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aarontveit: Merry Merry Christmas to all!! 🎄🎄🌟🌟⛪️⛪️
Beyond grateful for my family. And my friends. And all the the blessings in my life!
And also grateful I didn’t make these BIRDS MAD. WHAT IS THAT!?! Also it was raining RIGHT before this I don’t understand. This dude didn’t get coal in his stocking. He got Bird-ED. [Later addition: But. It’s supposed to be lucky right?? Hope he bout infinity lotto tickets] 
Merry Christmas. Don’t mess with Birds! (x)

Enjolras and Grantaire moving in together would involve...

A/N: Blame George Blagden, he’s giving me Enjoltaire feels and it’s rude

I feel like R would get really overexcited with it all

He’d be filming random moments, walking into whatever room Enj is currently in with a camera and a shit eating grin on his face

“Smile for the camera. E. Enj. Enjolras. Smile for the fucking camera, I want to show our kids this one day.” “You can’t show our kids a video of you swearing, R!”

R promptly stops filming to phone Courf to inform him that Enj said he’d have kids with him

Enj is standing in the background trying to look annoyed but failing miserably because holy shit my boyfriend is an adorable nerd

Enjolras tries to be really practical with everything, he’s got every box labelled and packed really logically

But R decided the night before they moved to shuffle everything around because he’ll never miss out on a chance to mess with his boyfriend

“You’re lucky you’re cute.” “So are you.” “Oh shut up, R.”

By the time they’ve brought all their things into the flat they’re too tired to unpack

So they fall asleep together on the sofa, Enj’s face buried in the crook of R’s neck as he snores softly

Enj has a stack of paintings that R tried to throw away hidden in one of the boxes, and he puts them up in his office so he can look at them when he’s working

R pretends not to notice, but he can’t help but smile every time he sees them

Enj pretends not to notice that R doesn’t drink as much now, but he can’t help but smile every time he sees him drinking something non-alcoholic because he’s so fucking proud of him

When they finally adopt a little boy, the whole flat becomes his palace (although Enj doesn’t like the term “palace” for obvious reasons)

Enj’s study? Nope, the kid uses the desk for hide and seek. They once thought he’d escaped because he was hiding in a filing cabinet

Their bedroom? Did you mean the room with the best bouncy castle ever?

Grantaire swears it wasn’t him that first called it that (it was)

He also swears that he didn’t teach the kid his first curse word (he did)

He definitely didn’t encourage him to build a barricade in the school playground when his teacher annoyed him

He actually didn’t it was Enjolras


“Thank you to the best cast, crew and fans in television.” - Jeff Eastin


“What do I need to do?”
“Turn those all off and on. Every one.”

BrainDead 1.09: “This might be the start of a campaign for @AaronTveit as #JamesBond P.S. Let’s make it a musical” - @BrainDeadWriter (x)