oh and bacon

30 Interesting Things About Me.

I got tagged by the beautiful @ashleyvc88 and @imladylunaticbitch 💕

1. I’m going to a WWELive event in May! <3
2. My first contact with rock music with the band Tokio Hotel
3. I listen to K-pop, J-rock, J-pop and J-ska and I love it!
4. I really do not like Taylor Swift, and I have never liked her.
5. My fave dish is “Stamppot rauwe andijvie met kaas en spek” Mashed potatoes with raw cichorium endivia, cheese and bacon. Oh and gravy of course!
6. I have 22m tunnels in my ears
7. My septum is fake, I can’t have a real one due to my work. Although I really want one!
8. I have 7 tattoos. A triangle (fire/water element), A anchor/cross for my granddad, the Deathly hallows logo, A broken heart, A semi colon, A celtic knot and the line “You will wear you independence like a crown” from the song From the pinnacle to the pit from the band Ghost.
9. I’ve been on television together with @ghost-cirice and @btfmy. Ghost was supposed to play at Pinkpop ‘16 but Papa got sick, but that didn’t stop us from waving our Ghost flag anyways!
10. I moved when I was 8 years old.
11. I haven’t been on a holiday since 2001, when we changed from the Gulden to the Euro.
12. I have 2 cats. Wizzie and Spooky.
13. I’m in a relationship <3
14. I want to visit Scotland. Inverness and Culloden are places I want to see!
15. I am fascinated by the Universe, the Milky Way, the stars and the moon. 
16. I play Animal Crossing; New Leaf, Warframe, Pokémon, Professor Layton, Phoenix wright, WoW and Maple Story on a daily basis.
17. I do not like sauerkraut, chicory and carrots.
18. I don’t have a drivers license.
19. I am a graduated social health care worker.
20. I work with people who are handicapped. Mental or physical or both due to a accident, alcohol, drugs or who are just born that way.
21. I like watching Dr. Pol. He is dutch!
22. I wanted to do ballet when I was younger.
23. I did horse back riding.
24. My english grade was 92% on my diploma.
25. My Dutch grade on the other hand was a 58%
26. I don’t like flowers.
27. I like black.
28. I have a Jailbroken iPhone 6 on iOS 10.2
29. I watch beauty.make-up youtubers, even though I don’t wear make-up my self.
30. I own 3 pairs of Creepers, 2 pairs of Vans, 1 pair of Nike Air max, 1 pair of dr. Martens and 2 pairs of Addidas flux varying from size 36.5 (kids size) to 37 (adult size)

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watching horror movies (OT12)

suho: “Y/N this is not family friendly!”

chanyeol: *gif*

luhan: “baobei im manly! i can protect you from those demons!” 


chen: *jumps and scares you at the least expected times,,,, you get pissed but he would apologize to you later*

tao: gOTTa bLaST

kyungsoo: you’d be creeped out because he’d be laughing when someone gets murdered

xiumin: “see these guns? ain’t no one getting past these bad boys”

kai: he was fine during the movie but–

*you’re about to turn off the lights to go to bed*

jongin: “wAIT DONT”

you: ???

jongin: “what if we see kyungsoo”

omg someone help this precious baby ^

lay: *recommended a disney movie in the first place*

kris: “horror movies are not my style”

sehun: *someone gets killed*

“bye bye bitch”

baekhyun: *screeches whenever the floor creaks for the next week*

What would EXO members search for if they had Tumblr
  • Suho: parenting advice, wu yifan
  • Kai: puppies, kyungsoo's high notes face, 10 different ways to prepare chiken
  • Chanyeol: reasons to adore park chanyeol, how to make byunbaek laugh, how to get kyungsoo to stop hating you
  • Xiumin: Luhan
  • Kyungsoo: how to kill chanyeol and baekhyun, jongin's hipthrusts, kai being cute, kim jongin, kai kim jongin
  • Kris: sweg, fashion, basketball, wu yifan is the best
  • Tao: gucci, food, animals, toys, teddy bears, suho
  • Luhan: sebooty, xiumin's abs
  • Chen: how to annoy your hyungs 101 (written by baekhyun), kittens, how to dance like jongin
  • Baekhyun: how to get senpai to notice you, chanyeol's hands, bacon
  • Lay: bunnies, spread the love, exo-l fanart, how to not lose your wallet
  • Sehun: Sehun, sebooty, sexy noodle, handsome noodle

had somebody tell me that “as much as I love animals, I wouldn’t be able to go vegetarian or even vegan that’s crazy!”
and what I heard was “I don’t care or respect animals bodies enough because my taste buds are more important.”

You can’t ‘love animals’ and eat them too.