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‘My first kiss was upside down, hanging off a clothes horse at Beckford primary school. A boy called Matthew Fox and I were playing rabbits in the school play and he just leaned in… But if we’re talking tongues, it was with Sam Campbell at the village disco. I was twelve and he was seventeen. I followed him around for the rest of the Easter holiday and he was so embarrassed because he’d had no idea how young I was! 

A year later, my friend Patrick Spottiswoode (he runs the Globe theatre now) took me to see The Poseidon Adventure. It was the perfect choice for a first date thanks to that scene where the man’s face is burnt off: I was able to make a noise of distress and he was able to put his arm around me. What Paddy didn’t realise was that I was desperately in love with Gene Hackman in that film- I cried buckets when he died. 

The first time I had my heart properly broken was when I was sixteen. He was a New Zealander who said he was going back to go to university, but he wasn’t; he went to a university here and I found out. I’ve had my heart broken quite a lot, actually. For me, broken means that feeling of: 'I will never ever recover from this’. 

The notion of 'happily ever after’ is bonkers. People aren’t honest because of the desire to maintain the romantic ideal. Recently, I was talking about Alan Rickman’s adulterous role in Love Actually and I got into trouble for daring to ask: 'Don’t you think we might have become desperately punitive about monogamy?’ And, my goodness, the furore that provoked!

I avoid weddings because I don’t like parties. Having said that, I enjoyed both my weddings- very different though they were. My grandmother used to say your heart is no good until it’s been broken ten times. I know what she means: the cicatrices shape the way in which you navigate all your relationships. So what wise words would I impart to my younger self? 'If whoever he is says he doesn’t love you, believe him! Do not think that you will somehow manage to persuade him to love you.“

- Emma Thompson, from 'Kiss and Tell’The Radio Times (12-18 April 2014)

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Okay, I could ask you through PM but I'm rebel by heart, I'm a new supercorp shipper (as you are already aware of) and I was wonder if you have some blogs to follow *u*

(This is rather perfect after the salt I tossed in my previous answer! Time for some positivity!!)

Of course my rebellious fellow shipper! Typically I link a post I reblogged with a bunch of recommendations, but for some reason I can’t seem to find it. 😅 Thanks Tumblr. So I’ll just have to list them here. Here we go:

First up, my loves @kara-danvers-lena-luthor and @supercorptrashed though you know of them, I’m sure! 

From there I’ve put together a big ole list of what I think is a happy mixture of awesome writers, artists, video editors, gifers, manip gurus, casual rebloggers and just all around beautiful people. Check em out!!
































So yes, check out all of these lovely people! You won’t regret it at all! Have fun and welcome to the fandom, my love! 💗

Happy birthday, Feyre!

Feyre and Rhys woke to the furious jumping at the end of their bed. Rhys lifted his wing that hid the two of them from the morning light shining in the window.

Luna and Stella were jumping at the end of the bed yelling, “Mom! Dad! Wake up!”
“We’re up.” Rhys groaned as he sat up. Feyre seeming to refuse to wake up as she. Buried herself in the pillows.

“Mom! Wake up!” Luna scrambled over to her mother and shook her shoulders. “There’s a surprise for you downstairs!” With that, the two girls vanished down the hall.

Rhys laughed after the two had vanished.

“They get that energy from you…” Feyre murmured as she finally lifted herself from the bed, her hair was a mess as she sat there if her eyes half closed.

Rhys leaned in and kissed her cheek, then her jaw, and slowly he moved for her neck while whispering in a loving tone, “Happy birthday, Darling.”

She’d actually forgotten, “oh…” but it was a surprise that she had forgotten. Her first birthday after the war; they’d hosted a surprise party for her, inviting everyone they knew. Elain and Lucien had shown up, despite their need to rebuild the Spring Court. Entire Velaris had celebrated, hanging banners and decorated the streets with colors Rhys had recommended. But she’d loved it.

After Nash was born, the boy had desperately tried to make her things, cakes, cookies, cards, he and Rhys had had a little competition on who could make her more happy that day. Rhys always let Nash win during day time, but after… he made her glow with the beautiful light of the Day Court.

Then the twins were born. Somehow the competition got even more intense. Luna and Stella going toe-to-toe against the two boys of the family.

"Lets go downstairs before they drag us down there.” Feyre muttered as she crawled towards the armoire to dress.

Feyre and Rhys entered the living room and gaped. The entire family was gathered. Every Illyrian, every Spring Court nobility, every high fae of their family. Adult and children alike. Nash stood in the middle with a cake, Luna and Stella smiling at his side with a small present in their hands.

“Happy birthday, Feyre!” They cheered, a tear escaped Feyre’s eye. What had she done to deserve a family like this?


Happy birthday, Joan de Beauvoir de Havilland! (October 22, 1917 - December 15, 2013)

“Being a woman, I have found the road rougher than had I been born a man. Different defenses, different codes of ethics, different approaches to problems and personalities are a woman’s lot. I have preferred to shun what is known as feminine wiles, the subterfuge of subtlety, reliance on tears and coquetry to shape my way. I am forthright, often blunt. I have learned to be a realist despite my romantic, emotional nature. I have no illusions that age, the rigors of my profession, disappointments, and unfulfilled dreams have not left their mark.”

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…Happy Birthday, Killua? XD

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This might be silly but, I recently turned 18 and I was wondering if I could maybe get a hug from Mettaton and Producer-chan? It would make me whole day- no week? Uhh long extended period of time- yeah that'll work ^^" sorry I'm a dork-

*Oh darling, Happy Birthday~! And of course! You get an exclusive hug from moi!

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