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midweek therapy sessions pt 1

You know when you make a character in D&D and you get really attached to said character, and then that character gets attached to OTHER characters that you love AND THEN YOUR DM DECIDES TO SEND SAID CHARACTER(S) ON AN EMOTIONAL RIDE OF PAIN AND TORMENT AND YOU’RE JUST SITTING THERE HELPLESS LIKE:

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I'm trying to track all my favorite podcasts on my calender, so I was wondering if there's a schedule for when TBS is released? I know that it's coming back on the twenty fifth but that's about it :D

Your timing is impeccable actually as the schedule is about to change slightly. We release episodes on Wednesday, every two weeks, but we’re taking a short hiatus after the 25th. 

We won’t be releasing any new episodes in February (though I’m going to try and use that time to catch up on transcripts/tumblr asks!). Then we’ll be back on March 1st with 8 more full-length episodes on the two-week schedule, which will take us to our S3 finale on June 7th.

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Nobody let Damien read 1984



Basically, I’m just making an excuse where people assumed Genji’s a playboy cause it’s like he’s got a date daily, but in reality, he just meets up with his brother somewhere in Japan that’s NOT in Hanamura so they could date in peace.

Their usual routine would be finding the best Ramen and waste their time at the Arcades… Whaaat? Who says Hanzo doesn’t play in Arcades! He’s quite a gamer whenever he wants to beat his brother’s High Scores.ヽ(´▽`)/

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All I want is for Damien to want/be inspired to be better and nontoxic, and to become stable and happy (For himself if possible).. Is there any likely chance for a Damien redemption arc or is this just wistfully thinking??

Listen, nothing is impossible. And Damien’s power doesn’t make him an inherently bad person. But he keeps making choices and whether or not those choices are defensible or redeeming is up to each individual listener’s interpretation. 


Sorry if I’ve been inactive on tumblr lately… but I hope this explains why: Cosplay! Moving from Fire Emblem comics to Fire Emblem cosplay :D

Here are some test and WIP shots of the Chrom redesign from the Fire Emblem x Shin Megami Tensei crossover. I hope you like it!

Also, if any of you are at Sakura-Con, come say hi!