oh and a costume contest

Oh my god you guys today is the LLAMA COSTUME CONTEST at the Livestock Show and they’ve sent a reporter to meet the costumed llamas and, you guys. They HATE THEIR OUTFITS. SO MUCH. Llama Costume Contest might be my new favorite rodeo event.

(Bonus: there is a BABY LLAMA named Jasmine, and Jasmine was jealous that the other llamas were getting fussed over and dolled up, so the reporter put a scarf on her.)

Okay but imagine the barrier being broken and all the monsters crossing over to the human world on Halloween. There are tiny monsters everywhere.

Papyrus talks to a plastic skeleton in a wal-mart for 20 minutes.

Sans makes friends with a kid in a grim reaper costume and they explain trick or treating to him. He thinks it’s the sweetest thing ever and goes on a candy hunting spree to where his brother is confiscating a Hersheys bar from him at 4 am.

Undyne is shocked to see that all the costumes for women she sees have “fish-net” stockings.

Alphus sees a person in a Mew Mew Kissy Cutie costume and thinks it’s really her. “Am. Am I on the show??? Right now? ? Oh gosh this isn’t even my best lab coat oh no I-”

Mettaton discovers a Halloween party and wins the costume contest, than makes a legitimate trophy-winning speech.

And Toriel is that mom at the amusement park that went looking for a map and suddenly everyone was gone, but she helps a few lost or knee-scraped children find their parents and having one mother tell her that she’d make a great caregiver.


Cosplay debut at Ancient City Con in Jacksonville! Had a few problems but duct tape and Velcro to the rescue! Had a great time. Didn’t win anything but the cosplay competition was fierce! Was super excited to see such great cosplay in my home town! Congratulations to everyone!

Oh and I proposed during the costume contest! She said yes ;)