oh and i guess happy halloween!

Here are 31 films I consider to be great horror films. I tried to make the list as diverse as possible, featuring stories from all forms of horror. I also attempted to make this list nearly free of typical Halloween favorite list mainstays (Sorry Freddy) and have more lesser known or celebrated titles. It’s October 4th, so I guess you’re behind already. This list isn’t in any particular order, so have fun. Happy Halloween!

Oh, and some content warnings: many of these films contain graphic violence and gore and in some, sexual violence. Watch at your own risk etc. Each film has it’s trailer linked to it, so take a gander and see what sticks!

  1. Safe (1995)
  2. Inside (2007)
  3. Burnt Offerings (1976)
  4. A Girl Walks Home Alone at Night (2014)
  5. Cure (1997)
  6. A Tale Of 2 Sisters (2003)
  7. Candyman (1992)
  8. Under The Shadow (2016)
  9. Sisters (1973)
  10. Eve’s Bayou (1997)
  11. Trouble Every Day (2001)
  12. The Brood (1979)
  13. 3 Women (1977)
  14. Let’s Scare Jessica To Death (1971)
  15. Compliance (2012)
  16. Martha Marcy May Marlene (2011)
  17. May (2003)
  18. The Fits (2016)
  19. Ganja & Hess (1973)
  20. Hush (2016)
  21. Ginger Snaps (2000)
  22. Don’t Breathe (2016)
  23. Possession (1981)
  24. White Dog (1982)
  25. Fatal Attraction (1987)
  26. Happy Birthday To Me (1981)
  27. Twin Peaks: Fire Walk With Me (1992)
  28. Hausu (1977)
  29. The Skin I Live In (2011)
  30. Ms. 45 (1981)
  31. Under the Skin (2014)

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Seventeen dating vernon Halloween fluff

Hope you like what I came up with!

Halloween was something you and Vernon spent weeks looking forward to, thinking about what to dress up as, getting everything you needed to dress up, and planning things in general.

You both enjoyed the mystery of Halloween, and the slight horror in it only made it more interesting.

“So,” you said and pointed at your notebook with the pen you were holding. It was the evening before Halloween, and while Vernon had carved you a couple of pumpkins, you had made a small schedule for the next day as well as preserved the insides of the pumpkins to make a pie of it later. “The early evening we’ll be at your house, right?”

“Yeah, mom insists on holding the yearly party,” he said with a warm tone, clearly fond of the tradition himself, too. You smiled as you reminisced back to the previous year’s party, which you had loved, and nodded.

“I can’t wait. And then we’ll come back here, dress up, give out some candy when kids come trick-or-treating, and then…”

“Soonyoung’s party,” Vernon finished and put down the knife he had used to carve the pumpkins. You nodded with a laugh, and he shook his head in amusement while turning the pumpkin to face himself in order to take a better look at its carved face. “It’ll be a mess. But in a good way.”

“Oh, I bet it will,” you giggled and leaned your head against Vernon’s shoulder a little. “The pumpkins turned out pretty good.”

He nodded, but ended up humming in thought. “They’re a bit… asymmetrical.”

“It’s fine,” you assured him and gave him a peck on his cheek. “They’re imperfect, and perfect just like that.”

Vernon grinned as you used the words he had told you on a bad day you had had, and nodded determinedly. “You’re right.”

You smiled and ruffled his hair as you stood up. “I’ll go get our costumes ready for tomorrow.”

He hummed in understanding and eyed the two carved pumpkins carefully, trying to decide whether or not he still wanted to fix something. He ended up shaking his head while putting the tops back on them.

They were fine.

The next day felt like a very classic Halloween - even the weather was rather stormy and gloomy from early on, and all you could think of were the Halloween episodes of cartoons you had seen when you were younger.

“…Should I be happy we’re not going trick-or-treating?” Vernon asked with a tilt of his head when he looked out of the window for the first time, seeing the dark sky and heavy rain. You laughed.

“I’d say yes,” you noted and brought your brunch to your kitchen table, while Vernon stayed in his thoughts for a while more before taking his food there, too.

“Makes me want to stay in all day…” he mumbled as he sat down, and you turned to look at him in an instant, your eyes a bit wide. Vernon laughed heartily. “Which I won’t, don’t look so devastated!”

You laughed and, making sure you had enough time to do everything you needed before leaving to his house, ate while talking.

A few hours later you were done putting your costumes on and doing your hair, make-up and everything else you needed to. You looked at the lightning you had gotten to draw on Vernon’s forehead, and pressed a quick kiss to it, which made him laugh.

“What’s that for?” he asked, amused, and put his cloak on a bit better. You giggled and placed your hands on your hips.

“Just adoring my work of art,” you said proudly and laughed, slowly moving your eyes to the mask on the bed next to Vernon. “Who would’ve thought that Harry Potter and Voldemort would once roam the streets together.”

He laughed. “I still can’t believe you’re dressing up as Voldemort.”

”Gotta be original,” you stated and put the mask on, your voice flat as you spoke. “Wanna make out?”

“Maybe not right now,” Vernon snorted and stood up from the bed, lifting the mask to reveal your face. A small smile spread to his lips. “But now, however…”

You rolled your eyes playfully, but happily answered to the soft kiss that he gave you.

With everything set, the two of you defied the storm and made your way to the Choi’s, welcomed by dim lighting, top notch decorations and eerie music as soon as you opened the door.

“Mom..?” Vernon called out, quirking his eyebrow, and as much as he did see it coming, he couldn’t help but jump and shriek when his mother and sister jumped from the darkness, making loud noises as they did.

Seeing Vernon’s reaction, they both burst out into a laughter, and you hugged him while laughing, too. “You’re so cute.”

He huffed and looked at his mother and sister. “That’s getting old.”

“Too bad your reaction never does,” his sister retorted with a smug grin and turned the lights on, although she left it rather dim either way. “Come in.”

The two of you took your shoes off and were both hugged warmly by Vernon’s mother, and as you began moving to the dining room, his father descended from upstairs, too, dressed up as Dracula.

“I think dad only has that one costume,” Vernon whispered to you and you giggled, remembering him dress up as Dracula the year before, too, while his father squinted at him momentarily before smiling widely and wishing you welcome.

As you talked and waited for the last bits of food to be done, Vernon’s sister took a better look at your costume before giggling.

“Y/N, you make a great Voldemort,” she commented and gave you a thumbs-up, then moved her gaze to her brother. “…You just have a very unlikely boyfriend tonight.”

Vernon grinned. “Isn’t what what Halloween is for?”

She shrugged.

The party, or more like a gathering, really, went by smoothly, and you loved every bit of it. You loved all the embarrassing stories Vernon’s parents shared, you loved the food, and above everything you loved how at home you felt with all of them.

Even dressed up as Voldemort.

After you had left the Choi’s house, you went back to your place for a while, giving out candy to kids who came trick-or-treating and enjoying some snacks and drinks on the side.

As soon as there started to be less kids, however, you decided to just give up and headed to Soonyoung’s place - Vernon only had a faint memory of where he lived, but with the loud music coming from a brightly lit house, there was no doubt it was Soonyoung’s.

You shared an amused look with each other before heading in, Vernon holding his magic wand and you with your Voldemort mask on.

Seokmin rushed to the door as soon as you had entered, and pouted a little. “We’re clashing.”

Vernon looked at his friend, clad identically with him, and shrugged with a grin. “Can’t be helped.”

Then the older male turned to you, his eyes widening for a second. “…Usually you see Ron or Hermione with Harry, but Voldemort…”

You snickered and lifted your mask a little to show your own face. “Come on, at least we stand out!”

“Oh, that you do,” Seungkwan stated, emerging from the crowd, dressed up as Thomas the Tank Engine. As you stared at him, ready to let out an “Aww”, he shushed you. “I was dared to do this, so don’t you even start.”

Vernon laughed loudly at his best friend’s outfit, and Seungkwan crossed his arms by his chest, huffing. You linked your hand with Vernon’s and squeezed it absentmindedly.

“You look cute, Seungkwan,” you commented brightly and smiled widely when the blond blushed a little.

“…That’s all I’ve heard all damn night,” he mumbled before walking away. You and Vernon chuckled and went to the kitchen, where Soonyoung was, too.

“You came!” he exclaimed excitedly, his vampire fangs showing - they were one of those excessively large ones - and spread his arms open to hug both of you at the same time.

“Easy on the drinks,” Vernon laughed and hugged his friend, and you patted his back, too.

“Psh, I’ve only had…” Soonyoung began counting with his fingers, but ended up frowning and turning to the back. “Seokmin, how many have I had?”

“He’s had enough,” Seokmin snorted from the corner where he was getting some chips, and Soonyoung looked at you and Vernon happily.

“You heard him,” he smiled, but it turned into a grin when he took a better look at you. “Oh my god, are you–”

You sighed quietly. “Yes, I’m Voldemort and Vernon is Harry Potter, we’re a happy couple, and so forth.”

Soonyoung laughed for a moment before moving away, attempting to scare one of his guests.

Sighing, you turned to Vernon. “I thought it would be more fun to get that reaction, but it’s getting kind of old.”

He laughed and rubbed the back of your hand with his thumb. “At least you know what not to do next Halloween, I guess?”

You nodded and shook your head, slowly leaning in for a quick kiss: you knew he wasn’t all that big on kissing in public - the very opposite of one of his oldest friends Jeonghan, who had managed to get someone on his lap and was openly making out with them on the couch.

Vernon smiled as you pulled away. “Wanna get something and find a corner? I’ve got an invisibility cloak, you know.”

Snorting, you nodded. “Sure.”

You got something small to eat as well as something to drink, and before you knew it, you were leaning against one of the corners of Soonyoung’s living room, your arms wrapped around Vernon’s neck and your lips connected with his, his version of the invisibility cloak covering the two of you perfectly.

To be fair, everyone knew what you were doing, but they didn’t see you do it, which was the main point, you supposed.

Besides, it was Halloween.

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(HEY HEY HEY~ SOLDIER MADI HERE 😁👌 I TOOK A NOTICE THAT MORE PEOPLE ARE DIGGIN MY HEADCANON, SOOO. Here’s another Rfa headcanon thingy. V and Saeran included. (P.s; I’ll probably never not include V and Saeran because let’s be real here..they’re poppin fresh.))



Surprisingly, he was the one who suggested you watch a horror film. Poor lil cinnamon roll was afraid he wasn’t manly enough, so, he decided to prove he could handle it.

He couldn’t.

Half way through it, this boy was shaking so bad, you could feel the couch rattling?? Like? Calm down?

Of course, you were there to give him comfort, rather than the other way around. Nonetheless, you still enjoyed yourself.

“Yoosung, open your eyes..! Look, I promise. The blood practically looks like ketchup. It’s not that bad!”




When you suggested a horror movie, he wasn’t really phased by it. Stuff like this never bothered him. He knew it was fake.

So, there you two were. Snuggled up on the couch, (with Elizabeth 3rd, of course.) watching a mild horror movie.

Even though it was mild, it had its moments. Occasionally you would jump up a bit, and Jumin would lightly tighten his grip on you every time.

While you were anticipating the jump scares, Jumin was analyzing e v e r y t h i n g.


“Can’t you tell? The moment he got to this town, he should’ve realized it wasn’t any good. The guy in the back gave it away.”

“What guy?!”



Let’s be real, you two are going to criticize the whole movie.

You aren’t even scared. You two more than likely picked an old, cheesy horror film.

Originally, you were going to actually take it seriously, and quietly watch the movie. Luciel had better plans.

He would start making stupid jokes about the characters obvious faults, and pointing out how fake everything looked.

Soon, you just had to join in with him. I mean, come on. This movie is s h i t.

“Did he just run into the zombies arms? Are you kidding me?”

“I didn’t know we were watching a roma- oh. Well that happened.”

“What an idiot.”

“That would be you, thoug- OW DONT HIT ME! UHM? BOYFRIEND ABUSE??”



Zen must have made a horror musical.

Since it was new, she was one of the first people to get a hold of it..and boy, was she happy.

You just couldn’t say no when she had asked you to watch it with her that night. I mean, come on. LOOK AT THAT LIL GAEHEE FACE, AWH.

So, you two cuddled up in some bean bag chairs, sharing a big bowl of popcorn.

You both ended up feeding a little bit to each other when the other was too busy drooling over Zen’s abs. (Mostly Jaehee.)

Ends up with one of you falling asleep on the other before the movie is done.

More than likely you on her. (Kink)

“(Y/N)! Even as a hairy werewolf..ohh, he truly is a beast…wait..(Y/N)?”


“Oh! So cute..I guess we’ll be sleeping down here, tonight..good night, (Y/N)..”




Zen would be trying to play it cool throughout the entire thing.

He’d keep making small remarks on how it was “o so predictable.” Eventually, you got tired of these little comments, and decided to give him something that wasn’t predictable.

You’d lean over, acting as if you wanted to cuddle..then..


You’d let out an ear piercing (w̸a̸r̸r̸i̸o̸r̸ c̸r̸y̸) screech, tackling him into a hug.

Let’s just say, he was a little bit more than frightened.


“This is so damn predictable.”

“Yeah..I guess you’re- SCREEECHH”

“(Y/N)!!! DO NOT DO THAT! God…you know what? I just might have to punish you for that, baby girl~”

“You- I- OH”



Can he even see what’s happening, tho?

You’re probably going to be bored, and suggest you watch a horror movie in spirit of Halloween (you’re feeling extra SpOoPy)

This lil pastel cutie will agree instantly. If it makes you happy, then he’s 420% up for it.

You two will probably be the calmest out of everyone else, staying quiet while you watch it. Of course, you’ll have the occasional dialogue.

He’ll wrap his arms around you, snuggling his face into you, since he can’t really see the movie all that well, anyways.

If you get even a little scared, hE IS LITERALLY SO COMFORTING LIKE, Y e S.

“I hear more suspenseful music in the back ground. Get ready, don’t be too scared, (Y/N).”

“Crap, how did you hear that? All I hear is that stupid win- OH DEAR GOD.”

“I warned you..oh..come closer, it’s okay, (Y/N)..”



He picked the movie, and let’s just say you are more screwed than America.

He just HAD to pick the scariest movie he could get his hands on.

10/10 will tell you to hakuna your Tatas when you start flipping your shit. (Not literally but.)

Like, how can you handle that?

But, not to fret..he’s surprisingly more comforting than you imagined.

He will pull a fluffy blanket over you both, doing his best to cover your eyes when he thought something overly scary was going to happen.

When it’s all over, he’s probably going to want to cuddle you all night, at least until you both fall asleep..just to insure neither of you get a nightmare.

“I don’t even know if I can fall asleep now, thank you very much.”

“Mmm~ then stay with me tonight. I promise I can keep you safe. Just..Trust me?”

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Halloween III is so good. I will defend the hell outta that movie

Halloween III is fantastic. I’m happy it’s finally getting the recognition it deserves. It’s finally found a following. I’ll admit, I’ve only loved it for a few years now, but even when I was a kid watching through the Halloween series, I didn’t hate it. I don’t know why I didn’t get mad at it, but I kind of just watched it and said, “Oh, okay, I guess Michael isn’t in this one.” And that was that. 

Which is weird, because I was furious when I watched Friday the 13th Part 5 for the first time when I was ten, and that at least gave us a killer in a hockey mask. Halloween III is not just a Halloween movie without Michael Myers, it’s a completely different kind of movie and I think it accomplished everything it set out to do remarkably well. 

I also think that Halloween III should even be considered a seminal horror of its time. It’s part of this amazing trifecta of horror movies around ‘82/’83 that all revolved around television as a central theme. Season of the Witch, Videodrome and Poltergeist all weave a similar thread of TV as a powerful force within the home, one that is taken at face value, unquestioned and even controlling and manipulating you without you realizing it. Each of those three films tackle that same subject in three very different ways, which is an exciting thing to reflect on. 

It’s also a perfect Halloween movie in terms of the holiday itself. It feels like Halloween in every single shot. It’s drenched in that October atmosphere, which is kind of amazing, because we always think of the midwest or maybe the north east when we think of the holiday, never Southern California. 

Halloween III’s the rare kind of movie that takes a wealth of ideas, from the roots of the holiday, to a statement on commercialism, to a Body Snatchers homage, to a conspiracy thriller and weaves all those things together in a way that actually works and makes sense. 

Plus, the score fucking rules.

Rajigaze Dec 23

Reita (reading mail): “Reita-san, Uruha-san, good evening. I’d been looking forward to the Shonan duo! On the theme of Christmas, I remembered your live seven years ago, during Hymn of the Crucifixion.”

(Uruha starts laughing prob cause Rei had such a hard time pronouncing that)

Uruha: Ur saying it like it’s someone else tour

Reita: No yeah it was ours. In two thousand teeeeen – oh wait two thousand nine maybe? Yes, on Christmas. At [Tokyo] Big Sight. 

Uruha: Yes.

Reita: “I remember thinking that you guys weren’t the type of band to do events like this, so I went to the live full of excitement. You were all matching in white outfits, and you looked so good. And when you guys played Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer at the encore, I was so happy, and it’s a really good memory for me.”

Uruha: (whispering) Ahhhh we did do that…

Reita: “I know you guys have done just that one Christmas live, but how about planning for another one in the future?”

Uruha: We did that…I remember. 

Reita: Yeah, we were rehearsing, and suddenly I hear Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer on the guitar. 

Uruha: (to the tune of rudolph) Ta-da da-da daa daa daaaa 

Reita: Yeah (also to the rune of rudolph) Tu-ru tu-ru tuu tuu tuuuu…JAA JAA (idk what that was Rei)

(Uruha gigglin)

Reita: We’d been doing something different up until then…but then during the rehearsal, you played that riff from Rudolph, you know? 

Uruha: Mhmm

Reita: We were so nervous! (laughs)

(*I guess the decision to perform Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer was very last minute)

Uruha: Yeahhhh….you know…..

Reita: (dying laughing) We were like, what if we mess this up!!

Uruha: Hehehh…cause you know, when you haven’t played something a lot, it doesn’t come easy to you, right? And when it’s a song everyone knows, if you mess it up you’re screwed. 

Reita: Yeah for sure.

Uruha: It ruins the effect.

Reita: True, true.

Uruha: And we wanted to do it in a sort of light and fun mood, but it was the complete opposite. (giggles)

(*Please take a break and imagine them all backstage like fuck u guys we’re not ready to do rudolph we’re gonna mess up we r so nervous)

Uruha: We were stressin over that Christmas song all day

Reita: (laughing) So we didn’t even feel relieved after the main part [of the live] ended…

Uruha: Hee-hee……

Reita: But I mean it actually ended up going pretty well.

Uruha: Yeah…

Reita: But that was a pretty specially planned event so…

Uruha: If it was something we did regularly, we would have been able to put on a better show, but…we take everything so seriously, we try to perfect everything…I guess we’re not really suited [for a more lighthearted event like Christmas] 

Reita: Yeahhh…

Uruha: And I mean, Christmas lives aren’t something we usually do…we’re not used to them…

Reita: Yeah…

Uruha: But sometimes we feel like, “ahh we gotta do something!” But if we’re gonna do [an event] I think we should do Halloween kinda stuff.

Reita: Well we’ve been talking about doing a Halloween live again, right?

Uruha: Yeah

Reita: But we still don’t really know what songs would be good for Halloween. 

Uruha: Ahhh

Reita: Like even aside from the GazettE, what songs are Halloweeny…

Uruha: But [Halloween lives] are easier. Cause there’s more stuff you can do. 

Reita: Ahhh yeah I guess so. 

Uruha: Like, if you did a Christmas live every year, you’d run out of stuff to do, you know? 

Reita: Yeah, you would. 

Uruha: Yeah…so I mean, can’t we just do Halloween?

Reita: ….Oh! Like we do a Halloween live every year?

Uruha: Yeah…idk Christmas [for us] is just kinda…

Reita: We would like to refrain from doing Christmas lives



Uruha: I just don’t think we’re suited for them. 

Reita: Yeah for sure…but I mean, I remember that one really well, and we were super nervous, but…I do think it went not bad. 

Uruha: I guess…

Reita: It went pretty well, and I think the fans were happy too…so they want us to do a Christmas live again, but…it’s just, the kind of band we are…it’s not so easy to do Christmas…

Uruha: But if we did it again I would want to make it even Christmasier. 

Reita: Yeah.

Uruha: But I think it would make us nervous, like…this is gonna be haaaaAARD!

Reita: (laughs) Cause our band has such bad luck too…

Uruha: I would wanna do it in a tiny live house. 

Reita: A-ah, that’s nice. A live house. Like Area? (*lil live house in Takadanobaba)

Uruha: Yeah like Area and stuff. We could do Christmas there, so it’s less of a big show.

Reita: But we’d still be just as nervous. (giggles)

Uruha: (giggles) Even if we did it at Area

Reita: Even at Area.

Uruha: Yeah, I guess we’d be nervous no matter where we did it. 

Reita: But yeah, maybe some day….I mean, if we keep going long enough we’ll eventually talk about doing Christmas again. So, please look forward to that day. 

Uruha: Ah!

Reita: Yes! …Now, shall we go to another one?

Uruha: Yes, let’s go!

Reita: Yes, le–

(buzzer goes off)

Reita: –eeet’s NOT GO!

(both gigglin)

This is Halloween

“I could make a sweater big enough for all of us to wear,” Mable suggested.

“What would that be a costume of?” Dipper flipped through the channels on the television. While Gravity Falls public access tv had improved since the influx of nonhuman individuals with traits and stories they were willing to share, Dipper was thankful for making a deal that ended in them getting free cable.

“We’d be a close-knit family!” Mabel punctuated her sentence by playing a rimshot on air drums with her knitting needles.

“As fun as that idea sounds,” Henry started, “I don’t think the kids want to spend all Halloween at the McGuket-Northwest mansion and I doubt Stan will want to stick around the whole night.”

“Besides, what happens if I have a really strong summoning? You guys will either be dragged with me or will slip out of the costume when there’s one less person occupying the space.”

“Next suggestion, then, Twin-”

“No!” Both Henry and Dipper voiced their objection, but Dipper’s was more terse and Henry’s more firm.

Dipper shifted his focus to the television. On screen was a stop-motion movie with a skeleton singing about how different his surroundings were. Dipper quickly changed the channels, recognizing that it was claymation. Mabel’s phobia had improved over the years, but he didn’t want to risk a relapse.

“Wait, go back.” Mabel was looking at the television.

“Are you sure?” Dipper asked

Mabel nodded. Dipper returned to the channel, but his eyes were on Mabel. Her eyes widened. She gasped. Then a smile spread across her face.

“That’s it! Henry can go as Jaques Skullington. I can go as Ragdoll Sarah. Dipper can go as Woogie Boogie. The triplets can go as Lock, Stock, and Barrel. I guess we’ll flip the characters’ genders so we have two girls and one boy instead of one boy and two girls. That should be fun to design. And triplet costumes get even more candy than twin costumes! Grunkle stan can be Sandy Clause or the two-faced mayor, I could see it going either way.”

Henry nodded along while Dipper stared in shock. “How do you know so much about this movie?”

“Henry and I watched it a few years ago.”

“Wendy recommended I watch it with Mabel. I had never seen it but Mabel insisted that if I was willing to stick around for this long, she should tackle one of her fears.”

“Have you seen it, Bro-bro.”

“Yeah.” Dipper had seen it. With Wendy, in fact. She had summoned him on his second Summerween and offered a bowl of candycorn in exchange for watching The Nightscare of Christmas Eve with her. “It’s a shame claymation creeps Mabel out,” Dipper had said in the middle of the Woogie Song, “She would love this.”

“Well the triplets haven’t,” Mabel walked over and rested her head on top of Dipper’s, “When is it playing again. We can all watch it together, and if the kids like it, we’ll go with my idea.”

At least one viewing and an intense sewing project later, the group made their way to the McGucket-Northwest estate on foot, letting the triplets stop at a house or ten on the way. Acacia was wearing a red onesie with a pointy-eared headband. Hank was wearing a black cloak and pointy hat. Willow was wearing a black jacket and black pants with white felt bones sewn over. All three had masks for a devil, witch, and skeleton, respectively. They also had face paint nearly identical to the masks, so they wore the masks sparingly or traded masks every few houses.

“Onward to the next door, kids! Shall we give our next victims a trick or ask for a treat?” Dipper’s costume looked mostly like a brownish-green sack. To Henry’s surprise, Dipper’s face would sometimes be visible and other times only darkness could be seen beyond the mouth and eye holes. However, by some collaborative means that the twins refused to reveal, the mouth and eyes contorted with Dipper’s expression and the mouth was perfectly synced with his brother’s words.

“Don’t listen to that no-good Boogeyman. He’s a bad influence.” Henry called to his kids

“I think you’re a bit too in-character, Henry.” Dipper protested

“Who says I’m acting, brother?”

“Do I really bug you that much?”

“Oh, no.” Henry groaned.

“What? Was that some sort of word play?” Stan spun the helmet he was wearing to the smiling side. “It’s a good thing you’re not a gambling man, because the odds are not in your favor.”

“I guess he doesn’t find these very a-moose-ing.” Mabel added

Henry sighed, “You know I love you oh sew much, so let’s stop before someone laughs themselves into stitches.”

ok but consider this, a (really bad) over the garden wall AU where the kids/teens in the Unknown swap roles with the ones in Greg & Wirt’s world

Wirt offends a cardinal with his poems, Beatrice wants to ask Anna (the Woodsman’s daughter) out on Halloween, and Lorna was pretty happy just existing but Beatrice has zero chill

im sorry this is the second terrible thing ive contributed to this fandom but i don’t see many otgw AU’s so i had to resort to this

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so i finished the craig route in dream daddy and honestly?? i don't need to do the other routes miss me with that joseph shit i'm happy with my fitness husband

msfdhsdhsdh ho nestly…. also im bad at dream daddy i have yet to get any good endings with the dads 

i heard that the joseph thing was a halloween dlc joke which is,, relieving to hear i guess and it’s Not Canon, someone also said it’s only accessible if you dig through files and can’t actually get it, so there’s that? it’s still kinda shitty tho. 

anyways mat is my favorite dad but we never stay together, he always says “oh we should be friends” :(

I was planning to finish this drawing by Halloween but oh well I guess I failed X0

I wasn’t feeling so good recently which made long time working on computer very hard. I promise I’ll finish this in some day with coloring, but for now Happy Halloween for Rivamika!


+) Since there was ask about this, for my NSFW blog, it’s a private blog so you can’t like or reblog postings in there. Sorry I’m sort of shy with my NSFW works! and I’m not sure if you can follow the private blog; it’ll be grateful if somebody can tell me.

+) For people sending me requests through asks - I usually think a lot before drawing things requested from other people, so it takes me a lots of time to draw requests. And I don’t have much time to spare myself on drawing recently, which adds additional waiting time for your requests so sorry but plz wait for it!!

+) For those who give me comments thank you & love you all!!! >_<)♡


Happy Halloween 2015! I really really enjoyed being Belle, it was even worth wearing heels. I just felt so glamorous, which is weird since I was wearing her ‘servant’ outfit. Belle is a glamorous servant, hehe! :D The first pic was with my mom’s phone, which is a lot better than mine. My phone sucks, but I made up for it (?) in more pictures. I’m really proud of this costume, it turned out so well for being a two day project! It is a little low cut, but I just got to show off my “brave beautiful boobs,” hehe!

I hope you all had a happy and safe holiday, if you celebrated. I am very tired, but it was totally worth it. Belle will probably be taken out again the next time I go to a convention.

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Kyle's s/o has a celebrity crush on Rory Monahan and it drives Kyle nuts. "What do you even see in him?" he pouts, causing his lover to shrug. "I dunno. There's just something about him that makes me happy. Maybe it's his red hair?" "I could dye my hair red..." "Quit pouting or else the next thing you'll end up trying to do is wear period piece costumes."

Guess what his halloween costume was though. Because you know he totally dressed up as Edward Mott. 

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HI! So I read your sour skittles halloween fic, and I was wondering if you could do one where they try to find matching halloween outfits for some kind of costume contest? Sorry if this is supper explicit, and I undterstand if ya cant. But thanks anyway :)

“Dude, costume contest!” Stiles exclaims, holding up the flyer and waving it in Scott’s face. 

Derek looks over the edge of his Biology textbook, rolls his eyes, and continues reading. 

Scott tolerates the flyer waving, eyeing the details and then sighing. “C’mon, Stiles, it’s midterms week. Let’s get back to studying,” he says.

“I don’t have anything to study for, I just have papers to write,” Stiles grumbles.

“So write your papers, or get out of our dorm,” Derek says. “I’m trying to concentrate.”

“Fine,” Stiles says, opening his laptop and plopping onto Derek’s bed next to him, startlingly close. Derek hopes the flush isn’t visible on his face, and he looks at Scott, but apparently he doesn’t seem to mind. 

The quiet of Scott highlighting things and making notes and Stiles typing doesn’t last long. Stiles drops his bare feet into Scott’s lap, squirming until Scott absently starts giving him a footrub. It’s ridiculously cute and Derek isn’t sure who he’s more jealous of. 

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what was 2015 like. its a blur for me pls help

I can only recall it from my own perspective so here goes:

January 2015

  • “”””Stanley Theory”””””
  • GF fandom: “Hey guys if you look at the source code of searchfortheblindeye and take every fourth letter then order them backwards and run them through this cipher then the result spells out the location of the first journal that stan…”

February 2015

  • That daily countdown thing leading up to March 9th
  • More “Stanley Theory”
  • GF fandom: “okay guys I’ve dissected the “Not What He Seems” trailer into every individual frame and if you overlap the frames in such a way spelled out in the Necronomicon you’ll see the hidden code….”

March 2015

  • More yelling and theories about confirmed
  • Steven Universe got fusion!Garnet confirmed too but I wasn’t in the SU fandom yet

April & May 2015

  • I got into SU and had to get caught up on all the memes
  • I was very busy idk if I did much else
  • ……………………it’snotgayifhe’sdeadtoo iguess

June 2015

  • That really bad meme I started….my brother!
  • Tad fucking Strange
  • Breadsticks
  • Stevenbomb: You do it for her~~
  • June 29th-August 26th: MUTHA FUCKING TOURMALINE TIME

July 2015

  • “Oh this will just be 3-5 chapters” -me, prior to writing 24 chapters
  • @everyone who was following this blog but not into Tourmaline: bless your patient hearts


  • Tourmaline topping out the Steven Universe category on fanfiction.net
  • me just about crying with happiness when I figured out exactly how I was going to end Tourmaline.
  • Reddit having a Tourmaline discussion thread that one time. That was neat.

September 2015

  • Wrapping up Tourmaline responses
  • Perismol confirmed: ft asks directed toward me about the weird similarities between Tourmaline and Catch and Release. 

October 2015:

  • What are all these skeletons all over tumblr?

November 2015:

  • Oh the skeletons are Undertale and guess what THIS IS AN UNDERTALE BLOG NOW HOLY SHIT

December 2015:

  • Did I say Undertale blog? I mean Undertale/One Punch Man/Fullmetal Alchemist/Steven Universe blog I don’t know what I am anymore oh boy!

Oh, hey. It’s been a while, hasn’t it?

Thanks everyone for playing our Halloween Minigame! We put a lot of effort into it, even if it’s just a simple thing, so we’re really happy to know you enjoyed it! Now then, we’ve started focusing on releasing the demo as soon as possible. And here’s the proof! What’s this beautiful garden and what does it have to do with Mariko’s journey? Well, I guess you’ll just have to wait to find out!

The Witch’s Son, pt 2


Pastel genderfluid!Eren

pt 1

In which the witch herself enjoys the broody bookkeeper more than she lets on. 

Opening this shop was perhaps the best thing Eren’s done in years.

Aside from finally clearing out her gross overly masculine teen boy clothes. That had been a good day. Her father wasn’t too happy with her burning them in the yard but her mother had gotten the gasoline and dug the fire pit herself, so even the griping of Grisha Jaeger didn’t do much to ruin the day.

She breathes in the crisp air, taking a sip of her coffee and reveling in the pumpkin spice flavor. Her dress twists and turns with each step, lace bouncing as legging-clad limbs take her closer and closer to her destination. Under her pink fall coat she feels butterflies flutter in her stomach and if the trees happen to shake as she passes, she says nothing.

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i just scrolled through some of your tweets and now i'm high from such immense pain idk what to do i need ronan gansey positive friendship headcanons to dull the ache please please give me some trash son and mother hen love

ok well happy cute headcanons coming up

  • first of all gansey is literally 100% the mom friend like this is totally a verbatim conversation he has with ronan every morning:
  • “hey ronan have you done your homework? ronan have you got all your books? are you ready for all your classes? have you tied your tie properly today? here i made you sandwiches for lunch they’re ham and cheese and i cut the crusts off don’t forget i’m picking you up at 5 so we can meet blue”
  • honestly this is canon i swear to god
  • also gansey and ronan are totally facebook married like neither of them knows how it happened it just did 
  • there’s a huge dramatic “fight” over it when ronan starts dating adam
  • “honestly ronan i can’t believe you would do this to me”
  • they also both know the script to bee movie off by heart honestly this is no word of a lie
  • gansey, drunk: according to all known laws of aviation there is no way a bee should be able to fly
  • they’ve been friends for so long that they totally have, like, choreographed dances to crap like katy perry’s “hot ‘n’ cold” that they learned in middle school
  • sometimes they do them in monmouth just for fun
  • once adam walked in on them in the middle of “wannabe” by the spice girls and immediately turned around and left
  • and to finish off, some other canon conversations:
  • “ronan what are you going as for halloween?” “i was thinking maybe like, a huge bag of trash” “aww, you aren’t dressing up?
  • "hey ronan would you suck a dick for a million dollars” “i guess but i don’t really have that kind of money” “no, no, you would get the million dollars”