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Oh So Quiet

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Chapter 7

You made your way out of the bedroom and creeped to the living room finding a tired looking Sherlock, John, Mycroft and Greg.

‘Go on sweetheart, ask…’ The voice spoke to you again. You took in a deep breath just as Sherlock was talking “You don’t understand, Graham. If she doesn’t talk to me-”

You cut him off “His name is Greg”.

The four men snapped their heads round to you with 'O’ expressions on their faces, Mycroft was so shocked he dropped his tea. Greg and John were completely taken aback while a smile formed on Sherlock’s face.

“Did she just…or am I dreaming…?” John muttered out.

“I’ll never miss an opportunity to correct Sherlock, John” you spoke again and Mycroft abruptly stood up along with Sherlock, closing the space between you.

“Does this mean…?” Sherlock hopefully breathed out.

You nodded and tried your best to convince them both “He’s gone…” You said and the voice sinisterly giggled. “I’m sorry Sherlock, and I’m sorry to you too Mycroft” you sent him a sympathetic smile and an overwhelming feeling of relief spread though the two brothers.

“That’s alright, I’ll let mother and father know” he pulled out his phone and walked out to the hall. Sherlock couldn’t help but wrap his arms around you and press a kiss on your forehead.

“I thought I lost you” he whispered as you pressed your face against his chest. 'Do you hear that?’ The voice asked 'That’s his heartbeat…such a shame it won’t be beating for much longer’ he teased.

“Course not,” you told Sherlock “It will take much more than that to get rid of me” you smirked and pulled away. You looked over Sherlock’s shoulder to Greg, who was still in shock at hearing your voice for the first time. He couldn’t believe how sweet and melodic it sounded.

You walked over to him and stuck your hand out “I can now properly introduce myself, I’m Y/N Holmes” you grinned at the detective and he stood up to shake your hand.

He was lost for words “Wow…yo…your voice is just as beautiful as you…” He shyly spoke and you could feel your cheeks starting to burn.

“Oh…thanks” you let out a quiet giddy giggle and the voice in your head groaned 'What a pathetic excuse for flirting…’ He said and you mentally rolled your eyes 'Now ask him’.

You turned to Sherlock and fiddled with your fingers “Sherlock, I want to visit Eurus…” You asked just as Mycroft was walking back in and he froze as soon as you mentioned her name.

“There is no way you are going to see her! I won’t allow it!” Mycroft snapped.

You put on your best pleading voice and puppy dog eyes, the ones you knew Sherlock couldn’t say no to “You don’t understand! She could maybe figure out who did this to me. I want justice and to put this to bed. Please, she might be able to help me…” You begged and the voice praised you yet again for coming up with such a believable excuse.

“Mycroft…” Sherlock glanced between you and his brother “Maybe we should take her, like Y/N said its for her own piece of mind. She deserves to know who did this to her” Sherlock stood beside you and wrapped an arm around you “If it makes you feel any better about it we can take John. Lestrade could come along too. The more people to keep an eye on Y/N the better”.

Mycroft let out frustrated sigh “Fine but if I feel like anything is the slightest bit off we fly her out straight away” he warned and you nodded.

Greg stayed and chatted with you while Mycroft and Sherlock went over what was going to happen tomorrow when you would travel to Sherrinford. You were allowed no longer than five minutes with Eurus.

The voice in your head was ecstatic and kept praising you over and over again while you sat and helped John feed Rosie. You didn’t notice Greg staring at you with a smile on his face as you played with and brought wide grin to the little girls face. John and Sherlock both kicked the detective under the table because he was gawking that much.

“So Y/N,” Greg cleared his throat and suddenly found all eyes on him “How did you get into forensic physiology?”.

You looked up to him “Well I’ve always been particularly interested in the way criminals work, so I’d go to crime scenes and police interviews and decided that it was something I wanted to do. Mycroft used to say I’d go mad with it one day” you chucked and the men around the table joined in.

'That one day might come soon…’ The voice teased and you stopped laughing. Sherlock noticed but didn’t say anything…not yet anyway.

You knew you’d be with Eurus soon and none of you knew how that would play out.


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Me finding fanfictions, a summary.
  • Me: Oh wow look at this new fanfic
  • Fanfic summary: These two mother fuckers are gonna fuck. thats all ive gotta say.
  • Me: *CLICK*
  • -After Reading-
  • Fanfic Author: BITCH THERES A SEQUEL!
  • Me: *Click*
Rewatch Thoughts

On rewatch, John makes me sad. It all makes sense to me, and it’s sad. 

Why does he do it?

He’s been restless since the wedding, seemingly about to walk out the door at any moment. He doesn’t know the first thing about his wife, and then she up and vanishes, like Sherlock did. John suggests the tracking device; he doesn’t know who this woman is and he doesn’t trust her, clearly. At points it seems he doesn’t even like her anymore, though there are no screaming fights and few harsh words. He used to like her, he says. Not anymore, one assumes is the next part of that statement.

And Sherlock invites her along on cases, so he doesn’t even have that as an escape. (He doesn’t seem all that put out about that, but surely he would be? Wouldn’t he? I don’t know.) Is John dissolving in the pool that is Mary’s new identity? As she recreates herself, is she also re-creating him? Does he feel like he’s getting lost, is he barricaded in? As long as he doesn’t say anything, he can blame her for anything he likes.

I really like this development for him, because these are real, ugly feelings that come back to haunt you when you actually have confront them. He thought the worst of her when he was at his worst. Not without cause: Mary is not blameless, she has lied to John from the start. She shot Sherlock. John married a figment of her imagination, her fantasy self. He tells her: couples talk about this kind of thing, but he’s just as guilty of not talking about their issues. He’s running off on his own too, it’s just less obvious.

Credit to the writers on this one: Mary and John abandon each other. Mary runs off on her own, and John checks out emotionally. Mary martyring herself means John can’t blame her anymore. It’s a grand but cruel gesture, really.

Sherlock made a vow and couldn’t keep it; you made a vow too, John. And you lied and lied. What a beautiful mess!

And who is Elizabeth? Did someone send her to seduce John? What does she herald? Nothing good, I’d imagine. Nothing good.