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Fanart Monday!

Man, waking at 6 am every day for college is gonna be the death of me. Good thing that, as a skeleton comic author, I can’t really die!

Let’s keep the lovely fanarts coming!!

Lovely fanart of the week, submitted yesterday by @family-tumbler-of-doom!! [Doggy Frisk, so cute cute cuteee!!]

More under the sexy cut <3

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Yoichi Saotome backgrounds requested by shirazuuginshi & anon ღ

↳ size (750 x 1334)

feel free to use, don’t take credit for them


My favorite “cute” Minho photos for sakurazukaredocean​ 


26 | Happy Birthday Jack :D

I am extremely sorry about the late birthday gift… even the idea isn’t that orignial…
Oh well, hope he had a grand ’ol time with his mates over there in LA haha

(But hey, did I also tell you there is a really shitty speedpaint too that I made?
Here’s the Link to it :D)



thank you james for allowing us to have fun watching the boys have fun

Jimin Appreciation Post

Well Shit, what is there not to appreciate?

Let’s be honest…If he isn’t your bias, he was your bias wrecker at some point….Or multiple points…


His “Horror Aegyo” is hilarious af

But, he’s naturally cute anyways so….I guess he doesn’t really need aegyo.

But don’t let those eye smiles and smol hands fool you friends…OH NO-

Because ChimChim goes from this..

TO THIS IN 0.263829352 SECONDS

Shall we jump over to the FUCKBOI Side?!

What was that?….. You don’t want to because your afraid you’re going to die from the hotness?

TOO LATE, you made the decision to die the moment you read this post…

Petition to change his name from “Park Jimin” to “Stealer of lives and collector of souls”

Why Jimin? Why are you so rood and disrespectful?

*sigh* I’ll forgive you

- - - - - - - -


Park Jimin and his selcas

Him and his damn chopsticks

Books and Nightmares

Pairing: Pietro x Reader

Warnings: none I don’t think, correct me if I’m wrong though

Notes: I really can’t get enough of Pietro so I hope you lot don’t mind another pietro x reader story. Hopefully this one works out ok - pietro has nightmares and you hear him as you’re reading and comfort him.

Oh and send me requests if you ever want a different pairing, I’d love some ❤️


It was late at night and you were in your bed trying to go to sleep but it just didn’t happen, so you lifted your covers, slipped on your converse, grabbed your favorite book and made your way out of your room and towards the kitchen, you tried to go as quietly as you could as everyone else was sleeping in the tower. 

You entered the kitchen and flicked on the lights. You moved towards the counter to make some tea, grabbing your favorite cup and grabbing the milk out of the fridge. 

You made your tea and made yourself comfortable on the sofa with your book and a soft blanket that always lies over the top of the sofa. 

You had been reading for at least two hours, having had made another 3 cups of tea. You were just about getting to the cliffhanger of the story when you heard loud shouting and groaning from down the corridor, you hesitantly put your book down on the coffee table and lifted the blanket.

You cautiously made your way down the corridor nearing the groaning and shouting, you realised it was coming from Pietro’s room and that he was having a bad dream.

Becoming very worried of all the noises coming from the room, knowing that Wanda was not in the Tower tonight - she was on a mission, and that she couldn’t come and help Pietro when he has his nightmares.

You walked through the door shutting it behind you, you noticed a lot of shifting and grunting in the corner of the room where the boys bed is. He was rolling from side to side, mumbling. His forehead was covered in sweat and his tshirt was completely soaked. You slowly lifted the sheets off of him and stroked his hair out of his face saying his name to wake him up. 

“Hey, buddy wake up. It’s just a dream.” you said quietly but loud enough for him to hear and shoot up in his bed and scramble to the corner of his bed, utterly terrified. 

“W-what are you doing here?” he asked tensing his body slightly.

“I heard you having a nightmare so I came to make sure you were ok” you said quietly looking down at the floor your cheeks flushing slightly at the sight of his bare chest.

He relaxed and softened his look. “Sorry if I woke you” he said ashamed.

“No you shouldn’t be, I wasn’t sleeping anyway. Are you sure you’re ok?” you asked concerned.

“Y-yes I’m fine, just an unpleasent dream that’s all” he said while looking away to the side and dropping his head down in exhaustion. 

“Do you want to come join me in the kitchen? I’ll make you some tea and I’ll keep you company” you smiled at him, hoping he would agree. You secretly loved his company. Everyone thought he was egotistic and proud on the outside. But you knew he’s just a soft teddy on the inside who needs a hug every now and again.

“Ok, yeah sure. It might make me feel better” he said getting off the bed. 

He grabbed a shirt on his way out and put it on his upper body. 

You both walked to the kitchen, you immediately went and made him some herbal tea to calm his nerves. Once it was done you walked over to him and handed him the warm cup. You sat down next to him. 

“Read to me?” he asked motioning at your book, with a wide warm smile on his face. 

You looked at your book and frowned. “Fine, I guess I could” you sighed. You picked up your book and moved closer to him on the wide sofa. He lifted his arm motioning for you to come beside him. You moved closer, heat rising to your cheeks. 

You started reading your book, after a while you felt Pietro quietly drift into a peaceful slumber, you smiled slightly to yourself. You lifted the blanket over him and continued reading to yourself for a couple more minutes. 

Eventually you became really tired and fell asleep with your book still in your hand. You placed your head on his chest, the rising and falling of his chest lulling you to sleep, the hand with the book in it falling to your side. 

Fortunately you hadn’t realized that Pietro was in fact awake all this time, and when you fell asleep on top of him he lifted his eyelids to watch you for a minute before squeezing you more tightly to him, making him feel safe before he himself fell asleep. 

Extended Ending: 

Natasha and Bruce walked into the kitchen in the morning to make their breakfast only to find you and Pietro fast asleep on the sofa, the both of them smiled to themselves before calling the rest of the Avengers to come have a look at the scene. 

“Finally, oh my god, how long does it take for the pair of them to realise they drool over each other constantly” Tony groaned before going and making himself some coffee. 

while were on the subject...

Okay so imagine this.

The Time War is raging. Every Gallifreyan has been called back home. Rassilon has been resurrected and is President. Gallifreyan society is collapsing in on itself, all of it’s most barbaric traits and traditions are being brought back.

The existence of a Lord Burner is one of these things.

And as we do know, Brax is the current holder of that title. So whilst most of Gallifrey is off fighting in the war, he is busy killing Rassilon’s enemies. And it’s a tiresome job but he gets it done, because it’s either that or facing execution. Until one day he receives a notice with a burn edict with a very familiar name on it.


I’ve never seen so much affection go into one fist bump. I think it makes up for the fact that they can’t kiss and hug each other because NO ONE KNOWS…YET. 

But look at the way they look at each other. Honestly, if that isn’t love, I don’t know what it is. 

Also, look how much bigger Jack’s hand is compared to Bitty’s. This just reinforces the size difference between them and I’m LOVING it. 


on Ao3 | on ffnet

Ok so it was late yesterday and I saw THIS art by @miesmud​ and was like ‘oh god, Adrien with CATS’. And then @catnoirism​ sent me an ask about it, and then @matchaball kept messaging me ideas and a cat tag, and then all of YOU ENCOURAGED ME which you’re NOT SUPPOSED TO DO

Anyway, I’m feeling gross and sort of sad and am having a hard time writing the next chapter of Tangled Ribbons. But this was actually really fun to write and made me smile. Please send me every drawing of Adrien with cats that you can find please and thank you <3

Chat’s ears perk up when he passes the alleyway. The soft mewling makes his ears twitch. He glances around before ducking into the alley, ears leading him to the back corner. Curled up on top of a pile of old newspapers and boxes is a kitten. A tiny kitten that he could probably hold in his hands. The kitten is too dirty to tell what color its fur actually is, but it opens it’s eyes to stare at Chat.

They’re almost the bluest eyes he’s ever seen.

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The State of And Steven (or, ABOUT LAST NIGHT)

There’s something that’s been increasingly true of me and And Steven: I’m not really having very much fun anymore. I still love it! When I’m able to sink into it, pick it apart, savour each moment? It’s fantastic. This show is, in so many ways, custom made for me and the way I love to experience stories.

But then there’s everything else.

Oh, everything else.

Lately, when I think about And Steven, what’s coming to mind isn’t the wonderful characters or the intriguing story or the amazing humour. It’s the frustration, the entitlement, the lack of basic respect. More and more, the negatives of what I’m experiencing are outweighing the positives. Last night brought all these feelings to a head, and forced me to acknowledge that I’m coming to really dislike this show that I like very much.

That’s a problem, and I need to do something about it.


I have essentially two choices. One is to stop doing anything with it entirely. Just watch it on my own time. Quietly. Passively. But that’s a separate problem, because a huge part of what I loved and love about And Steven is digging into it, thinking about it, trying to put the pieces together. The liveblog is how I do that, it’s a huge part of why I liveblog at all. If I’m just sitting here and watching, I’ll … just be sitting here and watching. And when the moments come where I WANT to talk – which will be often, because I am me – I’ll be reminded that I can’t. And why.

If getting rid of the outlet won’t work, then, the answer is to change it.

Effective immediately and for the foreseeable future, my Steven Universe liveblogs will occur in a private, password-locked blog.

Those posts will not be rebloggable. I will not be putting them here. I will no longer be discussing And Steven on this blog.

FOR NOW. It may be that this doesn’t work out for me and I have to do something else. Maybe later, after I’ve been able to get some distance from the jumbled mess of unpleasantness, I’ll change my mind. Maybe after I catch up, I’ll be able to commit to watching it alongside everyone else and the atmosphere of it all will be different. I don’t know! Life changes and we change with it. I’ve been around too long to never say never.

But for now, and for as far as I can currently see, this is how it is.


  • Unless we’re personal friends or mutuals, please don’t ask for access. I’m not soliciting requests, because that’s only going to put both of us in a position where I have to start saying no, and that isn’t fun for anybody.

  • Please don’t ask if I’ve changed my mind or if/when I plan to make those posts public. I may not reach that point. If I change my mind, I will be sure to tell everyone. Badgering is only ever going to help remind me why I made this decision in the first place.

  • To anyone feeling upset, I apologize. If you need to unfollow, I understand. I know several of you are here for the And Steven, and I truly wish things hadn’t gotten to this point. Please trust me, I’m pretty disappointed that this is where we’re at, too. As always, I am 100% about people cultivating their online experience, and if it no longer includes me, that’s okay.

  • My feelings about spoilers remain the same. Unless and until I mention otherwise, consider that I’ve seen no further than “Lion 3″. HubbyShield™ will be on high alert, and won’t hesitate to immediately block anyone attempting to spoil.

  • Under no circumstances should anyone use these events to attack or lash out at anyone else. This is the result of multiple and repeated events stretched out over a long period of time, and can in no way be attributed to one single person or situation. EVEN IF IT COULD BE THAT IS NO EXCUSE FOR PERSONAL ATTACKS. Let this be a reason to treat each other with more kindness and respect, not less. Don’t attack people. Don’t do it.

If I think of anything else that needs saying, I’ll say it. Otherwise, for now and the foreseeable future, this is my last public word on And Steven

I made a list of things I can remember you saying and
i go back and read it when it hurts and
lately it always hurts like
holy fuck what am I doing?
this is finals week I have better things to do than write shitty poems about someone who won’t fucking talk to me someone who I really need to fucking let go of
i can’t shake this feeling in my chest, everything is so wrong lately oh god oh god oh god
just show up at my door and tell me you still feel something
when people say your name in conversations I don’t know what I’m supposed to do
so usually I just leave the room and come back ten minutes later
with tear stains and a terrible job of hiding them
thankfully everyone is kind enough to pretend not to notice
or they’re just tired of seeing this kind of pain
being felt so loudly.
—  Cross faded or something– Lily Rain

Oh my god, I told myself I wouldn’t do this but it keeps bothering me and I can’t fucking sleep, so I’m doing it.  I hate myself for involving myself, but I’m doing it.  

Under the cut contains major spoilers and a very cranky, annoyed Sarah debunking a bullshit argument concocted by antis from poorly formulated assumptions made about the leaked spoiler pictures.  Also, I should warn you that it’s super late and I start cursing like a sailor when I’m tired, so as you read you’ll probably notice a lot of cursing as I got more and more pissed.  Ugh, here we go…

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“I’m not…There’s no way I’m in love with someone like…sempai…”

“He never cried before no matter what I said. And now he did just because of you, or another bastard? I’m not sure but it’s annoying…”

“What on earth made you worried that much, rushing here at this late time? Must be something really important?”

“Yes. I’ve come to pick up this very precious thing…”



Someone will be very happy about this XD