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Class Appreciation Day

Yes, they may disgust me, but at the end of the day, they’re just children. They can’t cope with this. I think that they have shown some rather extraordinary spirit, don’t you? A willingness to sacrifice themselves to save others. Resourcefulness. Bravery. And, oh, yes, An absolute understanding of how precious life is.


A/N: I am baaaack. I’m sorry this took so long :( Exam is coming up next week and the last weeks have been a flurry of exams and projects in need to finish! I’m going on an exam hiatus next week but meanwhile, here’s another boyfriend!seventeen, starring our very own Most Boyfriend-able leader, Choi Seungcheol!!!

  • so much pda omg
  • and we saw it coming but Cheol is probably one of the biggest cuddlers
  • like oh my gOD is this guy clingy
  • he’d absentmindedly play with your hair during cuddle sessions
  • can’t stop touching you in any way
  • I mean, control yourself, Cheol, there are kids in here
  • the worst times were always ones when he got sick
    he get so clingy and wHINY

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chemistry, part 2

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pairings: teacher!dylan o'brien x student!reader.

warnings: besides cursing? none.

a/n: look finally decided to realease chapter number two? hahaha :)
plus, I’d like to announce that I will be uploading every Saturday. well, the ones I can because university is a bitch. nonetheless, proceed to your reading.

word count: 2,6k+

part one

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Important Announcement

So, I won’t be active properly until July. This month I have my final exams for high school (my bac) and I really shouldn’t have procrastinated a whole year lol. Oops. Anyway, I won’t be reblogging or posting anything (I will like things tho mostly from my phone from time to time and answer messages).

See you in July. 

college! Minghao

requested by anon: “could you write a college au of minghao please? if you do, tsym (and please include a reader in it, i’m sorry if it’s too much to ask for)”

Admin note: I wrote and rewrote this and researched and rewrote and deleted and wrote this again so many times, it’s not funny (ok maybe a little). I’m sorry if this wasn’t any good, I legit had such a tough time with this one, well anyway, I hope you enjoy!

  • Minghao is a Performance Music Major
  • particularly with a dance focus
  • when he’s not sitting around in some rehearsal room in the music building practicing his vocals or reviewing for the next postmodernism in dance exam
  • he can usually be found with the other music majors
  • usually sitting in the outside picnic area of campus
  • or running through some of the choreos created for the next final project out on the lawn with Soonyoung, Jun, and Chan
  • with Joshua (vocal performance major) playing guitar
  • or with Jihoon telling Mingyu to stop blaring rap long enough for him to finish composing
  • which causes Mingyu and Vernon (contemporary production majors) to both defend Drake as a musical artist
  • and that Jihoon should stop composing his boring classically arranged piece
  • which Jihoon says he can’t because he’s a freaking music theory and composition major and it’s due soon
  • while the rest are debating the musical merits of the latest pop sensation and whether or not the hook is repeated over and over
  • “‘Despacito’ has the same chord progressions throughout” “Ok no, there’s a modulation in the bridge…” “DEEESSPAAACITOO”
  • and Minghao’s music major friends may seem a bit like a mess
  • but they’re all really close friends
  • they host recitals every winter and spring
  • the whole music and drama department
  • and Minghao is always one of the front performers especially from the dance program
  • though someone should give him more vocal lines in the shows, why can’t the professors realize his vocals are amazing and that he never gets enough lines smfh
  • Minghao’s best classes outside of his major are those relating to liberal arts
  • especially lit and psychology
  • the only two courses you shared with him since they were mandatory for graduation
  • you both have talked before, but mostly just the universal complaining and groaning over homework assignments that characterize every college student ever
  • since your major was in media studies, his in performance arts
  • it was understandable that you didn’t really get a chance to get to know Minghao, since students with the same majors normally spend a lot of time with people from their own departments
  • but that’s how you always saw Minghao
  • since the media studies classes were in the humanities and social science building
  • which is a little past the music building
  • his group of music majors is always sitting on the lawn in between
  • and you’ve noticed little things Minghao does
  • like how he always opens the doors for the instrumentalists carrying in cases in the morning
  • or the way he acts like he’s done with his friends 100% but then ends up buying them breakfast and making sure they eat
  • and while it seems as though Minghao is always rehearsing for one thing or another
  • you sometimes see him skating down the campus on his skateboard or reading in the library
  • stuff not even assigned to him by your lit professor
  • joined by Jun, Wonwoo, and Joshua, or other random music majors
  • they sort of claimed the back corner of the library
  • one day your lit professor decides it’s been too quiet and boring
  • time to assign a huge project that could potentially make or break your grade
  • because college professors like torturing students as hobbies
  • and better yet, it’s a partner research essay and visual presentation
  • which works for you because whoever your partner is, you can just borrow some equipment from the media productions classroom to get the visual presentation part done
  • and as the teacher starts reading off names
  • all you can think about is how you hope you don’t get stuck with someone who won’t do their work
  • the professor calls out Utopia by Thomas More
  • the one book on the list you really wanted
  • and then “Minghao, y/n.”
  • jumping up and silently thanking the heavens for giving you such an easy book to work with
  • so many freaking things you could talk about, you’re so excited
  • you almost forgot that you had a partner as you go up to collect the book and the directions
  • Minghao walks up to you quietly
  • “So when do you want to meet to work on the essay and visual presentation?”
  • “Oh uh, we can do tomorrow at the student café if you want.” you tell him
  • “Alright.”
  • the two of you meet the next day and split the work evenly in half before
  • “I have a postmodernism in dance exam tomorrow so I’ll take-off first.”
  • “That’s fine, we have a whole month, we can chill.” you said smiling
  • Minghao returned the smile and turned around to leave when
  • “Here, call me if you need help with your half, I’ll finish my half of the essay by the end of the week, so we can begin the visual presentation.”
  • he hands you his number and you just nod and assure him he can just leave
  • with Minghao off to study, you decide to go work on your half in the library
  • the library is usually open quite late anyway
  • you start researching the ways More wrote his socio-political satire
  • but with the amount of sleep you’ve been getting, you fall asleep on top of your laptop
  • and sure, the library isn’t for napping
  • but screw it, you’re running on 3 hours of sleep in the last two days, what else can you do?
  • Minghao walks into the library a little while later, looking for a global dance history book when he sees you sleeping on your laptop
  • hair cascading over the table as you breathe slowly in and out
  • he smiles unconsciously
  • he had noticed this before
  • but you’re really pretty
  • while the closest interactions you’ve both had together were the random jokes Wonwoo would tell you and Minghao in psych
  • he knew you were a really nice person, since you and the video production team would always film the shows and performances he did with the rest of his department
  • he had even seen some of your short student films, the ones that he could only describe as art from someone who must really love what they do
  • and seeing you calmly napping was cute
  • so he goes to the nearest vending machine impulsively and buys a can of coffee before he puts it behind your laptop that you’re using as a pillow
  • “What are you doing Minghao?” Jun says giving Minghao a sly smile while coming up behind him
  • “Nothing.” he laughs
  • “Doesn’t look like nothing.” Jun smirks
  • “We have a project for lit, she’s my partner.” he said shrugging his shoulders while looking down at you
  • “Does she always sleep here?”
  • “Not sure.”
  • Jun nods his head slowly, an understanding look on his face 
  • “Yea you like her, imma call it now.”
  • “Yah!” Minghao says punching Jun’s arm
  • “Hey I called it so remember this moment in the future and thank me later.”
  • Minghao shakes his head
  • “Well, Wonwoo and I are ready to go, let’s get something to drink.”
  • when you wake up and shut your laptop you see the can of coffee sitting in front of your closed laptop, with a post-it note
  • “Keep up the hard work partner! Fighting! -Minghao” you read
  • you laugh and take the can with you
  • over the next few weeks, you and Minghao work together on the lit project
  • and when it’s done and you both get an A-
  • you both celebrate with ice cream from the student café
  • he’s cute
  • and funny too
  • he makes you laugh quite a bit by trying poorly to imitate the lit professor
  • the two of you kept texting about random hw assignments even after the project was over about anything like movies you wanted to see or concerts that were nearby
  • you got to know more about his dream to be a performer
  • he was so passionate about it
  • they way he talked about performing was the same way you felt about filming in media studies
  • each a form of art, but each a way to express it in your own style
  • by the time the winter showcase comes along, your professor assigns you to camera 3 on stage for the show
  • and you text Minghao
  • “Hey, break a leg at the concert :)”
  • “Breaking appendages would actually be a bad thing XD” he texts you back
  • “You know what I meant!”
  • “Yea haha, are you coming to watch?” your heart skips a beat a little reading his message
  • you watch as your phone shows that “Minghao is typing” message a few times before it stops
  • “I mean you don’t have to if you don’t want to”
  • “I’m filming so of course I’ll be there ;)” you text back
  • “Oh ok lol”
  • you laughed at his short response
  • when you go to the performance hall the night before opening night to set up the audio systems with some of the other video production crew
  • you see Minghao and one of his friends running through a choreography
  • you stare at him amazed, the choreo included them dancing with a white ribbon connecting the two of them, which should have gotten tangled countless times but didn’t
  • you didn’t really want to intrude on the rehearsal, so you leave him a can of coffee with a post-it note on it by the stage
  • “I believe I owe you a coffee, don’t forget to rest, I believe in you, fighting!-y/n :)”
  • Minghao is internally screaming at how cute you are when he reads it
  • Jun’s trying to work on the choreo and practically yells at Minghao who’s told the guys the story for like the fifth time
  • “Ok but isn’t she so cute? 'don’t forget to rest, I believe in you’”
  • “Minghao, I called this remember?” Jun say laughing
  • Minghao smacks him on the arm again
  • so Minghao decides to finally gather up the courage
  • with you sitting in the desk next to him in lit
  • your knees inches away from each other
  • “Hey y/n wanna grab a dinner after the show or something?”
  • “Depends.” you say heart beat steadily increasing
  • “On what?” Minghao says trying to keep his cool
  • “On whether it’s a date or not.” you want to scream at yourself, where did this courage come from?!?!
  • “And if it is?” he smiles
  • “I’d be happy to.”
  • and when you’re filming the show that night, Minghao catches your eyes while waiting in the wings on stage left
  • and shoots you a wink
  • which nearly causes you to drop your camera
  • and you see him getting smacked by Jun
  • after the show, he brings you backstage
  • “Got the gardening club to get me these” he says handing you a small bunch of white carnations
  • “Aw they’re beautiful.”
  • “I ended up doing a lot of research on the significance of flowers thanks to a lit project, white carnations mean sweet and lovely.” he smiles shyly
  • “They also mean pure love.” you say smiling
  • “Yea, well… they’re just flowers to celebrate a show well-done.” he coughs blushing
  • “Let’s go for dinner, shall we?”
  • when all the other music majors found out
  • it was chaos
  • “HONESTLY Y/N DO YOU KNOW HOW MANY MUSIC MAJORS HAVE ATTACKED ME TODAY WITH QUESTIONS?” your friend from the media production course asked you
  • “It’s like some celebrity is dating you or something from this response!” she says shaking her head
  • and whenever you walk to the humanities building
  • Minghao bounds up and takes your hand
  • in front of both the departments
  • so you have the music majors screaming at Minghao
  • and the media studies majors cheering you on
  • it’s a mess
  • but Minghao just shrugs it off and wraps an arm around you
  • “Want to grab a coffee before lit?”
  • “Sure” you laugh
  • and he holds your hand as you both make your way to the student café
  • and the both of you lay on the lawn after sipping your lattes
  • hands intertwined staring up at the clouds in the sky
  • “Look, they look like white carnations.” you smile and point up at a cluster of clouds
  • just enjoying the light breeze of a spring day
  • when he pulls you closer until you’re laying on his arm
  • and kisses your forehead
  • “Sweet and lovely just like you.”

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Fireflies(Fem!Reader x Pietro Maximoff)

Word Count: 2879

Summary: COLLEGE AU; The reader thought that Pietro was a stuck-up stubborn jock: the exact opposite of his twin sister. But after that same jock saves the reader from an awkward situation, things start to change.

A/N: I love College AUs so so so much. Ugh. I hope you guys enjoy this, it was so much fun to write!!

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The Best Days of My Life (2/3)

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Pairing: Tom Holland x Reader

Summary: You got your dream student exchange place in Great Britain. When you get there you meet a handsome brunette. It feels like something straight out of a fairy tale until your student exchange reaches its end

Word count: 964

A/N: There are three parts in this story and I’ll be posting one per day. I would like to warn you that it gets a bit sad at the end! 

I would really appreciate constructive criticism. So, if you think of something that I could do better let me know! I hope you guys like it!

Y/F/F : Your favorite food

Part 1   Part 3

You and Tom had been seeing each other for a month now and you were the happiest you had ever been. Your personalities matched perfectly and it felt like he was your other half. Still, you were taking things easy and kept it pretty casual. You had to concentrate on school. You didn’t come all the way here just to ignore your studies. 

After school, you met Tom at his place. You were going sleep over at his place and binge-watch a new Netflix series. “Hey Y/N/N how was your day?” Tom asked hugging you and giving you a sweet kiss. “Hey TommyTom” you answered the hug with a small grin on your face. You knew he hated that nickname. “It was a looooong day and I just wanna sit down and not move for the rest of the day” you answered still hugging him tightly. His scent always calmed you down. “Well you don’t have to move a toe tonight. I ordered us pizzas, bought beverages and your favourite sweets” He took your hand and walked you to the living room. “Oh god yes” you replied grabbing a few candies from the table and sat down. You pulled Tom to the couch next to you and cuddled him.

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By @jemsauce

A really stupid thing I wrote to distract myself from my cold.  Which totally backfired, as you can see.

Tentoo x Rose | 1,782 Words | All Ages | sick!Doctor

The Doctor had never experienced cold symptoms as a Time Lord.  Now that he’s human, he’s more than susceptible, due to his new body’s untested immune system.  (Just a silly, fluffy one-shot.)

Originally posted by tennydr10confidential

Before becoming human, the Doctor never imagined just how horrible it really felt to have a cold.  Of course, some colds could be worse than others.  But he hadn’t spent the better part of his life building up his immune system against all these relatively innocuous viruses the way most humans did.

So when his first cold hit him, it really hit him.

On the first morning, when he woke up from a somewhat fitful night’s sleep, he thought maybe he’d breathed a bit too much smoke from that alien spaceship crash the night before.  His throat felt a bit scratchy and thick, and he found himself wanting to swallow more than normal.  He was also very thirsty.  All that smoke and heat must have dried him out a little, that was all.

But then he tried to sit up, and the entire room began to spin.

“Whoa…” he rasped, grabbing the edge of the bed to stabilize himself, taken aback by how hoarse his voice was.  He reflexively cleared his throat, but it didn’t help, and seemed only to make the soreness worse.

Rose half rolled over to look at him groggily.  “What, what is it?”

“Blimey…” he said, closing his eyes, but still feeling lighter than air, and completely disoriented. “I feel…  I feel…” he flopped back down onto the pillow. “Weird.”

Rose rolled the rest of the way and felt his shoulder briefly, then his forehead.  “God, you’re burning up,” she said, voice pitched with concern.  “How do you feel?”

“I told you.  Weird.” He draped an arm over his eyes.  For whatever reason, the light coming through the window was giving him a headache.

“You sound awful.  You must have caught Tony’s cold.”  Rose rolled out of bed and threw a dressing gown on, briefly disappearing from the room before returning with a thermometer.  “Here, stick this under your tongue,” she said.

“I can’t be sick,” the Doctor whinged.  “I have an excellent immune system.  I never get sick.”

“Doctor, that was your old body. You’re human now, and as susceptible as the rest of us.  Now do as I say.”

The Doctor mumbled darkly under his breath, but allowed her to take his temperature.

The thermometer beeped after a few minutes, and Rose read the digital window.  “Yep, definitely a fever.  I’ll call Pete and let him know you’re staying home.”

“Nonsense!” His voice cracked raggedly.  “You work when your sick, I can do the same.”

Rose guffawed.  “Doctor, you’ve never had a cold before.  Your immune system has never been exposed to a cold virus, ever.  You might be at higher risk for pneumonia because of it, and I’m not about to let that happen.”

“But Rose…” It would have been a whine under ordinary circumstances, but as it was, his voice sounded more like chains being dragged through gravel.

“Be sensible, Doctor.”  She patted his arm.  “I’ll go make some tea.  You stay here.”

As soon as she’d gone, the Doctor tried to sit up again, concentrating on keeping himself more stable.  After a moment, the room settled down, but sitting up made his headache a thousand times worse.  The pressure behind his eyes was monstrous, and he couldn’t breathe through his nose.  Still, breathing through his mouth set his throat on fire.  He tried to swallow, but that made his throat feel worse.  Everything inside felt sticky and full of bugs, crawling around under his skin and in his throat.  “This is disgusting,” he grumbled under his breath.

Still, if ordinary humans could go to work with a cold, surely a part Time Lord human could manage.  He just needed to get moving, maybe have a bit of breakfast, though his legs felt like concrete, and he didn’t feel much like eating. Still. He could do this.  He gritted his teeth and pushed himself up off the mattress…

And immediately sat back down, the room spinning again.  He felt like his head was floating and his legs were stuck in quicksand.  “This is ridiculous!” he muttered, face pinched and frowning.  Hearing his ragged voice just added to his irritation.

After two more attempts, and using the wall to stabilize himself, he finally felt like he could walk across the room and put on his dressing gown.  He felt hot and cold at the same time, and was shivering by the time he tied his robe closed.  He grabbed a pair of socks out of the dresser and stumbled down the hall towards the kitchen, running his hand along the wall to ground himself.  

He came around the corner just as Rose was setting the teapot on a tray laden with a simple breakfast.  She looked up.  “Doctor!  I told you to wait there!”

“This is silliness, Rose, I’ll be fine.  I just need some ibuprofen and a little breakfast, probably. I’m sure it’s nothing.”  He gingerly made his way to the nearest dining chair and eased himself into it with an involuntary sigh of relief.

Rose’s brow creased as she frowned, folding her arms across her chest.  “You’re not being reasonable.”

He responded with a sudden attack of forceful sneezes—four right in a row—then lowered his head to the table with a groan.  Rose sighed and came closer, massaging his head gently.  “I’m sorry you’re not feeling well,” she said.

“This is rubbish,” he whinged.

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Mixing It Up - Troublemaker! Min Yoongi X Reader - Part 4

Oh my gosh an actual update

Okay so my idiotic self thought that when college started again, I’d be able to keep up with my work and stories. How wrong I was. I’ve mentioned many times that I’ll attempt to resume my original pace but I don’t know if that will be possible. I’m hoping within the next week or two I can but because final exams are this year it may be unlikely. I’ll just have to stop wasting time on useless stuff and spend said time on writing. Please bare with me.

Preview  Part 1  Part 2  Part 3  Part 4 - Here  Part 5  Part 6  Part 7  Part 8  Part 9  Part 10

During lunch, you spent your time glaring holes into Yoongi’s head. He noticed five minutes in and returned your glare yet that didn’t stop you from deepening your scowl. You should have known he wouldn’t care about your reputation and school records being ruined. He’s Min Yoongi, notorious for being a troublemaker.

You felt fingers pry your now squashed water bottle from your grip and only then did you come to your senses.

“Hey, you don’t actually know if Yoongi was responsible. He never admitted it.” Suhyun placed the bottle beside her before directing her expectant gaze at you.

“And he never denied it either. It makes sense that he would be the cause of this mess. All he’s done since I’ve met him is harass me.”

She took a moment to think about the previous weeks before she nodded her head in agreement.

“Fair enough… but you know what they say. When someone teases you, it usually means they like you.”

She was greeted with a scoff.

“I’m pretty sure I said ‘harass’ not ‘tease’.”

“Same thing for Min Yoongi.”

At this point Mi-Rae decided to join your table, settling beside Suhyun. She gave you both a small smile as a greeting and proceeded to chew on her food.

“Hey Mi-Rae. Haven’t seen you around in a while.” It was true. Mi-Rae seemed to disappear often recently leaving you with no clue as to where she was.

“Oh, really? Well I’ve just been about.” You paid no mind to her vague answer and stood from your seat.

“I hate to say this since you just got here but I need to go. If I start cleaning the class now, I won’t have to spend so long after school.” Both girls nodded in understanding and you took that as your cue to tidy up your lunch, heading straight for your classroom after.

Ten minutes later, you were scrubbing at the teachers desk, hoping to remove at least a little bit of the black marker left on it. You had to admit that some of the comments left on the desks were quite amusing. The typical ‘he likes her’ was one you came across more  times than you would have expected.

Your thoughts drifted back to that morning. To do this much damage the culprit would have had to have arrived early in the morning. It wasn’t something that could be done in a mere hour. You suspected maybe two and a half to three hours were spent on this mess.

“What kind of sad life does Yoongi have to be spending this much time drawing on desks?” As you mentioned his name, your scrubbing became more aggressive as you absentmindedly read the sentence.

“‘It was Min Yoongi… he’s a pyromaniac?’” You stared blankly at the writing, not able to process what it had said. It was only when the lunch bell rang and students began to file into the class where you realized what they had been implying. You quickly moved to cover the writing, although it was probably useless as everyone had already read a majority of the writing that morning.

That didn’t stop you from quickening your cleaning and you wiped with such ferocity that the only remains were a faint pen mark.

So the culprit was not Yoongi.

You felt the weight on your chest lighten a bit with that thought.

Still… who would call him a pyromaniac? You had no doubt in your mind they were trying to make a link between Yoongi and the school fire.

Although you too had initially believed he had something to do with it, the time you had spent getting to know him and how he worked made you have second thoughts on the real culprit.

Even if Yoongi was a pyromaniac, there was no evidence yet to suggest he was behind it and you hoped it stayed that way.

Being lost in your thoughts, you were only pulled out of them when your class’ teacher entered the room. Greeting your teacher, you took your seat, letting your thoughts wander again.

Apologising to Yoongi was a given. You had unnecessarily flipped out at him and he had just taken it, surprisingly. You half expected him to drop kick you or something but he just seemed offended that you of all people would accuse him.

Maybe you were getting through to him more than you thought.


That same day you had decided to visit the bubble tea café by yourself. Suhyun offered to go with you but you simply denied her offer, explaining you needed time to think about how to approach your dilemma. You were quite stubborn so you found it hard to face it head on. You could practically feel the embarrassment that was sure to come with your apology. You had acted out of order.

Sipping on your usual drink, you blankly stared out of the front window. Within the next few moments, Yoongi appeared in front of you, shooting you an apathetic look. Almost choking on your drink, you shot up off your seat and all but sprinted out of the shop after him. He seemed to hear you coming as he spun around, raising an eyebrow.

“Are you hot but bitchy Y/N or cute detective?”

A smile almost spread across your lips, keyword almost. That didn’t stop the faint pink from dusting your cheeks, however.

“Neither, just me although I’m not that great…” You muttered the last part to yourself though Yoongi caught it.

“Well, you’re not as loud as Tae so that’s an automatic plus.” A chuckle escaped you before you turned serious, intent on getting back on Yoongi’s good side.

“Listen, I’m sorry for accusing you earlier on. That was so uncalled for.”

He just smirked at your words and shifted his weight back onto the balls of his feet.

“Wow. Screaming at me, sending me evil looks and then apologising all in under twenty four hours? That’s got to be a new record. If I didn’t know any better, I’d think you couldn’t live with me hating your guts or something.”

You wanted to punch his smirk right off his face but you refrained from doing so. Maybe later. Yes, you didn’t just swallow your pride for nothing.

“Hellooo? Earth to Y/N? Do my words have that much of an effect on you?”

You shook your head, ridding it of the somewhat violent thoughts you were having.

“Something like that. But there is one more thing I need to ask you. I don’t know if it’s too personal but… do you by chance have an obsession with fire?”

A look of shock flashed on his face for a millisecond before his smirk returned.

“In other words ‘Are you a pyromaniac?’ That’s what you’re asking, right?”

A blunt nod was his reply.

“I personally don’t think so. I guess that’s what everyone labels me since I always carry fireworks and shit.”  

Well that was somewhat unexpected.


He didn’t reply but turned on his heel and set back on his way.

“I’ll explain that another time… see you later.”

You successfully delivered your apology albeit you were left a little confused. You ultimately decided it wasn’t something you should dwell on.

“At least that’s over and done with.”

You too set on your way home, all the while smiling to yourself over your success. You took a detour into a stationary shop as you realised you were running low on school supplies and selected your usual pens. Taking them towards the counter, you realised that Mi-Rae was before you, paying for her items.

“Hey, Mi-Rae. Running low too?” You gestured to the pack of markers the cashier was placing into a plastic bag along with notebooks and sticky notes. Your sudden appearance caused her to jump slightly before turning towards you and smiling kindly.

“Ah, yeah. I seem to find myself here often.” You nodded in understanding as she picked up her purchase and bid you a farewell.

“I’ll see you tomorrow.” Waving her off, you too paid for your items, thoughts drifting back to your deal with the principal.

It wasn’t Yoongi so that’s one suspect down. Lord knows how many to go.


The days seemed to fly by and before you knew it it had already been a month since the deal. You had long since cleaned the markings left inside the class though it had taken you more than a week. Whoever was the culprit didn’t think to give you any mercy as they went as far as scribbling inside lockers. You didn’t know what you were going to do once you found them but it definitely involved hurting them as much as they hurt you.

Your back, legs and arms were all sore from the constant switch in posture.

You hadn’t gotten any closer to finding the culprit with the month that went by and you were beginning to give up until you heard the latest gossip from none other than Suhyun.

“Guess what!? They know what cause the fire in their school.” You almost grabbed her by the collar, eager to know what had been the catalyst to the unexpected occurrence. That and you wanted to reassure yourself that it had nothing to do with Yoongi.

“Apparently, it was fireworks or something.” As if in cue, the speakers around the school boomed to life, the principals voice flowing out of them.

“Can Min Yoongi please make his way to my office. This is an urgent matter.”

Eyes widening, your head whipped around to watch Yoongi shove his hands into his pockets and stalk out of the lunch hall, a scowl present on his face. His friends all shared confused looks between each other and Jimin stood from the table, trailing after him.

“Wait-“ The hushed whispers that erupted from the students around you cut you off and you found yourself gritting your teeth in exasperation.

“I heard it was him…”

“It would make sense since he’s a pyromaniac.”

“What!? He’s a pyromaniac?”

“What’s that?”

“Are you stupid? It’s someone who is constantly setting fire for some kind of sick pleasure or relief.”

“Woah that’s scary! We’ve been attending school with a criminal!”

He hadn’t even been proven to be the cause of the fire and students were already labelling him a criminal. You wanted nothing more than to punch the obnoxious girl who screamed the last sentence but instead opted for slamming your hands down onto the table, gathering everyone’s attention. The hall grew relatively silent except from the few whispers bouncing around and your glare grew darker.

“Y-Y/N? Just ignore it and sit down.” Suhyuns panicked whisper did nothing to calm you down and instead you moved from your table, raising your voice so you could be heard by the majority of students.

“Ah, I hate ignorant comments! It’s sad that you have to feed off creating rumours like this. Criminal? Cut it out with that kind of bullshit, you just sound like an air headed idiot.”

With that, you stormed out of the hall, the silence following you.

You just hoped that wasn’t all in vain and Yoongi really wasn’t a criminal.


Yoongi never returned to class. You were sent on an errand to said boys class and you couldn’t help but scope the class for him but to no avail. He was nowhere to be seen.

When school finally ended, you caught up with Jimin on his way out of school.

“Jimin! Er… what happened with Yoongi?” A crestfallen expression fell on his face and he sighed.

“They say they caught him on tape with fireworks right before the fire started…”

Your heart dropped at this.

“So that means…”

“I guess it means he’s going to get in a heck of a lot of trouble but I don’t get it… that day he said he was called into a classroom by someone. The same class the fire started. Sure, he had fireworks on him but they were meant for when we hung out later on.”

“You don’t think he done it?”

Jimin’s immediate response was a shake of his head, orange hair bouncing with the movement.

“I believe he didn’t. Sure, he’s not the best student but setting a class on fire is too much, even for him. If it was his fireworks maybe he didn’t mean it? Do you believe he did it?”

You didn’t need to ponder over his question. Your answer came straight away.

“Nope. Not in a million years. I don’t know Yoongi that well but he’s not as bad as everyone makes him out to be. Although I did think he was before I met him…”

Either Jimin didn’t hear you mutter your last sentence or he chose to ignore it because he didn’t reply.

“Anyway, I’ll see you tomorrow Jimin. I’ll… I’ll try and figure out a way to get Yoongi out of this. I don’t know if you’ve heard but I’m kind of playing detective now.”

“Yoongi mentioned something about that a few weeks ago. But thank you for your help and concern. We appreciate it, especially Yoongi.”

You shot him a sympathetic smile before leaving the school gates.

So basically, once again, someone innocent was being blamed for something they didn’t do. It just so happened to be Yoongi this time and not you.

You were definitely going to help as much as you can. It was the least you could do since your apology did not seem sincere enough to you.


Jimin watched the retreating form of Y/N, smiling slightly at her worry.

“Gosh Yoongi… you’re lucky to have her care about you that much.”

“I am aren’t I?”

Yoongi’s arm wrapped around Jimin’s shoulders making said boy jump before he placed a hand over his racing heart.

“Hey! Don’t do that! Are you trying to make my heart stop?!”

“You’re just a scaredy cat. Even Taehyung doesn’t react that way.”

He pouted in slight annoyance whilst Yoongi took a few steps forward.

“She may even care too much. I might hurt her…”

He stood in silence before motioning towards the schools entrance.

“You coming?”

Yoongi began on his way again as Jimin nodded his head, jogging to catch up with his fast pace.

You’re incapable of hurting her Yoongi. Not everything you come to love will break so easily.

Jimin kept his thoughts to himself.

fem!larry fic rec masterpost

Because fem!larry is a blessing.

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Midnight Wanting

Summary: You are intense studying for your next college exam, but Damien sees that you need a break.

Characters: Damien Haas x Reader

Warnings: NSFW. Stressed smut

A/N: Since starting college, my stress has definitely skyrocketed. Then this little baby popped into my head.

Word count: 1,927

Originally posted by symphonyofflavors

The bed around you was completely covered in papers.The mug on the nightstand was running low as you finished up your latest sip. You slammed your hand on the bell next to your cup to alert Damien to the low contents of your liquid energy.The door started to creak open, but Damien’s voice filled the room first.

“No Zelda. You can’t…look Mom is busy studying. Don’t give me that look. Ahh! Cat Incoming!!!” 

Equations and greek symbols were literally swirling around you. Once the white slips had settled back onto the bed, the clear path was shown from the edge of the bed to the cat now snuggled into my lap. Your eyes flutter to the unorganized papers and your heart rate starts to pick up. Your eyes flutter up to Damien as he stands motionless in the doorway.

“I know this seems like a bad situation. But before everything goes chaotic why don’t just take a deep breath? Oh no, don’t cry sweetie.” He says walking over to the bed, placing the coffee pot on the nightstand, and picking up some of the papers off of the ground.

“I just…we just need to get these back in order.” You say while blindly grasping at all the papers and chocking back some sniffles.

“Sweetheart, I think that you might need a little break.” He said carefully taking the papers from your hands.

“I just need like 25 more minutes of studying. Just 25 more minutes Damien,” You plead to him as you pick up the coffee pot.

“I think that you should really use a break sweetheart. Why don’t we just watch an episode of Rick and Morty or Family Guy? Get your mind off of things.” he said sliding the textbook off the bed and stacking papers to make room for himself.

“I just…I can’t…I’m just so worried out this next exam.” You say curling up in a ball at the top of the bed.

“Oh sweetheart, you have absolutely nothing to worry about. I know how hard you have been studying. Plus you still have a couple more days until your test.” He said sliding into bed and pulling you into his lap.

“But I won’t have that much time to study during the week. So I need to get the majority of my studying in tonight and tomorrow. And if I’m not studying, then I feel stressed,” You say nudging your head into his shoulder.

“Well, I just want you to know that I have the utmost fate in you. Now, I think that we should do something to get these stress levels down before you explode.” He said twirling the bottoms of your hair, the tips of his fingers gently brushing over the skin exposed from open back of your top.

“Well, I’m open to anything. I feel like I’m laying on a bed of needles.” You say rubbing your hands across your face. His hands pull your hands away from your face. You look up to meet his eyes, nose to nose.

“How is it that when you are still beautiful at 1am when you have been studying all night long?” He said gently stroking your cheek.

“Because we are both sleep deprived and running on too many cups of coffee,” You say quietly frankly to him.

“Well, even if I wasn’t an insomniac I know that I would still find you this beautiful.” He said before taking his time to close the minimal gap between.

Your body collapses even further into his body, which is something that you don’t think is possible. The kiss was soft as the hand that was rested on my cheek slid down to the nape of my neck. As your arms found their way to his shoulders, his other hand was preoccupied with drawing patterns along the outside of your thighs.

“You might be getting yourself into some dangerous terrority boy,” You say as you pull back from the kiss that had heated up.

“Well you know, Damien Danger Haas is always up for anything.“ He said with a smirk on his face and a small wink. It was enough for you as you leaped a bit off his lap you pull him to you.

There was nothing innocent. Everything was heated and frantic. Your hands searched desperately in his hair while he anchored himself onto you via your thigh. His nails needed a trim, but it was something that was easily pushed back in your mind for the time being, along with studying. Now the only thing that you could think about was this.

Now making out, in California, during summer, with the ac out is something isn’t normally advised. Yet it was going unnoticed by the two of us as you swing a leg on either side of him and pressed yourself fully against each other. Damien’s lips left your own and started making his way down your neck with nipping teeth. Your eyelids close at the sensation and dig your fingers into the shoulder.

It was euphoric as he made his way across your collarbones. He pulled the strap of your tank top aside with his teeth, nipping a little bit of skin with it, causing a moan to slip from your moan. You glanced down and almost moaned again by the sight of him kissing his way down to your breasts. Your fingers curled under the Hem of his shirt and lifted it up, momentarily breaking the connection between the two of us. While he was lifting his hoodie over his head, you give his shoulders a shove and you both collapse onto the bed.

“Well, this is an even more beautiful sight than before. But I will say, I think that I can make it much more beautiful.” He said curling his fingers under your top. The devious grin that spread across his at the lack of bra he saw when your top was lifted. “Venus herself would be jealous.” His husky voice shot straight to your core, which surprisingly had yet to go through two layers yet.

 "Is that so?“ You say letting your hands walk around his bare chest, brushing lightly over the stubbly chest that was growing back in.

“Well not just her, but every other goddess too,” His hands rolled from the concave of your waist, skimming your hips and dipping under the waistband of your shorts. “Now, you wouldn’t deny a lonely beggar his worship would you?” He said as he pushed your hips forward, moving you closer while creating a delicious slow grind. You bite down on your lip, but some of the gasp still escaped.

“Well, I wouldn’t want to be cruel.” Your voice had dropped and become raspy, something entirely new to you. It seemed like Damien’s eyes could get any darker, but his pupils had completely engulfed any color left. Both of his hands were under your shorts and starting slowly pushing them down your hips.

“Then dear goddess, I beg that you please get up here,” He asked and you granted the beg quickly. As you moved up towards him, He pushed your shorts down off your body, leaving you hovering over his face in only your underwear. Never breaking eye contact, a single finger slipped between your legs and nudged the fabric. He took a slowly swipe along your folds, narrowly avoiding your clit.

“Damien,” You stutter out as you feel yourself collapse a little bit, moving closer to his mouth. But what made you feel even weaker is when Damien licked you off of his finger. That got you hovering right over his mouth, legs quivering a bit and mouth gaping. “Damien please,”

“Well thank you for the acceptance goddess,” He said and you could feel his lips moving slightly against your slickness. When his tongue finally connected to you, you find yourself fully resting on him. He took it slowly at first, slow and deliberate. Your mind was a little numb from though as you tilt back a bit.

It wasn’t until he started picking up the pace, his tongue starting to running laps around your clit. Your hands latch down onto his hair as a moan slips through your lips. The smirk on Damien’s smirk was unable to be seen but read through his eyes as you look down at him.

“Damien,” His name slipped through your lips like velvet. You arched your back as his hands sink into your ass, like a madman gripping to the edge of the Earth. He disconnected from you, causing you to whimper and look down at him.

“Don’t worry sweetheart, you are definitely going to get what you want.” He said slowly sliding his hand around to your front and drifting from your belly button.

“Dame…please,” You say trying to move back onto his mouth.

“Oh don’t worry sweetie. We certainly wouldn’t want to rush anything,” He said as his thumb gently landed on your clit, sending sparks through you. Your hips set to their instinct, trying best to get solid friction and control of your pleasure. “Well obviously someone is a little needier than previously anticipated. Now how would you feel if these two fingers were inside of you?” You felt the two extended fingers right at your entrance.

Again in vain you attempted to sink down while he positioned a forearm so that you couldn’t get any lower. The whimpering was growing a little louder as the tightness in your abdomen grows.

“Damien, please…I need this” You said in a moaning plea.

“Well since you said the magic work,” He popped the fingers inside of you while a loud gasp escaped your lips, “I’m more than happy to oblige. Have fun.”

The rhythm was a little tricky to get at first, trying to move up and down while still stimulating your clit with his calloused thumb. But once you finally achieved the right movements, it was only a string of expletives that left your mouth. The tightness was growing even more present as you livened the pace. 

“Look at you, fucking yourself with my fingers right before me. Someone really must have been needed this,” His voice was a husky whisper. The smirk was still spread across Damien’s face as he curled the fingers inside of you and took a quick swipe at your clit. The sensation was so foreign it pushed you completely over,  moaning and clutching the bedframe to stay up while your bottom half quivered.

“Damien, please. I’m right there” You say feeling the coil grow ever tighter and tighter in your abdomen. One of your hands found their way back down to the crown of his head, desperately clinging to balance yourself. His fingers rammed up in speed as he sucked down on your clit. 

That set you off, digging your hands further into his hair and the metal bars of the frame. Your grip was so tight that your fingernails were digging sharply into your palm. The shock took you entirely by surprise, your body lurching forward to have the bed frame support you.

His hands returned back to slowly stroke your hips and thighs are you were riding out the last of your orgasm. Your grip started to loosen after, letting your breath catch up on you and your core unclench.

“That was definitely needed,” you said looking down at him, gently stroking your hand through his now tousled hair.

“I told you that a break was a good idea,” He said with his smirk smile grown even larger across his face.

RFA ( Requested ) Headcanon ♡

A/N: Oh God, Anon, I’m so sorry I got to this so late! School’s been so stressful to deal with lately and I never had time to get to this until now :( Sadly, next week I have exams so I might not be as active until Christmas break which is obviously starting the weekend of that week. So I’m really sorry for not being as active! I’ll get to as many requests as I can whenever I can to make up for it!

Extra: In some of the headcanons, you have a sibling and in one of them, I used “Y/S/N,” which means “Your sister’s name.”

‣ Luceil Choi/Saeyoung/Seven

  • For the most part, he was pretty calm and confident in himself!
  • Until he saw the look on your dad’s face when he had answered the door
  • 707.exe has stopped working
  • Is he alright?”
  • “He’s fine. Just give him a second.”
  • Your little sister pestered him with questions when he had entered the house
  • “Is your hair naturally that color? Do you really need to wear glasses? Or do you wear them just ‘cause?”
  • Seven allowed her to continue asking questions as he sat with your dad in the living room when you and your mom set the table and got dinner ready
  • Your sister LOVES his 707: Defender of Justice bit!
  • Your dad thought it was a bit odd, but that’s not important
  • Nonetheless, your dad liked him to some degree
  • During dinner, he cracked a couple jokes here and there to lighten up the mood (which your mom loved)
  • ((( poor thing almost said some very inappropriate jokes )))
  • “He’s good with little kids, Y/N. And he has a great sense of humor! I think he’s a keeper!”
  • “M-Mom!”

‣ Jumin Han

  • You know how calm and composed he usually is?
  • Not this time
  • Almost fainted when seeing your parents at the door
  • Stuttered a lot
  • Did I mention he was nervous?
  • You had to pull him into the bathroom so he could calm down and get a small pep talk from you
  • “Jumin, you don’t need to be so nervous, okay? I’m 100% positive they’ll like you!”
  • The pep talked worked
  • He was his usual self and was very open about himself to your parents (surprisingly enough)
  • ((( though he still had his awkward moments )))
  • “Daddy, can you pass the salt?” *both Jumin and Dad reach for it*

‣ Jaehee Kang

  • Calm and confident on the outside
  • Screaming internally
  • Luckily, you were able to book a reservation to a nice restaurant on a day where Jaehee wasn’t working so she wouldn’t be too stressed
  • but poor little baehee was still nervous
  • “They’re… okay with… us, right?”
  • Though, she composed herself nicely and was very formal with your parents (like she usually is)
  • Your parents were so supportive of you two (which made jaehee beyond thrilled)
  • They even put in some money to help with the bakery!!
  • Your parents absolutely adore her and Jaehee loved them!
  • “Y/N, is it alright if we get together with them again? I really like them.”
  • “Anything for you, Jaehee~”

‣ Yoosung Kim

  • Boys usually don’t have to worry too much about what they wear, right?
  • *cue donald trump voice* wrong
  • “Honey, just wear something casual! We’re not going to a five star restaurant.”
  • “U-Um… Is an LOLOL shirt okay?”
  • “Maybe not that causal…”
  • “He cleans up well, huh, Y/N?” (mother speaking)
  • Nearly fainted when your brother came in and glared daggers at him
  • Long story short, your brother is very protective of you
  • Literally scared the shit out of Yoosung
  • However, your parents came to the rescue and lightened the mood a bit by separating the two
  • Yoosung ended up going with your mother in the kitchen and she got to know him as they cooked together
  • Your brother overheard their talking and nearly flipped when he heard Yoosung say he played LOLOL
  • Because he plays too!!
  • Yoosung probably exchanged numbers with your mother and brother so they could talk more

‣ Hyun Ryu/Zen

  • Joked around to hide the fact that he was nervous
  • “Shouldn’t they be the ones being nervous? They’re meeting THE Zen!”
  • Zen was right
  • Your mom and older sister were really excited, yet very nervous, to meet him
  • Your dad could care less about his popularity tbh
  • Upon entering, your sister played it off like it was a surprise to see him
  • “O-Oh wow! I thought Y/N was joking when she said she was dating you!”
  • “Y/S/N, I told you loads of times about him. I even showed you pictures!”
  • Your dad wasn’t too fond of him riding a motorcycle because he sees it as a way for you to get hurt
  • But he liked Zen, for the most part
  • And, of course, your mom loved him since she was a huge fan of him
  • ((( this lead to some jaehee level fangirling here )))

Fandom: Sanders Sides

Summary: Logan doesn’t like to talk about his freshman year.

Word Count: 2, 766

Fic Type: Companion piece to the ADH series 

Warnings: Car wreck and horrible self-treatment. 

Pairings: None

Tag List: @wilsonprs @abstractedthinking @the-sanders-sides @milk-withtwosugars @vladimeme @future-watcher

Notes: Us The Duo - Take Me Home is a wonderful song that makes me cry and I listened to it while I wrote this ugly thing lolll

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Ok, so in about five minutes I will be an ex-smoker. Some may ask ‘great, but why the fuck are you telling us that?’

Well, you know how sometimes people don’t tell anyone they’re taking their driving test/an exam etc so if they fail they won’t have to see excited expectation turn to deflated sympathy? I’m determined and I won’t see that smile turn to 'oh well, better luck next time.’ I will do this. And whilst I know you aren’t going to be able to tell if I fell off the wagon or not, this serves as motivation and makes it real.

Thank you to anyone reading this, and apologies if I am mega fucking grumpy in the following few weeks.

florchis  asked:

If you are still taking prompts: FS + 068: "We’ve been celebrating our wedding anniversary on the wrong day for the past nine years"? Thank you!

AN ~ thank you so much for your consistent love, support and patience! you’re amazing @florchis and it’s an absolute pleasure to write for you! I hope you, and the rest of this poor troubled fandom, enjoy this fluff set ~10 years in the future.

FitzSimmons, Bus Kids, Rated G/light T for a little bit of mild innuendo.

Read on AO3 


“You’re working late, ma’am,” Crawford remarked, amused but not surprised. Doctor Simmons looked over at her with a similar expression.

“So are you,” she pointed out. Crawford smirked.

“Well, I don’t have an incredibly attractive and romantic husband waiting at home for me.”

Doctor Simmons blinked at her. Crawford’s smirk drooped a little.

“Sorry, I just meant - You aren’t going home? I’d have thought you and Doctor Fitz would have something special planned. It’s your anniversary today, isn’t it?”

Doctor Simmons laughed.

“Oh! No. That’s next week. And I can assure you, unless the sky is falling down I will be out of here by 5:01 on that day.”

“So what are the chances of that?” Crawford teased, and Doctor Simmons grinned.

“About fifty-fifty I’d imagine.”

“That sounds about right,” Crawford agreed. “Well, sky falling in or no I think I have to get home before my eyes droop closed on the road. Happy anniversary for next week, I guess!”

“Thanks! But, um, where did you hear that it was today? Just out of interest?”

“Oh, the Director mentioned it. You’d think she’d be right, she’s pretty close to you guys, isn’t she?” Crawford shrugged. “Guess I could have misheard.”

“Possibly,” Doctor Simmons agreed. “Although you’re right, she is close to us… and it is possible that she and my husband dearest are planning something. You may have given me a foot-up in an epic romance battle for the ages, Doctor Crawford.”

How that woman’s cogs could still be turning with such fervor at this hour, after such a long day, both inspired and baffled Agent Crawford. She smiled and nodded, her eagerness to get home outweighing her desire to unfold the leads of the trail she had apparently just set her boss on.

“I’ll see you tomorrow, Doctor,” Doctor Simmons insisted. “Good work today.”

Crawford left gratefully and Jemma Simmons cut her workday off just as it was going on ten hours, and snuck up to the Director’s office. It wasn’t really sneaking, of course; the night staff were about, and she had plenty of forms of permission to be going up there, but there was always something a little secretive and exciting about visiting Daisy’s swanky office for private reasons. And she was sure that Daisy would still be there – for work, or for helping Fitz plan out the details of a beautiful and intimate evening, she would be there.

Jemma was almost disappointed when she found out it was work. Daisy let her in nonetheless.

“What can I do ya for?” Daisy offered. “Wine?”

“No thanks, I’m driving,” Jemma waved her off. “And I probably will head off soon, but ah, Crawford told me you said it was mine and Fitz’s anniversary today?”

“Oh yeah. I ran into her after the newbies’ fitness exams. Did she wish you happy anniversary from me.”

“She did,” Jemma said. “I just thought it was a little weird, that’s all. We’re going to see each other before next week, after all.”

“What does next week have to do with anything?”

Jemma frowned.

“Our anniversary. It’s next week.”

“No, it’s today.”

“No…it’s next week. Friday.”

Daisy shook her head.

“Babes. You got married on May 21st. I remember. That date is like. Burned into my brain forever.”

Jemma scoffed, but Daisy did not waver. Frown deepening, Jemma pulled her phone out of her pocket and put it on speaker.

“Jemma?” Fitz answered.

“Fitz,” Jemma greeted. “Are you at home?”

Yeah, why?”  

“What are you doing?”

“Am I on speaker?”  

Daisy bit her lip and Jemma glared at her, and answered: “Yes.”

“Making dinner,” Fitz said – truthfully, probably, given the sound of crackling and bubbling in the background. “Why? Are you not coming home?”

“Yeah, I’m on my way,” Jemma explained, “just trying to get something settled. Our anniversary… it’s next Friday, right?”

“Yeah. 28th.”  

“Funny thing, Daisy swears it’s today.”

“Well, she’s wrong. It’s always been the 28th.”  

“Do you want to bet on that, Mr Fitz?” Daisy challenged. While Fitz and Jemma had been talking, she had been searching her photos and pulled one down from the wall of the moment after Fitz and Jemma’s first kiss as a married couple. Sunlight and confetti whirled around them and they were smiling at each other, and on the back, Jemma’s own hand had written 21st May 2018.

Fitz, of course, could not see this though, and so he accepted Daisy’s bet.

“Sure, bring it on,” he challenged. “2019, Seychelles. 2020, Paris. Then there was the year I built that bloody armchair, remember that? When was that? Ooh, 2021 we went a few days early to see the lunar eclipse. 2022 – we – hang on –“

On the other end of the line, the phone crinkled and rustled with the sound of rapidly turning pages. Then a pause. Then turned back.

“Have you got a photo album out?” Daisy checked.

“Don’t you?” Fitz challenged. Daisy shrugged. Touché.

Hang on,” Fitz repeated. “I just pulled out our wedding one. Jemma, she’s right. It’s here in gigantic letters – look – one of us must have learnt calligraphy just to write this.”

Jemma’s phone buzzed, and a photograph came through of one of the scrapbook decorations, which read: 21st May 2018 in a larger, more elaborate font than on the photograph, but Jemma recognised her own hand. Still, her jaw dropped a little.

“How bizarre,” she remarked. “Why would we move it like that? Did something bad happen on the 21st?”

“I mean, probably,” Daisy remarked. “But bad things happen every other day around here, and if it was that traumatic, it probably would have come to mind.”

“Perhaps it was just more convenient that way. Can’t imagine why, now.”

“Time flies when you’re having fun,” Fitz put in. Jemma crooned silently and Daisy pretended to gag.

“Never change, you cheesy ass,” she praised him fondly. “Besides, it’s not like the date really matters, does it? Maybe May 28th is the date you two got your Hogwarts letters, or the day you first kissed, or the day you finally got the ring fitted. Maybe Fitz just got super excited and decided to have a one-week anniversary and you stuck with it!”

“Oh, ‘Fitz’ got excited did he?”  

“Well, you did,” Jemma insisted. “Which…made for a very entertaining night for me.”

“And that’s where I’m going to pull the plug on this conversation,” Daisy interrupted. “But I am going to send your wife home to you very soon, Fitz, so if you want to take advantage of finding out you have two anniversary dates now, might I suggest some candles?”

Waiting - Miles Luna x Reader

Name: Waiting

Pairing: Miles Luna x Reader

Word Count: 1,252

Prompt: Miles Luna countdown soul mate au.

A/N: TW for sex mention. Now that I’ve finished all of my final projects, welcome back to the extravaganza!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Next week I have my actual final exams, but I haven’t written in a bit, so I wanted to get this out to y’all. 

“I can’t believe you’re going to meet your soul mate in Japan!” Your best friend gushed excitedly. You had made the mistake of taking your gloves off in the hotel room and she caught site of the countdown on your hand before you could hide it again.

“Oh my god, what if he’s someone you’re a fan of? Wouldn’t that be so cool?” You kept walking at a steady pace, hoping that she would give up when you didn’t respond. You, of course, were hoping in vain.

“God, what if he doesn’t speak English? Oh my god, your soul mate is totally not gonna speak English and the two of you are going to have to make up your own little language to communicate, but you’ll fall in love anyway!”

“I speak Japanese.” You deadpanned, glancing back at her only long enough to make sure that she wasn’t going to trip over a curb that you were stepping up on. She did anyway, but she caught herself, waving off your dismissal of her fantasy.

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