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                    Jacksepticeye Sentence Starters!
                                           (Some NSFW)

Typical conversation starters:

  •  "Don’t trust anyone, because everybody is a douchebag.“
  • “That shit is so deep, Adele could roll in it.”
  • “That’s not even a word, I’m making up words now, just to describe
  • how terrible my life is!”
  • “I have no idea what I’m doing…”
  • “Mama’s pissed right now…”
  • "I wish I could crush my neighbors with a wall…”  
  • “I don’t know why, but why the fuck not?”
  • “Look at the shadow…that is terrifying.”
  • “Don’t say things you’ll regret…don’t say things people can make fun of you over.”
  • “Oh, that is kinda clever…also kinda annoying.” 
  • "I demand wine. Wine!”
  • “Shh, no tears, only dreams now.”
  • “Something’s up, I can tell.”
  • “I’m complementing you, not trying to get into your pants…”
  • “ I’ve been eating pretzels, they’re so good. Have you ever just opened a bag of salty pretzels and you can’t stop eating them? They’re sooooo good. I want to make love to them…you heard nothing!”



  • “I actually don’t like seeing you that happy, could you be a little sadder, please?”
  • “I can barley hear you over the sound of how dead you are!”
  • “Could you just stop for five fucking minutes?” 
  • “All I did was kiss your wife…”
  • “You son of a dick!’
  • "Go fuck yourself!”
  • “Go stick your head in a dick!”
  • “Die, you mother fucker!”
  • “That’s bull to the shit!“
  • "I don’t like five, five can go to hell.”
  • “Shut up, I’m talking!”
  • “Hey! Wake up so I can kill you!”
  • “Oh yeah, that’s great….I’m so happy you’re talking to me…”
  • “Here take the phone, it’s your physiatrist, he says you’re an annoying asshole.”



  •  "Rome wasn’t built in a day…and neither were babies.“ 
  • “Do you mind if I fab?”
  • “They’re doing the hover hug.”
    “___, you lookin’ good!”
  • “You guys need a sex swing.”
  • “I’ll finger you, see what happens…”
  • “Did you get that sweet goat ass?”
  • “That’s a boy…stop humping the ground.”
  • “Is this an erotic statue of two men mud wrestling?”
  • “Should I slap the girl on the ass when she comes out?”
  • “Why don’t you take me out to dinner first, before you decide to fuck me?!”



  • “I’m getting smacked with my own snake!”
  • “Look at these plus one biceps!”
  • “I’m a pretty little flower!”   
    “Oh, Jesus Christ, I do have the force!”
  • “That shouldn’t have worked, but it did.”
  • "I like it, how you can see through all the windows." 
  • "I came here for the same reason people go to the zoo.”
  • “That is a nice cauldron, a very fucking nice cauldron…”
  • “So…how you creepy bastards doin’?”
  • “This is not gonna be my first time in the bathroom with a goat in my lifetime, and last time was just as fucking magical." 
  • "You guys are yelling and I want ice cream!”
  • “Um…hello? Yeah, I’m here with two crazy people. Please get me out of here!”

voltronsown  asked:

As it's Mother's Day in a few countries, would the voltron family celebrate it? Would they remember their original families or use it as a celebration with Keith and shiro?

nerdydisney said: Can you do a family au where the kids are giving Keith Mother’s Day presents? Please.

[The Voltron Family] It was a Sunday morning which meant—Mother’s Day. Keith was woken up when he felt someone—no, a lot of someone—were kissing him all over the face. He opened his eyes slowly and saw 4 pairs of eyes looking down at him, grinning like dorks. 

Shiro and the three kids: HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY!!!
Keith: *confused* What? But I’m not a mommy though?
Shiro and the three kids: *laughs* 
Hunk: *hugs Keith and rests on his chest* S’okay, Daddy Keith. Even if you aren’t really a “mommy” you do feel like one.
Shiro, Lance and Pidge: *nods* That’s true. 
Keith: Awww, you guys. *sniffles*  I’m the Mom Dad.
Shiro: *laughs even harder* Oh my god. YES. 

They prepared Keith breakfast and he was very much touched since he would usually prepare it every morning. It felt nice to have a day off from breakfast duty. They called the mothers in Japan via Skype.

Shiro, Keith and the kids: *waves* Happy Mother’s Day!
Keith’s Mom: Oh my goodness. *laughs* Thank you, my loves. What are you planning for today?
Shiro: *takes over the screen and leans in* *whispers* I’m having a surprise for your son later.
Keith: *rolls eyes* I’m right here. Oh my god. 

Shiro, Keith and the kids: *waves* Happy Mother’s Day!
Shiro’s Mom: ABOUT TIME!! *wags finger* What time is it already there? It’s almost noon! And this is just when you remember me?
Three kids: *laughing* Granmama! It’s only 8am here!
Shiro: *face palms* Mom, please. Time zones remember?
Shiro’s Mom: I did not raise a son to talk back to me. *turns to Keith* Hello, to you, my pumpkin. Better knock some sense into that husband of yours.
Keith: *laughs* I will, Mom. And Happy Mother’s Day again.

Shiro insisted they all wear their formal tuxedos when they visit the graves of their children’s parents. Usually, the kids would get emotional when they visit, however this time around, they just held onto their daddies’ hands tighter while silently saying a prayer and a soft “Happy Mothers Day, Ma. I miss you.“

After their visit to the cemeteries, Shiro drove them to a fancy restaurant that had a dress code. 

Keith: *smirks* You sneaky. No wonder you were so adamant I wear my damn tuxedo. *laughs*
Shiro: *shrugs* What can I say? I love my men in tuxedos. *lifts Keith’s chin and plants a kiss on the lips*
Keith: I better be the only man in tuxedo that you love.
Shiro: *smirks* Possessive, aren’t you?

They entered the fancy lobby. Everything was either black and gold and honestly, it felt like the royals should be dining in there.

Receptionist: Do you have a reservation, Sir?
Shiro: *holding Keith’s hand* Table for 5 under Takashi Shirogane.
Receptionist: *checks* *smiles* Right this way. If you’ll follow me.
Lance: *tugs Shiro’s hand* *whispers* Daddy Shiro. Is the queen in here?
Shiro: *chuckles* No, buddy. She isn’t here.
Pidge: *looks around* *hums* Sounds fake but okay.
Hunk: What are we eating here anyway?
Shiro: It’s a buffet, Hunk. Basically everything you want that is being served. 
Keith: I’ve only heard of this place. Basically rich people resto with overpriced food. *looks at Shiro* You’re going all out, huh?
Shiro: It’s not everyday I splurge for my family. *smiles*

They got to their table and started going around to get food they wanted. Keith was helping Hunk balance out his plates because there were just so many he wanted to taste! Keith just smiled at his son and told him he could just go back again if he wanted more. There were some people who cooed at Pidge who was wearing a tux and she was pretty smug about it because she knew she looked good. Lance and Hunk were the same. There weren’t many kids in the place so they stood out a little bit. 

As soon as everyone was back in the table they started eating. After a while, Hunk called everyone’s attention in the whole restaurant by clinking his glass. Keith stopped eating, looking a bit worried as everyone looked at their table.

Keith: *whispers* Hunk, baby. Sit down!
Hunk: *smiles* *shakes head* *looks at Shiro to get a go signal* I’d like to make a toast to my Daddy Keith. For being so loving and always ready to give us the hugs and kisses we need.
Pidge: *joins Hunk* Who had always been there for us even if we were being naughty little kids. And for teaching us the beautiful Japanese language patiently.
Lance: *joins the two* For being so understanding and gentle with us. You may not be physically a mother, but you’ve shown us that you don’t need to be one to love us like one. 
Keith: *clasps his hand over his mouth* *teary eyed* 
Shiro: *stands up to join the kids* And to my husband, Keith.
Keith: Oh my god. *flushes* 
Shiro: I could never ask for a better partner in crime in raising our little kids. You’re the most wonderful person I’ve ever met and until this very day, I still get emotional when you said “yes” to me. *looks around the resto* And by “yes” I meant him texting back to me that I could come over to his dorm so we could nap all afternoon back in college after finals week. 
Everyone in the resto: *laughs*
Keith: *covers his face while laughing* You are such a dork. Oh god.
Shiro: *smiles fondly at Keith* You’re the love of my life and I know I’m getting cheesier by the second but I do mean it, Keith. I don’t think I could ever love anyone more than you and our little family. *takes Keith’s hands that’s covering his face* *smiles at his husband*
Keith: *flustered* I hate you so much.
Shiro: I love you, too, sweetheart. *leans in and gives Keith a kiss on the lips*
Everyone at the resto: *claps* GO GET IT!
Three kids: *laughs* *hugs Keith*

Britannia Finding Out About Punk England
  • Scotland: hey mum, wanna see England when he was in his rebellion stage?
  • Britannia: oh, I want to see~!
  • England: wait- NO, DONT YOU DARE SHOW HER YOU GIT!!
  • Ireland: show her, show her! This is going to be fun to watch!
  • England: wait, mum-
  • Britannia: *looks at picture* ... Is this... England...?
  • North Ireland: ...did you just break mum?
  • Wales: what did you guys do- oh god, is she crying???
  • Ireland: the truth sure is ugly!
  • England: Ire! Mum... Erm...
  • Scotland: yup, that's wee England there. Ya see how ridiculous he was then?
  • Britannia: England... You were... A punk...?
  • England: erm....
  • Britannia: I... Am... SO PROUD OF YOU!! GIVE YOUR MOTHER A HUG!!!
  • Ireland and Scotland: ... WHAT???
  • Britannia: I thought that you were always so quiet, like when you were a baby, but you became so strong and wild during your younger days! IM SO HAPPY~!!
  • England: ... Really...?
  • Wales: ... Would it help that he has a tattoo near his ass?
  • Britannia: a tattoo???? REALLY??!? Can I see~?
  • England: wait-WHAT?!? No, mum, it's okay, I'll just tell you about it.
  • Britannia: but I want to see!!
  • England: mother, I'm a grown man- DONT PULL MY TROUSERS DOWN, MUM!!
  • North Ireland: Scotland and Ireland has two each~
  • Ireland: .. You son of a- MUM DONT LIFT MY SKIRT UP!!
  • Britannia: I wanna see!! I only have battle scars, so I'm so jealous of YOU LOT!
  • Wales: this is fun to watch...
  • North Ireland: I agree~
  • Ireland: ugh! Mum, North and Wales have one too!
  • Wales and North Ireland: ... fuck you, Ire...
Rajigaze Oct 21

Reita: “Ring-name, Hiro-san. To all members of the GazettE, good evening. Thank you for always playing great music. This has nothing to do with the theme, but I wanted to ask your advice on something. I’m 22 years old, and I’m a divorced single mother with a 3-year-old child. I haven’t really been meeting anyone, and I can’t date casually like I could before I had a kid, and I’m really worried I won’t be able to get married or anything again. Reita-san, Kai-san, what would you guys think of a divorced 22-year-old girl with a kid? Please let me know your opinion. By the way, I know it’s a bit early, but happy birthday, Kai!”

Kai: Oh, thank you!

Reita: “I hope this day is the start of a wonderful year for you. I won’t be able to go to the Halloween live, but I’m sending love from Osaka. We rock!”

Kai: Awwww, thank you!

Reita: So, what do you think? By the way, both Kai and myself grew up without fathers.

Kai: Yeah, we did…

Reita: Was that hard for you at all?

Kai: …Not really, I don’t think so. I mean, my parents really weren’t the type to show [when something was wrong]…

Reita: Oh yeah, mine too.

Kai: So…as a child, no, it wasn’t painful at all. I do kinda remember when they told me they wanted to separate, though. They talked to each child one by one. 

Reita: How old were you then?

Kai: Uhhhh, how old was I..? I think I was in elementary school? And…apparently I told them they should do what they want. (laughs)

Reita: Leader said that?

Kai: (laughing) I don’t remember, though.

Reita: Like, “y’all do w/e”

Kai: (laughing) No, not like that..! Like, I told my mom, “if this is what you’ve decided, you should do what’s best for you.”

Reita: Oh, you said this to your mom?

Kai: Yeah, yeah.

Reita: Oh, I see.

Kai: I thought, she has to tell him, she should tell him, so I was like, “this is my honest opinion…”

Reita: Mhmmm….

Kai: But I mean, they also don’t know which parent you’re gonna wanna stay with. But I didn’t hesitate at all. (laughs) (*usually in Japan when ppl get divorced the kids don’t really go back and forth, they stay with one parent and don’t see the other)

Reita: You had to choose?

Kai: Yeah.

Reita: Ahh, I see. I was 5 when my parents got divorced, and I remember being told something like, “we’re separating so Daddy is leaving,” and my Dad picked me up…and I distinctly remember not being sad at ALL.

(Kai bursts out laughing)

Reita: I was like “ok cool.”

Kai: But I mean, when you’re 5, you don’t get it.

Reita: But apparently I wasn’t close with my dad at all.

Kai: Ahh, I see…

Reita: Apparently my dad and…my dad’s dad? – my grandpa? Came over one day – before my parents were divorced. And my mom was like, well, his dad and grandpa are both here, so I guess it’s okay if I leave, and she went out to get groceries. And apparently I hid under the table until she came home.

(Kai laughing)

Reita: But my dad just ignored me and kept talking to my grandpa…and then I started crying.

Kai: (laughing) Ehhh…..seriously….

Reita: So yeah, I guess I was never close with my dad, so I really was fine without him.

Kai: I think I was totally fine, too. But this girl is 22, right?

Reita: Yeah, I think there are going to be a lot of struggles for her from here on out.

Kai: Mhmm….and her kid is 3, huh.

Reita: Mhm.

Kai: Yeah…it must be hard, eh.

Reita: Yeah.

Kai: With all the children on waiting lists to get into daycare right now…

Reita: Oh yeah, they talk about that on TV.

Kai: So it’s probably pretty hard.

Reita: Hmm…I wonder if that’s a problem in Osaka, too.

Kai: Oh right, she’s in Osaka. I wonder what it’s like in Osaka.

Reita: But about it being hard to date, I mean, I’m sure that’s true, but…

Kai: But that doesn’t mean she can’t.

Reita: Oh yeah, for sure…but it has to be someone who will be affectionate with the kid.

Kai: Yeah, that’s true. And I mean, I don’t know why they broke up but…….hmm. Hmm. Hm. I’m not speaking from experience.

Reita: Anyway, above all shower your child with love!

Kai: Yes, yes, yes…and make sure they turn out like us.

(both laugh)

Kai: A kid who’s all, “money money money”

(CHA-CHING sound effect)

Reita: I was literally just about to be like, whatever you do make sure they don’t end up like us!

Kai: Don’t be stupid! No one gives people dreams like me!

Reita: Ah, I’m sorry, I’m sorry. You always make me dream. Thank you.

(Kai laughs)

Reita: Kai-san has done so much for me, what can I do for Kai-san? I can’t do anything, can I.

Girl’s Day Out

This is for @yesseverefunbanana! I hope it’s what you expected!

Author: @totallysupernaturaloneshots

Word count: 1,559

Characters: Mother-in-law!Rowena x Daughter-in-law!Reader, Crowley

Warnings: None, I believe.

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Summary: You’re the Queen of Hell and decide to go on a girl’s day out with your mother-in-law Rowena.

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Mother material

Prompt:  Queenie x fem!reader: you’re going to meet with Queenie at her apartment but on the way you meet the neighbor’s kids and you begin to play with them and then Queenie finds you with them and it gives her all the feels.

A/N: I got this and I immediately wanted to read it so enjoy

Warnings: None

Being in love with Queenie was your favorite. You loved walking with her in the falling snow and once you got home you could both listen to the phonograph casually play Bessie Smith as you both sit in front of the fire place. Or looking into her eyes and seeing nothing but love and happiness for you. 

You’ve never felt so lucky before but the problem was, being in the same sex relationship, especially in the 1920′s, was hard. The thought of having kids was amazing, but unless you wanted to live the rest of your life in secret, like both of you already do as wizards, the thought would never come true. The thought of holding hands and kissing in public was frowned upon. New York wasn’t the most open minded place but luckily, the wizarding world was. 

It was home to same sex couples all over the world. Wizards that love each other were allowed to be together for as long as they lived and they wouldn’t be shunned. But it was harder in America. 

You’d always think about this and anxiety would strike you like thunder. But Queenie would always be there for you. You knew, somehow, like a sixth sense, she was your soulmate. 

With the thought of children still lingering in your mind, naming them, holding them, teaching them with Queenie. Always telling them they were safe with Mommy. But it wasn’t your number one priority ‘till you got home. 

A woman on your same floor recently wed (which you went to and it was a very lovely wedding if you may add). She already had 2 children and she was expecting another. The woman was allowed to bring her husband for only that reason of course and they were still fairly young. 

The newly wed was about mid 30s and she told you, Queenie, and Tina, why she was married so late but had kids so early. An accident. Her first child was a mere accident but she loves him all the same. 

Timothy, or Timmy, as you liked to call him, was about 5 years old, almost 6. He was the sweetest thing with hazel brown ringlets on his head and the biggest blue eyes you’ve ever seen. His grin was to die for and he had the biggest dimple on his right cheek. It sort of reminded you of Queenie. 

He paid special interest to you. Whenever you would get groceries or simply come home from being an auror, he would run up to you and hug your leg. You would always pick him up and spin him around while helping his mother with dinner if her husband wasn’t home yet. 

The second child was a little girl, Tabitha, who was just turning 3. She had wavy blonde hair with dark chocolate eyes that you loved to look at. They were so gorgeous and you wondered just how good this woman’s genes were. 

Usually you would see the kids before Queenie got home. Whenever you would see them would be your day off or early release. The mother was always grateful when you came.

“Oh Y/N, you have no idea how annoying they have been today!” She exclaimed, holding bags of groceries. “kept running around the store, down the isles, knocking things over.” She huffed, setting the bags on the table and turning towards you. 

“No worries, Mrs.Margott, I’m happy to see these little guys.” You run one of your hands through Timmy’s hair and he giggles, grabbing your dress and tugging. 

You heard someone walking up the stairs, of course you thought nothing of it and picked up Tabitha, kissing her cheeks.

“Have you been a bad girl to mommy?” You used your child voice on her and she giggled hysterically, shaking her head. She didn’t talk much, just a lot of nods and shakes of the head or grunting sounds if she was angry. 

You turned and saw familiar golden curls and the biggest grin. 

“Honey, I didn’t know you played with the kids.” Her voice was shaky like she was going to burst into tears. Mrs.Margott knew about your relationship, it was no secret, so it didn’t stop Queenie from abruptly kissing you on the lips with full force. 

“Mmm er-Queenie,” You mumbled in her mouth. She pulled back and she had rosy cheeks and her dimples were showing. “How come you are home so early?”

“They let me have an early release today,” She kept looking at you and the child, back and fourth. You noticed that and knitted your eyebrows together. 

“Something wrong?” You ask and she looks at you dead in the eye, 

“Y/N, I want to have a child.” Your eyes widened and you put Tabby down. 

“Wait what? Are you sure? That could be hard.” You pull her into your apartment and grab her hands. 

She nodded. “I know places where you can adopt children. I want to adopt one.” 

“What about the wizarding world? What about it growing up to be just a no-maj?” 

She smiled slightly. “There are orphanages for the wizarding world too.” You let out a sort of sigh of relief and look at her with big eyes. 

You grab her face and kiss her. With passion and love. This made you feel alive again with hope. She hugs you tightly and you could hear her sobbing just slightly. 

You and Queenie were going to have a family.

OKAY! So I think I carried this away but I loved the idea and really just wanted to write this because I feel liked this happened a lot with same sex couples back then. And I feel that Jk rowling made the wizarding world safe for all people so I feel like wizards had a chance with having families and love who they wanted to love. Anyway!

I apologize for any grammar/spelling mistakes

girl meets high school ( part 1 ) sentence starters;
  • ❝ we’re gonna own this place! ❞
  • ❝ you know, i’m glad we’re her together, (insert muse’s name). ❞
  • ❝ (insert muse’s name), me finding the one & only you, lets me know the universe has order & our existence is not just random coincidence.” ❞
  • ❝ i thought they were you! ❞
  • ❝ us are in jurassic park. ❞
  • ❝ come on, they’re just people. ❞
  • ❝ you know who goes to our high school/college/university? thor. ❞
  • ❝ but that couldn’t happen to us, right? ❞
  • ❝ promise me that no matter what happens, we will always stick together. ❞
  • ❝ we’re just as much a part of this place as anybody else. ❞
  • ❝ get in the hole. ❞
  • ❝ i’m gonna probably need help now. ❞
  • ❝ you know what i’m gonna call you? spunky. ❞
  • ❝ you wanna know what i am? i’m as strong as a horse. i don’t know how, i just am. ❞
  • ❝ yeah, he’s not even with us. ❞
  • ❝ when my friends say to do something, you do what they say. ❞
  • ❝ why are you doing this? ❞
  • ❝ oh, i saw how this was going. ❞
  • ❝ we were kings. ❞
  • ❝ why? because you say so? ❞
  • ❝ this is a service we perform, you don’t have to thank us/me. ❞
  • ❝ yeah, trust me, we/i won’t. ❞
  • ❝ trust me, you will. ❞
  • ❝ if there’s nothing else we/i wish you good day! ❞
  • ❝ i’m sorry we in here, guys. ❞
  • ❝ it’s not your fault, (insert muse’s name). ❞
  • ❝ you can’t protect us. ❞
  • ❝ i used to. ❞
  • ❝ you’re in a dreamworld, lady/dude. ❞
  • ❝ my mother and father are fighting again. ❞
  • ❝ i was just going along all dumb and happy. ❞
  • ❝ i put the best two years of my life into this thing, where am i going to find somebody else? ❞
  • ❝ is there a chance you’re not mad at me, but at something else going on in your life? ❞
  • ❝ what are you trying to get away with? huh? ❞
  • ❝ okay, so you just want to throw us into whatever goes on in this place and just see what happens? ❞
  • ❝ yes, because you know what i call that? normal. ❞
  • ❝ you have to fight him exactly as much! do it! ❞
  • ❝ who misses middle school? ❞
  • ❝ who wants a hug? ❞
  • ❝ stop with that! ❞
  • ❝ what if you just have too much faith in people? ❞
  • ❝ hi, my name is (insert muse’s name), i’m completely avilable. ❞
  • ❝ and thanks for being a distraction until the football team finishes practice. ❞
  • ❝ things are going bad, man, we need somebody to blame. ❞
  • ❝ i am also feeling these emotions! ❞
  • ❝ that is not what i got into this! ❞
  • ❝ you don’t have to get angry. ❞
  • ❝ so you’ll put your faith in just random people you just met but you don’t have faith for me? ❞
  • ❝ sometimes you are just too much for me, (insert muse’s name). ❞
  • ❝ i think this time you jut led us down a hole. ❞
  • ❝ you sure you still wanna know me? ❞
  • ❝ tell me the truth, is this my fault? ❞
  • ❝ thank you for sitting with me, (insert muse’s name). ❞
  • ❝ you’re being a real grown-up about this. ❞
  • ❝ you’re being a real baby about this. ❞
  • ❝ they’re actually upset with me… ❞
  • ❝ how stupid was i to trust people i don’t know? ❞
  • ❝ yeah, that’s what happens. people leave. ❞
  • ❝ are you guys good people? or are you guys just messing with us/me? just tell us/me that. ❞
  • ❝ not okay. i don’t belive in you, but i do believ in he/him/them. ❞
  • ❝ thanks for coming, hope you find another project. ❞
  • ❝ what matters is us, (insert muse’s name), don’t leave. ❞
  • ❝ ‘cause i believe that i’m gonna come out knowing more than i do now. ❞
  • ❝ and i hope i’m making the right choice. ❞
  • ❝ he left. my father left. ❞
  • ❝ it’s just me and her now. i can’t believe it. ❞
  • ❝ well, you sit by yourself for a while, & you’ll try to figure it out & you’ll blame yourself. but it isn’t your fault. ❞
  • ❝ you probably won’t believe that though, and you’ll think you’ve done something wrong but… you didn’t. ❞
  • ❝ people make their own decisions. ❞
Sugakookie threesome in front of your mother

Lol omg I just had to choose that title XDDD

Alrightie, I was requested to do the dining table thingie with Jungkook and another anon wanted Yoongi to be the protagonist. So what do you get when you send this kind of requests? A THREEEEESOME. Well kinda. I mean, imagine Kooks and Yoongi grabbing your thighs one on each side when you’re trynna eat with your family?

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“Just so you know, I saw her first, she’s mine” Yoongi said to Jungkook as he knocked on your door. “Hyung! That’s no-“ The door opened. You were standing at the door, smiling and looking very pretty. “Hi guys! Come in” you greeted them and Jungkook pushed Yoongi to the side to get in first. “Nice to see you, y/n! Thanks for inviting us too” he said. “Oh well, I ended up baking so many kinds of cakes that my friends just couldn’t eat more even though they tried to do it out of the politeness. The day being my birthday and all…” you smiled back at the younger guy.

“Happy birthday” Yoongi said and smiled a bit when he closed the door behind him. “Thanks!” you said and suddenly an older woman came into the hall. “Hello boys, I’m her mother. Nice to meet you!” she said. Jungkook bowed automatically and Yoongi followed his lead. “Oh, you two seem so polite” the woman said. “Y/n, be a darling and go take out the plates for these boys” she told you. When you left the hall, your mum started chatting with the guys. “Muuuuum, which plates? We are out of the white ones!” you shouted to her. “Oh, excuse me boys” mum said to Yoongi and Jungkook. “Please go sit in the living room for a minute” she told them.

The guys did as asked, but the second they knew you and your mum were out of the hearing range, Jungkook grabbed his hyung’s sleeve. “Hyung, I told you I am going to confess to her today. You are not getting into to way” he told Yoongi. Yoongi pushed Kook’s hand away. “Psh, why would you do that when you know I like her, huh? I’m your hyung!” he said and ignored Jungkook as he claimed he likes you more.

As you entered the living room to invite them to eat, Yoongi suddenly took out a small gift from his pocket. “Hey, y/n, you said no gifts, but how could I not bring anything?” he said and smiled as he handed you the earing box. “Oh my god! I told you not to-“ “I have a gift to you as well” said Jungkook and came stand between you and Yoongi. He gave you a bracelet in a tiny see-through bag. “Wooow! Thank you so so so much” you said and gave a shy hug to both of them. Yoongi looked jealously as you hugged Jungkook first and to emphasize he is the better guy, he caressed your back lightly while hugging you, making Jungkook give him a death stare. “Come eat some cakes!” you asked them and left to the kitchen. “You - you stay away from her” Jungkook whispered Yoongi before he followed you. “You should go see a doctor, idiot” Yoongi replied.

As you sat down to eat, Jungkook offered to give you anything you want so you don’t have to stand up to get them. “Oh thanks, but I’m already full” you told him. “Ah, so, y/n, would you tell me how you made all these?” Yoongi asked you, ignoring his dongsaeng completely and just leaned towards you. Your mum was already doing the dishes, so she didn’t participate in the conversation, but she could keep an eye on the boys.

“Y/n,” Jungkook cut Yoongi’s words, “what did you play with your friends earlier today?” he asked you and stared into your eyes. “Uh, well, first we went to-“ “Y/n,” Yoongi said and put his hand on your thigh lightly under the table. You turned mid sentence to look at him. You were about to ask what he was doing when you felt another hand on your other thigh. “What the fuck is going on…” you thought to yourself and stared at Jungkook for a second. Then you looked back at Yoongi, who was staring at Jungkook angrily. As you checked, Jungkook did the same to Yoongi. “What on earth…” you though.

“Ah, so boys, did you say you make music?” you mum suddenly came sit with you three and the guys turned to look at her. If they moved, she could definitely tell their hands were in your lap so they smiled and answered at the same time: “Yes, mum!” You tried to hold your laughter. “I’m the best one in our group. I’m a genius” Yoongi told your mum, trying to gain her respect. “You?” Jungkook laughed, “mum, please don’t listen to him. They call me the golden maknae.” “I’m not sure I know what that means…” your mum answered.

Yoongi squeezed your thigh and looked at Jungkook as he said: “It means he is still a young and immature kid who just happens to know how to sing a few lines.” “Uh, so what do you do?” mum asked Yoongi. Before he could answer Jungkook squeezed your thigh too and stared into Yoongi’s eyes with no fear. “He sleeps 90% of the time and when he’s awake he is ignorant or raps a few rhymes about converses” he said. “You kid!” Yoongi hissed and lifted his hand from your lap to hit Jungkook, but then he realized that your mum’s eyes followed very carefully from where his hand came from.

“Ah, mum, it’s not like that,” Yoongi started to explain, but your mum lifted her eyebrows and blinked rapidly. “Ha, see, y/n, I am the more civilized guy” Jungkook said and patted your leg, but he didn’t remember you were wearing shorts so as his hand met your skin, it made a sound. Jungkook slowly pulled his hand away as mum locked her eyes on him.

“Jeon Jungkook,” Yoongi suddenly called him. “Yes, hyung?” “I think we forgot the evening practice” he said. “Oh right! We really need to hurry!” Jungkook agreed and they both got up. “See you another time, y/n!” Jungkook said and rushed to the hall to get his shoes. “I’ll call you,” Yoongi said and bowed to your mum, “mother” he said and hurried to follow Jungkook.


Happy Easter you guys! Here’s some Domestic!Nalu celebrating the holiday because, come on, how was I supposed to pass up my babies being parents? also i felt bad about puppy natsu and needed something a little happier

“How about a bunny?” 

Lucy sighed as she shifted the easter grass around in the basket, carefully placing the plastic eggs in the free space while trying to save room for the other little knick-knacks she and Natsu had collected earlier in the week. 

“Natsu, for the third time, we are not buying her a bunny.” 

He didn’t respond immediately- too caught up in placing the final touches on one of the dyed eggs with his tongue poking out to the side in concentration. He took a second to admire his own handiwork before pouting at his wife’s words. 

“Fine, what about a baby chicken?” 

Lucy snorted, picking up a tiny, stuffed bunny and gently placing it down on the green-colored strands. She adjusted its floppy ears before side-eyeing the man beside her. 

“And just what will we do when the baby chick isn’t a baby anymore?” 

He shrugged, “Eat more eggs?” 

“We are not raising a chicken.” 

Natsu rolled his eyes and groaned, ignoring his wife’s warning look as he unwrapped one of the chocolate eggs and popped it into his mouth. 

“Come on, Luce.” He said in-between bites. “Every kid needs a pet.” 

“She has Happy.” 

He blinked, swallowing loudly. “Okay, there was so many things wrong with that statement that I don’t even know where to begin, but I will anyway. Firstly, Happy is not a pet, he is a friend. And secondly, which just so happens to be the most important, he is my friend.” 

“Don’t worry,” the blonde teased. “You’re not gonna lose your ‘bff’ to a toddler. Although,” she smirked and pointed to the couch in the adjacent room. “I’d say she is gonna give you some competition.” 

Natsu popped another chocolate egg in his mouth- already knowing his hand would be slapped if he tried reaching for the chocolate bunny- and his smile softened at the sight in the next room. 

His baby girl was curled up on the couch, asleep, lying on her stomach with her head resting on a snoozing Happy- whose tail was wrapped loosely around her middle so she couldn’t slip off the side. 

“Yeah,” Natsu hummed, eyes now falling back on his wife as she struggled to perfect the easter basket for their two year old, despite the fact the toddler was still a little too young to really get excited over it. “She’s definitely more adorable than I am.” 

And she sneaks Happy her leftover salmon.” 

“Shit,” he laughed. “Guess I am gonna have to find a new little buddy.” 

Lucy grinned, “I already knew that. No way could you compete with those eyes.” 

Natsu laughed again and stood, bending down to peck the blonde on the cheek before stepping into the kitchen. “Of course I couldn’t compete with those eyes. She has yours, after all.” 

Lucy grinned, finishing up the final knot on the bow before rolling her eyes. 

“Nice try, but you still can’t have her chocolate bunny.” 

But she won’t even finish it!” He whined, and Lucy laughed at the sulking man she’d chosen to spend the rest of her life with. 

“Tough. You can have whatever she doesn’t eat.” 

“Gross,” she heard him grumble behind her, “gonna have slobber all over it by then. No one likes gross toddler slobber on their chocolate.” 

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eglantinewynne-baugh  asked:

For the 450 followers prompts thing: NurseyDex J, please? Also something tells me Holsom T would be amazing :)

I went with NurseyDex J for this one. I hope you like it! Enjoy!!!

J: “It’s my younger sibling’s wedding and my mother won’t shut up about how I’m going to die alone.”

“What’s up, Buttercup?” Nursey grinned.

“Go to hell, Nurse. I can’t fucking handle your shit right now.”

Whoa,” Nursey said quietly, and opened his book. He closed it again immediately. Dex could be harsh, but they had been getting along much better lately. Something was clearly bothering him. “Want to talk about it?”


Need to talk about it?”

Dex sighed. “My sister Elizabeth is getting married next month.”

“Oh yeah, I remember you mentioning that before. What’s the problem? Is the guy a tool?”

“No. He’s great, just…” Dex sighed again. “I talked to my mom for 45 minutes this morning and I’m drained, that’s all. Sorry for snapping.”

Nursey gave him a small empathetic nod. “Mother of the bride stress getting to her?”

“Maybe a little. More like ‘when will I be mother of the groom’ stress…” He sighed again for the third time in the span of a minute. “It’s not my fault my younger sister is getting married first. What am I supposed to do? Find some random girl and elope with her before June so that she doesn’t have to worry about me dying alone anymore?”

Whoa. Nursey was relieved he didn’t say it out loud this time. Dex had just unloaded a lot of information and he needed a moment to process it. “I… uh, sorry dude.”

“What? You aren’t going to tell me to ‘chill’ like usual?”

“No. Unless… Would that help?”

Dex laughed. It was a relief to Nursey’s ears. “When has that ever been helpful, Nurse?”

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NaruHina headcanon 87 -mom day-
  • Bolt and Himawari: Happy mommy day!
  • Hinata: Oh you two, thanks. Where's papa?
  • Bolt: He's coming in now.
  • Naruto: (dressed as a cinnamon roll) HAPPY MOMMY DAY!
  • Bolt and Himawari: "................."
  • Hinata: Kids, this is why I love papa. (kisses Naruto on the cheek)
  • Bolt and Himawari: ewwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww.
  • Hinata: Now, are you guys gonna go to Auntie Hanabi's? We'll meet up with you there.
  • Bolt and Himawari: Yep! You'd better be there papa! BYE!
  • Naruto: Did you do that on purpose?
  • Hinata: What do you think, my little cinnamon roll?
  • Naruto: I love you.
  • Hinata: I love you too.
Exo on Mother's Day
  • Suho: *Sends mom flowers and a debit card*
  • Kyungsoo: *Goes home and cooks her a three course meal*
  • Kai: *Puts clothes on and calls mum* Hi mum, happy mother's day...yeah I'll be good...yeah i actually have clothes on this time dw
  • Baekhyun: *Sends mom flowers and some eyeliner just because*
  • Sehun: Oh...she's the woman who gave birth to me...I suppose I can call her and stuff. *calls* oh yes hi mum happy mother's day ... yeah im being nice to all my hyungs lol
  • Kris: *calls mom* hey mom, i miss you ... a lot ...did u see the drawings i sent you? *his mom hangs up*
  • Lay: *calls baekhyun's grandma* HAPPEH MOTHER'S DAY BAEKHYUN'S GRANDMA. Oh this is Lay...Hello? Hello? fawk she hung up.
  • Luhan: *wakes up and frowns at hello kitty collection* pft so i don't get a good morning on mother's day? k...i see you. k...GUYS REALLY?
  • Xiumin: *judges from a distance* wtf he thinks his kids are helly kitty dolls jesus fawk luhan wtf. *Proceeds to send mom flowers and a present*
  • Tao: *Slips mom gucci bag and some roses* mommm, happy mother's day..thank you for all that you do...oh and heres 500 bucks dont tell anyone i peed my pants yesterday when i was watching the grudge k.
  • Chen: *calls girlfriend* hey babe? happy mothers day ... [girlfriend: what?] *looks down at pregnancy test* lol surprise motherfucker.
[TRANS] 141007 - Yixing's Weibo Update

Time passes very quickly. In the blink of an eye, it’s my birthday again.
The last time I wrote a little essay for my birthday feels like yesterday. And today, you are once again celebrating my 3rd birthday after debut.
In 2014, there were disasters all around the world. To every person, it must have been a year of fear.
To me, of course it’s the same.
But, I’ve always prayed with you guys for world peace, and prayed for the things that have passed.
Overcame these obstacles and look towards a better future.
Recently everyone has been busy with charity events, thank you for your hard work, thank you for your love. Your love will make this world become a warmer place, you guys are the best!
I also hope more people will pay attention to China as well as the rest of the world’s charity events. (Note: do so within your means.)
October is China’s national day. This means we can have a holiday! When I was a student my favourite was national day. Not only could I have a holiday, but on the last day of national day which is my birthday, I could receive presents (at that time national day was a 7-day break ^^)

And I who is very blessed, right now, am still able to have your blessings and company. This is the most precious gift. (Here “You are the most precious” plays in the background.)
Oh yes, Grandmother said: there are so many “little fans” supporting you, you are blessed! You must be content! Happiness lies in contentment ^u^ (actually Grandmother doesn’t know, I am already very content! And mm…actually, there are “big fans” mothers and grandmothers of the same age as Grandmother who also like me! I didn’t tell her that, I’m afraid she will be jealous, haha)
You guys have made me feel very blessed this way.
I often see you guys, because of my fan support, become troubled, unhappy, and even fight~
Actually it doesn’t matter~ as long as everyone is together, it’s okay. As long as you have the heart, it’s okay. You have to study, work, and still take care of me and give me fan support. Even with 3 heads and 6 arms [meaning: even if you are superhuman] it will still be difficult and tiring. So what I wish for more is for you guys to live everyday happily. If you guys are bored, think of me, look at me, follow me, that is enough. Because your love is everywhere, and I can feel it.

If you see me on the streets and want to say hi, you can do it anytime anywhere, don’t be afraid, okay?
I don’t wish for you guys to come to the airport, because there are too many people there. Falling down because of seeing me, or getting injured, or injuring others (pay attention especially to old people and children).
Your parents will also be worried about you.
If you want to hand me letters, you can mail them to our company, and then get the staff in charge of letters to give them to me. These are all better ways (they will definitely reach my hands, don’t worry.)
Take care of yourself, don’t harm others.
At the same time, thank you for all your blessings, your wishes, as well as all the birthday support, I feel lots of warmth in my heart when I see them.
I hope that with your blessings and wishes, tomorrow will be a better day.

In the past, present, or in the future, every person who has brushed past me, have you been well? Are you living happily? Health, happiness, and bliss are the most important. I wish these for you.

It’s nearly the end of the year, 2/3 of the year is over.
During this time, what have you guys gained?
I have gained many chances to showcase myself, and have made many friends. If what I experienced most last year is the hard work of the fans, then this year I not only experienced the hard work of the fans, but also gained many friends who understand me well, and understood the difficulties of the staff members who work behind the scenes.
They have let me understand the hard work behind this job. This job, really isn’t one man’s “war”, they are really heroes, people who deserve our respect. Thank you, all the staff members who contribute silently behind the scenes.

Often, people joke and say that the birthday of the children is the most difficult day of the mothers. Yes it is, so once again I thank my mother. After 3 years of working hard, I still want to do something for my family. Even though I can’t afford to buy bungalows or villas, but after working hard for a few more years, I think I can do it.
Bringing my mother, grandmother and grandfather out on a walk, while walking on the road, I think, thank you God for giving me the present.
I did not come to this world with a golden key, I did not start at the same starting point as others. My family background is not wealthy, my family may not be able to help me with my career. But what I do have is the love of my family, the care you guys give me, and I have my own aspirations.
Carrying my dreams, I want to fight a war.
Thank you God for giving me the chance to take the plunge.
Thank you God for giving me the space to better myself.
Thank you God for giving me the people who support me.

I am not superman, I cannot fly
But I will not be tired, I will not be weary
Neither will I be scared, nor will I be cowardly
Even if I cry, I don’t want sympathy
Even if I fail, I will not quit
Because this path is one that I chose
How to walk, where to walk, these are problems I must bear and think about
Everything on stage, I leave for you guys
Everything off stage, I will shoulder (the burden) myself
Reality cannot be perfect, but I want to challenge reality.
Thankful for everything, grateful for everything. Tonight’s scenery is beautiful.

credit: elaysium

please take out with credit.

Happy With You (Joe Sugg Imagine)

Hey Guys here is a requested Joe Sugg imagine enjoy :)

Y/N’s POV:

Today was the day I would officially become Mrs Joe Sugg after 1 year of being engaged we’re finally getting married I’m so excited but nervous I mean what if he gets cold feet or decides he doesn’t want to marry me what if he doesn't like the dress.

“Oh god” I spoke out aloud startling everyone around me, my mother walked up to where I was stood in front of the mirror staring at the wedding dress I had picked out weeks ago "What’s wrong sweetheart?“ I slowly turned around with tears in my eyes “What if he doesn’t want to marry me anymore?”

She put her hands on my shoulders and spoke softly to me, “Don’t be silly sweetheart, that boy loves you I can see in his eyes everytime he looks at you, if he didn’t want to marry do you think he have proposed?”

I looked down remembering that amazing day he asked me to be his wife.


“Babe?” I heard Joe shout from our room, “yeah?” I replied back while still watching TV “can you come here a second I need help with something” I slowly got of the couch and made my way upstairs to our shared bedroom “what do you need help wit-” my eyes widened as I opened the door a gasp escaping my mouth, there in the middle of the room Joe was stood in a dashing suit and candles lit on the dresser.

My eyes watered and I slowly made my way towards him as soon as I was close enough he grabbed my hand and kneeled down on one knee, with my free hand I covered it my mouth sobbing quietly knowing what’s going to happen next, “Babe you know i’m not into the whole speech thing so I’m just going say it, I love you so much will you please marry me?” he grabbed a white velvet box out of his jacket pocket and let go of my hand to open it then grabbing onto it again, I gasped again when I saw the ring it was so beautiful I nodded my head frantically “Yes , yes of course ill marry you” he jumped up taking the ring out of the box shutting it then placed then box back in his pocket he slowly slid the ring onto my finger as soon as it was on I gripped his face and kissed him passionately “I love you so much” I whispered as soon as we parted leaning my forehead on his “I love you too babygirl so so much”

Present time:

“Y/N?” I looked back up at my mother “Huh?” “The ceremony is starting, you ready?” I looked back in the mirror staring at the ring on my finger and smiled “Yeah, I’m ready” Zoe gave me my bouquet then hugged me “You look beautiful, Joe won’t be able to take his eyes off you” I smiled at her “Well lets go get married” I grinned and followed everyone to the ceremony where I met everyone else there behind the closed doors.

“Wow, Y/N you look amazing” Jim spoke “She does doesn’t she?" Tanya spoke from next to him, the bridesmaids were walking down the aisle with the groomsmen as tradition and obviously the couples were walking together so Jim and Tanya, Marcus and Niomi, Alfie and Zoe, Casper was with Joe as the best man.

I started taking deep breaths when i heard the music and everyone inside stand up i linked my arm with my dad’s and watched the couples walk down the aisle me and my dad was right at the back so we couldn’t be seen, my mom kissed my cheek "I’ll see you in there, i love you sweetheart” i kissed her cheek “I love you too mom” i smiled and watched her walk into the ceremony “You ready for this?” My dad spoke up next to me, i took another deep breath “Totally” We started walking and stopped at the doors that had closed behind my mom, i heard the sound of Bruno Mars coming from inside then the doors opened and i was visible to everyone, i looked up at my dad one more time and smiled “Lets do this” we walked forward and i heard gasps from most people and murmurs of how beautiful i looked, i smiled at everyone i looked at, i gazed at Joe to find him already looking at me and i saw a tear fall down his cheek before he wiped it away.

His eyes held so much love and i felt so lucky to be the one receiving it, he makes me feel so special every single day and i know no matter what he will always be there for me like i will be for him and today we show each other just how much we love each other.

So sorry for the long wait internet has been rubbish this past couple of days but it’s sorted now :)

Disturbance At Your Wedding(A.I imagine)

A/N: Thanks for the request, lovely anon. I love the idea, would anyone like to see this idea with another boy? I wrote this in “Y/N’s” pov, tell me what you think?

You stood in front of the mirror, looking over yourself as you sighed. You knew this was wrong, you knew that you shouldn’t be doing this but you were and it was too late to stop it. You were getting married today, but the only problem was, you weren’t in love with the groom. 

You were still hopelessly in love with your best friend, Ashton. You knew you shouldn’t have developed feelings for your best friend, but you couldn’t help it. You knew it was cliché, like you read in the books and saw in the movies but you knew your heart was taken by him, but unlike the movies and books, he wasn’t in love with you. 

So, you did the only thing you could think of to try to get rid of your feelings for him, and that was to force yourself to date other people. You ended up meeting, and dating a great guy, Brandon and today you would take his last name. You loved Brandon but you knew you could never love him like you loved Ashton. 

“Oh my goodness, my beautiful baby is finally tying the knot.” Your mother walked in the room, with tears in her eyes. You couldn’t help but smile because you loved when your mother was happy, even though you weren’t. “I never thought this day would come..but I always thought you would be marrying Ashton.” Your mother laughed as she hugged you, but soon she stopped hugging when you didn’t return it; she slowly pulled away and looked at you. 

“You’re still in love with him, aren’t you?” She asked, quietly but you shook your head, forcing a smile. “No mom, I love Brandon.” You almost felt sick to your stomach lying but you had to. It was too late to turn back. “Has he come in and talked to you yet?” She asked, and you just looked at her, shocked. “He’s here?” You didn’t know he had come. You had invited him, along with Luke and Calum, and Michael but he had said no, he said he was busy. 

“Do you want me to go get him? Say a last goodnight as a single women?” She couldn’t help but laugh but you just looked down at your dress, before sighing silently. “I don’t know..” You said, looking back at the mirror, admiring your hair to try to not think about him. 

Ashton sat between Luke and Calum, looking around the Church, listening to everyone around him chatting away. He knew that the whole getting married at the Church wasn’t your idea, he knew you weren’t religious and that Brandon guy was forcing her to get married here. He hated how Brandon was changing you, he hated how Brandon was the one who was going to marry you. He ran his hands over his face as he tried to get you out of his head. 

He got up and started walking away, he knew coming here was a bad idea, he couldn’t do this. He couldn’t watch his best friend get married. He walked outside the church and just stood there, “Hey man, what’s wrong?” Luke had followed him out, along with Calum and Michael. They all stood around Ashton, knowing why he had left. “You love her.” Michael stated, trying not to smirk as Ashton looked at him blankly. 

“She’s my best friend.” Ashton said, running his hand through his hair. “She may be your best friend, but you love her.” Calum jumped in, nodding. Ashton let out a loud groan as he realized that they were right, he was in love with you. He was in love with his best friend and she was getting married to someone else. 

“I suggest you go say something now because the wedding starts in a few minutes.” Michael pushed Ashton towards the doors of the church and Ashton rushed back in, he walked towards the room where you were and took in a deep breath before knocking on the door. He felt like he was going to throw up but he bit his tongue as he heard a quiet “come in” He slowly opened the door, revealing you, he couldn’t help but smile widely as he saw the dress. It was one of those princess ball gown dresses covered in lace. 

“Whoa..you look..whoa.” Ashton felt himself blush as he looked at her, you smiled softly, your heart feeling like it would jump out of your chest. “Are you happy, Y/N?” You were taken aback by the question and Ashton closed the door behind him. “Yes” You said, looking at him, you always loved how Ashton looked in a suit, you couldn’t help but smile a bit. “With him?” He asked, walking towards you slightly, and you went quiet. “Uhm, yes.” You said, nodding as you looked down. 

You felt Ashton place his finger under your chin, making you look at him, you stopped breathing for a moment. “I think you’re lying.” He said quietly, and you couldn’t help but let out a tiny sob as you finally let the tears fall, Ashton immediately wrapped his around your waist, holding you close. “Why are you crying, sweetie?” Ashton asked, rubbing his hand up and down your lower back. 

“Because I love you and I’m getting married to a man that I don’t even fucking love!” You shrieked, you knew you were probably ruining your friendship with Ashton, but it was the truth. Suddenly, you felt a pair of warm lips on yours, you pulled away in shock. “Y/N, I love you. I love you so much and I hate myself for just now realizing and accepting this on your wedding day.” Ashton confessed, looking down at you. 

You couldn’t believe your ears, did he actually just said what you’ve been hoping for? You stood there, before breaking out in a smile. “I hate you for doing this on my god damn wedding.” You shook your head as you realized your wedding would be starting in a few moments. “We both know you don’t want to be married to this guy, especially in a church, So, come on.” Ashton unwrapped his arms around you before grabbing your hand, you looked at him in confusion. 

“What are you saying?” You asked, and Ashton playfully rolled his eyes before looking at you. “Lets run away. Or just run back to my place. Or we could run away and get eloped?” Ashton said quickly and you couldn’t believe what you were hearing. “What am I suppose to tell all the guests?” You questioned as you felt yourself start smiling. “That you’re leaving with the actual man that you love.” Ashton smirked, giving you a ‘duh’ look. 

You looked down at your engagement ring before slipping it off, placing it on the chair before nodding. “Okay, let’s go.” You smiled as Ashton opened the door, grabbing your hand as he pulled you out of the room and towards the entry of the church. You heard gasps and the whispers as you walked past the guests. “Baby?” You both stopped walking when you heard Brandon, you turned and looked, seeing a confused and heartbroken Brandon. You frowned but smiled sadly. 

“I’m so sorry, Brandon. I just can’t do this, not with you.” You whispered the last part before turning away and walking out the door. “Oh look what we have here!” Michael and Calum laughed, as they saw their best friend walking hand in hand with the girl of his dreams. “Where are you off to?” Luke asked, he didn’t think Ashton would actually do this, but he saw how happy he looked and how happy you looked and he couldn’t help but smile. 

“Away from this place!” You couldn’t help but giggle as you grabbed Ashton’s hand and started walking away. “I love you, Y/N and I promise you, one day you’ll be taking my last name.” 

Hope you enjoyed, request a part 2 if you’d like!

A Bitter Christmas - Louis Tomlinson

Major editing session soon, sorry for not doing it now.

A Bitter Christmas

Snow fell in the outskirts of London, covering the mostly deciduous trees and grass. I tucked myself away in the downstairs bathroom getting too overwhelmed by everyone in my house tonight. I opened up the curtains in the bathroom seeing the snow I knew was already there. It was settling on the small window sill. It wasn’t calming to watch the snowfall, rather it was making me anxious. If it kept snowing how would I get alone time tonight. All these questions running through my head are making me insane. All while there’s a dinner party going on right on the other side of the door.

I washed my hands, drying them slowly on the red hand towel on the wall. The window was slowly becoming frosty, getting a white filmy look to them. I could hear them talking in the living room just down the hall from this bathroom. I had had enough of everyone despite how much I love them. You get tired of people after a few short hours, especially if they’re very loud. Louis doesn’t get bothered by his family no matter how loud they are.

I come from a smaller family, not used to there being so many young kids. Being already twenty-seven, I don’t understand that I could have ever been that crazy. Running around and just regenerating all this energy in such a short period of time. Luckily they should crash soon and finally go to sleep. Personally I think that seeing family should happen in small bits of time over time. I’ve been awake all day with people at my house since this early morning.

A knock came about the bathroom door; I looked to the clock and realized tucking myself away had take a lot longer than I thought. I had been in this small room for almost fifteen minutes. Someone must think that I’ve either died or passed out. I collected myself quickly, opening the door and leaving it cracked behind me.

“Alright in there darlin’?” Louis stood leaning against the door frame, not letting me past him. He was wearing this fit blue sweater with a white collared shirt peeking from the sleeves and collar. He sounded more tired than when I mentioned the restroom twenty minutes ago by now.

I placed my hand on his side, looking him in the eye, “Fine. Tired that’s all.” I went to slip past him but he still stood in my way.

“C’mon {Y/N} I know you weren’t just staring into space in there.” I was staring out of the window, completely different thing - doesn’t count.

“For your information, I was collecting myself.” I stepped closer to him. In hopes he would need to take a step back and I could slip past.

“You’d tell me if something were wrong right?” he was at a whisper now, looking me in the eyes as he had done as I did and taken a step closer.  

I slipped past him, turning around to face him, “Tired, that’s all.” I slapped his butt. Walking down the hall I went into the kitchen rather than the living room to grab something to drink. I sipped on water, seeing Louis back in the living room.

“I want to see you and {Y/N} tomorrow afternoon.” Louis’ mother came in with Louis following her.

“What about the day after?” He tried to reason.

“Oh, well. As long as I get to see you two tomorrow or the day after I’m happy. We’re gonna get going,” she turned to me, giving me a kiss on the cheek, “and I hope to see you guys soon.”

“Okay, sounds good!” I hugged her, saying goodbye to everyone else as they left. I was partially relieved that I would finally have some alone time. I had woken up in such a good mood, now all worn out.

Louis and I decided to clean up everything so we wouldn’t have to deal with it tomorrow. Since it was his birthday today, I was planning to give him his things tonight. He has seemed too chill today, he usually likes it to be crazy and full of fun. This year (I thought) would be no different. He just woke up in a bad mood, not really getting over it throughout the day.

“Happy Birthday, again.” I hugged him from behind and kissed behind his ear.

“Thank you.” He was giving me simple answers all day and they didn’t sound very - very full of energy…

“I still have to give you your presents!” I took his hand, dragging him behind me upstairs. I made him sit on the bed, a small smile appearing on his face. “This one has to be my favorite.” I handed him a quite obvious bag. A sports bag with that soccerball compartment and a special soccer ball inside.

“No fucking way.” he unzipped it, “How did you make it look so nice?” The black pieces had his initials in them, white.

“Look inside.” I pointed to the parts of the bag, getting too excited. I wasn’t thinking about sleep anymore.

He unzipped the biggest zipper, pulling out a hoodie with his favorite saying on it and some boxer shorts that had his last name on them. “I tell you I don’t want anything, I have all I need. Still you seem to give me something I so badly want.” he held up the boxers, chuckling.  

“One more, baby cakes.” this time I pointed to the smallest pocket but still pretty spacious. He shook his head, smiling as he opened it.
“Oh, baby.” he held up two plane tickets to Lima, Peru one of the places I had mentioned that we should go sometime. He had also mentioned going on a trip soon, so I took that and did something about it. His face lit up with excitement and he embraced me softly.

“How’s your day been?” I usually ask him this every night but it was more special asking him now.

He sighed, looking up at me, “Good. I don’t really see an importance in birthdays any-”

“What!? Your birthday is so important and well I don’t know, it should feel special.”

“Please just don’t interrupt me baby.” he looked at me clearly a little annoyed. I covered my lips, feeling a major blush on my cheeks.

“Sorry.” I whispered, sitting on the bed beside him.

He began again, lying back on the bed with his hands behind his head. “It’s just been kind of a pissy day. I love my family but I just get too stressed out by them and want to be alone no matter how badly I wanted to see them. Sometimes when I’m with you I just want to be alone…” he trailed off, staring at the ceiling.

“So, you just wanted to be alone on your birthday and I shouldn’t have scheduled that?” I whispered, my feeling actually a tad hurt. When I was younger I would get my feelings hurt in an instant and cry about it but now I’ve learned how to control them. With all this stress I kind of just, wanted to cry. Louis had never told me so plainly that he wanted to not be around me, especially after being so lovey dovey.

“I didn’t mean it like that-”

“You did mean it like that. I knew this whole day would just turn out bad and look where we are.” I was letting my anger get the best of me. I like people to be plain with me but he never seemed like the kind of person to be so harsh with it. I began changing out of my navy blue dress, heels and everything else I wore. I didn’t want to keep talking and if we did tomorrow would just be episode two of tonight.

“Listen to yourself! I say that I want some alone time on my birthday and you make me feel like shit for telling you! How mature does that sound!?” he began to yell, way over the line. You sure as hell know I’m not putting up with any man yelling at me about how I’m acting.

“You are down all day I try to cheer you up. I try to get your family here so you can see them and it turned out that’s not what you needed! So what!? I’m your girlfriend that doesn’t know everything about you but I’m trying. I’m trying to see what makes you happy when you’re down. Peoples birthdays are supposed to be the best day of the year and you make it out to make me feel terrible. You’ve been shooting me looks ALL day that just let me know I’m doing a terrible job if you realized it or not! Stop telling me how I’m acting and look at this. You started this argument and now tomorrow is gonna be just like this!”

“You see that!? You yell about things that are already past-”

“Im talking about things that happened a few hours ago!!”

“Jesus fucking christ {Y/N}! Stop interrupting me!” he scowled at me harder than I’ve ever seen him scowl at anyone. I was really starting to piss him off. I still had a fight to pick with him but I didn’t know how it would turn out. He quieted down, “Stop interrupting me, stop trying to make me feel better, stop trying to act cute or ‘fine’ when you’re clearly not. STOP acting like a teenage girl and grow up!” He yelled the last bit, not feeling bad about a single word he said.

“Might as well stop acting like your girlfriend too eh? It sure does sound like that’s what you’re asking me to do. I’ll go on right ahead.” I grabbed my purse, after I had changed, walking out of our bedroom.