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do you know any good altean!lance and galra!keith fics??

ohhhkayyy, god damn, like tumblr crashed on me as I was like 3 fics away from finishing this so I had to like start all over, like rip me.

and, I don’t have many altean lance fics so most of this is galra Keith and pretty much all angsty. I tried to find some less angsty ones, I don’t know how well I succeeded xD.

Note: I’ll be starting weekly fic recs in April. just and fyi~

Warmth by Rahar_Moonfire

Summary: Lance is Allura’s younger brother. During the mission to retrieve the Red Lion from Galra hands, he gets captured. His guard is a curious Galra halfbreed named Keith who may just be his ticket to freedom. He’s a bit small for an alpha, but Lance is sure he can handle it. A little flirting never hurt anyone after all. The fact Keith is good looking for a Galra and those ears wiggle (so cute!) doesn’t influence this decision. Nope. Not one bit.
Series: 4 Works
            Work 1 WC: 61497 (19/19)
            Work 2 WC: 111883 (32/32)
            Work 3 WC: 133875 (42/42)
            Work 4 WC: 71480 (21/?)
Notes: THIS IS LIKE THE ONLY FIC I HAVE WITH ALTEAN!LANCE AND GALRA!KEITH. WHAT IS WRONG WITH ME. gahgldfkjhsa;d, ok so this is just an amazing series, some nsfw tossed in btw, youve been wared. but over all, i just love this series so much and i need to like catch really bad… i didnt know work3 or 4 even existed… >.< 11/10

Echoes of the Past by Gigapoodle

Summary: It was his fault. He shouldn’t have retreated – he should have ran after them, Galra forces be damned, and ripped the red paladin right out of his weaponized hands, shooting the commander dead on the spot.But he hadn’t. Lance stood there, frozen with adrenaline and fear, before backing out with tears in his eyes, justifying it to himself by saying, ‘he won’t get far, we can easily get him back once I have Voltron with me.’He’d forgotten they didn’t have Voltron. He’d forgotten that without Keith, Voltron was nothing.Keith is Galra. Keith is gone. Keith is Galra. Keith is gone.
WC: 28197
Notes: -hands over some tissues- here you will need these. 100/10

I Was Born A Lion by spectralPhobia

Summary: After Keith discovers he is part Galra and Red lion rejects him, there’s only one way he can make himself useful: to join Galra and try to wreck them from the inside, while figuring out a relationship with a guy who turns out to be his biological father.
A comic about one stubborn man’s self-discovery, the challenges of spying, everyone in team Voltron being BAMF, and the universe that needs saving, as usual.
WC: comic, so no words counted by AO3 (11/?)
Notes: Galra Keith because Thace is some kinda of scientist? Uhm yes please. 10/10

your claws in me by burlesquecomposer

Summary: “Oh trust me. When I’m done with you, I won’t be able to stop laughing,” Lance says lowly, and his lips curl farther, and there’s something wild in his stare, and it hits Keith suddenly.This isn’t Lance.
Lance falls under the control of Zarkon’s Druids, and although his friends manage to get him back, nothing is quite the same. Maybe the Galra succeeded after all. Maybe the Galra merely wanted to tear Team Voltron apart from the inside.
WC: 49072 (12/12)
Notes: Rip Lance tbh, this is like really angsty and my heart breaks for Lance. but yes, galra keith is there to save the day~ 10/10

This House Unfinished by boyghosts

Summary: “Concept,” Lance said, his voice heavy and gutted with the ache of it; he caught Keith’s gaze and smiled wide, for show. “The war’s over. We’re back home. All the things we love in one place.”Lance keeps losing the things he’s built. Then there’s Keith.
WC: 30776
Notes: -cackles- have some tissues my friend 100/10

Dancing Lion, Painted Wings by genericfanatic

Summary: Years after peace has been made between the Galran and Altean kingdoms, The witch Haggar comes for vengeance. The young symbol of peace, the half-galran, half-altean Prince Kalor is lost. His aunt, Princess Allura, and his bodyguard, Shiro, are heartbroken.10 years later, an orphan named Keith sets out on his own, trying to find the key to his past. All he has to help him is a small figurine with a cryptic message, a friendly engineer, a technician and her friendly robot, and a cocky con man with a mysterious, yet familiar past.
WC: 35154 (14/14)
Notes: the anastasia au everyone talks about. and like galtean keith gives me life, but conman Lance gives me more. 10/10

It Takes a Village by Zemmiphobia

Summary: One decision by an injured soldier changes not only the fate of the universe, but the fate of her young son.
WC: 18010 (6/6)
Notes: Smol Keith is like my fav, hes so cute in this. and Ulaz being a dad just heals my heart, like bless. 11/10

Ashes, Ashes by vagrantBreath

Summary: Everyone knew their kitten was destined for something greater.No one guessed it was Voltron.
WC: 26639 (20/20)
Notes: Keith raised by the BoM technically makes him Galra right? xD Hahah no, he does have ties, but yeah i love this, hes a sheltered little shit and its great. 9/10

Purple Marks and Bleeding Heart by TeaParade

Summary: Mark #223-code-violet, Lance’s newest job, is not what the sniper signed up for when he joined team Voltron, a specialist group designed to take out the universe’s worst of the worst. This mark shouldn’t be any different from the other Galra, but he is. And Lance is having a very hard time.
WC: 52377 (12/?)
Notes: Sniper Lance and Galra Keith. literally one of my fav pairings. like straight up (tho nothing about this is straight in any sense really) 11/10

To See Blue Skies by BoyBitingDemon

Summary: He scoffed as he watched the fight below, the crowds going wild at the two fighters in the arena. They had such poor taste for entertainment these days.He heard a small sound of amusement from the one sitting next to his standing form, ever vigilant.“As if you were any better your first time in the arena.” They murmured under their breath, a small smile sneaking onto their face, pupiless gold eyes focused on the fight below, but their attention solely on the person standing guard next to him.“I must have have been somewhat impressive to catch the eyes of a certain prince now wasn’t I?"The prince snuck a glance towards the taller, whose face was hidden behind the helmet they wore."You caught a lot more than just my eye that’s for sure.”
WC: 5947 (4/?)
Notes: i,, just love this fic? Like Galra Prince Keith and Champion Lance, you can’t really get much better than this. 10/10

If Only I Could Cry TheSlytherinMudblood

Summary: Galra biology differs from human biology in many ways. For example, Galra are purple. They have yellow eyes. The mammalian ones are able to purr.They also lack tear ducts.
WC: 586
Notes: this is short and sweet (read angsty sorry not sorry) 8/10

The Master of Disguise by NireYllek

Summary: “Wait, what that doesn’t make any sense.” Hunk protested.Pidge shook her head with a tsk. “It does if one of us is disguised as Allura.”Pidge flashed a smirk in Lance’s direction. “I’m sorry, why are you looking at me?” Lance protested. Something in Keith’s brain clicked, he looked at Lance and then at the Princess.Put a little make up on him, a wig, and a dress and he could- OH my god.
WC: 33596 (6/6)
Notes: Tbh, this made me giggle so much. Lance dressed as Allura and Keith and his gay awakening™ just give me life ok. 10/10

We are so proud of you Tarjei!

I just really need to express how proud I am of Tarjei (I think we all are). This little 17 year old piece of sun just never fails to impress us. We don’t really know much about him, and I love that he is a private person. Most teenage boys at his age would LOVE the opportunity to get praised by tons of girls (and/or boys) and jump right at it. But he doesn’t. He seems so shy in fan videos and like he doesn’t really understand why so many people love and idolise him, and it almost embarrass him sometimes. 

In that interview he did last year, he acts like what he does isn’t a big deal. He seems so ambitious and like he is his own worst critic. I hope the people in his life tells him how proud he should be. He seems like he doesn’t care about fame (and maybe doesn’t really like it), but is just passionated about acting. He is a theatre geek! 

He has now signed with this big swedish agency, who has a lot of amazing Scandinavian actors, and I think we can all agree, that this is a fucking big deal. He is pursuing his dream, and I’m so happy for him. I hope they will guide him in the right direction. And from the short interview Henrik did, we know that Tarjei cares about his own limits and comfort zone and is not afraid to express that, and that is so important. 

I wouldn’t be surprised if he wants to increase his acting skills even more, and decides to attend an acting school, even though he could get big roles based on his popularity alone.  He deserves all the succes in the world, and I can’t wait to see where this will bring him. Go Tarjei!

Oh and btw, how fucking adorable does he look in these agency photos? I mean… come on!

oh look another oliness fic
actually, this is more of a scene that would fit probably pretty nicely somewhere much later down the line. it’s cute fjflksfd and it doesn’t really have too much direction but its CUTE

this is completely sfw btw!!!! also a couple notes:

-PDA makes nessa so embarrassed lol
-Oliver speaks Aelish, a language from the country of Aelia, which is where this takes place

i think that’s about it lol i hope u enjoy it!


She wonders how Oliver would kiss her if there was no reason to hold back.

Nessa draws forth the memory of how he looked today. He’d been wearing a loose, white shirt with short sleeves and a slight v-neck to give him better mobility as he swung his sword around to parry off Adam’s blows. He’d carried a smug air of confidence and it was incredible, she thought, how he was able to hold his own so well against someone she knew was military trained. His slick brown skin had been warm with the flush of exercise. Even now, she can still hear the chorus of his laughter as he stumbled and narrowly missed being cuffed by Adam’s sword.

She shivers. He hadn’t known she’d been watching - Nessa hadn’t even meant to stop and stare. She was merely passing the training yard on her way to the stables when she saw him. He was mesmerizing and he’d made her weak. All she could do was remember how good it feels to kiss him, how he graciously responds to her touch, the way he chases after her even as she pulls away to breathe.

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Sense8 Season 2

So I just finished the second season of Sense8, meaning I waited until 2am my time to watch it and then binged it all in one sitting. And ho.ly. shit. Lemme tell you. That was just the best season of television I have ever seen in my entire life. I’m going to keep this as spoiler free as possible for those still watching or who haven’t been able to yet but oh my god.

First, the Sensates who didn’t get a lot of screetime in the first season are now the stars of the show. Capheus (who is played amazingly by Toby Onwumere btw), Sun, Kala. All of them are given such wonderfully fleshed out stories without compromising the other storylines already in place. The Wachowskis also just made this entire world their sandbox with the direction they took with other clusters, what it means to be a Sensate, and BPO. Any small details in the first season are never forgotten, and multiple references to past character interactions are made as all of the characters and their support networks work together flawlessly to execute some of the best scenes. The sharing between the cluster is amazing and so well executed and has truly become an artform now that the cluster has control of their abilities to share and help one another. All of my questions are answered from the first season while even more are brought up by the lore that has been created for this world that contains people like the Sensates. It tackles such important issues for many of us head-on and without fear, and the show is not afraid to get political and parallel itself to what this reality is experiencing now. It is heartfelt, heartbreaking, emotional, action-packed, and everything I needed and never realized I needed from the second season, and my only regret is that I have to wait now for the next one to experience even more of what the Wachowskis and the Cluster have to offer.

Also, if anyone wants to inbox me so we can gush about this season, please do. I’m dying over here without anyone to talk about this season with, and you can be sure there are rewatches in my future.

[Femslash February]: Frenemies

*plays Annie soundtrack* you’re only a day behiiiiiind~!

last chlonette prompt for the week! 

(pst. you should read @sadrien‘s nail polish headcanons bc they’re a+)

Day 7: Frenemies (Chlonette)


Link to Archive of Our Own: [AO3]

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“Round 20, Bourgeois!”

Marinette slammed open the classroom door and dramatically pointed at Chloe who was sitting quietly in her seat for once, answering her text messages and catching up on the homework she didn’t do last night. Chloe looked up in disinterest until she realized that it was Marinette issuing her a challenge. Chloe immediatley brushed her books onto Sabrina’s desk and slammed her hand down on the table. “You’re getting your ass kicked today, Dupain-Cheng.”

“Judges!” Marinette called as she dropped her bag off at her desk and went to stand in front of Chloe’s. “Front and center.”

Nino groaned and slumped in his chair. “Uggghhh, I don’t wanna do this. This has been going on for over a month.”

“Say what you want, this is hilarious,” Alya snickered. “Let’s hope it ends today.”

“Keep saying that, and you’ll jinx it,” Adrien warned. 

Sabrina laughed when the three of them came over. “Alright, everyone. Rules have not changed. In the event of a tie, we’ll get a neutral party to split the vote. Agreed?”

Nino, Alya, and Adrien each held up a hand and swore. “Agreed.”

“Alright, Marinette,” Sabrina smiled. “You go first.”

Marinette slammed her hand on the table right next to Chloe’s. “Matte red polish. Ladybugs and roses for the nail art. Rhinestones on the accent nail.”

Chloe smirked. “Tri-color glitter-infused gradient with bumblee nail art on the accent nail.” 

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college! seokmin

Originally posted by dokyummm

requested by anon! “Hi~ Can I request a college!AU Seokmin fluff? Thank you 🙏”

  • it’s ur freshman year!
  • u’re excited and anxious
  • especially when it comes to meeting new people and making new friends!!
  • ur first day of sch is during spring and the sight of colourful flowers makes everything better
  •  u walked into sch and kinda lost ur way and there happened to be this enthusiastic guy guiding freshmen to the orientation hall
  • he’s wearing glasses and when u walked up to him he’s all bright and smiley
  • that boy looks good from afar and even better up close
  • “hi,”
  • “good morning! do u need help in getting to the orientation hall?”
  • u nod and smile and he directs u before showing his bright smile again before u walked away
  • after reaching the hall u found a place and made small talks to people beside you
  • the orientation officially began after 15 minutes and the student faculty in charged of freshmen gathered on stage
  • the first person u noticed is the boy u met earlier
  • he introduced himself as lee seokmin, the president of student faculty and the rest of the committee introduced themselves after him
  • it’s like the sun took its human form on this boy
  • he’s really radiant and he glows when he’s speaking (he actually does even when he’s doing nothing)
  • the first part of orientation ends and everyone is split into their own classes
  • the committee is divided according to the classes and seokmin, along w another member, is assigned to ur class
  • u and ur classmates have settled down when the sunshine boy made his entrance w a cheerful introduction
  • “good morning kids! welcome to college! as u already know, I’m lee seokmin, president of student faculty, and I’d be in charge of ur class for this year. if there’s any problems u can always look for me, or any other members in the faculty if I can’t be found”
  • ur class loves him bc he’s friendly and always down to help
  • “I’ll need all ur details for administration purposes, so I’ll be going around getting y’all to key in ur numbers and emails”
  • and when he approached u he’s like “oh, I remember u!”
  • his smile is blinding u btw but u aren’t complaining bc he’s cute
  • u noticed him always glancing towards ur direction and honestly u’re trying hard not to blush??
  • it was lunch time and everyone gathered at the cafeteria 
  • u sat on another table w a few others and seokmin comes running along
  • “can I sit here? the rest of the tables are occupied”
  • and he sits opposite u and ahh while eating he just keeps looking at u
  • he thinks u wouldn’t notice bc every time u look at him he pretends to look away
  • and bOY it’s so oBVIOUS???
  • he actually wanted to strike a conv w u but y’all were too far apart and the cafeteria was too noisy
  • after the first day u would see him hanging around in sch and whenever he sees u he’d initiate a conv
  • y’all became friends after a few weeks
  • “if u need help in sch work I can help, I’ve alr learnt most of what u have”
  • it’s so cute studying w him bc first of all he has this study spot in sch that no one knows of??
  • when u first followed him there u were like “how did u even know the existence of this place?”
  • “I lurk a lot in sch. I know of other spots too, if u want to explore I can bring u around one day”
  • he always have snacks for every study session and sometimes u wonder if u’re here for a picnic instead
  • after studying w him u realised he’s real smart and he ALWAYS tops his cohort
  • u were slightly intimidated at first but he’s all chill and tells u not to look at him differently just bc he seems “up there”
  • bc of his help u scored really well for an exam and u were super excited to tell him
  • u met him at the usual and when u got there u got so elated u ran up to him and hugged the boy
  • he was shocked by ur sudden physical contact
  • (but he likes it)
  • and he hesitantly placed his hands behind ur back
  • then u realised what u’ve done and awkwardly let him go
  • “sorry, I was just too happy abt doing really well”
  • and when u were abt to sit he held onto ur arm
  • “um, I have smth to tell u”
  • u looked at him w concern bc he seemed to be thinking of smth serious
  • he took a deep breath and said really quickly “I actually think u’re cute and I like you since the first day we met and I also really enjoy hanging out w u can I be ur girlfriend”
  • then he realised he messed up and he’s all flustered
  • “I MEAN can u be my girlfriend?”
Overwatch headcanon time!

THe TL;DR: The UN are the bad guys, Blackwatch was based on Talon, Overwatch was a propaganda tool and the Swiss HQ explosion was assassination.

At the fair founding of Overwatch and Blackwatch where we lay our scene.
Gabriel, despite being more qualified to leading the organization, is bumped into the sister-organization Blackwatch to operate underground.

The UN does this for two reasons: 1. The real heavy lifting was always designed to be carried by Blackwatch, and Gabriel is more qualified and 2. Overwatch becomes a face for the UN, and while Jack is a capable commander, he’s mostly there for show. Their golden boy.

This is not to say that Overwatch isn’t actually doing work and genuinely risking life and limb. But they are shipped out to the higher profile areas, literally leading children out by the hand on tv. Overwatch had one primary function. ‘You are safe; We are handling this’.

I think that Talon (or it’s early form) had infiltrated the UN. Blackwatch was doing the grunt work, but was increasingly turned to more serving the sovereign wants of the UN and/or Talon. They make sure that Blackwatch is kept under control, and have an agent that works for them within their midst.
Jack is kept in the dark about this and Gabriel is under orders to remain silent.

This of course creates a schism between the two. Jack thinks they’re there to save the world and be the heroes and Gabriel thinks Jack is too naive and idealistic, and Reyes is angry that he can’t see that they’re being used.

Then Blackwatch gets exposed. The public goes in an uproar. But no worries! The UN is gonna launch a super good sekrit investigation, ya’ll. There’s nothing suspicious about investigating your own shit that’s circling the drain, is there?
I imagine at this point, that Jack demands information, which Gabriel cannot give to him freely.

McCree leaves Blackwatch right before everything goes up in flames (literally). Gabriel, the man with the most intel, the person who can effectively sink a whole bunch of higher ups, is successfully assassinated.

Instead of emerging as a victorious hero like he has so many times before, Jack fakes his own death. Which makes no sense unless he was never meant to walk away from that explosion and the hit was meant for him too. He goes out on his own, undercover, investigating something as the jaded Soldier 76.

Mercy gets ahold of Gabriel’s body and resurrects him, but he’s captured by Talon because of his strategic importance.

McCree meanwhile is on the run, with a bounty that could probably save the economy of a small country and OH BTW. BEING OVERWATCH IS NOW ILLEGAL. Any of you assholes get back together, we are gonna lock you up.

Everybody that could have information about this is effectively driven underground and outlawed.
Aint that a peach.

But hey, the UN said that the explosion was caused by infighting. That is, after they amended their story from ‘there was no foul play’.

And why shouldn’t we trust the UN?

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an idea for hcs! hows about the bros have a crush who is nice, yet reserved, how would they feel when their crush starts opening up?? like, they start mentioning interests they dont tell anyone about and telling em personal stuff when it seems like its hard for them to do that, and its like, their crush feels as though they wont laugh or brush them off or think their interests are stupid? bros noticing they are making a proper connection for someone like that to open up to them? love ur blog btw

[ISEB Author’s Note: NGL, I was wasted off of like two glasses of wine when I wrote the bulk of this headcanon last night, so apologies are in order if I kind of missed the mark. Oh well, onward and upward to the next Ask!]

Noctis: The crown prince has managed to peel back the layers of the reserved individual he is courting enough to discover a few interests they have in common; lackadaisical mornings spent wrapped up under a heap of blankets, spontaneous drives out on the open road unburdened by the constraints of direction or destination, forsaking the importance of vegetables in one’s diet in favor of indulging in a freshly baked pastry. But what he doesn’t know about them is that they recognize a tackle box when they see it; after casually mentioning to him that the Fatal Roulette lure is much more effective at catching Lucian Carp than any Poppeck, Noct’s jaw nearly unhinges itself, and he finds himself torn between wanting to hang his head in shame at the admission of his rather unconventional hobby and the desire to promptly throw his object of affection into the passenger seat of the Regalia and head for the nearest fishing hole. They are the one, however, who prove tentative to continue the conversation, stating that every person they’ve met thus far has either laughed at their keen interest in rods and reels or deemed their preferred extracurricular activity of choice an excessive waste of time. But their concerns seemingly fall on deaf ears, because Noctis is already stuffing the trunk of his vehicle to the proverbial gills with several spools of Spider Silk, giddy with anticipation at the thought of spending many quality hours getting to know them on a more personal (and aquatic) level.

Prompto: They say a picture is worth a thousand words, and Blondie has his lens trained on his heart’s desire at all times in the hope that capturing their elusive image might tell the story they themselves are hesitant to share. His dreams are dashed somewhat when they shyly explain to him that they prefer being behind the camera rather than in front of it, but he makes lemonade out of lemons by offering to be a dutiful photography subject if they happen to be interested in trying their hand at taking a few snaps. It’s not an entirely wasted effort; while he knows his own modeling skills leave something to be desired, he enjoys having any excuse to spend a few private moments with the one he holds dear, and at the very least the embarrassing tumble he took whilst attempting to summit a large boulder elicited an adorable smile from them. But when he invites them to sit beside him on a (much more stable) rock so that they might peruse through the viewfinder together, Prompto’s eyes widen with marvel and awe; the candid and earnest photos they took of him reveal the eye and skill of a true artist, and he realizes rather quickly that the title of sharpshooter clearly belongs to them.

Gladio: A man of few words as it is, the big guy struggles to reach out to his intended in order to articulate his feelings; the best he can do is hang around the local Coernix Station he knows they frequent in the hope of ‘casually’ running into them. So while chancing upon them in the aisle where the refrigerated sheep’s milk is located is par for the course, stumbling across their path while out trekking in the wilderness admittedly takes Gladio more than a little off-guard. He attempts to play it suave, suggesting that if they were both headed in the same direction, it might be worth it to linger in one another’s company for the duration of their hike (for safety reasons, of course, since the feral Basiliks were known to be rather aggressive in these parts). But it’s Gladiolus who is surprised to discover the depth of their encyclopedic knowledge pertaining to the natural world; Aegir Root can be ground into a curative salve in a pinch, they point out, while Malmashrooms are safe to eat only if the head has not yet split from its stem. As his sweetheart teaches him a thing or two about the effect the Fulgurian has on the local weather patterns, Gladio delights in learning a few personal tidbits about them as well.

Ignis: The strategist is somewhat of an oyster himself when it comes to the disclosure of personal information, so he doesn’t take offense when the object of his admiration proves reticent to reveal any of their own private interests. There are plenty of ways to enjoy spending one’s free time organically in the company of a companion without resorting to probing inquiries or obtrusive interrogations, so he offers to accompany them on a quick jaunt to the local farmer’s market, thinking he might kill two chocobos with one stone by helping them with their bags in addition to picking up a few ingredients for his own recipes. When the apple of his eye bemoans the fact that Ulwaat Berries are no longer in season, Specs’ curiosity is piqued, and he asks them if they happen to know of a suitable alternative if he were to hypothetically attempt to whip up his own Memory Lane pastry; a bushels of Duscaen oranges later and they are back at his apartment, retrieving measuring cups and rubber spatulas from the kitchen cabinets and cracking Birdbeast eggs into a ceramic mixing bowl. They pass the hour waiting for the cake batter to rise discussing proper baking temperatures and their favorite cooking publications, and it’s only after they’ve sampled the culinary masterpiece they’ve created that Ignis surmises there are very few things that bring two people together quite like a mutually shared love of food.

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Dark, what would you do if I started a fight with you? Say, throwing a punch in your direction? (Btw, do you roleplay? You totally should. You're amazing.)

“Well, undeserved violence will obviously be met with deserved violence.”

He responded and shrugged, the motion far more graceful than a typical shrug would detail. It was slow, fluid, starting and ending in one singular motion with a lack of jerkiness.

“Someone as brash and as foolish to attack something like me would be met with twice the force and punishment after for their decisions.”

((Heyyyyy mod Paul here.))

“Oh god..”

((Shut the fuck up, Dark. Someone asked me a question.))

“You have ten seconds to respond before I slide a titanium shard up your shoulder blade.”

((Damn alright wtf…. okay so! I do not participate in roleplay here in tumblr. However, on my main page, http://ask-sadisticdark.tumblr.com/, you can find a link to my discord server, which is shared by myself, anti, crank, and wilford. There, we create stories and use our torture rooms through roleplay.))

“Are you done?”


“Good. Now get the hell out.”


“I was always one of those kids that just liked music in general, and I always wanted to pick up the nearest instrument.”

Happy Birthday Niall James Horan 13.9.1993 ~ 13.9.2014

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Soooo if the boys are Gifre and Elias now, does that mean that there's a Sae-bot and a Lu-bot too?!

Saeyoung: Robot versions of us! Sweeeet!

Saeran: [Oh, great. And I thought having one Saeyoung around was bad enough.]

Saeyoung: Saeran, you’re such a meanie! Shh, Lu-bot, don’t listen to him!

Lu-bot: [[Okay…]]

Saeran: [Well, at least he listens to directions.]

Sae-bot: [[……]]


king for a day, princess by dawn | open starter

He said he had a surprise, and he’d been quite excited about it, but now… he was not that sure about it anymore.
Nagisa sighed trying to calm himself down before looking at his own reflection in the mirror, and he looked down at himself and the long, simple, light yellow dress he was wearing, then smoothed it over his stomach and legs with another nervous puff of air. He liked this dress, it’s just… he wasn’t entirely sure his lover would like it. Or him, in it. It was quite a risky choice, but if all was going to go well, he would like to be seen as cute even with this kind of unusual (for a man, anyway) tastes of his. 
Still, he looked down at his legs - shaven for the occasion - and at his bare feet before he finally emerged from the bathroom, feeling bold and strong for a moment. He’d spent a few minutes in it now, and he did not want to make himself be waited on anymore. At best, if the reaction was to be negative, he’d just rush back in and strip directly naked. No big deal, right? 
“Okay, um, I’m here…” he started timidly, stepping out and flushing red with his blood boiling in fear. The boldness was already gone, what was left was a thrumming heart and a vortex of possible scenarios appearing all at once in his head.
“Do you… like it?” He asked playing with the soft cotton dress, before looking to the person sitting on the bed. Hoping to not see disappointment or even anger on their face. 

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I think there is a misconception about what an introvert is. You can be an introvert and a natural performer. Imo, the key is understanding where people draw their energy from. Extroverts feed on social interactions and being among people whereas introverts need quiet and personal time to recharge their battery when they are down. It doesn't mean that introverts are all shy, quiet and awkward with others. They can be social, goofy and great performers if they are in a good mindset. (1)

They can “give back” a lot of energy and charisma on stage. It just doesn’t come from the same place, from the same need. It is more draining for them. It’s very interesting to see how in a company or at school, the work environment affects I&E differently. One last thing on that subject, people tend to value and aspire to what society sees as positive and these often are “extrovert” attributes/jobs. (2)

*Introvert anon again* Btw, I just wanted share my knowledge and research on that subject. I don’t want to be dismissive of your post. I have a great respect for what you say and your posts are always very interesting, even when I don’t agree!


These are good points.

Thank you.

Oh! I added the addendum you sent me. I’m appreciative of any new knowledge. People here have a lot of varied expertise, and some know a lot more about One Direction than I do. I do appreciate your messages.

Turbulence in Miami

So to start off I went with my good friend, we got in Miami the morning of the show, we originally wanted P1 tickets with group photo but ended up getting P2 and Hi-Touch. Picked up our wristbands etc around 1 and went to our hotel and literally spent those hours before 5 getting dressed, cause I, a Jackson Wang stan, needed to make sure I was beat to The Gawds, like of all the days my makeup had to be perfect it was that day… AND it was I just knew it was gonna be a goodt night because my brows came out perfect on the first fucking go, outfit choice if you see my DP (I’ll submit a picture later maybe~) I had a mauve scoop bodysuit with high waisted jeans a kimono and some cute peep toe booties, we finally get in around like 5:30 something? And P1 had the main floor so we found a little higher platform right where the lower seating is and stood against the rail/steps to the second level, because we are both short and ironically everyone in P1 tall as fuck, amazing view of the stage btw!

Moving on to the show (this is where my receipts come in) they perform hard carry and now are talking and Jackson is in my direct line of view!! And amazingly enough there was a fuxking space in the crowd where we BOTH saw each other perfectly!! So I’m in awe watching him and he’s looking around then I notice he hasn’t looked anywhere else in a while and I think “oh shit is he looking at me? Nah” out of habit I licked my lips AND BOY DID IT TOO AT THE SAME TIME WHILE STILL LOOKING MY DIRECTION I’m dying inside. Jinyoung was making his speech so I’m trying to focus on him and I also notice Marky but I could not get the feeling of someone staring me down out the corner of my eye so I 👀 and it was Jackson 💀 I’m nervous man like someone blessed me with chances of him looking at me and letting me prosper that night. Every time I looked at him he’d look around but I swur he was looking at me every chance I looked away or at other members I even waved at him at some point and he smirked! Pause cause lets acknowledge how fine the other 6 were! Yugyeom that boy been working out him and Bambam and Bambam and THAT DAMN MELANIN I mean baby boy was glowing, they all were! I love sun kissed GOT7.

All the way fast forward it’s now time for group photo and Hi-Touch, oh! Btw me and my friend met these amazingly sweet chocolate beauties two came together another lived in Miami they actually were in the same area as my friend and I so we ended up talking and being friends with them through out the whole show so for P2 we had to sit in the seating area until P1 was done with their group pics so we decided all 5 of us would go up together to do Hi-Touch so we all sat next to each other. We waited pretty late to make our way up and MY DAMN STOMACH WAS IN MY ASS THE WHOLE WALK UP TO THE STAGE I WAS BOUT TO DIE! I ended up being in the middle in our group of 5 nervous and trying not to bust my ass ok. So we go up it’s Jinyoung, JB, Yugyeom, Mark, Youngjae, Bambam, and THEN Jackson. Jinyoung is so fine lawd and his hand was so soft!

But ok Im Jaebum!!! This is where I die I look at his hand I touch it like slide my hand against his it happened so slow, I look up and not only did we make direct eye contact but he looked at with his eyebrows raised with a smirk on his face and gave me a quick look up and down and I saw teeth and I just died! My legs hurt right now thinking about it! He came for me!! And I don’t know what life is! Ok…. moving on…. Yugyeom is tall as shit but so cute! Mark looked surprised, I lost my voice that night but I told him I loved him, youngjae is so cute lmao he screamed WOW ok it was 5 brown skinned beauties coming at the same time to say hi to each of them like it was back to back I hope they remember that shit. When I got to Bambam I was stopped and I just Marveled at him and he was blowing kisses! He blew a kiss at one of the girls I was with and he told her he loved her too then turned back and was just smirking like that damn boy know he is fine I tried saying “Bambam I love you!” He said aw I love you too! Then I finally met Jackson I stared his ass down in all his glory and them damn arms and muscles and idk but he had me shook HE DID DO THAT THING WHERE ITS LIKE HE DONT LOOK AT YOU LIKE BOY DONT PLAY MEEEE 😩😭😤 but then he did and idk I blacked out slightly after saying I love you and stay healthy and my ass turned to a baby horse once I got to my friends and was all over the damn place cause my legs went weak! They had to help me walk down the steps I looked back and waved and him (Jackson) and Bambam waved then we waited for the other girls and went outside we all freaked out like that shit was crazy but I cannot…. believe… JB AINT HAVE TO DO ME LIKE THAT 😩 we stayed at the venue until the boys left we missed them leaving tho but omg it was so amazing like I’m ready to go to more fanmeets and concerts this was my first one ever and I’m still at a loss of words

Unfortunately I didn’t get a full shot of my entire outfit but here’s two I took inside the venue, first one is actually after the show waiting for Hi-Touch and the second I took right when me and my friend got inside.

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Wait so you didint answer my other question. Do you know anyone who writes for Chris Piine?

Oh! Sorry.

Uhm, ask my lovely friend @wickedsingularity .

I think she’s written about his character in Star Trek, i could be wrong tho, because i don’t know squat about ST, but maybe she can point you in the right direction.


Greetings, Nons too! <3


Imagine Jungkook ☆ Jimin ☆ Yoongi [Hybrid]

Imagine Jimin being an owner of two hybrids. A hybrid!dog (Jungkook) and a hybrid!cat (Yoongi).

Both are palyful and sweet. Most of the time they’ll bother Jimin on his work and will have a competition on who will Jimin hug or kiss first.

Both loves to eat but Yoongi is picky on his foods. Jimin will wash the dishes while the two cleans the table. After that they’ll sat on the couch to watch a movie. Yoongi laying on Jimins right side arms wrapped on Jimins torso while Jungkook is on Jimins left side snaking his arms on Jimins waist. Jimin will wrap both of his arms on different directions to hug both of them.

*cough*cough* Oh btw their sex life is fine. Sooo fine. (I live for bottom Jimin X)

*Insert ‘Middle by DJ snake’

Jimin will be sandwiched between Yoongi and Jungkook always. Yoongi fists Jimins hair while the latter suck out his soul through his dick and Jungkook will take Jimin from behind and pound to him merciless making Jimin move forward and making Yoongis dick hit the back of Jimins throat. Most of the time they’re like that or vice versa.

After that they’ll both clean Jimin and lay on both of their owners side and wrap their arms on him. Both kissing Jimins cheek until sleep took over the trio.

*body worship
*cum slut
*hair pulling
*Jimin is flexible af.
*just add more if you want


I need holy wat–
Okay don’t mind me ■_■

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Oh I love your blog! I'm also studying French and German. Do you have any tips for learning from films and series on our target languages? Thanks! (This is user dulcestrudel btw, since I'm a sideblog I can't send direct messages haha.)

hi! @dulcestrudel

i don’t have any specific recommendations for french/german tv shows/films bc i haven’t found any that i really enjoy, but i can give you some general advice about how to learn from them.

when i started listening to a lot more german (which is about 3 years ago now woah), i didn’t understand a word of what i was watching but carried on anyway bc i was genuinely interested in the content. i found that some things i watched were translated in to english, so i’d read part of the english translation and then watch part of the video, and over time i stopped needing the english translations bc the vocab had sunk in. that was helpful for me as a beginner, and sometimes i look back on the stuff i used to watch then and see how far i’ve come.

at least in my opinion, it can be quite difficult to pick out the spoken words that i don’t understand and write them down so i can look for the meaning. this is why watching something in german with german subtitles or finding a transcript can be helpful bc you immediately know which words you don’t understand and how to spell them, so you can look for the meaning.

i’ve always found (and still find) films to be the hardest to understand in a foreign language. i don’t know why bc i’ve definitely watched youtube videos that have been faster than the average film. if your listening skills aren’t brilliant, i would recommend starting with documentaries or the news, as they are the easiest to understand from my experience.

for the individual languages, spoken french is much harder to understand than spoken german, and i still have a lot of trouble understanding spoken french so i can’t really help you with that. i know for german all i did was keep on going and i eventually understood stuff, but i can’t remember when that happened.

i hope this can help you out a little bit!!