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Greek God Asks: 

Pan: Opinion on Gay Rights.

I am in full 1,000% support of Gay Rights and all LGBTQ+ Rights. Honestly, I don’t get people who are not in support of it, like, what? If people are free, then they have the Right to Like or Date or Marry whoever they want - gender should not matter. And, to quote Former American President Barack Obama: “Religious Freedom doesn’t mean can force others to live by your own beliefs.” Couldn’t have said it better. Now, I know, at the time, the Former American President was talking about Abortion Rights, however, the same ideology applies. LGBTQ+ People, You Go! I stand behind you all 100%.And honestly, it’s 2017, not all people are the same, and instead of trying to hide that, you should embrace it. I understand that being Gay/Lesbian/any LGBTQ+ is against many/most religions - trust me, I know - however, you do you! Do NOT force your religion on others for their beliefs are not the same as yours, and their level of “strict/stern-ness” to religion is not the same as yours. Some people are lenient with religion, others are not. And please don’t shun a family member out (especially your own son/daughter) if they come out as LGBTQ+ when it’s against your religion.That is a horrible thing you would be doing, and remove the idea from your brain that if you try to “keep them in the closet” it will eventually work out, no, they will be who they are, and if you don’t accept it, a lot of other people are out there that will, including me. And if you are LGBTQ+ and you are maybe slightly scared or embarrassed: you should not be!  Be proud and stand tall, it’s alright if your parents/family don’t accept you/like you because eventually, I hope they realize, that you are an amazing person, and your sexuality doesn’t change that. At. All.  I hope this didn’t offend anyone. Oh well, at least they know where I stand. 

Hera: Opinion on Feminism.

Goodness, I could go on about this for days, for I personally can say how it is!

I don’t think I can personally say a lot about LGBTQ+ Rights since I’m straight, but moving on.

I AM A PROUD AND STRONG FEMINIST. I believe everyone should be Feminists - although I will say that I have encountered people who are not, and still talk to them. I honestly think they’re defense is really “dumb” for lack of a better word, and them trying to back their claims up is, well, rather “amusing” to me. Before some people start, Let me define feminism ‘cause apparently you can go on Tumblr but you can’t Google the definition of “Feminism.”

EQUALITY. EQUALITY. EQUALITY. Not “anti-men,” not “man hating.” EQUALITY. I feel like no matter how many times I say that there will still be some people who don’t understand. There is not one country on this planet that has reached gender equality in respect, social class, and equal pay. Not one. This is horrible. And although some of you might laugh and say, that well, women can vote and can hold office and women can keep their paychecks and can sue someone in court, you are laughing at the millions of young girls all across the globe being sold in sex-trafficking, marriage at as young as 5-7 years of age. You are laughing at the millions of girls in Africa and across the globe who can’t and are not allowed to go get an education - because they are girls. To prove w/ statistics, it won’t be until 2086 until all Rural African Girls can get a secondary education. This Gender Inequality Needs to Stop. Guys, I mean literal males this time around, Gender Inequality is not just a woman’s issue, but a man’s issue as well. Men have suffered from illness and have refused to ask for help for the fear of it making them “less of a man.” In fact, Suicide is the lead killer of men in the United Kingdom between the ages of 20-49, transcending car accidents, cancer and even Heart Disease. Men are also, imprisoned by Gender stereotypes: when men don’t have to be aggressive, women won’t  feel the need to be submissive. 

In my English class this year, we had to write an essay and speech about any topic that we wanted, and I gave my speech about Feminism so I could go on about this for weeks. - I hope this changed your views a bit. Was this too aggressive? Well, it’s a crucial issue. 

Athena: Share a piece of Wisdom.

I’m gonna to be honest here, I don’t think I am wise enough. Sure, I am not as dumb as I used to be, but I don’t think I’m particularly good at this thing called “Life.” However, I do think I have picked up some things along the way, and this is the one I feel like if someone would have told me earlier, it would have helped me. Tremendously.

“Look for the dream that keeps coming back. It is your destiny.” -Unknown. 

Now make what you would of it. I think I have found what the quote means to me, and I hope it means something special to you, as well. (I really REALLY wish I knew who the author of this quote was, please let me know if you know the author’s name?) 

Apollo: Favorite Piece of Music.

I am going to extremely random and slightly bratty/too full of myself here saying that I don’t think I have found the perfect piece of music, yet. Of course, there are amazing songs, however, I have searched and searched and still have not found the song that perfectly describes me, yet. So I am going to say, To be Found or Made. 

Lastly, Thank you very much, Moria ( @nephilimstudy ) for asking me these questions! I am going to say, you have a rather clever choice in choosing what questions to ask, and I appreciate that. 

  • <b> Society:</b> Youre too fat you're too skinny you're too tall you're too short you're too dark your too light is that a pimple or wart? you're too girly your too manly your too somewhere in between you're too flawless you're too ugly youre too weak you're too lean<p/><b></b> Youre too gay youre too straight, youre too different youre too odd. Youre too jewish, youre too buddist you need jesus, you need god.<p/><b></b> You're too old you're too young you're too this, your too that you're too loud You're you're too quiet your two busty you're too flat<p/><b></b> Youre too much of everything<p/><b></b> And i have to tell you that i mind.<p/><b></b> Oh and by the way youre too much-<p/><b>Me:</b> -Oh really, you're too kind.<p/>

“T​he who and how has changed, but it does feel different. A year ago, I was doing interviews for an Irish gig, and this girl asked me if I was a feminist and I said "Oh, I don’t know too much about feminism.” Then I saw [Kathleen Hanna documentary] The Punk Singer, and after I saw that I thought, “I have to call myself a feminist, just to make it completely obvious."During Riot Grrrl I felt so far apart from that. I didn’t understand it, actually. Here’s what I realized: They had a room full of girls. And I was never in a room full of girls. I didn’t know girls that would do anything like this. That’s not how I was raised. I was a little too old. They were young enough that they had girls that wanted to come to the front, that wanted to play. I never had that. Which is a really cool thing they had. I didn’t realize that’s what it was about. You get a room full of girls and then you have to do something.” – Kim Deal.

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