oh and a side note

y'all beronica at hogwarts will kill me tho like

  • baby slyth!veronica meeting huff!betty and immediately deciding she’s her person and fuck what the dumb talking hat says
  • ronnie getting sat down by her parents in her first year bc ‘u can’t just hex anyone who doesn’t like betty, honey’
  • veronica crying on betty’s shoulder and sleeping in the hufflepuff common room with her when her father gets sent to azkaban
  • ronnie getting upset bc she’s spent so much time with huffs that betty’s housemates aren’t even intimidated by her anymore
  • betty getting her first detention because she hexed a gryff who called ronnie’s father a criminal
  • alice cooper, poster woman for the slyth charity ball, hating that betty is a huff
  • veronica being forbidden from the cooper household bc of that one time she gave alice severe facial warts for calling betty a disappointment
  • betty staying with veronica’s family over summer break to avoid her mom
  • ronnie wearing a huff scarf to betty’s quidditch games and her housemates barely even caring bc they’ve come to just expect this shit from her now
  • slyth!ronnie and huff!betty basically just being such obnoxious ride or dies that no one is surprised when they finally start dating in their sixth year

Some times there are real life superheros and maybe this guy was one? Owner of Little Cesars Pizza dies and was worth billions. As a billionaire he donated to programs of his beloved city of Detroit and to a University to build a new business school and such things. This guy done to the citiy and people more that any politican.

Apparently he never spoke about it and it only comes to light after his death. I admit I got a little choked up when I heard this. Oh and side note, he was the son of immigrants.


So, fun fact: Charade is one of my all-time favorite movies ever. If you haven’t seen it, go, now, and watch it. It’s so rare for me to watch something and be actually surprised (I have this tendency to figure out how things are gonna go early on in the story), so I highly recommend it. It’s amazing. AMAZING. I mean, it’s Cary Grant and Audrey Hepburn and Walter Matthau—OH MAN, I’M GONNA GO WATCH IT.

Side note, oh my gosh, my wrist.

Finally, a shout out to Orion: I’m so genuinely sorry to throw this out right at the last minute. Congrats on your followers and thanks for allowing me to be a part of this! :D

Fandom: Supernatural
Pairing: Dean x Reader
Challenge: @whywhydoyouwantmetosaymyname‘s 1k Follower Writing Challenge x
Words: 1,004
Y/N is sick of Dean’s shit
Warnings: Some swearing, because I can’t control myself, some blood, and an injured Dean

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One word prompt - Advantage 😊

Taking Advantage (  Here and There verse

In which there are many firsts.

Rating: Explicit (Tis smut yo!) 

A/N Thank you for reading and commenting and reblogging! I love you all! And big thanks to Ash for reading this over and for being sexy and to Nicole for being pretty and helping me figure this all out. 

a messy doodle of my fire emblem heroes team :0 !!

Hey guys (life update and why I haven't been posting)

I just spent 10 days in a mental hospital and I got out last Wednesday. So I’m here, I’m doing okay, but I’m just going through a lot right now. Thank you for bearing with me.

If you could submit quotes, that would be great. I’ll still post those.

Oh a side note: DoB is up for a Grammy and if it wins and Dallon, Kenny, & Dan aren’t up there on stage for the acceptance I will riot.