oh aedan

supjello  asked:

Oh Aedan please for the character profile thing! :)

Full Name: Aedan Batcii
Gender and Sexuality: cismale, pan
Pronouns: he/him
Ethnicity/Species: Bromene/witchling
Birthplace and Birthdate: January 25th in Aerhle
Guilty Pleasures: loves to sing, is not v good
Phobias: bunch of issues all tied up in not making his mark, has a general anxiety around animals (particularly eli’s cat)
What They Would Be Famous For: he’d make a great tv personality 
What They Would Get Arrested For: baby has been arrested so many times, but the first time was for stowing away on a ship when he was thirteen
OC You Ship Them With: eli
OC Most Likely To Murder Them: almost everyone has a reason to murder aedan occasionally, usually bc he’s being reckless and making everyone worry (mainly eli & ollie). also bc he’s obnoxious
Favorite Movie/Book Genre: if he were in 2016 he would be rom com queen
Talents and/or Powers: charming as fuck, can literally talk his way in and out of everything. this is partially connected with his witchling abilities, which are tied in with fire and are mostly practised in spoken word and gesture magic. he was formally trained and has a v competent control over his powers
Why Someone Might Love Them: like i said, charming. but he’s also utterly sincere, genuinely kind, and endlessly loving. he’s v funny, v affable, and would flirt w a brick. 
Why Someone Might Hate Them:  well, would flirt w a brick. can come off as fickle, inconstant, and insincere. he talks a lot but doesn’t say much. he can be v blind to other’s feelings and dogged in an argument, and he’s downright reckless.
How They’ve Changed:  not a huge amount, except that there was a brief window where he was a “side character” and “eli’s best friend” which. haha
Why You Love Them: oh god my favourite manic idiot child. he loves with his entire being. he’s an idiot. i think i relate to him bc i too am infatuated w eli