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When he find out you are being bullied - Suga, Jimin, V, Jungkook

A/U: The boys are not famous in this scenario. 


You were asleep on Yoongi’s lap on the couch. Your phone rung indicating a new message.. Yoongi picked it up and wanted to turn on silent. He was going to put it back down when the message made him curious. It was a link with the word enjoy at the bottom of the message.

He clicked on the link and it was a Facebook page full of hate messages. It was all about you. He scrolled through the page and saw the earliest post was a year ago. 

Yoongi was furious and devastated. Furious because you didn’t tell him anything about it. Heartbroken because his precious baby was being bullied.

You woke up after the long nap. You sat up and saw Yoongi holding up your phone.

“You have a message.” He said plainly.

“Um… Thanks.” You were afraid he read the messages. 

You read the message and knew it was another hate message. You quickly deleted it and pretend nothing happened.

“So who was that?” Yoongi asked deliberately.

“No one just spam messages.”

He looked at you sternly. “When are you going to tell me the truth?”

“What truth? I’m thirsty.” You made an excuse and got up.

He pulled you back down to the couch and hugged you close. Your head was on his chest. You could hear his steady heartbeat and it was very calming to you. Tears started to fall from your eye. You sobbed quietly on his chest. Yoongi waited for you patiently.

You finally told him the reason you were bullied. Yoongi learnt that you were bullied because you were lying about having a boyfriend apparently and they made fun of your body. His hands were balled up into a fist. He was beyond furious but he knew he couldn’t lash out now, you would be more terrified and scared.

He picked up his phone after you fall asleep later that night. He posted a selfie of the both of you and tagged you on Instagram. He smiled at himself.

Savage Yoongi. Savage.


You were on your computer again, watchinf those hate messages and negativity washed your dashboard. Tears were rolling down your cheeks. You didn’t know what to do. You cried to yourself.

“I’m home!” You heard Jimin’s voice from the door. 

You didn’t know what to do. You thought he was going to be late because he had a meeting. You quickly wiped your eyes with your sleeves and regulate your staggered breathing.

Jimin saw your eyes all puffy and red, it was obvious you cried. “Why were you crying?”

“It was a drama.” You fanned your face.

He walked closer to you and the laptop. You were about to shut the computer off but he was faster than you. He scrolled through the whole page. He looked at you.

“How long has this been happening?”

“6 months.” You whispered out.

He took in a deep breathe. “You were not going to tell me if I didn’t find out myself right?”

“I’m alright. I can handle it.”

“You’re not. You were crying over those stupid messages.”

He wrapped his arms around you. He deleted all the messages and blocked all your ‘friends’. 

“Don’t let them get you, sweetie.” He soothed your hair. “Why don’t we watch a movie after I shower?”

You fell asleep in the middle of the movie. Jimin looked at your angelic sleeping face. He couldn’t believe you had endured all those hate by yourself. He held you closer as if he could protect you more from the harsh world.


You finally finished your paperwork. You put away the computer and went to the bed with Tae. Tae noticed you had a lot of paperwork since you changed your job. You snuggled close to him and closed your eyes.

Tae looked over at you, making sure you were asleep. When he was sure, he took your phone from the bedside table and scrolled through your messages. He found out a coworker named Linda was asking you to do her paperwork as well. It wasn’t a few times too, she asked you to do her paperwork nearly everyday and threatened to she would cut your salary as she was the group leader.

He woke you up by lightly shaking you by your shoulder.

“Is this why you have tons of work everyday?” He held up your phone.

You gulped. “I thought she would stop asking.” You felt tears gathering in your eyes.

Tae held you close. “Just quit your job. I make enough money for you to rest everyday.”

“You know I like working.” You laughed at his words despite the fact that you were crying.

“Then that Linda girl would continue bullying you. You should tell someone superior in the company.

“I will.” You promised.

“You need to tell your boss tomorrow in the morning.” He ordered.

“Alright. First thing to do.” You nodded your head.

He held you close and slid back into the warm covers.


He went to your classroom to pick you up as usual but he didn’t see your things at your table. He pulled out his phone and called you.

“Where are you?”

“I’m at home. I wasn’t feeling well.”

“Oh. Do you want anything? I’ll be there in 10.”

“Can you buy some food?”

“Sure. I’ll see you later.”

You heard footsteps and you knew Jungkoook had arrived. He saw you lying on the bed and handed you the food to you.

“You said you were feeling unwell but your mom said you fainted at school. What happened?”

You didn’t answer him. You started to stuff yourself with foood.

“Didn’t you eat your lunch? Why are you so hungry?”

You paused.

“You didn’t eat. Did you?” Jungkook knew something was weird. You would never turn down any food. You live eating. Eating was your life.

“I don’t have anyone to eat with so I skipped lunch.”

“What do you mean you have no one to eat with. How about your friends?”

“They don’t care about me anymore.” You bit down on your lips. You were on the verge of crying.

He cradled your head and let you cried.

“I’ll wait for you by your classroom lunch time tomorrow. You got a lunch date everyday so don’t you dare to skip your lunch.”

Jungkook had lunch with you everyday, making sure you were eating fine. Sometimes he would make simple lunches for you just to see you smile. He even make your breakfast everyday. Although it wasn’t anything fancy but you were happy that someone in the world actually cared for you.

Thank you for reading. Sorry for any mistakes made.

If you are a victim of bullying in any form, please don’t hesitate and seek help from your parents, teachers or superiors. Just remeber you are not alone. :)

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What I Should’ve told You Part Two

Lafayette x Reader

Warnings: Swearing, angst, death, trauma

A/N: Sorry this took so long to arrive but it’s here now y’all, enjoy :) (Side note, I forgot what a coaster was called for a second while writing this and literally had to google “what are the things you put under cups called”. Yeah.)

Herc was definitely right about the outfit.

When you walked into the bar trailing behind the boys, you could see the men’s eyes at the bar turn and watch you. You felt flattered, but they weren’t th ones whose eyes you wanted on you. Alex seemed to notice this as you as sat down at your usual bopth and grinned, letting out a low whistle.

“Looks like someone may have a few choices of who she’s taking home tonight huh?”

You smiled and rolled your eyes, catching a glimpse at Laf. He was concentrating hard on the drink menu, reading it like you all hadn’t been there dozens of time before. Your smile dropped a little as you picked up a drink menu of your own.

He didn’t even notice you.

John and Alex began to chat on about some new video game they were getting each othe for Christmas, a “shared gift because couples do that stuff”. Gag. herc seemed to notice your silent deamenor and tried to spark up a conversation.

“So (Y/N), what are you hoping to find under the tree this year? A boyfriend?” He wiggled his eyebrows suggestively and you laughed, taking a sip of your first drink of the night, a tequila sunrise.

“Yeah, and santa and the eater bunny actually exist.” You chuckled again, Laf looking up from his phone and at you for the first time since you arrived. Your cheeks instantly went ablaze, partly from the alcohol, but mostly from how Laf was so intently drinking in the sight of you in his favorite color. He opened his mouth as if to say something, but quickly shut it and lowered his gaze once again back to the screen.

You’d be lying if you said you weren’t extremely deflated, so you downed the rest of your drink and quickly flagged down the waiter to order two more. Alex raised a brow but said nothing, going back to his conversation with John.

Herc cleared his throat, taking a sip of his whiskey. “How about you baguette, any plans to spend the holidays with any special lady?” You sent him a ‘what the hell are you doing’ look, which he ingored, thank God the waiter had just arrived with the second round, well your second and third, of drinks.

Laf glanced up, shrugging. “I did not plan to but,” he looked around the crowded bar and grinned, “anything could happen, non?” Herc chuckled, sending you an apology glance as he finished off his first glass.

Not only did laf not see you as anything more than a friend, you thought bitterly, he would rather take home a complete stranger than even consider you. Great. 

Your chugged your second and third drinks in less than five minutes, this time Alex taking notice and actually saying something. “(Y/N), you good?” 

You could feel the affects of the drinks already kicking in, a pleasantly warm tingling sensation spreading through your body. You cleared your throat. “I’m p-perfectly fine ‘lex.” You giggled at the absence of the vowel in his name.

He smiled, but his eyes still held concern. “Okay, just remeber we’ve still gotta catch up alright?” you smiled, feeling the tension and bitterness leave your body.

“Of course Lexi, I g-got it.” you could see Laf staring at you from across the table, and you shifted so that your shirt dipped a little lower than probably acceptable around the guys you considered to be your brothers.

“Somethin’ to say Laf?” You cocked a brow and tilted your head to the side daringly. He continued to stare, his eyes never leaving yours to travel to your obviously exposed cleavage. 

“Take it easy amie, we have only been here for an hour and you are already on your third drink.” He warned, his chocolate eyes glaring at you as if to scold you.

The conversation between the other boys haulted as they turned their attentions to Laf and you. John looked rather amused, taking a sip of his wine. “Maybe he’s right (Y/N), you’re approachin’ that four drink limit qui-”

“Shut it Laurens,” you hissed, directing your glare back to Laf, “and you’re s-sure as hell not my father frenchy. I came here to have a good time, and that’s exactly what I intend to do. If you all don’t like that, well,” you abruptly stood, swaying only slightly as you chugged down your third drink and slammed it on the table, “guess I’m drinking alone then.” You slid from the booth, making your way to the bar.

Tears began to sting your eyes. What the hell did he have any right in saying? Acting like he actually cared? You felt stupid as you took a stool, stupid for wearing an outfit just for him, stupid for trying to impress him, stupid for thinking he’d actually see you in that way…

“What can I get you hon?” The bartender, a woman in her early fourties who looked like she had heard thousands of sad stories during her time at this counter. 

You sighed. “Two shots of tequila please.” No point of the frilly drinks anymore, you needed to forget. You slapped two tens on the counter, which she took with a smile and quickly set the small glasses in front of you, pouring a half of one for herself and smiling at you. 

“To drinking alone.” you chuckled and clinked one of yours with her, dumping it to the back of your throat. The cold sting of strong alcohol making you cough only slightly. She smiled warmly and went back to wait on a group of girls who sat at the far end of the bar. You fiddled with the coaster, trying to peel the forgotten price tag from its bottom asyour vision blurred only slightly. This wasn’t your first dance with tequila.

“I wouldn’t have expected to see you here drinking alone.” A smooth, rich voive said beside you.

You looked up, surprised to see Aaron Burr standing next to you, smiling warmly. A high-pitched giggled escaped your lips. “O-oh, ‘m not alone. My boys are ar-around here somewhere.” You stuttered only slightly.

He chuckled, motioning to the empty stool beside you. “Mind if I sit down then?”

You grinned. “It is a free country.”

His eyes glinted, holding surprise and maybe…attraction? Aaron was bad looking by any means, not your type, but not unacceptable. Some harmless flirting couldn’t hurt, after all, if Laf wanted to flirt with starngers, so could you.

“What’re you drinking?” 

You threw back your last shot, clearing your throat right after and sending himk a flirty smile. “Just f-finished my last shot of tequila, y-you?”

His brows upturned slightly in surprise. “Pretty strong drink there for a lightweight like you. But not a bad choice.” He flagged down the bartender and ordered two more shots, handing one to you. “Here’s to memories forgotten.”

You clinked your glass with his, winking. “And maybe some that could be made.” You swallowed it down quickly, head spinning. you gripped the counter as you leaned forward again. “Woo, t-those are pretty strong huh?” Your tongue felt heavy in your mouth. 

He chuckled and nodded. “Well there is a reason it’s called liquid courage.” Your cheeks grew increasingly warm.

“Courage to d-do wh-” But you didn’t get to finish your question as you felt a strong hand on your shoulder. you turned in surprise, nearly falling off your stool.

Laf caught you, looking dangerously into your eyes. He looked pissed. “What the hell are you doing up here with him?” He hissed, eyes traveling to the three empty glasses and glared at Aaron. “How much have you had to drink?”

You yanked your arm from his grasp, any light happiness quickly turning to burning anger. “W-what the hell does it matter? Y-you’re not i-in any fuckin’ place to dictate how much I drink or who the hell ‘m talkin to.” You retorted.

Aaron slid from the stool. “Maybe I should go.” He quickly made his way through the crowds and headed off. You sneered at Laf.

“Thanks alot. Y-you get to flirt with str-strangers but I don’t? Give me a break.” 

“(Y/N), come back to the booth, we’re taking you home. You have had too much to drink and you are being irrational.” He tried to help you up but you pulled away, stumbling backwards. 

“I’m being irrational? I’m being irrational?” You were seething. “I dressed in y-your favorite color, I-I sat close to you, I flirted with you and youu haven’t even sent a kind glance my way, the only time you talked to me all night is to scold me so i don’t think I’m t-the irrational one,” you could feel tears stinging your eyes but you didn’t really care, “but maybe I was hopeless, to think you’d ever love me back the way I l-love you.”

There it was, the truth had finally come out. 

His eyes widened in surpise as you backed away, shaking your head. “I-I should go.” You wheeled around, making your back to the back exit of the bar. you knew people were staring as tears streamed down your cheeks but you couldn’t care less, you just needed to leave.You could hear him shouting your name but you were nimbler than he and elbowed your way out quicker.

After a minute or two of stumbling through the crowd you finally reached the back door and pushed all of your weight on it, it felt as is you were using all of your strength to open it.

The cold air hit your face, sobering you up a little. But not very much from the way everything was still doubled. You strumbled forward, crossing your arms over your chest for some warmth as pain-filled tears continued to fall. How could I have been so stupid? To think I’d ever be enough for him?

“(Y/N)!” Laf called out. You could hear his footsteps pounding against the pavement and you quickened your pace, not daring to turn around.

Your vision blurred worse than before and you quickly reached up to wipe your eyes, still walking. “Laf I don’t want to talk so why don’t you just-”

You were still rubbing your eyes when the car came speeding at you, its headlights broken.

Ba Bum.

“(Y/N)? Oh God, please, open your eyes, open your eyes for me cher.”

Everything sounded…fuzzy. Like everything was under water. Your eyes felt as heavy as all your limbs seemed to feel, holding you dwon and sprawled out against the cold street.

Heavy, yet numb.

Your eyes fluttered open and Laf immediately came into focus, he hovered above you and he was…crying?

“L-lafayette?” You whispered, voice barely audible. You tired to sit up but found yourself paralyzed, the only sensation was something warm underneath you and on your neck.

He nodded. “Hold on mon cher, you will be okay. Please be okay. I am so so sorry for chasing you away, chasing you into the street.” He sobbed.

Your eyes teared as well, lips trembling. You watched helplessly as a crowd began to gather and heard shouts as the rest of the boys made their way to the front of the crowd.

“Laf…I-I’m so sorry- I, Aaron was nothing-”

He nodded, biting his lip. “Shh, I know, I know.” He stroked your cheek gently, shouting behind him, “Where is the damn ambulance?!”

You took a breath, which seemed like the wrong move when your lungs felt as though they’d been pierced, an animalistic groan of pain escaped your lips. Laf’s head snapped back to you. 

“There is something I should have told you long ago.” He whispered gently. “It has always been you, (Y/N). I have always loved you.” He took a shaky breath.

“Laf…I-I have always…” you took a painful breath, “loved you…to.” He slipped his arms underneath you tenderly and cradled you to his chest, rocking you back and forth.

His heartbeat was the most soothing lullabye you’d ever heard, and you closed you eyes, listening to it’s gentle rythm. 





The last thing you heard was the ambulance wailing in the distance, and the steady lullabye of your love’s slowly breaking heart.