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You belong with me / Neymar Jr. / Requested

“Yeah! I’ll be going.” I replied to Neymar’s text while I was reading my Literature book for my Finals essay. I immediately changed into my Barca shirt, with Neymar’s name on it, it’s been awhile since I’ve watched his games as I’m too busy with work and school.

I heard my phone ring, and it was Neymar. “Ola! I’m already here in front of your house.” He said, and I looked at the window and he was right, he’s already here. I grabbed my purse, and my phone, and a jacket. “What the! You’ve only invited me last minute?!” I’ve asked.

“No! I was supposed to invite you an hour ago, but I had a fight with Bru an hour ago.” He said, chuckling, I ended the call without saying goodbye, and closed the doors of my flat. I ran towards his car, and opened the door. “Shot gun!” I shouted, and immediately sat, wearing my glasses after sitting down.

He weirdly look at me, and pinched my cheek. “Ouch!” I exclaimed, rolling my eyes at him, and pinched him on his arm.

“Ouch! Do you want me to be injured, this is a precious arm.” He said, trying to be serious but fails because he’s not really good in controlling his laugh.

“I think those arms are not the ones who’ll play, right? Hala! Drive, you’re already late.” I said, and turned on his stereo, and connected my phone playing our favorite songs we always listen to whenever we play football in Brazil. “Oh, I remember. Won’t Bruna be watching?” I asked, putting my hair into a messy bun.

He slowed down, and turned to the alley entering FC Barcelona’s players parking area. “We’re here.” He blankly said, and took his bag with him. I looked at him, and immediately went down the car. “Oi! Neymar, what happened between you two?” I said, walking faster than I should be.

“Shh.” He said, briskly walking. We’ve entered the a hallway, and the guard didn’t allow me to go inside, but Neymar smirked. “Markie, she’s with me.” He said, and walked slowly to let me catch up. I weirdly looked at him, and followed him to the viewing room, and I can see a lot of people filling up the seats.

“Wow. There’s a lot of people in here.” I said, and Neymar just chuckled. I looked at him, and he was so serious. “What’s wrong with you, Juninho?” I asked, resting my arms on his shoulders tip toeing to reach his shoulders.

“Neymar! Change already, kick off is 15 minutes away.” The coaching staff said, he nodded and smiled. Neymar handed me my tickets, and a staff leading me the way to the front seats, I didn’t know he got me tickets for the front seats, I saw Rafa, and Bruna with an extra seat in the middle. “Hi, Y/N! Oh, I’m so glad to see you.” Rafa said, and sat beside her. “Hi, Bru.” I said, and smiled. But she just raised her eyebrows at me.

After a few minutes, the kick off started, and I’m so thrilled to watch it live. I know I don’t stand out between the two gorgeous girls beside me with what I am wearing right now, but I’m in the games, watching, and cheering for my bestfriend. “Come on, ref!” I said, as he didn’t call a foul.

The game ended, and Barca won. Neymar pulled me in the pitch, and I was confused pulling him back as I’m thinking he grabbed the wrong arm. “W-wait, Ney. I think you’ve got the wrong girl.” I told him, but he was just pulling me, without even paying attention at me.

I looked back at the bench where we were sitting and Bruna looks so shock about what’s happening, whilst Rafa was trying to control her giggle upon seeing me pulled by her brother. “Oi! Neymar! What’s you problem?!” I said, shouting, but he still didn’t look at me. “Ah! You don’t want to talk to me?” I said, and pinched his but cheek.

“Ouch, Y/N! What are you doing?” He asked, his eyebrows furrowed.

“Well, you’re not talking to me you crazy ass!” I said, as we were already in the middle of the pitch, and the crowd stopped moving out the stadium. I looked weird trying to figure out what is going on, is this a prank Neymar has been planning since, or what.

He looked at me chuckling. “I know this is weird, I know some will think that I’m this douchebag, but come on. I can’t let go of the girl that I’ve secretly been loving ever since we were kids, and now I’ve realized that true love is right just in front of me.” Neymar said, as he was looking right into my eyes.

“NEYMAR! WHAT DO YOU THINK YOU’RE DOING?!” Bruna said, looking pissed while shooting her phone in her bag. Neymar raised his index finger, to let her keep quiet, but she just walked out.

Neymar looked at me and sweetly smiled. “Ney, yeah. What do you think you’re doing?” I whispered. He walked closer to me and whispered. “I’m confessing my love to my best friend.” He said.

“Seeing you watch me, wearing my number on your shirt, following closely, and recklessly cheering for me on the side lines, it means a lot to me. I don’t know if I’m just stupid to not see you as the person who truly loves the game, and truly loves me. I’m so sick, and tired seeing a girl who doesn’t support me. But you, you were always there, you’ve always cheered me up whenever I had losing games, you’ve always cheered me up whenever we have winning games, and that’s the girl I would want to be with me, Y/N. And that was you. I love you, Y/N. Ever since, I love you, I’m so sorry I’m so stupid that I’ve confessed this long.” He said, and my tears just started to flow down my cheeks.

“Ney, um, oh my. I feel the same way, ever since I felt that same way. I love you too.” I said, and he kissed me on my lips carrying me while kissing me passionately, it feels like the butterflies multiplied in my stomach. I haven’t felt this way.

“You belong with me, Y/N.” Neymar whispered, and kissed me passionately

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Every time I see some shit on my dash I have the instinct to unfollow the person and then I see it's you and I'm like "Oh, classic Bruna, this is normal, she can always stay"

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Imagine #58 Just your house cleaner (Part 5)

PS: Tell me if you think is good and if you like how is the story going


You were at home and decided to call your best friend so you would get your mind away from Neymar and the thing that were happening.

“(y/n)! How are you?” You best friend showed up in the video call.

“Hey, I’m fine. You? Everything ok?” You asked forcing yourself not to show your sadness.

“All good. We just finished watching the game of Barca and now everyone left. You watched it?”

“Yeah, I did.”

“Neymar was so good! Now that you live in Barcelona do you ever see them?” She asked excited.

“Well…” You didn’t know what to say, you hated lying to her, but you didn’t want her to know either.

“Omg! What?”

“I saw some of them, but just from far away. Anyway, boys?” You forced a smile changing the subject.

Then she started talking about the boys she likes and she didn’t stop for a while and even though she was telling you everything your mind couldn’t let the thought of Neymar go. When you ended the call, you decided not to go working the next day.

The only way to forget about Neymar was to ignore him, to get away from him. You called your director, lied that you got sick, and couldn’t go to work. Then you also asked if there were any other clients you could work for, but he got mad and told you that there wasn’t any and that you have to work for Neymar.

*next day*

When you woke up you, remembered you could stay home today. Even if you were free for the day, you couldn’t leave the house so no one could see you outside, since you said you got sick. You knew you had just one day to stay home, but one day away from Neymar to clear your head was better than none.

You were watching TV the entire day. It was nice to be a little bit by yourself, but at the same time, you missed your friends and family, your best friend and also Neymar. You wanted to know if he was confused about the fact that you got sick or something, you wanted to know what was going on with Bruna, but the answers scared you.

It was already 7om and someone knocked at the door. You were confused, because no one knew you here and you didn’t have any friends here. You walked to the door and asked who it is before opening the door.

 “Neymar” You heard his voice and immediately your heart started beating fast.

You opened the door and he was standing there in front of you, with a serious face and a shopping bag.

“What are you doing here?” You asked quietly still not letting him walk inside.

“I heard you got sick.” He said as he smiled and took out of the bag a pocket of tea.

“I’m fine.” You said seriously, because you didn’t want him come inside. You knew he would find out you lied. You were mad because you did it just to avoid him, but he came to your house ruining your plan. Last of all, you were embarrassed, because your house was big like his kitchen.

“It’s time that I take care of you.” He smiled as he stepped closer wanting to get inside.

“I think Bruna is probably waiting for you,” You said not even realizing how jealous you sounded. Of course, he noticed it and a grin appeared on his face, “Jealous?”

“Wha-what? No!” You said in panic, of course everyone could see that you were jealous about it and it made Neymar laugh. He walked inside while you were shocked at his question.

“So is this your house?” He asked as he put the bag on the small table you had and looked around.

“If you call this a house, you live in a castell.” You said as you closed the door.

He laughed at you comment and walked closer to you. He was just a step away from you and then his hand was on your forehead as he tried to see if you were feverish. You blushed and stared at him.

“Seems all right.” He said with a smile and then he leaned closer putting his face so close you could touch each other’s nose, “So where does it hurt?” he wasn’t smiling he was provoking you once again.

“I said I’m fine.” You moved away from him and walked to the sofa, as he stood there proud of himself.

“So you’re just jealous?

“I’m really not.” You said ignoring him as you looked for other channels on TV not even knowing what you were looking for.

“Really?” He asked as he sit, of course your sofa was so small you two were close to each other.

“Yeah really. I have no reason to be jealous.”

“Oh, and what about Bruna?”

“I don’t care about your private life. All I care about is to do my work good.” You said getting mad at him for playing with you like that.

“I know you care,” He said whispering in your ear making you go in panic, but you didn’t say anything. He confused you.

“Just so you know… We’re not together.” He continued and then got up leaving you sit there alone in silence.

“Well, got to go now. Hope I’ll see you tomorrow (y/n)” He said and walked out of the house.

You were so confused. All this thought and feelings you had were making you go crazy. You got up and started talking to yourself how stupid he is and how full of himself he is, but you were happy that he didn’t date Bruna even though you pretended you didn’t care about it.

“Who does he think he is? Coming in MY house as if he is this celebrity and I am his poor maid that can’t afford anything. Acting like he has me around his finger, thinking I will be following him and cry for him? Oh hell no! I don’t care if he is even dating her! Well, maybe I do, but I don’t!” You keep on talking to yourself, because you had to put out all of that rage you had.

Your boss told you that you could get just one day to recover from the “sickness” you had, so you had to go to Neymar’s house if you wanted or not. You were still mad at him and you decided not to be kind as always.

As he got up and he had his breakfast on his table you noticed him smiling happily, because you were back and he knew he could play with your feelings again. At least that was what you thought.

“Feeling better I see” Neymar smiled as he sit to eat.

“Yes.” You said and walked out of the kitchen leaving him alone. You were walking around the house looking for something to clean as suddenly he was in the same room as you.

“Lucky for you, I don’t have training today” he winked and walked in the bathroom.

“Can he be even more annoying? Why? Why does he have to be free today, what did I do to deserve this. Who is this? He is not the nice and sweet Neymar anymore, he is a monster!” You thought to yourself while swiping around mad.

When he walked out, he had just a towel around his hip like he was doing it on purpose to embarrass you. He walked to you and because you were at the end of the corridor, you couldn’t walk away or move.

You moved your face away from you, but with just his finger he moved your chin back to him and smiled, he got closer and closer like he was trying to kiss you so you closed your eyes in fear of what was going to happen, but nothing.

You just hear a giggle so you opened your eyes and noticed Neymar moved away and laughed at you and then walked away.

You were so furious, you hated him. You hated him more than anything, you regretted showing him your feeling. You wanted to punch him in the face for playing with your feelings. He was not the Neymar from a few days ago, but you wanted to know which one was the real Neymar.