Hastings & Toby Cavanaugh | S05E02 “Whirly Girlie” Original Script

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ahhh ok i have a headcanon prompt: what would a road trip with just the two of them be like?

Musical. They argue about what songs to play for the first half hour. Theo eventually wins, if only because he’s driving and almost drove them off the road trying to bat Liam’s hands away from the radio. Theo celebrates his win by singing loud as he can, head thrown back and just seeping smugness with all the little grins he shoots at Liam while he sings along.

Liam isn’t even mad, he would be, had he not managed to snapchat a video of Theo singing along to Mambo number 5. Theo insists he played it as a joke. Liam knows that Theo’s music is just pretty far in the past thanks to 10 years underground with the dread doctors.

They don’t change to Liam’s music, not after he starts singing along to the dumb old songs as well.

Mason receives 80,000000 texts and pictures and videos on the first day.

Liam makes them stop at pretty much every service station they come across so he can pee. Theo refused to buy him another drink after the 6th bathroom break. Theo cares a lot less, he’ll just pull over at the side of a long country road and pee in the nearest field.

They switch between sleeping in the car and motels. Liam ends up preferring the car, the smells from the sheets in the motel rooms are very off putting. Theo agrees. When they stay in the car they’ll drag blankets into the bed of it. Theo will insist they’re not star gazing, it’s too cliché, but Liam doesn’t really know what else you could call lying in the bed of the truck looking up at the stars. Theo will flop back against Liam’s chest and listen as Liam talks about Greek gods. Lim will fall asleep with his head in Theo’s lap, legs kicked out the window in a way that really can’t be comfortable for either of them but they don’t complain.

Sometimes, when they’re on the long roads late into the night and no one’s around they’ll switch seats and Theo will try to teach Liam to drive. Theo would like to say Liam’s a quick learner but really he’s not, more often than not it ends with them shouting at each other when Liam once again presses the pedal down rather than the break.

They argue a lot too. Bickering over directions, Theo threw Liams map out the window. About where to go and what to do each day. What to eat usually ends in arguments as well and when to eat, and how much to eat, definitely how much to drink

“You do not need another soda Liam.”

“I’m thirsty!”

“We’re not stopping so you can pee again.”

“I won’t need to!”

Within twenty minutes of leaving the diner Liam complains that he needs to pee.

He’s really really lucky that Theo loves him otherwise he would have been left at a rest stop three states back.

There’s a fair bit of kissing too. Theo’s worried his car may end up with a dent from the amount of times he has Liam pinned to the side of it as they make out.

By the time they eventually get back to Beacon hills Theo is sure his car will never be rid of the smell of Liam in it but he feels that’s far from a bad thing.

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For the little head canons, Tom finding your Tumblr?? thanks love :)


  • you’d be sitting in the living room one evening on the couch with tom, your legs outstretched and strewn across his lap and one of his arms resting across your legs 
  • you’d both be mindlessly scrolling through social media (as he normally does) with netflix running in the background 
  • as he refreshes his twitter notifications, one particular one would catch his eye 
  • and there’d be a link attached 
  • he wouldn’t even say anything to you
  • but he’d look over at you to make sure you weren’t paying attention to him
  • he’d tap on the link and he’d have to cover his mouth with his hand to keep from laughing
  • the link went to a tumblr page, clearly a fan account for him, a rather old selfie of you occupying the screen
  • captioned: “when is tom holland gonna wife me up??”
  • he snorted, trying to conceal his laugh 
  • you’d notice his arm was moved from your legs and that he was now covering his face
  • “what’s so funny over there, holland?”
  • “nothing, darling, just a funny tweet a fan sent me” 
  • and you’d go back about your instagram scrolling
  • meanwhile he’d click on your icon to go your full tumblr page 
  • he’d read every single post 
  • he also screenshotted a lot of them too 
  • then tom came across a smut post that you had reblogged and captioned on it, “FUCK ME, THOMAS STANLEY HOLLAND” 
  • and he’d just lose it
  • he hasn’t laughed this hard in a long time 
  • it would gain your attention pretty quickly
  • “oh my gosh, tom, what is so funny??”
  • homeboy is laughing so hard he can’t talk, he’d just toss his phone towards you 
  • he’s literally this: 
  • when your eyes landed on what was occupying the screen, recognizing the layout of the blog your face turned RED 
  • he’s still laughing
  • you swipe out of the page quickly, not wanting him to see anymore
  • when he regains his composure, he looks at you very seriously
  • and he just starts reciting little comments he found on your blog 
  • “when is tom holland gonna wife me up” 
  • “i’d really like to sit on tom holland’s fa-” 
  • “Darling you said it, not me” 
  • you’d just groan, your cheeks still flushed with embarrassment and hide your face in your hands
  • he’d giggle and make his way closer to you till he was practically laying on you
  • “i think it’s adorable” 
  • “i think you’re annoying, i’m deleting that tomorrow” 


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Headcanon : Hobi has a key to Yoongi's studio.


So when Yoongi just throws a key at Hoseok one day (a key that Hoseok very nearly almost drops) he is Very Confused. But when Hoseok asks what it’s for, Yoongi just gives him The Look that says he OBVIOUSLY should know EXACTLY what the key is for (sometimes Hoseok thinks Yoongi does this type of stuff just to fuck with him; other times he knows Yoongi does it to fuck with him) . So for most of the day he tries it on random locks: the small chest in Tae’s room, the random closet in their dorm that no one uses, the door to their manager’s car (probably shouldn’t had tried that last one while said manager was standing right next to him, but oh well) and coming up with nothing. 

But later that night when he goes to ring the bell on Yoongi’s studio door (Hoseok teased Yoongi relentlessly when he got the doorbell installed, but is now looking for one to add on his own studio’s door. He pointedly ignores the smug looks Yoongi shoots him as he scrolls through hardware store websites.) the thought occurs to him. And when the key slides into place and the lock clicks, Hoseok’s heart jumps into his throat. The door swings open to reveal Yoongi standing with his arms crossed. 

“About damn time.”

And then! Hoseok hugs Yoongi long and hard, because he knows what this means, what it means to Yoongi, what he’s trusting Hoseok with. Yoongi’s studio is more than a work space, it is his sanctuary for his thoughts and emotions to flow freely and an environment Yoongi retreats to when he feels stressed or overwhelmed. And by giving Hoseok a key, Yoongi is saying: 

 “I love you. I trust you. With all I have.”

Tl;dr - Yoongi’s studio is Yoonseok’s makeout den Confirmed™

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2.“Can I buy you a drink?”


The bar is crowded and Stiles asks himself, not for the first time, why is he still there. The drinks are fine and the music too, but he’s not in the mood for this kind of place. He’s been looking for a relationship not to just get laid, except that to Lydia that doesn’t mean anything.

Oh well, he drinks the rest of his beer and sighs. This is better than watching CSI reruns, at least.

“You look so lonely.” This guys says, leaning against the bar next to him. Stiles looks up and rolls his eyes. Nice kicks, kid.

“And you look underage.” Stiles says. “Go home before I call the cops.”

The guy all but runs to the exit and Stiles muffles a laugh, asks for another beer. Sneaking into bars are so much fun when you’re eighteen and everything is new.

He takes his phone out of his pocket to check the hour and realizes Lydia has texted him three times. ’Don’t be mad’, the first text says, followed by ’but I talked to a friend about you and he’s there’. Stiles rolls his eyes, he just can’t win with her. ‘BE NICE!!’ the last text says.

“Be nice.” Stiles mutters to himself and starts thinking about ordering something stronger than a beer. The last time Lydia tried to set him up, he spent three hours with a lawyer that couldn’t stop bragging about himself and when Stiles dumped him at the end of the night, the guy answered with 'Oh thank God, I didn’t wanna come but Lydia blackmailed me’.

They didn’t talk for a month after that.

So, yeah. Thanks but no thanks, Lydia. He’d much rather stay at the bar alone and pretending not to stare at the hot guy sitting on a table with two equally hot friends. Black hair, blue eyes, leather jacket. Hell, Stiles might be looking for a relationship, but he wouldn’t say no to a one-night stand with a guy like that. He’s only human.

Sighing, he looks at the waitress. “Whiskey, please.” She smirks understandingly and sets the glass in front of him. Plan B, then. Let’s get drunk. He takes the glass and turns to sneak another glance at the hot guy, shakes his head when he realizes the guy is not there anymore.

Plan C. Let’s get really drunk.

“You don’t like this place, huh?” Someone says. Stiles turns around, prepared to send the guy back to his place, and finds himself staring right into hot guy’s eyes. Hot guy’s green eyes, not blue.

Even better. He swallows the whiskey and shrugs. “Am I that obvious?”

Hot guy smiles. “You haven’t got up since you got here.”

Stiles blinks, feels his heart pounding. “You’ve been watching me?”

Hot guy’s smile falters and he ducks his head, the tip of his ears going pink. Oh my God, Stiles thinks. How is he even real? “Well, yeah.” He answers and swallows visibly. “You looked interesting.”

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All I’ve posted is Shadris but you must remember, I love Sonris too :’)

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HAPPY BIRTHDAYyyyy !!!!! HOPE YOUR DAY WAS SUPER SUPER GREAT AND that you got alot of presents and stuff and and i hope you like the drawing ! You’re one of my favourite blogs ;w;;;;;;; - super shy anon from few days ago (and if you want to post it then it’s fine ;w; )