oh adam ; ;

  • Jimmy: We had him on the show, we had a great time with him... we went out and had sushi together.
  • Adam: Yeah I heard about that. I actually saw that, a little bit of that on TV. I'm like "this isn't gonna go well, he doesn't like this."And uh, my favorite thing about Blake is that he does- when he's talking *country accent* about the rice wine-
  • Jimmy: Oh yeah!
  • Adam: *country accent* Like the rice wine-
  • Jimmy: Yeah we were talking about sake and he's like *country accent* "You mean rice wine?"
  • Adam: *country accent* Rice wine.. But you gotta get him to say like, "white bread" or "snow white." You gotta work it into the conversation when he comes back here cause it's so great it's like "WHA-ITE"
  • Jimmy: *laughs*
  • Adam: *country accent* WHA-ITE BREAD, SNOW WHA-ITE...
  • Jimmy: *country accent* Snow wha-ite..
  • Adam: It's very aggressive, and there's a lot of- the "WH" is like really pronounced. "WHA-ITE BREAD! WHA-ITE."
oh wow here’s the trash can let me go dive straight into it...

Okay, I gotta ask this, because I want to know who else is sharing this trash dumpster can ride into Hell.  Who else had some Seriously Inappropriate Thoughts™ when Prince Adam (Dan Stevens) in human form suddenly growled like the Beast near the end of the new live action movie?

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Things that only SPN fandom can understand:
  • “Oh my Chuck!”
  • “Carry on my wayward soOOOOOon” means “somebody’s gonna die”
  • “Adam? Who the fuck is Ad- Ooooh, right!”
  • “It’s just a car!”: fandom screaming
  • “Why does everyone have to die!?”
  • Lucifer and Death are good guys
  • Metatron is not.
  • Don’t get stuck on tuesday
  • “How can Sam get wifi everywhere?”
  • “It’s funnier in enochian”
  • Dean is the pizzaman
  • There are a lot of ways to say “I love you”
  • Twist and Shout
  • “How can this cast be so fucking attractive!?”
  • God is bisexual
  • Thinking “I kinda miss the apocalypse”
  • “I can dig Elvis”: fandom heartbreak
  • “Bitch”, “Jerk”, “Idiot”, “Assbutt”.
  • Your social life ended with “Dad’s on a hunting trip, and he hasn’t been home in a few days”
  • “I usually suffer from insomnia” actually means “I usually spend the night reading Destiel fanfictions”
  • “Why do I still watch this show?”

Y'all … Chris went from “Hello, sir, it’s nice to finally meet you. I’m here to pick up your daughter ” to “Yo daughter calls me daddy too”