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It’s almost as if Akaashi wears nothing but Bokuto’s shirts.

No one’s complaining, especially not Bokuto. It’s no secret Akaashi looks better in them than Bokuto ever did; when they slide off one of his shoulders and allow him to flaunt those extremely sharp – probably illegal - collar bones to the world. Akaashi claims they’re large and soft, and therefore more comfortable, but Kuroo just scoffs and tells Bokuto it’s the smell. That Akaashi is comforted by Bokuto’s scent, by that earthy, human smell that is so Bokuto.

They’re sitting in the run down room that’s their excuse for a bedroom, Akaashi fitted perfectly between Bokuto’s legs, his back pressed into Bokuto’s quite well endowed chest. He’s warm, or maybe scorching hot is more apt, his heat reaching Akaashi even through the black shirt between them. Bokuto’s arms are wrapped securely around his middle, and he’s kissing a line up Akaashi’s neck- tiny, wet pecks that leave a burning hot trail in their wake.

Akaashi’s trying, he really, really is. He’s trying to focus on the book in his hands, but he can’t do it- he’s read the same line four times already. It’s almost annoying to admit how distracting Bokuto’s attention is; his kisses and his embrace and his warmth, all of it surrounding Akaashi, drowning him in it.

“Bokuto-san,” Akaashi finally sighs, turning his head just a little to the right, “what exactly is it that you want?”

“Hmm?” Bokuto looks up and shrugs, a lazy smile upturning his lips, “I’m just enjoying Akaashi!”

Akaashi chuckles softly, pressing himself more into Bokuto. “Aren’t you bored?”

Bokuto gasps dramatically, “I could never be bored of Akaashi! Never, ever, ever.”

Bokuto proceeds to burying his face in Akaashi’s neck and bites yet another hickey into it. Akaashi’s breath hitches and he swallows thickly, his grip on the book loosening. He wants to read, and the book is quite interesting if he’s being totally honest - it’s an old Japanese scholar’s work on energy and the human mind – so he’s actually half way done already.

But if he’s being totally, totally honest, he couldn’t care less about chakra and inner peace in that moment. Because in that moment, the only things that matter are Bokuto and his stupid, spiky, unreasonably soft white hair and his homely smell and that unyielding feeling of belonging somewhere that engulfs Akaashi just by lying there in his arms.

Akaashi shuts the book softly and murmurs, “Kou.”

Bokuto kisses the side of his neck and smiles, “Yeah?”

Akaashi twists in his arms and places a finger below his chin, guiding his face up. “Just kiss me already.”

Bokuto’s smile is the most endearing mix of wolfish, boyish and absolutely mischievous, and Akaashi’s stomach drops. Bokuto leans in close, eyes lidded and God, Akaashi can’t believe he’s this lucky.

“I thought you’d never ask.”

[Hurricane AU

Batfamily NSFW headcanons

Well, here it is. Because of the nature of the questions, IT IS NSFW, so if you’re uncomfortable with that, do not read, I have PLENTY of other work that aren’t NSFW at all that you can check ;-) (right here, my masterlist blog : https://ella-ravenwood-archives.tumblr.com). Anyway, I’m not great at writing headcanons so thought I practice a bit…hope you’ll still like it :


The Goodies-

Bruce Wayne

  • What turns them on?

✶When you touch him inappropriately in public. Especially at charities, galas and other balls. It drives him crazy the way you do it so sneakily so that no one but him notice. It’s a sure way to convince him to go home earlier. 
✶Seeing you putting someone in their place with your wits and sarcasms after they’ve been rude to you…Oh he lives for this, and will have trouble to concentrate on anything else but wanting you. 
✶Your smile. Your laugh. The way you light up his dark World.
✶That man has a thing with lifting your skirt slowly, and putting your panties aside. He couldn’t even tell you why, he just loves it. And obviously, it instantly turns him on when you let him.
✶Knowing that the emotions he feels for you can outlast the orgasm you both had. Oh yes. Knowing he’s loved, and can let go with you. 

  • What turns them off?

There is very few things that turns him off when he’s with you, if not nothing (like literally, even when you’re being annoying, or when he’s being an ass, or if you just woke up and are disheveled and not really attractive…he’d still want you), as everything you do is just…Wow. He can’t get enough of you. Everything you do turns him on really. But He had experiences with other women before… :
✶Women who couldn’t handle a simple conversation. No connection at all with them, just sex. In and out, and then they’d be gone. He hated that. Which makes him love you more when you just spent time in each others arms talking about anything and everything. You’re the only one that makes him want to talk about what he feels and such…It’s a big relief. You’re his big relief. 
✶He use to hate SO MUCH when he took a woman out that had a “fake hollywood accent”, or any fake accent. A lot of fake French one. They thought it made them more interesting, but the only thing it did, was making them super annoying to hear so…Yeah, massive turn off. He cringed more than once because of a high pitched voice, or an annoying one with a stupid fake accent.
✶Narcissism turned him off instantly. Oh the many women Alfred had to escort out because Bruce misjudge them…It happened to him a lot when he was younger, long before meeting you. He thought he’d find a kindred spirit, but turned out, it would just be a woman who wanted him for his money and fame, and who thought she was irresistible. Spoiler : those kind of women were rarely irresistible, to him at least. He could resist them very well. He could resist most women very well…But you. Oh you, it’s impossible. 
✶Lack of passion. He just cannot even think about dating someone who isn’t passionate about anything. 
✶Fake tits. That doesn’t even remotely look (or feel) natural. Fuck them. And oh the women he went out as a younger man had a lot of fake things physically (fake ass, tits, teeth, nose…), every thing was fake in them really, to their personality and smiles. He hated that with a passion, and often wished he could drop the “womanizer” and “playboy” persona, that wasn’t like his real him at all…Everything changed when you came in. You’re the best thing that ever happened to him, nothing fake about you (for real though, if you wanna tell him to fuck off because he’s being an asshole, they you’ll do so, and he loves that!). 

  • Kinks?

Nearly violent sex. Bitey, grabby, pinny, not-holding-back sex. Paired with sweet words of encouragement and gentle forehead/Cheek kisses.
✶Surprise sex. You waking him up because his cock is in your mouth. Him whipping you around while you walk around the Manor, and boom.
✶Sex after an injury. He loves the way you’re careful with him, or how he needs to take care of you because you’re hurt. 
✶He likes giving more than receiving. WITH YOU. Because he feels like he has to thank you to put up with his shit and antics…And you do it so well, oh he just has to please you. Doesn’t mean he’s against a good old blowjob though. Oh, and damn, the good old 69 am I right ? 
✶He can be vanilla and/or rough, and you love it. He would never really hurt you (even if you ask him too, just light biting really), and most of the time you make love, rarely just fucking (unless you haven’t seen each other for a long time and you just need it)…He’s all for the sweet and cuddly aftercare. Cheesy man. 

Richard Grayson

  • What turns them on?

✶You. Your mere presence. A slight touch of your fingers on his arms. And he’s gone. It’s not always great, like, you’d be in public and you’d just touch his thigh softly, as you do, and he’d give you “that look”…
✶Snuggles. Cuddles. Oh yes. 
✶Neck kisses. It drives him beyond wild. 
✶He will get harder inside you by the mere sound of your moans…And hearing you orgasm, clenching around him, is a sure way to send him over the edge too. 

  • What turns them off?

✶Being with someone boring. Glad he found you. 
✶If he’s with a “selfish lover”. He doesn’t mind giving at all, but for him, making love is a way to show mutual respect, to show how much you mean for each other…so if he’s with someone who only think about themselves ? No.
✶When his partner is too forward about wanting sex. “Want to fuck ?” Oh. Nope, he likes when it’s subtle. When you give him sultry looks and such. He likes the building up. 
✶Bad breath. As simple as that. 

  • Kinks?

✶Once, he was arguing with you and in the heat of the moment, you slapped his face. Of course you excused yourself profusely, until you realized he went from being annoyed to argue to being very aroused…You both learned something about him that day. So, light BDSM. Who would’ve thought ?
✶He lives for silly giggly sex. Pleasure, your moans and bad puns, how could it get better than this ? 
✶Women’s mid sections. He loves slight belly and curvy hips. As simple as that.
✶He’s a sucker for romantic evening, that turns hot and steamy. 
✶Rubbing your legs, ass and back during the act. Oh yeah. 

Jason Todd

  • What turns them on?

✶Seeing you punching people. It sounds awful, but the way you don’t let anyone walk on your feet and don’t hesitate to punch people even twice your size…He loves it. 
✶If you wear a dress, your legs will instantly turn him on. He loves your legs. Especially when wrapped around his waist. 
✶You love to dance, and hum songs you like…Big turn on every time, as he can’t get enough of your voice, and you’re damn sexy when you dance. 
✶When you’re trying to contain yourself, but simply cannot. Muscles spasm and contort as you climax.

  • What turns them off?

✶Judgmental people. The kind who decides what you are before knowing you.
✶The daddy kink. Oh God, NO. 
✶It’s something kinda silly, he knows, but he hates long unclipped toe nails. Ew. You laughed the first time he told you. Well, yeah, it’s super gross. 
✶Lacks of enthusiasm and initiative. He can’t be with a woman who lets him do everything, chose everything for her. And who never initiates anything. Basically, the opposite of you. 

  • Kinks?

✶Clothed sex, because it feels like you two are so hungry for each other, that you just can’t bother getting all the clothes off. 
✶Sex games. First one to come loses. 
✶Public and semi-public sex. Hey, he likes danger. When you two are almost caught…Oh the thrill.
✶He’s very creative when it comes to sexual position. As long as your comfortable of course…He’s sure glad you’re flexible by the way.

Timothy Drake

  • What turns them on?

✶Intelligent woman. Intelligence in general. 
✶The way you look at him, with so much love, that makes him feel like he’s really wanted and needed…Sometimes, he just needs validation, as he doesn’t always gets it with his family. Fortunately, you’re here for that. 
✶Nibbling on his ears and neck, while whispering sweet nothing.
✶Eye contact. He just loves it. 

  • What turns them off?

✶Loud people. Oh God can’t they shut up ? He hasn’t slept for the past 36 hours and they’re making his head explode. Instant turn off if there’s too many noises. Though he loves your screams…It’s different ok ? 
✶If you starfish. Making love is a thing he wants to do with you, not to a very passive you. Fortunately, you’re never able to “starfish”…you’d do it as a joke sometimes, because you know he doesn’t like it, and then you wouldn’t be able to resist moving in sync with him.
✶Nothing to talk about but yourself. Someone obsessed with themselves. Oh he hates it. He’s so glad he didn’t find someone who didn’t had any subject else than themselves. He’s so glad he found you. Because with the name “Wayne” comes a plethora of women only interested in money and fame, who loves no one else but themselves. 
✶He hates feigned incompetence. Like a girl who acts like she doesn’t know anything about sex, while she’s clearly experienced. He always feels manipulated when this happens…

  • Kinks?

✶He loves to “discover boundaries”. Like what you like, dislike, what you two are willing to do, the extent you can go etc etc..Knowing just until where both of your boundaries go. 
✶You two nerds invented a secret “sex langage” to be able to talk about it in public. Of course you would.  
✶Nerdy dirty talk. Oh the puns about technologies, and pop culture you two are able to get out while making love : it’s endless. And he loves it. It makes him feel like he found just the perfect person for him. And you really are. 
✶Lazy morning sex. Bath sex. Those private moment with you, where you can just both enjoy each other. Domestic moment sex if that makes sense. 

Damian Wayne (older than his current age of course)

  • What turns them on?

✶Training together, seeing you fight and such. The way your body moves…Gets him every time. 
✶The way you look at him and tell him “I love you”. He’ll never get tired of it. Seeing the love in your eyes for him, knowing you mean it, that there’s at least one person in the world that really love and appreciate his bratty ass. 
✶When you caress his hair, fingers massaging his scalp. Soothing and arousing at the same time. 
✶The way you bite your lips or stick out your tongue when you’re focused. 

  • What turns them off?

✶He tries to be nice about it but…Body odors. If you smell because you two jumped on each other before you could take a shower…Instant turn off. Even his own smell could turn him off. Basically, if it smells bad, he won’t be able to concentrate on sex at all. He’s a living paradox however as he loves the smell of your sweat.
✶Hurting you. 
✶Rude and vulgar people. 
✶Lack of empathy.

  • Kinks?

✶Sensory deprivation. Like blindfolded, so you have to rely on trust and such. Or handcuffed, so you can’t touch and…again trust comes in. Sometimes, he would put headphones on your ears, so you wouldn’t know what his next move is by the sound…Basically, knowing you trust him and letting him do all that. 
✶He likes trying new things.But will never do anything you’re uncomfortable doing of course. Consent is key.  
✶Always the tease though. 
✶Sometimes, he’ll argue with you ON PURPOSE just for the amazing make-up sex afterward…Each time you’ll give him a look meaning : “really Damian ?”, and he’ll just smirk back at you. He knows how to push all your buttons, and oh, he just really like the way you are during make-up sex. 
✶You come first. He loves you, he wants you to be comfortable, but he also like trying new things and he’s so damn glad he found someones like you who’s willing to be adventurous. 

Matthew “James Herondale is my own personal pillow” Fairchild

Because you know this boy is lying/sleeping/leaning on James 99.9% of the time and it’s canon:

Bonus because have you guys ever realised Matthew is sleeping/lying down in practically all the pictures we have of him? What a real “indolent boy”, as Tessa put it:

Art credit to the amazing @cassandrajp

Just because incompatible animals are not actively fighting one another or showing obvious signs of neglect does not mean they are not stressed.

There is no basic moral difference between housing incompatible / solitary animals together if they never ever not once fight or fight all of the time - both are wrong and unnecessary. 

Actual, observable, physical, wounding fighting is the CLIMAX of stress, not the beginning. 

Your incompatible animals are not “fine” if they do not fight. Fighting takes energy and is even more stressful, and a lot of times stress can even inhibit aggression. This does not mean the animals are not stressed in their situation.

You are not special or cool, you do not defy animal behavior and biology, if you are keeping solitary animals together they undoubtedly are experiencing stress. You choose to ignore how these animals live in nature or how they are bred to behave - how they are biologically programmed and should be kept in your home, without exception - and put their welfare at risk for your selfishness, with I’m sure very few and very rare exceptions. Guidelines and standards of care, including housing and cohabitation, are not based on a roll of dice. They exist to best replicate the animal’s natural environment where they are most suited to live and most comfortable in. The satisfaction of or neglect of those standards directly correlates to the animal’s health and well-being or lack thereof. 

Stop putting your ego before what is best for the animals in your care.


  • okay but falling asleep on peter in the evening 
  • of course it’s an accident 
  • not that you just wanted to be closer to peter 
  • because there’s no way you could be developing feelings for your best friend 
  • no, not your adorable best friend who makes you so unbelievably nervous
  • but still is always the best part of your day 
  • definitely & completely platonic, of course
  • it’ll just be like you & peter are sitting on the couch 
  • definitely not cuddling just sitting very close to each other
  • watching movies while you have the apartment to yourself bc may’s out running errands 
  • it’ll drizzling a bit outside but it’s nice white noise as you snuggle closer because lord peter is warm
  • and then the rain gets heavier 
  • and it’s so relaxing & so is snuggling with peter
  • and man his shoulder looks so comfy 
  • peter has to hold in his gasp when you let your head lay on his shoulder 
  • no he definitely does not have a crush on you how absurd
  • but yes you’ve discovered peter’s shoulders are like fucking pillows 
  • your eyes just start to droop and… you know…
  • aunt may comes home to peter, still very awake due to the closeness between you two & you, fast asleep on his shoulder
  • he’s so torn between letting you sleep, moving so you can sleep on the couch or taking you to like an actual bed to sleep 
  • but this is PETER 
  • he’s super insecure and is thinking
  • ‘there’s no way she’s sleeping like this at this angle, it’s a really awkward position’
  • but he can’t help but hope this means something?? but also is supa anxious
  •  ‘what if she wakes up and forgets that she fell asleep on me and she’ll think i’m trying to take advantage of her or something oh no thaT IS THE LAST THING I WANT’
  • but now he’s shifting a bit too much 
  • he’s still thinking ‘she definitely can’t be comfortable on my shoulder i should let her like lay down on the couch’ 
  • but then you stir and he freezes instantly like 
  • he’s adorably afraid about waking you up because you’re so peaceful when you sleep 
  • aunt may walks by again and sees peter has barely moved 
  • he obviously still have no clue what to do with this cute girl he has a crush on snoozin on him 
  • he’s like wide eyed at may like HELP ME
  • may just whisper yells at him she’s obviously tired! go, like, i don’t know, put her in your bed! 
  • peter gets so pale
  • thought overload 
  • i-in my bed? really? what if she thinks it’s creepy?? what if she think i’m a creep????
  • may is facepalming at peter and all his little worries
  • no! stop overthinking it, she’s just sleeping!! plus i’m pretty sure girls swoon over this type of thing!
  • but you, a lil sneak
  • you’ve been awake this entire time 
  • you definitely awed silently at how worried peter was about being a creepy 
  • like how many times do i have to say what a gentleman
  • you’re definitely hoping that he’ll actually take you to his bed 
  • because one that’s adorable 
  • and two, you are a little cold out on the couch 
  • three, sleeping with peter yes please but strictly platonic of course
  • peter, nervous out of his mind but with may’s encouraged nod
  • slips his hand gently beneath your knees and the other around you waist till your practically curled into him 
  • he can’t help his little heart jump when you snuggle closer 
  • & to peter you’re the lightest thing ever like what 
  • he walks so softly & slowly, trying his best to make sure he doesn’t wake you 
  • slipping into his room, he’s suddenly faced with an entirely new problem
  • “oh no do i put her under the covers or on top?? is it creepy to put her under the covers?? what if she’s cold???” 
  • you’re still awake but getting sleepier by the second
  • because peter is like a goddamn space heater and you could completely fall asleep right there in his arms
  • but peter’s already moving, as delicately as he can, putting you under one of his blankets 
  • smiling when you curl up instantly
  • he’s really fucking surprised when you whisper out of nowhere 
  • nooo, now i’m cold 
  • peters just like what yOU WERE SUPPOSED TO BE SLEEPING
  • oh, um i can get you another blanket? or you can, uh, y-you can get under the covers if you–
  • you peek your eyes open, grinning before you grab his sleeve and tug him towards the bed
  • peter, blushing but extremely pleased, gets the message and like awkwardly scoots in beside you 
  • are you sure?? i don’t want to make you uncomfortab– 
  • shhh, you’re warm and i don’t think you’d ever be capable of being a creep peter parker so shhhh and sleep
  • it’s silent for a couple more minutes before you notice peter keeps shifting nervously
  • so you just grab his hand in a silent message like “it’s fine, you’re fine, you can sleep” 
  • you give it a little squeeze and get one in return, not knowing that peter was watching as you smiled at that
  • he wants to tell you then
  • he wants to blurt out how much he loves every little thing about you & would be happy to even watch you talk about the dumb things
  • like your strong opinion on that flavouring of gummy bears or something
  • because he’s just a loveable dork who loves you too much 
  • and he desperately wants to tell you
  • but instead
  • this is enough for him at the moment
  • so he just closes his eyes & sleeps, breathing in the heavy rain outside, the glow of the streetlights and the smile of girl he’s in love with