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my mgca headcanons vol 1

This got really long so I apologize

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  • The family of empty cups so adopts Alex like this is just canon at this point. It shouldn’t even be on this list but I put it here cause it makes me happy
  • Sif and Alex totally bonded in that dressing room and Sif is now Alex’s emergency contact and listed as “new goddess mom” in her phone.
  • Magnus feels like he should be offended but he’s mostly just really confused
  • Speaking of phones…
    • yes i know they probably don’t have phones shut up
  • But Sam has one because duh mortal world and she texts Amir all the time.
  • You cannot convince me that they are not those people that text each other really inspirational or sweet messages first thing every morning and last thing at night
  • Magnus went through Sam’s messages once and gained approximately six new cavities from all the tooth-rotting fluff
  • Magnus also has a phone. Which he almost never uses.
  • But Jack does?
  • Somehow, between being a pendant and participating in all the battles, Jack has managed to download a dozen dating apps on Magnus’s phone without him noticing
  • Magnus didn’t even know there were that many apps for magical weapons that are “single and ready to mingle. preferably over some freshly slain corpses”
  • Suffices to say that he’s pretty weirded out
  • He offered to get Jack his own phone but the sword denied all involvement so…
  • Whatever. Magnus can deal.
  • And hey, guess what! Blitz and Hearth are in a wonderful queer-platonic relationship this is my belief I will defend it until the day I die.
    • (If you’re not 100% sure of what that is please google it and tell me it doesn’t fit. QPRs are so good and pure and it fits them so much)
    • (I still don’t like that Ellie girl with Hearth tho like nun uh leave the elf-child with his dwarf please and thank you)
  • More on this wonderfulness:
    • They share a bed
    • And their mugs
    • And their socks
    • And they always are with each other and they cuddle a lot because Hearth is always cold (thus the scarf)
    • And it’s just really cute and domestic
  • I’ll definitely maybe do some more headcanons on them later
  • So Alex Fierro is a verifiable fashion hoe (subtle reference to my sideblog *wink*)
  • She and Blitzen spend so much of their time together talking about clothes
  • Not even just outfits and shit, but how to weaponize scarves and include Blitz’s chain mail design into absolutely anything
  • They are the best of buds
  • And ok she is the absolute queen of that “i woke up like this” hair style that actually takes like 30 minutes because my child is always determined to be looking as good as possible
  • (aka determined to make Magnus go into cardiac arrest every time he sees her)
    • Magnus: –and don’t even get me started on that hair like is she TRYING to kill me?!?
    • Some member of the floor 19 squad who really doesn’t deserve this: Well she did decapitate you that one time…
    • Magnus: NOT THE POINT
  • Her hair is totally the real deal btw like she picked so many pockets and saved up a ton of money to go to a salon cause she’d been dreaming about it for ages and goddamn it if she’s gonna do this she’s gonna make sure it’s the best it can possibly be
  • Anyway my girl be looking 110% on top of things at all times and Alex Fierro will 110% be listed as the cause of death in Magnus’ obituary
  • Oh and all the tangled jokes are made at Magnus’ expense
  • He and Alex are always talking about disney movies and pop cultue because everyone else on floor 19 does not (for obvious reasons) know anything about mean girls or the kardasians and Magnus was getting really sick of only having to Jack to talk about this stuff with
  • So he and Alex sometimes have competitions over who can make the most references in 10 minutes
  • Their first “regular” date is going to see FBAWTFT ok don’t try to tell me otherwise
  • Hey hey guess what? Idk if I’ve mentioned this but I think Blitz and Hearth are queer platonic partners k?
  • Next up: my two cents on how Magnus can tell what pronouns Alex uses at any given time
  • Don’t get me wrong he could just be really observant but that also seems. Kinda unrealistic to me? At least how he’s able to tell in that last scene with the “dude” and everything.
  • So my theory’s that Magnus healing her and getting that glimpse into her head allowed him to understand kinda how she acts/the different airs she has depending on her gender.
  • Idk this one’s still a work in progress. Please come talk to me about it if you wanna.
  • Actually please come talk to me about anything related to all my mango cheese children. or having to do with rick’s books.
  • *ahem*
  • Yeah that’s all I got for now
  • Magnus: I don't like physical contact
  • blitz: *five pages later* you're not the only one who lost his family to wolves, kid.
  • Magnus: I felt like hugging him right here right now but I contained myself
  • Radio Luxembourg Interview w/ Chris Denning (Excerpt, Sometimes I Do Much More Work Than Paul)
  • The Beatles
  • December 24th-31st, 1964

December 24th-31st, 1964 (Hammersmith Odeon, London): While the Beatles are having a meal, Chris Denning interviews John and Paul about their songwriting process.

DENNING: How do you go about it in the first place?

JOHN: Well, I don’t know—

RINGO: Well, first of all… [laughter]

DENNING: Well, I knew we’d get to him. Uh, Ringo, yeah.

RINGO: Yes, Chris? [Denning laughs]

JOHN: How do you go about writing them, Ringo? 

RINGO: Well, some… you know, we write them on coaches and in vans. [laughs]

JOHN: We write them anywhere. But we usually just sit down, Paul and I, with a guitar and a piano, or two guitars, or a piano, or a guitar and a guitar. 

PAUL: And Geoff. 

JOHN: [laughs] And Geoff.

DENNING: Who’s Geoff? 

PAUL: Geoff? No no, Geoff—

JOHN: That’s George.

GEORGE: Geoff, the singing piano. 

PAUL: We just turn the radio on, and whatever record comes on, we get it down. [John laughs] And we say we wrote it. No, there’s no set formula for writing them, that’s as John says to just sit down and try and see if anything comes. If it doesn’t, hard lines, you know…

DENNING: Well, they say that all your numbers have a – not a similarity, but they’re recognisable as the same ones, so I guess you must always write more or less the same proportions each, the two of you.

JOHN: Yeah, just about, you know. Sometimes I do much more work than Paul, but we won’t mention that will we, Paul? [laughs]

PAUL: And on other occasions, I’ll write five songs in a row. Whi—

RINGO: With John still in his bath. [John and Paul laugh]

PAUL: However, I wouldn’t mention it—

JOHN: But I’m clean, though, aren’t I?

PAUL: [laughs] You’re clean, yeah.


No Peridot! No Life ya Clod!

I just got caught up with Digimon Universe today and a good portion of the time I was thinking “Peridot would look adorable in Astra’s clothes.” And that she is! Honestly I’ve been adoring Astra’s and Musimon’s relationship. They’re so good :3 Can’t wait for more episodes.