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RFA ( Requested ) Headcanon ♡

A/N: Oh God, Anon, I’m so sorry I got to this so late! School’s been so stressful to deal with lately and I never had time to get to this until now :( Sadly, next week I have exams so I might not be as active until Christmas break which is obviously starting the weekend of that week. So I’m really sorry for not being as active! I’ll get to as many requests as I can whenever I can to make up for it!

Extra: In some of the headcanons, you have a sibling and in one of them, I used “Y/S/N,” which means “Your sister’s name.”

‣ Luceil Choi/Saeyoung/Seven

  • For the most part, he was pretty calm and confident in himself!
  • Until he saw the look on your dad’s face when he had answered the door
  • 707.exe has stopped working
  • Is he alright?”
  • “He’s fine. Just give him a second.”
  • Your little sister pestered him with questions when he had entered the house
  • “Is your hair naturally that color? Do you really need to wear glasses? Or do you wear them just ‘cause?”
  • Seven allowed her to continue asking questions as he sat with your dad in the living room when you and your mom set the table and got dinner ready
  • Your sister LOVES his 707: Defender of Justice bit!
  • Your dad thought it was a bit odd, but that’s not important
  • Nonetheless, your dad liked him to some degree
  • During dinner, he cracked a couple jokes here and there to lighten up the mood (which your mom loved)
  • ((( poor thing almost said some very inappropriate jokes )))
  • “He’s good with little kids, Y/N. And he has a great sense of humor! I think he’s a keeper!”
  • “M-Mom!”

‣ Jumin Han

  • You know how calm and composed he usually is?
  • Not this time
  • Almost fainted when seeing your parents at the door
  • Stuttered a lot
  • Did I mention he was nervous?
  • You had to pull him into the bathroom so he could calm down and get a small pep talk from you
  • “Jumin, you don’t need to be so nervous, okay? I’m 100% positive they’ll like you!”
  • The pep talked worked
  • He was his usual self and was very open about himself to your parents (surprisingly enough)
  • ((( though he still had his awkward moments )))
  • “Daddy, can you pass the salt?” *both Jumin and Dad reach for it*

‣ Jaehee Kang

  • Calm and confident on the outside
  • Screaming internally
  • Luckily, you were able to book a reservation to a nice restaurant on a day where Jaehee wasn’t working so she wouldn’t be too stressed
  • but poor little baehee was still nervous
  • “They’re… okay with… us, right?”
  • Though, she composed herself nicely and was very formal with your parents (like she usually is)
  • Your parents were so supportive of you two (which made jaehee beyond thrilled)
  • They even put in some money to help with the bakery!!
  • Your parents absolutely adore her and Jaehee loved them!
  • “Y/N, is it alright if we get together with them again? I really like them.”
  • “Anything for you, Jaehee~”

‣ Yoosung Kim

  • Boys usually don’t have to worry too much about what they wear, right?
  • *cue donald trump voice* wrong
  • “Honey, just wear something casual! We’re not going to a five star restaurant.”
  • “U-Um… Is an LOLOL shirt okay?”
  • “Maybe not that causal…”
  • “He cleans up well, huh, Y/N?” (mother speaking)
  • Nearly fainted when your brother came in and glared daggers at him
  • Long story short, your brother is very protective of you
  • Literally scared the shit out of Yoosung
  • However, your parents came to the rescue and lightened the mood a bit by separating the two
  • Yoosung ended up going with your mother in the kitchen and she got to know him as they cooked together
  • Your brother overheard their talking and nearly flipped when he heard Yoosung say he played LOLOL
  • Because he plays too!!
  • Yoosung probably exchanged numbers with your mother and brother so they could talk more

‣ Hyun Ryu/Zen

  • Joked around to hide the fact that he was nervous
  • “Shouldn’t they be the ones being nervous? They’re meeting THE Zen!”
  • Zen was right
  • Your mom and older sister were really excited, yet very nervous, to meet him
  • Your dad could care less about his popularity tbh
  • Upon entering, your sister played it off like it was a surprise to see him
  • “O-Oh wow! I thought Y/N was joking when she said she was dating you!”
  • “Y/S/N, I told you loads of times about him. I even showed you pictures!”
  • Your dad wasn’t too fond of him riding a motorcycle because he sees it as a way for you to get hurt
  • But he liked Zen, for the most part
  • And, of course, your mom loved him since she was a huge fan of him
  • ((( this lead to some jaehee level fangirling here )))

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Dumb Joke [Park Jimin]

Words: 1168

Genre: Platonic!Fluff

Oh my gosh it’s the ghost of the past! I’m back and I’m poop I’m aware but I hope you enjoy even though it’s short~

- Admin JiJi <3

It was lunch time and everyone around me was conversing with the people around them in our classroom. I grinned as Taehyung was poking fun at Jungkook for failing a quiz. My friend group wasn’t that big as there was only seven of us, but everyone around us seemed to like us.

“Hey! Hyung! Where you going?” Jungkook suddenly asked, calling out to the lanky aspiring rapper of our group. “Oh you know, I have to study for the next exam,” he said shrugging us off. “That exam isn’t for another two weeks!” I exclaimed. “Actually, it’s in four days Jimin,” he corrected, laughing at my obliviousness when it comes to time and tests.

“He’s making up excuses to see [Y/N],” Suga said, drinking out of his water bottle. “It isn’t like that!” Namjoon defended and then scurried away over to her desk that was on the other side of the classroom. I furrowed my eyebrows, “She must very smart. He doesn’t study with any of us.” 

“She’s a total buzzkill Jimin!” Jungkook sighed out, grunting slightly as he stretched in his seat. “I’ve heard rumors~ I hear that she’s never smiled,” Taehyung said leaning close to the table, as if he was telling a scary campfire story. Instantly, my eyes widened at the mere thought that a person’s never smiled. 

“That can’t be true Tae. Everyone smiles, even if it’s subconsciously,” I reasoned. “Look at Jimin using a large vocabulary word!” Jungkook congratulated. I huffed loudly, “That’s hyung to you!”

“No but seriously. I don’t think I’ve ever seen her smile. That girl’s not going to have smile lines…maybe I should follow in her footsteps…” Jin thought out loud. I looked over my shoulder and saw Namjoon and [Y/N] discussing what was in their respective notebooks. 

Although they spoke often and they seem close, Taehyung was right. I’ve never seen her crack a smile, even in Namjoon’s presence. They were friends right? Why didn’t she smile? It’s not that she’s ugly or anything. I bet she’d look gorgeous smiling…What was I thinking just now? Regardless, it bothered me that no one has ever seen her smile.  

The bell rang and class would resume soon. Namjoon got up and bowed at [Y/N], smiling and walking back to his seat which was coincidentally next to Jin’s. However, despite Namjoon smiling at her, she didn’t return the gesture, only waving back at him. I wanted to get some info on [Y/N] and I know that asking Namjoon would result in a lot of questions. He’s naturally very intuitive, but I think it’s worth it if I try. Maybe I should introduce myself first…

The last bell rings and I collect my books as quickly as I could. “Hey Jimin! You want to go over the dance routine?” Hoseok said, approaching me. “I can’t. I have…I have something to do” I stuttered. Hoseok raised an eyebrow, “Are you okay?” “Y-Yeah! I’ll be right there hyung! Give me a second!” I exclaimed, turning to go to [Y/N]’s desk only to find that she’s not there. I quickly made my way towards the exit of the school.

There she was! Her natural stoic countenance looked ahead as she clutched her bag, briskly walking away. I trotted over to her and tapped her shoulder. She looked over at me and raised an eyebrow, staying silent. 

I cleared my throat and smiled, “Hello! I’m Park Jimin. It’s nice to meet you.” She stared at me, as if I grew three heads. I grew nervous, gulping as if she were about to kill me with her gaze. “I know,” she answered, walking away as if nothing happened. Not a crack in her visage. 

This was going to be much harder than I thought…

I spent all week trying to talk to [Y/N]. She only used one word answers and was ridiculously distant. Still, my objective to make her smile is now my priority. But the difference now, was that I was desperate. 

“Guuuuys!” I exclaimed, sitting on the dance floor, panting because of the difficult dance number. “I can’t do this,” I whined. Namjoon laughed, “You’re probably not going to get her to smile. She’s very into her schoolwork but she hates being in school if that makes sense. She just wants to graduate with good grades to get a full ride into college.”

“See, but how do you get her to talk to  you? I can’t get anything but one word for answers!” I pouted. “Well not a lot of people talk to her. She’s quite nice if you get to know her,” Namjoon shrugged.

Suddenly, I thought to myself: I haven’t tried making her laugh at all! Maybe that’ll work. Namjoon isn’t that funny to begin with so I probably have a chance! I exhaled, trying to think of something. I could go before class starts, that way I don’t embarrass myself too badly. She’s always studying for something or writing some notes down.

I got up from the floor and made my way over to our classroom. My heart suddenly started beating at a ridiculously fast pace with every step I took down the hallway. I had to try. I gave myself a mental pep talk and sauntered into the room. She was there at her desk as I predicted, writing some notes down. Her eyes were glued to her notes and her textbook.

“Hey [Y/N]!” I greeted with a shaky voice. I wondered why I was always so nervous around her. Her gaze was literally too much for my little heart. She stared into my eyes and I felt exposed in an odd way. “Hello,” she greeted curtly.

“Um. What does the pirate say on his 80th birthday?” I said, suddenly feeling small as she just stared at me, waiting for my answer. “…Aye Matey,” I answered. This could not be more awkward. I could feel every hair standing on my neck, my body heat slowly rising to an uncomfortable level. I was waiting for something, anything. I looked away from her, accepting defeat for today. I just had to try again tomorrow.

Then, as if it were magic, I heard it. I heard the most angelic laughter ever and I couldn’t believe my ears. I looked over at her in disbelief as her smile was the most radiant thing I’ve ever laid my eyes on. “Y-You’re actually laughing?! At my dumb joke!?” I asked, shocked. “Well, it was funny,” she reasoned. “I just can’t believe it. You actually smiled,” I muttered, trying to hold onto the memory of her laughter. I ended up laughing out of relief. She shook her head and smiled softly again, “I’m only human Jimin.” 

For some odd reason, I felt a tingle in my stomach when she said my name, but I ignored it of course. The mere fact that I got her to smile, let alone laugh, was good enough for the time being.


Participating in the JanTom week! First day: First meeting! Even tho I have like 3 exams this week and two next week! I can do it! I believe in me! 
But now to the comic thingy… I actually wanted to make Janna summon Tom but it seems like everyone else does that so I came up with another idea. And yeah this is their first “meeting”. Like ya know, Janna asks Star who that is and stuff and they play online games together, it’s great actually.

Okay not even I can read what I wrote there so click under the cut to find out

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hi Mama! i could use a hug. school is stressing me out, i have a difficult spanish oral test next week, and my anxiety and depression gets the better of me. im not sure how to handle it all. thank you for also blessing me with Attack on Titan as I am a huge fan and it is one of my favourites! it cheers me up a lot :D <3 thank you for being you! love you lots

Oh no. That sucks… Is there any way you could maybe get medication if it gets too bad? Please study a bit for the exam, but don’t overdo it and just do your best! If you can do that I’m already very very proud of you! Always remember that!

rocky’s pic got me so shook like just imagine him laying around and staring at you like that… his eyes and features are so pretty;; and the oversized sweater paws are so cute but the second someone calls him cute/handsome he’d burst out into flustered giggles and bring out the cutest eyesmile ever oh god why do I hurt myself like this


I finally could draw a bit ;w; my exams are killin’ my vibe dawggg
Chibis ill prob digitalize so they are next to each other bc TOL SMOL GHIRAFI

Originally did this for monochromatic. I kno im late af but i have to compensate *sobs*

The Human Fi design is z-raid’s rendition of her. Thanks for the week! Im sorry for my lateness oh god

Stop Being Cute

Title: Stop Being Cute
Characters: Reader, Wonwoo, Mingyu
Genre: Fluff? Fluff.
Trigger Warning: None. Note: Lowkey dialogue heavy? 

“Stop,” You whined, playfully hitting Wonwoo’s chest, “I’m studying.”His arms were wrapped around your waist and his chest was pressed against your back while his chin rested on your shoulder. 

“I have an exam next week, Wonwoo.” You said. You had brought your textbook and notes along to their dorm in the foolish hopes that you would be able to get studying done. 

“Oh my gosh,” Mingyu turned to S.Coups and whispered, “They’re so cute.”

“Stop!” You giggled when Wonwoo blew on your neck, “I’m studying!” 

“You’re so easily distracted.”

“I am not!” 

“Yes you are. I’ll prove it.”

“Fine! But you’re gonna lose.” 

Mingyu stared in awe. Adorable wasn’t the right word for you two. It was more than that. In all the years he’d known Wonwoo, he had never seen him behave so playfully and loving around someone that he had feelings for. Mingyu was happy for his friend. Wonwoo was finally giving and receiving the love he deserved. 

Wonwoo turned to you and kissed your cheek. You ignored him and focused on taking notes of the central dogma which you desperately hoped to improve your understanding of. You felt Wonwoo’s lips slowly coming closer to your cheek. When his lips were close to your cheek your turned your head and your lips made contact with his. Immediately after doing so you turned back to your textbook as if nothing happened. 

Mingyu had taken a video and captioned it “Relationship Goals” which he sent to Wonwoo. 

Wonwoo’s phone buzzed. He looked at Mingyu and rolled his eyes, “You’re just jealous.”

“I know!” Mingyu said, “You guys make me feel so lonely! But you’re so cute!”

“Nuh uh.” You said.

“You don’t think we’re cute?” Wonwoo gasped. 

“Of course we’re cute.” You reassured him.

“I know.” He said, placing a chaste kiss on your forehead. 

Mingyu wanted to roll his eyes but was astonished at the same time. Since when was Wonwoo capable of PDA? 

“Stop being cute. Please. I don’t think I can handle this.” He groaned. 

You and Wonwoo looked at each for a moment then in unison you cheekily said, “No.”

BTS reacting to you twerking

Thanks for the request!:) Hope you like it <3

Sorry for not posting this week so far, I was a bit stressed because of school…school is actually so stressing when it is the last two weeks as we arrange group pictures and have to get dressed for it and everything and yeah…the scary thing is…next week Friday is my last school day ever before I have my oral exams..but I will never ever have a lesson again..woah..

And after I didn’t get a ticket for Kcon Paris last week, I am pretty excited to hear the news they are adding some tickets and sale is next week Monday so I am hoping to get one there:D


Don’t know why the last three gifs don’t work, even when I made the post and wanted to include a gif I couldn’t see the majority of them, only on my mobile app…dont know why it is not working but I will try to inlcude them again later…for now, just enjoy the text post for the last three or go on mobile because there, you can see it <3



Jin entering the living room to see you working out.

‘Oh how lovely, my sweetheart is working out, she is so hard-working…’He thinks to himself, smiling.

You start to twerk because that is part of the choreography.

‘OH MY GAWD! Well, that escalated quickly o.O’ He thinks…he thought he thought it silently although he said it out loud, causing you to turn around and get scared by him standing there suddenly.

“Jin, for how long did you stand there???” You scream, still shaking because being scared.

“Umm..long enough to have seen enough…the twerk seemed…oh…umm…intense?” He laughed.

“Shut up, Jin, you gave me a heart attack!”

“Sorry but I was so shocked by the sudden change in the choreo I couldn’t hold in anymore.” He laughs and hugs you.

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“Umm…were you twerking when working out before?” He asks while you sit at the dining table.

“Well, I wouldn’t call it twerking, I am pretty bad at it, you know…but yes, it is supposed to be twerk. Why are you asking?” You answer, wondering why your boyfriend came up with the subject while having dinner in the first place.

“No, it looked awesome! But I agree, you need some more practice…mind doing it again, later…in the bedroom?” He grins cheekily.

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“Oh that is such a cool move! But maybe use your hips more like that…” Hoseok stands up from sitting on the ground as he was watching you dance the latest routine you were practicing. It got to the twerking part you were a bit nervous about what he will say but to your surpise he was really sweet, giving you a lot of tips to improve.

He stands behind you, holding your hips: “Okay, now try again, I will guide your hip movement so you know what I mean.”

You look at him with a confused gaze: “What should I do again?”

“The twerking part.”

“No way!!!”

“Why not?” Now he is the one looking like a confused puppy standing in the rain.

“Because…I don’t know, it is making me feel uncomfortable.”

“Baby, I am just helping you, I am not even thinking about sexual stuff…” He explains himself but you only sigh, sitting on the ground pouting.

“Even worse…am I not attractive to you? Like even a little bit?”

“Haha…sweetie…of course I am attracted to you, all day long. And when you do those dance moves even more but I don’t want you to think that I am only watching you practicing because I am thinking in a sexual way, you know? You are my girlfriend, i love you and it would be kind of worrisome if I weren’t attracted to you in the first place. So now, do you want to practice the move or do we just relax a bit?” He smiles, hugs you tightly and kisses you.

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“Do I bother you with the music?” You ask and stop dancing as Namjoon enters the dance studio which was next to his studio when he was working.

“No, not at all. Mind if you show me what you are working on currently?” He asks curiously.

“Oh, yeah, I can do that.”

You start dancing your routine, including a twerking part, and he watches you intensely.

“What do you think?” You ask him out of breath and just fall into his arms, being embraced by his strong arms.

“You look gorgeous as always. But seriously…how does everyone look so good while doing that twerking dance..everyone looks at least decent and I look like I am about to take a shit…” He chuckles and you burst out laughing.

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*joins immediately*

“Jimin, what are you doing?” You ask confused.

“What do you think I am doing?” He asks, still twerking.

“Umm…well, okay. Do your thing then.” You laugh out, causing him to laugh with you.

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“Wow, didn’t expect my girlfriend twerking in the living room when I come home from an overseas tour…but let’s say I am not mad nor disappointed.” He laughs while entering your apartment, lifting you up and twirling you in the air.

“Haha, yeah I am practicing a bit, does it look good like that?”

“Oh, don’t even get me started on how that looked completely gorgeous.”

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“Oh let me try it, too!” He says excitedly and joins you, of course excelling the twerk movement.

“How was that?” He asks when you finished.

“You are seriously asking that? Is there something you are bad at? Oh, and we can never dance again next to each other you make me look like a rookie…” You chuckle.

“Noooo! You dance so well, you look so sexy and I still want to dance with you, it is so much fun! Oh and the hyungs are still trying to find a thing which I cannot at least do decently, despite from english and math. We are still searching.” He laughs and draws you into a long hug.

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Thanks for reading!:) Hope you like it<3

None of the gifs are mine, credit to owners <3

Here, have a fanfic

This is based on something that genuinely happened to a co-worker a while back - but I decided to have her read it first before posting it. She loved it, so on with the posting!

It’s obviously a ‘based on true events’ thing, not a blow-by-blow account. Mainly because Hiccstrid, but also because Astrid would not react in the perfectly professional and slightly mortified manner my colleague did… not on very little sleep and a lot of stress, anyway!

I’ve titled it ‘Customer Disservice’ but I’m not sure I like it. The only other title I could think to give it would’ve given the game away…

Anyhoo, it’s all under the cut and I’ll probably post some background headcanons if you want them :)

Special shout out to oh–you–pretty–things who rules, and elfpen who wanted to read some more fanfic, rather than just write them


Customer Disservice

Astrid was having the worst day. It was late, she was tired, she had an exam next week to study for, and working in customer services in a busy supermarket was hell.

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BTS As Things My Friends Have Said

Jin: “I swear if you tell me that I look ugly again, I will shove you into an alternate universe in which everyone looks like my gorgeous self.”

Suga: “If you need me, I’ll be laying amongst the pizza in my room for the next week until exams are over. Probably listening to Fall Out Boy and occasionally going to the bathroom.”

J-Hope: “Whoa, I just became your special friend. Being your special friend makes me feel special. Everyone should have someone special make them feel special too.”

Rap Monster: *friend is playing Professor Layton* “Oh my god professor how many puzzles do you know? Even my left eyebrow probably reminds you of a f*cking puzzle.”

Jimin: “Sorry I can’t hear you over the sound of my amazing sexiness. All haters please leave the room, the door is on the left.”

V: “Why on earth is this boy staring at me? Did I do something weird, did I fly to the moon without knowing, is he offended by my amazing fashion sense? We will never know!”

Jungkook: “Could I survive walking up Everest? I mean my uncle went to the base camp and he’s alive. I know I haven’t done any exercise except for Wii Fit, but those are skills. Right?”

belated horrifying realization—

if van ark is a professor it means he’s been in academia for years. YEARS. imagine: van ark with tenure.

“yeah so the prof spent the entire lecture today ranting about how humanity’s sole natural enemy is death and only he has the vision to defy the reaper and become an immortal golden godling. he didn’t mention cell membrane transport even once. like, do you think the immortality thing’s gonna be on the exam?”

“so how’d that appointment with your thesis advisor go?”

“he kept accidentally calling me ‘minion’ and ‘henchman’ and i think one time ‘peasant’?”



“oh hey, professor i’m really sorry but i’m gonna have to miss next week’s meeting. my grandma died and—“

“well, susan, that is unfortunate.”

“yeah, i mean she lived a good life but—“

“i meant, it’s unfortunate that i have no option but to punish your, shall we say, misplaced priorities by sabotaging the remainder of your academic career. oh, don’t worry, i’m not an unreasonable man. i’ll even pause to give you a moment to reflect on the mistakes you’ve made today, in taking this path and in bowing to your grandmother’s selfish decision to die.”

Oh boy, it’s been a looong time since you guys last heard from me, so here’s a short update:

I finished my project report last week and allowed myself a much needed break over the weekend. However, that only marks the beginning of my exams, of which I have one a week for the next three weeks (last one on June 18).

After that is over, my plans are as follows (in order of priority):
- catching up on lost sleep
- finishing chapter 11 of Treehouse
- getting supporter rewards done
- getting pending commissions done
- resuming regular work on Treehouse

Can’t wait to get back in the game again!


12/100 days of productivity
Learning insects’ Latin names and continuing the Keynote presentation to collect pictures of them so that I can recognise them. Next week is going to be really really tough. I will have two exams on Tuesday and an oral presentation about deep cultivation, an oral exam on Wednesday about recognising 15/168 invertebrate animals and naming them in Latin and as if this weren’t enough, on Thursday I will have another exam. Oh my gosh. I hate when there are loads of exams in a short period of time and after I won’t have exams for like half month. Thanks God I have a spring break this week. If I didn’t, I don’t know what would I do. 

PS. Look at these insects, their colours are truly beautiful, aren’t they?

I promise tomorrow I will post another topic. 😉


Talk to Me, Chapter 7

For @madness-and-brilliance, your reward for finishing your essay! :D

Thanks for waiting, everyone! I have exams coming up next week, so it may be a while until the next update. Stay calm!

Also, if the last chapter killed you, I’d hate to see what this one is going to do.


Part 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6

“I think I’m in love, Chat.”

The words twisted in his heart. He could feel the open wound burst from his chest, his life force pulsing from the serrated flesh. His chest felt tight, and he was short of breath. “O-Oh?” He wanted to slam his head into the wall for stuttering. “Who’s the lucky guy?”

“I don’t even know!” Ladybug was giddy. “I only met him the other day and I didn’t even get his name but oh my god, Chat, he was so handsome and kind and…!” He could imagine her pacing in her room, maybe gesturing wildly at nothing as she relayed her innermost emotions.

And he was happy for her. Really, he was. Ladybug deserved a decent guy in her life. Adrien would never know the woes of a public school student, but she was a wonderful person who deserved a guy who would cherish her. A part of Adrien wished it was him that she was gushing over, but the probability was near impossible. Even though the girl he’d met for coffee had dark hair and blue eyes, her personality didn’t line up with the image of Ladybug in his head.

It didn’t make his heart ache any less.

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Am I actually the only one who just wants to hug and help Tai?



I was just feeling like:

Tai is too precious for this world.

I just wanna hug him and never let go of him.


I really want to travel into their world now and help Tai, hug him and comfort him till he feels better CAN I PLEASE TRAVEL TO THEIR WORLD THANKS I GOT THIS UNBELIEVABLY STRONG NEED TO HELP HIM.




Oh god, my fangirl feelings are just too much for this world.
Fangirl-me took completly over - somebody help me