oh and i used reference of some picture of a kid i found on google

Shorthand Google Reference Guide

I’m gonna type this up while it’s fresh on my mind because some of y’all don’t know how to use Google

A woman sitting in the grass.

IF YOU SEARCH: female sitting

Very vogue. Very male gaze. Good for fashion or model pictures, not very good if you’re wanting to draw a natural looking pose on a woman who isn’t a model and whose camera certainly didn’t fucking turn on by itself.

IF YOU SEARCH: female sitting pose

Arguably worse, depending on the use. My experience with “female + pose” searches is that you get a lot of IMVU and The Sims pose sets, and artists making sketch compiliations that… don’t always have great anatomy and are frequently just more stiff model poses. I do use similar searches for pinup sketches, ie, “female sassy pinup pose,” though “posing for pinup photography” and “how to pose for” will give different results if you aren’t finding what you need.

IF YOU SEARCH: woman student relaxing sitting on grass crossed legs

Closer. Still kind of staged looking. Maybe we don’t want her studying. Maybe we just want her relaxing. Still, you start to see how specific keyword searches will really get you results.

IF YOU SEARCH: woman sitting under tree grass relaxing nature summer

Nice. This is only a small handful of the results, but most of them more or less fit my mental image. Mostly stock images, but good for gesture sketches or figuring out a pose. Still… we could go further, and I think I will.

IF YOU SEARCH: woman sitting under tree grass relaxing nature summer senior photography

Jackpot. Senior pictures aren’t always awkward kids in braces. Look at how much more natural a few of these look? Compare that to the “Female sitting” search. Google Search tip #1 is basically “use more and specific keywords.”
But just… one more thing I just… can’t get off my mind… what if I… just…

IF YOU SEARCH: black  woman sitting under tree grass relaxing nature summer senior photography

Uh oh. So let me level with you, if you just google “dreadlocks,” expect a lot of white people. I spent over 30 minutes adding keywords to this search, and every page was still white people. Breaking it back down to “black woman sitting on grass” helped but gave me all the boring pose issues of the female sitting search. So basically, Google Search tip #2 is: Google image search is as White as the rest of the damn world. How do we find what we’re looking for now, then?

IF YOU SEARCH: black woman sitting in grass nature tumblr blackout

Beautiful, natural poses. Adding “photography” whitewashed it. Adding “summer” gave me bikini pinups. Searching for POC models using Google image search is infinitely more frustrating than finding a million thin white women, and you’re usually going to be better off supporting POC modeling blogs themselves than fighting with Google all day. Using “tumblr” and “instagram” as keywords may also get you a lot more natural, less Vogue Was Here hits. Pinterest too, on occasion. 

But keep in mind that these are real people–especially using tags like “tumblr” or “blackout.” There’s a difference between referencing a pose or drawing different face shapes, and outright copying someone’s exact likeness without their permission. Maybe also consider liking/reblogging/following them if they’re a model or photographer. Use some common sense. You don’t own images found on google yadda yadda don’t be a dick.

Have fun being better at search engines and learning how to draw stuff!

The Right Reasons

Request: Could you do a Dean Winchester x Reader, and the reader is his daughter? Like she’s the daughter of him and Cassie? So like Cassie dies,  and she meets Dean and Sam for the first time? Maybe Dean finds her in Cassie’s room during the wake sobbing?

A/N: This is my first request so hopefully I did it some justice!

Y/N’s age-15

2nd & 3rd images were found from google search

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You sat on the edge of your mom’s bed sobbing, you couldn’t do it anymore, you had held it in for so long but it was all too much to handle. Your mom was gone, she passed away in a car accident. Not only had you lost your mother but she was also your best friend, the one who provided for you, and the only family you had left in this world. Your gran had died a few years earlier and your dad hadn’t been around since him and your mom ‘had their night in the sheets’ as your gran referred to it. Your grandpa had died before you were born; that was the reason your dad saw your mom in the first place. He was investigating the murder of your grandfather and his friends.

So there you sat, the daughter of Cassie Robinson, scared and alone.

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i'm not trying to start drama but i don't know anything about s.e hinton as a person and you seem to have info. can you explain how she's rude and why you don't like her? :O

ok so sit tight kids i’ve been working on this for AN HOUR bc i started and i just got angrier and couldn’t stop so i’m putting it under a cut bc it’s long and ranty

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pROTS i am the anon who found you via your habbo raid poster... I HAVE BUT 1 HUMBLE REQUEST, can you write a big post about your feelings+thoughts on 4chan like your post on furry culture from awhile back i believE ONLY YOU ARE QUALIFIED FOR THIS GREAT TASK IN THE HOUR OF OUR NOSTALGIA

oh my gfucking god are you kidding me




well ive been drinking stout for an hour now so i think im liquored enought to shitpost at length about it at this point.

i think 4chan is important to the overall health of the internet and a core component of the culture inherent to it which we celebrate from 48 point IMPACT font macros to activism attributed to the web.

cue the noise of my friends, especially one who begrudgingly refollowed me recently against their own inhibitions because of shit like this, shuffling out of the room, shouting OH JESUS CHRIST, PRAT. So hi, hello, sorry you are faced wiht this post lol

There are a couple reasons i feel it’s important.

Right now the internet is going through a process that has commonly been referred to before as the “walmartification of the web” in that, over a decade ago, the internet was comprised of an infinite sort of anonymous communities, BBS chatrooms, webphp forums and other micro communities where you can come and leave without that past sticking to you after your final post. Much of my own past, i suppose from 1996-2006 was spent hopping from community to community year after year depending on how i felt about that community. Since 2005 I’ve mostly stuck with the same three communities because new ones just sorta stopped appearing. Everything new is a facebook group, tumblr blog, etc etc. Since almost a decade ago, the arrival of giant bloblike organizations like facebook, google, etc have had the impact of like dropping a walmart in a small town. Mom and pop shops close and everyone is pretty much forced to shop at that walmart. Great for convenience at the cost of culture and community. Because these huge communities have swallowed up internet traffic and have opened it up to commercialization and other unsavoury bullshit.

God i had a concise idea with regards to bringing up the walmartification thing, but my head is fuzzy and i feel i trailed off from it. REGARDLESS, I PUSH ON

facebook and google are intent on being YOUR ONE STOP SHOP FOR EVERYTHING INTERNET and for some reason that also includes tethering your real identity to your internet shit. I can’t escapse it.

Part of this includes selling your privacy to advertisers, like this one time i said CONGRATS ON YOUR WEDDING to a friend on facebook which was like, one of maybe 6 posts i make on facebook a year, and for two weeks after all my internet ads were about bridal dresses and catering. That creeped me out. That my one post was logged and made an opportunity by corporate interests. That;s not to mention that its all being logged by governments. WOW COOL, A SURVEILLANCE STATE.

Part of this also includes fashioning content around what you post, your own biases and so on. So if you post about, idk, the republican national convention, you can expe[ct for algorithms to tailor your feed to benefit your conservative bias and feed you more “relevant information” that jsut reinforces your biases and suddenly we are all living in information bubbles because our realities are all being make up for us by a computer that decides what we want to see more of rather than what we need to see that challenges our biases. If not that, then you have tumblr where we can voluntarily choose to face only information that feeds back into our own biases. We lose wisdom and our biases are never challenged, only reinforced. The internet then stops being something that broadens our horizons, but rather builds walls around us.

Part of this also includes the fact that since your real name is attached to your posts, you end up worrying about how to phrase and soften your opinions to others. So online discussions are frequently disingenuous, or that most people just never vent opinions out of fear for their reputation being damaged.

So this is where a large Anonymous forum like 4chan comes into the picture and is important for the internet IMHO. It defies the trend against the walmartification of the internet, the information bias bubbles information aggregates provide us, and it also defies inhibitions to be raw, real and honest with our thoughts.

Here’s the beauty of a large forum which is nothing but anonymous posts. Its the one true, and fucking fight me on this because i know I’m right, forum on the internet where you can post an opinion and be CERTAIN you will be challenged on the merit of your opinion alone. wihtout a name attached to your post, any opponents are forced to address the meat and potatoes of what you wrote rather than who posted it. And unlike forums with names on it, there are no “celebrity posters” or popular users who dominate the community and form cliques around themselves (see: argumentum ad populum) that form defensive armies. Your sex or ethnicity isnt attached to your posts either (unless flags are enabled, IE to weed out the australian shitposters) so your post cant be disregarded by the face value of your appearance. You can post in the same thread as say, fucking noam chomsky and your post will be read along with his in the same weight of consideration. 4chan, unlike tumblr, unlike reddit, unlike any other website, is a TRUE equal society on the internet. Everyone is equal by merit of their posts which is not able to be hidden, downvoted or arbitrarily marginalized. It is colour blind, it is gender blind, it is blind to celebrity, it is blind to wealth, it is blind to privilege and relative power dynamics.

Additionally, you can participate in a argument without threat of being doxxed/harassed outside of it (shoutout to gamergate re: twitter), you can participate in an argument without fear of every opinion you post henceforth being disregarded because “oh that person said or did one thing stupid so therefore i wont listen to anything else they say.” You can post without ever fearing becoming a target for it.

You can post an honest real thought out of innocent ignorance without fear of brutal reprisal, have your faulty logic corrected and have that embarrassing thought from your dumb statement disappear when the thread prunes. All that remains is what you have learned from the discussion. Everyone is better for it.

I’ve posted alot of dumb, ignorant things on tumblr and have had people go after my friends and intimidate them for reblogging something of mine because they disagreed with me. This unfairly hurts them as well as I. That’s fucked up. I can never fear that happening over a post i make on 4chan, ever, unless i of course post my name. So honestly, I find tumblr a more frightening forum to participate in than 4chan. I never fear reprisal or dealing with psychos on 4chan because they disappear as well as the browser tab i exit out of. Being intimidated out of expressing an opinion or just being present is not even remotely a possibility.

So i feel with regards to thought, safety and discourse, 4chan is the most important and honest community out there. Because of the anonymity, you may have people posting generally disgusting opinions, but you are just as able to challenge them and destroy their argument. Just because its visible there doesnt mean it isnt just as present elsewhere. You can moderate against hate, but that will just sweep it under the carpet and it will never get addressed, only fester and deepen. Freedom of speech is problematic, as they say, but its an important right for everyone involved. it allows us to face and deal with ignorance just as much as they are able to present it without immediate repercussions. Look at a society which has hate moderated thought/speech laws. Look at Europe. You can walk around certain you will never face hate speech but look at how that manifests. The hate just works around the thought control and becomes subversive. How else do you think Europe, a land of hate speech laws, somehow has countries like france, england, et al having 15-20% of the population voting for straight up nationalist parties? Shouldn’t the banning of offensive speech actually have the opposite effect? The hatred just becomes subversive because it’s never challenged and their biases never put to the test of argument. You can’t cry to have “a discussion” about topics like whiteness, race, sexism then outright ban, delete, downvote and marginalize the other side. They just aren’t present to begin with. its fucking mental masturbation if you arent directly communicating with an opponent. That’s just soliloquy and the ones you wish to address aren’t even learning from it because they aren’t even included in the discussion to begin with.

But on the topic of culture? generally, because of its anonymity, the community isnt hijacked by cliques who jockey and buttfuck eachother into WHOS THE MOST POPULAR GUY and then decaying under the weight of superstar content producers. There is no pewdiepie on 4chan. Its why 4chan is consistently producing the FRESHEST comedic, and cultural material that influences the rest of the web because on there, no one poster or content producer has more weight over the other.

plus its fucking fun and 2easy to jump into

i dont need to sign in, i dont need to manage a profile. I dont feel pressure in keepiung up subscribers or tracking progress. its a great fuckin easy access time sink. I can just jump right into a relevant discussion


i hope i made sense