oh and face


This is my “Today’s high is 39°F and a winter weather advisory starts in a half an hour but I’m going for a walk anyway” outfit. (Don’t worry Hevy was warm & toasty in his usual spot, tucked under the scarf.) I always feel better after a walk. Bonus I got some great photos of Hevy & met a cute puppy named Lucy.

someones looking a little bit………. distraught 👀❓

I might need to open up commissions again to afford my medication.

*loud whimpery groan*

That’s operating under the assumption that people will actually want commissions from me.

*loud groan grows*

I need a nap. No, not really. I think I need a second job.

*groan creates temporal and spacial anomalies*

ooc: I had pre-ordered these glasses over the summer and they finally came on Saturday and they are so COOL and I love wearing them all the time (even though I need prescription glasses to see IT’S FINE) but since it’s monday and I haven’t posted a picture here in a while this is an update on my face.

yogkitt  asked:

So I recently introduced my little sister to davekat, and she's absolutely fallen in love with it. Yesterday she was scrolling thru a bunch of davekat things on iforgetwhatitwas and found a screencap of one of your posts. She smiles and shows it to me, and then I'm like "Oh hey I know them! We follow each other!" And the look on her face oh my god it was the cutest and most beautiful thing ever. One would not believe. Anyway yeah there's my happy story for the day. <3


Here’s a cute happy headcanon just for your nice sister:

If either dave or karkat have a really horrible nightmare, they’ll both stay up all night watching movies or talking, or even just cuddling enjoying each other’s company, to remind each other that they’re safe, and they have each other.

If it wasn’t completely ravenous it might have enough wherewithal to give an “oh shit” face at least. It doesn’t though.

Instead it simply screams, bleeds and burns as all of your attacks find their marks. It’s a proper pyrotechnics show at least, one that sends the thing absolutely rocking off.

Aldrich might be renown for his might. But mighty in Lordran terms might not mean a whole lot against a group this diverse.

As his “main” body slumps over, he seems to simply dissolve into the ash and dust that was beneath him.

“He’ll be back, unfortunately. But not for a good long while.”

“No one here dies. Believe me, attempts have been made.”

“It’s not much further now though.”

True enough, it is a very short distance between the “swamp” and where Yhorm was ultimately leading you. An old, decrepit building stands, if only just, near the edge of a cliff. It’s only approachable from the front, but there’s still a lot of space in the back behind a still intact wall.

“The home of the once and still proud Farron Legion. At least, their home here.”

Yhorm wasn’t lying when he said he couldn’t accompany you, he might bring down the cliff.

“Good luck getting any of them to listen though.”

{winter smoulder} a Sebastian Stan imagine

I had been trying to get in touch with her all day. I missed her face and her voice. I missed making her laugh. I missed her making me laugh.

I clicked the FaceTime button for what felt like the 100th time today hoping to make the connection. When it finally did, the butterflies made their appearance, like they always do when it’s her.

“Hey babe!,” she said with a smile. I could tell by her surroundings that she was still at work. “Hey, dragă,” I smiled back. “I didn’t realize that you were still at work. Want me to call you back?,” I asked, hoping she’d say no. “Hell no,” she laughed, “I haven’t seen your face in days. I am not losing this opportunity,” she finished as a beautiful smile spread across her face. “Oh, thank God,” I said back.

We talked about work and she told me all about the changes being made to her company. It was just so good to see her and hear her voice. “So,” she started, with a very serious look on her face that genuinely made me a little nervous, “it’s been days since you made me laugh, so get at it,” she said as she gave me another serious stare. “Ah,” I laughed, “uh, well, now you have me under pressure. I can’t do it.” She laughed. “Come on, Stan, you have it in you. Ah! I know,” she said with a mischievous grin, “give me the old Winter Smoulder.”

I laughed as she leaned in a little closer. “Do it. Come on,” she said. I screwed my face up and tried to give her the best I could, but as her face changed into a smile, I couldn’t help but laugh. “You’re a dork,” she said with a giggle. “Maybe,” I said, “but I’m your dork.”

omg i was talking to someone abt my bag after our lecture and this girl walked past and suddenly stopped and yelled OH MY GOD YOUR FACE IS SPARKLY and i explained about how this year is the year of glitter and she put her hand on my shoulder and said “never stop doing god’s work”