oh and dead!blaine

klainetheiceprinces  asked:

Prompt: you keep coming into the store i work at to buy wreaths, what are you doing with all of these wreaths? au for Klaine pretty please?


Kurt is inquisitive by nature, but this is extremely curious, even for the most blasé of employees.

He didn’t even want the job to begin with, he’s only doing it because Tom is a friend of the family and he really needed someone to help sell the wreaths before Christmas and Kurt–Kurt was available and could use the money.

And the guilt trip incentive for his dad to up his Christmas present, there’s that too.

Most of the customers come and go, never to be seen again, and as far as Kurt is concerned, that’s just as well.

But Mr. Bow Tie …

Mr. Cute Bow tie, actually.

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