oh and brawl

Following erikkarlsson65’s advice and talking to my dog Coco about last season to help me make it through the playoffs.

I asked him about what I need to work on for next season (Coco says make smarter plays and score more goals) as well as what the Flames need to do next season.

He says they need to score a LOT more goals and take less penalties. Oh, and don’t line brawl with the Canucks again.

The Axe Factor

You know, I (Ryu) wasn’t here when the team made Most Likely To Get Axed lists. And I can say that I personally never thought Ike was in a lick of trouble. He was about as axe-able as Captain Falcon. Ike plays unlike any other character. He has an original moveset AND an original bodytype, being roughly Marth-sized but a Dedede-esque hitter.

[Wander here. I’ve thought that Lucas and Ike had good chances, too (just maybe a bit less than others), but it seemed like I was the only one around here who really believed that. It was a sort of “wouldn’t be surprised either way” kind of thing for me. I still have low hopes for Wolf, though.]

…And though I can’t speak for my fellow writers, I have complete faith in this; Absolutely no veteran cuts from Brawl.

Oh, okay no first-party veteran cuts from Brawl unrelated to transformation.

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