oh = original hipster

love me as I am
love me and my quirks
the endearing ones
and the not
love me at 4 am
when I’m in my underwear
singing taylor swift to you
at the top of my lungs
love me when I won’t shut up
when I ramble and rant
when I sleepily mumble
love me when I bother you
when I get stuck on one word
when I badger you
to the moon and back
love me when I disappoint you
I promise you that I will fall short
I will make mistakes
I will fail you
I will hurt you
I will make you want
to pull your hair out at times
but take the risk
and love me anyway
—  love me // poem of the day
I want you
I want you even though
I don’t expect
sunshine and interlocked hands
I expect a hurricane
of bad days and fights
I expect things thrown at me
and skin piercing words
I expect the silent treatment
accompanied only
with the rolling of eyes
but throughout this all
I want you
I want you and your messy hair
and your makeup less face
and an oversized t-shirt
paired with sweatpants
I want you when you’re drunk
and you’re sloppy
and you’re making a mess of things
without a second thought
I want you and your tears
your darkness and sad ideas
when you want to scream
but can only muster a whimper
I want you, love
and I don’t want you
despite your faults
but in light of them
they come with you
they consist of you
it’s a packaged deal
and I will love them as I love you
because I want you
all of you
—  I want you // poem of the day
Nice But Unexpected

Hi! Okay so this is for the absolutely amazing llexis HAPPY BIRTHDAY, You basically inspired this to happen and i’m praying you like it! xxx

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Okay, so this is a one shot AU (maybe carry it on if anyone would want that? probably not) of when Finn tells Rae Archie isn’t meeting her for their date, but he stays instead of leaving her. btw, there’s probably a million mistakes in this and i’m so sorry. 


Finn was walking back from the record store when he saw him. “Archie!” He shouted over, grinning at his best mate. “Thought you were workin’ or summat, tonigh’?” Finn said, when he caught up to the nervous looking boy. He had been on the phone to Archie not two hours ago to ask if he was going to the cinema with the rest of gang. Archie’d said that he had to work, but clearly that was bullshit.

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