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Keeping up Appearances

Pairing: Wonshik x Taekwoon

Rating: NC-17

Warnings:  AU, explicit male x male, awful romance, angst, mature language/themes.

Wordcount: 9537

Notes:  a bit of an AU where Wonshik is famous but Taekwoon isn’t of sorts. A bit of a twist on the coffee shop AU. And I’m a bitch for long haired Taekwoon just bear with me ok? It just laid in my drafts and it was begging to get finished idk I hope y’all like it I slaved over it all day to make it presentable somehow…love y’all xoxo 

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You're Alright you.

• What if … on the day of her release from the mental hospital Rae doesnt see Chloe and the gang on the bikes…

It had been eight whole days since I had been free from the mental ward.

Eight entire days of being stuck in this house with Mum and Karim. 

It was hell.

The only chance I had really gotten out was to my first appointment with Kester, the new therapist.

And even then as soon as it had been over she had rushed home as quick as possible to avoid seeing anyone from school or those goons in the green lane gang.

There was no way I was ready to explain my absence, to anyone.

Her Mum had only gone and told everyone that she had been in France for two months, who does that?

Why not say I had glandular fever or something.

I know about as much as France as the pope does about sex positions.


“For the love of god Rae stop tapping will you” Her Mum shouted from her spot of sofa with Kariem’s arms wrapped around her shoulders.

“Sorry” I mumbled and shoved my hands away from the glass I had, without knowing it, tapping my none existent finger nails against and into my lap.

“Why don’t you go outside and get some fresh air”

I rolled my eyes at this.
If I wanted some bloody fresh air I could just go into the back garden for fuck sake.

“RAE!” my mum shouted once again after I didn’t say anything to her.

“What?” rolling my eyes I looked at her with nothing but a blank face. What did she expect me to do? go for a run? As if!

“Go out side and make some friends or something, its not good for you to be cooped up in here all day and night”

“Its the Summer Mum” was the only thing I could come up with saying.

“Here” her mum pulled herself up from the sofa and reached for her bag.

“Take this and go and buy some tunes” Tunes? fucking hell. 

She watched as her mum held out three ten pound notes to her.

“Jesus, did you win the lottery or something?” normally it took a good few hours of begging to get a couple of quid out of her, let alone thirty!

“Take the bloody money Rae”

She didn’t risk speaking again and snatched the notes from her mothers hand, who was she to tell her it was too much.

Quicker than she thought she could of moved she had her black leather jacket on and her backpack clutched in her hands.

It was time to go outside.


By some kind of miracle I made it to the record shop in town without seeing anyone that I knew.

Of course there where the usual stares, always was and always will be. Those I could just about cope with. Because with those people I could tell myself that I would never have to see them again.

It was the people I knew, those where the ones that bothered me more. Knowing that they knew.

Thats what killed me.


As soon as I stepped through the door I felt all of the bad thoughts and feelings leave my body.

There was just something about being around music that drowned all of the crap out.

It made everything better.
There was a handful of people in the shop but none of them paid her any attention and carried on in their own little worlds.

It was kind of perfect really.


It had been a good thirty minutes and Rae found herself sat on the floor surround by some boxes of old records that where on sale when the bell rang signaling someone else coming into the store.

Out of the corner of her eye a pair of black doc martins appeared to her right.

Looking up she was faced with one of the fittest lads she had ever seen around here.

Jesus fucking christ.

Quickly I cast my eyes back down the the records in my hands and tried to act normal. Pffftt. Well normal for me, in public? I don’t even fucking know.

All that I did know was that I didn’t want him to see me starring.

The store door opened again and as it did she swore she heard the adonis who had moved a little closer mumble ‘Oh Fucking hell’.


These giggly girly poppy voices began getting louder and louder and she knew that they would be going to the pop section. Or as I liked to call it the ‘everything wrong with music’ section.

Those people, well those are the ones who should be locked up in mental wards. Not people like delicate little Tixie.

She rolled her eyes and mumbled “They should have there own shop six miles down the road, not a section” to herself.

But, it had apparently not been at all a quiet mumble or to herself as the fit lad let out a snigger which caused her to look up at him.

Jesus his fucking face was even hotter. Fuck me. Please.

“Your on to something there” with a awkward giggle at the end. She starred at him with wide eyes.

Did he just agree with her?

Wait. WHAT?

He was watching her closely and it was making her a little uncomfortable.

Say something Rae. SAY SOMETHING.

“Well….” but she got cut of as the back street boys song started playing really loudly through the store speakers.

Are you fucking kidding me.

Her head whipped around so quickly she almost gave herself whiplash and she glared over in the general direction of the giggly girls “They are everything wrong with music”

At this the fit lad laughed, really loudly.

“Your alright you” he said with a nod of his head and a smile on his lips that made her want to kiss them.

Oh how she wanted to kiss them.

“Thanks?” it even sounded liked a bloody question to her own ears.

Another laugh escaped his perfect mouth before he sat down next to her on the floor.

“I’m Finn” he introduced himself.

“Rae” she smiled at him.

Long after those girls had gone and Oasis had replaced the plastic pop the two of them where still sat on the floor going throught the records and debating over which album by each band was the best.

For Anon, #6

Hi guys! Here is the last request I had in my inbox. thanks Anon for sending in a #! I hope you all enjoy! :D

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Are you Positive 


“Finn where are we..this is not the way back to Stamford.”

“Decided to go a different way.” he shrugged.

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Writing Check-In: When the Moon, Ch 12

So I didn’t accomplish a substantial portion of writing this weekend, but Ides of March Birthday Girl optimus-pam said that a SSS from WtM might make her life, so I’m dipping into what I have for a shareable non-spoilery excerpt. :D (You guys have no idea how hard that is! Lots of spoilery stuff early on in the chapter, and it’s tricky to find an excerpt that doesn’t at least reference those things!)

So, remember that bedtime story I was considering having Peeta tell Katniss in this chapter…? What follows is a portion of that story, and where it’s happening just might be interesting. But you’ll have to wait on that detail for a bit. ;D Oh, and it takes place a short while after this, if anybody’s lost on what hair has to do with things. (There’s a lot more explanation in the chapter, but I’m keeping that under wraps for now. :D)

P.S. I don’t know if this will be italicized and in a separate section, like the sun and moon tale in Ch 10, or if it’ll just be told in dialogue (to allow for Katniss interruptions ;D), but I’m leaning toward the former since the story’s getting long, so that’s the form it’s in at present.


Once upon a time, there was a baker’s son: a fat little boy with red cheeks and yellow curls, who loved cheese buns and shortbread and birds. Behind his father’s bakery stood an apple tree, and the boy delighted to stand in its shadows and tuck crumbs and seeds into its many crooks for the robins and sparrows that sang above.

And on his first day of school, this boy saw a little girl. Tiny and perfect she was, like the wren that sang in the apple tree at suppertime. Her eyes were at once like his grandmother’s hair and the downy catkins on the Meadow-willow: soft and silver-gray, and her skin was the color of cream-coffee and dove’s feathers. Her hair was black as coal and she wore it in two braids, snug and shining; one over each shoulder and tied at the ends with little bits of red cloth. And more than this: she wore a red plaid dress, just like the ‘lassies’ in the tales the oldest miners told each other dreamily on Sunday afternoons on their stoops.

She was, in short, the loveliest thing the boy had ever seen – and then she opened her mouth and stars came out. The little girl sang, and it was the most beautiful sound the boy had ever heard. In it was the coo of the mourning dove, the merry bubbling chirp of the wren, the cardinal’s whistle, the jay’s brilliant cry, and yet it was more beautiful than all of those birdsongs combined, and as the girl sang, those very birds, and more besides – every bird outside the schoolroom window – fell silent to hear her.

The boy fell in love with her then and there.

When the school day was done, the boy ran home without waiting for his brothers and begged his father for some pennies. For you see, love means marriage and a bride must have special hairpins, and this little boy was minded to go straight to the shop and buy some to present to his girl the very next morning, before someone else could claim her.

Of course, he was too shy to admit this to his father, who was a good, kind man, and thus the baker assumed that the boy wanted money for a toy or some sweets, like his brothers. He good-naturedly offered his son a penny a day if he woke extra early and helped with the bakery deliveries for the rest of the week, and the boy eagerly agreed. Five days remained in the week, and five pennies was a small fortune to this boy. Surely five pennies would be enough for the special hairpins.

Five days proved an eternity, for each day the boy went to school and saw his sweetheart in the schoolyard, drinking up the sun like a robin in June, and though she kept to herself, each day a child or two trickled over into her company and endeavored to make friends. The boy went beet-red at this and clenched his fat little fists at his sides, for he ached more than anything to go and talk to the little girl with the voice like starlight, but he was shy and needed the hairpins to give him courage. Once he had them in his pocket, he was sure he’d be brave enough to walk up to her then and there, kiss her right on the cheek, and ask her to be his bride.

And so each morning the boy woke a little earlier than the day before and climbed over his brother to push open their bedroom window and sit there awhile, breathing the crisp autumn air, watching the last stars wink out of sight, and listening as, one by one, the birds awoke in song. All baker’s sons come to love mornings – or seek for a different trade – but the boy savored these five in particular for what their labors would bring him. He would soon have a bird of his own, thought the boy happily. A beautiful little bird, all black and silver and creamy dove-brown, who sang the most beautiful songs in her starlight voice. A voice so rare and lovely that all the other birds fell silent to hear her song.

He would make her a nest, the boy decided as he sat at his window in those twilight hours and wished and dreamed. High up in the apple tree, where his mean-spirited mother couldn’t reach them, no matter how she bellowed. They would eat the delicious pink fruits until the snow fell, and then his grandmother and father would string the tree with cranberry garlands and bird cakes for the boy and his bird-girl to feast upon all winter long.

Direct Message Part 2 - Requested (Calum)

Helllllllo, so this was requested by a couple of Anon and you-ruined-my-life-5sos and mylovelikewoee so here is part 2, i hope you guys like it, if you havent read part 1 yet you can find it here, ENJOY

‘I can’t believe we are actually together, like I can touch you’ you laugh, Calum smiles and starts to pat your head, then arms ‘Yep, I can touch you’ he laughs, the cute creases around his eyes making you smile.

‘Okay so pre-warning the guys are a little crazy’ Calum tells you trying to keep a straight face.

‘Cal I’m a fan remember I have seen your videos’ you laugh as he stick his tongue out at you.

‘I won’t warn you next time then’ he grumbles, crossing his arms and faking a grumpy mood.

‘Calllllll, will a hg make is better?’ you coo, he stops walking giving you a pouting face, you smile biting your lips slightly, you open your arms and he smiles, rushing over to you and wrapping his arms around your waist, the force of his body hitting your making you stumble back a little, Calum stumbling with you. After a moment you move back, his arm swinging over your shoulder and he pulls you close to his side as you walk. You chat as you walk to the stadium, its three hours until the doors open yet there is still a group of about twelve girls outside. You shuffle out from under Calum’s arm but he doesn’t seem to notice as you follow him towards the back entrance.

‘(Y/N) do you mind if I go over?’ he asks nodding towards the girls that haven’t noticed him.

‘Of course, go ahead’ you laugh a little as he wriggles his eyebrows walking backwards towards the girls so he could still see you. ‘Wait Cal, where do I go, I don’t have a pass they won’t let me in’ you panic. Calum stops walking.

‘Why aren’t you coming with me?’ he asks raising an eyebrow.

‘Because I don’t want to get eaten alive by them, I’m a fan remember, I know how their minds work’ you tell him seriously. Calum just stands staring at you like your crazy and then starts laughing as he skips over to you, grabbing your hand and pulling you over to the girls. You standing right next to them and they still haven’t noticed, most of them on their phones or chatting with the people around them.

‘Hello ladies’ Calum’s voice booms a lot louder than necessary. The girls spin looking at him, some making squealing noises, other greeting him, some standing in shock and staring.

‘So me and (Y/N) were about to head in and (Y/N) spotted you guys and told me to come over’ Calum lies easily with a small chuckle. Some of the girls smile at you, others still staring at Calum.

‘Oh my god, are you two dating?’ a girl with purple hair asks, she is smiling, looking between the both of you.

‘No’ you answer quickly, the girls face dropping a little.

‘Quick answer there (Y/N)’ Calum laughs a little.

‘You two would make a really cute couple’ a girl with short brown hair tells you, she as a cute tattoo on her collar bone.

‘How did you meet?’ a tall girl near the back asks.

‘Can I tell them’ Calum asks a goofy grin spreading over his lips. You laugh a little and nod. ‘(Y/N)’s a fan, she messaged me on twitter something whacky and you know me, I love anything a little weird. So I replied, we chatted a little, then I asked for her Skype and we Skype all night’ he tells them, most laughing as you roll your eyes at Calum being over excited. Some of the girl smile and nod along while other ‘aww’, but you do notice two girls glaring at you.

‘Like literally all night, my mum came in at 5.30 and was like, why you awake so early, and I hadn’t even been asleep. I moaned at Calum all day because I was tried’ you laugh as you send Calum a fake glare.

‘Yeah and we have spoken every day since. And today is the first time we have met in person’ he finishes a huge smile on his face.

‘That’s so cute’


‘You’re so lucky’

‘You guys should date’

‘That’s so sweet’

‘It’s too cute to believe’

‘How long ago was that?’

‘Like two months’ Calum answers looking to you for clarification, you smile and nod. Calum takes pictures with all the girls and then one by one, one girl pulls out a piece of paper and they all write their twitter names on.

‘Thanks for getting him to come over’ a cute girl tells you, she has two green ribbons in her hair, and huge black glasses.

‘I didn’t have to say much, I pointed you guys out and he practically ran over. I love your ribbons by the way’ you tell him, she smiles moving her hands up to touch them.

‘She doesn’t deserve him’

‘No, I mean look at him’

‘Those muscles’

‘Then look at her, ew’

‘She is repulsive’

‘Fat, could you imagine that fat ass sitting on your knee, Jesus Christ’

‘Even worse imagine waking up to that face’

‘Yeah, she is really ugly’

‘Fat bitch doesn’t deserve to even have Calum’s spit if she was on fire’

‘I swear, if he gets with her, he needs his eyes testing’

‘She scum, fat ugly scum’

You listen to the two girls talking about you, in any other situation you would laugh and call them out on what they are saying about you, but they are Calum’s fans and you can’t do anything that could affect his career. The girl next to you nudges your arm and gives you a small smile, ‘Ignore them’ she whispers, and you smile nodding at her.

‘Hey, don’t talk about her like that, you know nothing about her. (Y/N) is worth ten of you. Don’t ever say that shit again, not about (Y/N), not about anyone’ Calum’s voice is harsh, you can tell he is angry, you feel bad, it’s your fault that he is talking to his fans like that.

‘Calum its fine’ you tell him, his head turns, his eyes locking with your for a moment and his face softens a little a you wriggle your eyebrows up and down. He turns back to the group of girls apologising to the others and he poses for a picture with another girl.

‘Calum don’t you think you could do better, a hundred times better?’ one of the two girls continues.

‘What the hell is wrong with you, all we as fans ever do is say that if another fan was lucky enough to know the guys on a more personal level, we would be happy for them. Here we have a genuine fan, and she seems like a really nice person and you two are bitching about her, grow the hell up’ one of the girls speaks up for you, making you smile a little as the girls around her nod in agreement.

‘You must see how horrible she is though, don’t you think Calum could be with a much more beautiful girl?’ one of the nasty girls continues.

‘I’m sorry to go girls, but I don’t want you hear any more of this, I will follow you all on twitter though, okay? It was lovely meeting you all, well most of you’ Calum tells the group of girls, they smile and wave, calling ‘Good Byes’ as Calum leads you inside, pausing two security guards.

‘(Y/N) I am so sorry’ Calum whispers as you walk side by side through a long corridor.

‘Don’t be’ you tell him.

‘Seriously (Y/N) you didn’t deserve that, I shouldn’t have gone over’ he tells you.

‘Calum don’t worry about it, its fine. I honestly don’t care’ you tell him, his large warm hand grabs yours pulling you to a stop and turning you to face him. His beautiful brown eyes locking with yours, as one of his hands stay on one of your, the other cupping your face.

‘You are a beautiful, kind, loving, caring, funny, sarcastic, weirdly wonderful girl, you’re the nicest bitch I know, I and anyone else would be lucky to have your love and I know you hate being told how amazing you are but you are, your amazing, and beautiful, have I already said that? You just needed to know how breath taking you are. Honestly that direct message was one of the best moments of my life’ he has a small, sincere smile on his gave his eyes still locked with yours.

You move forwards, you faces, your lips getting closer, but just as you feel his breath on your lips you change our mind and drop your head into the crook of his neck, his arms wrapping around you and holding you close to his warm body. 

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