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Hey um... hello! I've been a follower for a little time and got really interested in the comic you're (both right?) making! I've tried using the link (lol) to go to the first page but it doesn't work D: And I reeeeally wanna read it! Thanks in advance~

Oh no! The “First” link will take you back to the comic tag in chronological order so you can scroll through it! I don’t use the direct page itself since we changed the format. It’s hard keeping track of these links with webcomics (even though we only have one in ours ;)) Thank you and I hope this helps!
-Mod Junior and Mod Roy

  • 707: urgh... I don't feel so good...
  • Zen: Whats wrong dude?
  • 707: I feel all nauseous and I've got goose bumps all over.... and my face keeps getting all flushed...
  • Zen: [laughing] Sounds like you're in love....
  • 707: What do you mean I'm in love!?! HOLY SHIT IS IT CONTAGIOUS!?!?

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There was a part in one of your chapters where yuri was stradling viktor and they were about to kiss (i think), something interrupted them and you wrote that viktor whispered something in russian (but you didnt type what he said like you've done other times) Can you tell/do you know what he said? Im really curious C: my guess is "oh my god, too close" buT i waNnA know I LOVE ycpfe btw thanks for writing it!!!

Oh! Yes, that was in Chapter 8 when they were looking through Yuuri’s toy box. 

The both of them were curled up on the bed together and Yuuri had just admitted he like to use two of his toys at once. Then: 

The two of them hesitate, cuddled close to each other, sex toys strewn over their laps, maintaining eye contact. Yuuri wonders if this is the moment where he’s supposed to lean just those couple inches forward and close the distance between their lips. His eyes dart down to Victor’s lips when he darts his tongue out to wet them. Victor’s eyes scan Yuuri’s face as if he’s looking for something in Yuuri’s expression.

And then, once Yuuri’s doubts get in the way, he turns away and moves onto the next item, completely ruining the moment. 

He can hear Victor let out a large huff of air as he mutters something under his breath in Russian. Yuuri turns back to look at him, but he’s smiling softly at Yuuri, so it seems like everything’s fine.

I think Victor pretty much said “are you fucking kidding me?” while probably wondering if he’s read the situation wrong. Poor guy. 😩🙃😁


@illaalia  :for Emoji thingg, koala: F5, Sabo A8, Nami: E3? if thats too many, i’m sorry!~~ >w<;; anyone is ok! 

Here you go~ :>

This is how the EMMYs should be this year
  • Outstanding Lead Actress: Tatiana Maslany, Sarah Manning for Orphan Black.
  • Tatiana: Holy shite, this is um, I can't believe this.
  • Outstanding Supporting Actress: Tatiana Maslany, Cosima Niehaus for Orphan Black
  • Tatiana: Hey, oh my God, I wanna like thank everybody...
  • Outstanding Guest Actress: Tatiana Maslany, Krystal Goderitch for Orphan Black
  • Tatiana: *struts up the stage* *hairflips* *cries* I basically never imagined this to happen to me, oh my God.

🌸 Happy Valentine’s Day ❤ from Saito🐺Okubo, Hijikata🐢 and Yuki! I hope you enjoy these ccuuttee lil v-day greetings from the guys! Again I wanna thank @oh-my-otome cause she help me think of the lines! ( I’m not a funny person…i don’t have a good sense of humor lol) Enjoy! 🌸

ik i annoy u guys a lot w how much i pick on ash for her outfit/hair cut choices, but seriously the thing that has always been 💯 are her tattoos like holy shit at the concept, design, artist and final product

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i'm really impressed by how clean your lines are and how short and sweet your comics are! everything about your art is adorable <3 keep up the good work, but remember to take plenty of breaks and don't push yourself too hard!

Oh you’re sooo sweet~<3 I wanna give you a hug!!! XD Thanks so much for your kind kind words!!! IT means so much to me!!! YOU are just too nice! ;/////:) I’ll try not to push myself to hard since this is all for fun so thanks for the reminder~<3333 I hope you have a lovely day!!!!