oh and art

“Dream, there you are. What are you doing?”
“Hmm…I wonder if I should get a haircut cuz my hair grow. But…I wish my hair was a beautiful black hair of look like you.“ 
“Why? I think you don’t need to change.”
“I love you both your hair and this color.”

“T-Thanks brother…(What are you doing brotheeeeeer!!!!!)“ 

Let me just say one thing…
Joke-san, thank you so much for creating DreamBrothers. I love you and they.

What’s up HOES here’s a furry.

Never actually made an anthro character??? So here’s my new buddy Wren. He’s an Indian giant squirrel and likes to write shitty fantasy short stories


Bim Trimmer in moon shoes
@snowelfxx Thanks for making that post that inspired this drawing!

i dunno why but i felt compelled to make something after watching this and dan pointing out tails’ “funny chest-first run with his arms flopping around”