• Writers: So here is Betty and Veronica they are two platonic best friends who aren't in love
  • Me: they in love
  • Writers: This is Archie Andrews, you're supposed to love him as the main character
  • Me: EW miss me with that angsty sports vs music cliche
  • Writers: This is Cheryl Blossom, she's a bit of a bitch and possibly could've killed her brother you don't like her right?
  • Me: Oh my god I love her, protect her at all costs
  • Writers: this is Jughead, he's homeless, later we are going to pair him up with Betty
  • Me: Bitch what the fuck no

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so I have no idea if you have an answer for this but, since I haven't been to India since 2013 I haven't been able to keep up w Bollywood and I really want to go back to it - so would you have any suggestions for good Bollywood movies from the last 4 years?

Oh my god there’s so much you’ve missed… PK, 2 States, Highway, Mardaani, Mary Kom, Gunday, City Lights, Daawat-e-Ishq, Bajirangi Bhaijaan, Bajirao Mastani, Tanu Weds Manu Returns, Dum Laga Ke Haisha, Badlapur, NH10, Talvar, Dangal, Airlift, Sultan, Neerja, Udta Punjab, Ae Dil Hai Mushkil, Kapoor and Sons, Pink, Rustom, Fan, Dear Zindagi, Ki And Ka, Sarbjit, Kahaani 2, Jai Gangaajal, Sanam Teri Kasam, Raees, and Jolly LLB 2.

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what did you think of episode 7 of taboo?


Okay people so you know the drill TABOO SPOILERS!!


A very intense episode!!!  I swear my heart was in my throat the entire time.  Tom Hardy…. oh my god.. the man can not dig any deeper into the acting well. Just phenomenal what he has to do each week.   Overall I think it was one of the best episodes thus far.  Everything is unraveling, and coming together in a way.  So, I can tell you two things straight away that might not be too revealing:

1) If you don’t love Lorna Bow by now, I think you are vastly missing something.  My love for her shot up about 200% in this episode.   Her heart and strength are the backbone of this otherwise bleak, black, often soul-less show.  Her commitment to find evidence to prove James innocence - my god her heart!!   And I think she may just adopt all the children??   But for now it’s quite a thing that she is basically taking care of things on the home-front for Mr James Delaney, and he’d better appreciate it.    And so should the rest of you who think that it is boring AF – who the heck do you think makes the world go around and holds it up when it’s about to crash?  People like Lorna Bow, who quietly go about just Doing The Damn Work That Needs Doing.    But, I hope I never have to pluck a duck.

I know I know I hear ya – she could still betray him possibly?  Yep - this show could pull anything over on us.  But, I rather highly doubt it at this point because exactly…. how?   About what?  And I am sure Robert was sent to the Delaney home because he trusts Lorna to care for him.   And I have a reason I suspect he’s already chosen her to be with him.  But I will hold onto that for now…

2)  My heart cannot take much more watching James in pain. Like.Enough.Already.  That torture was extremely hard to watch.  My stomach was clenched the entire time.  How much more can this man endure?   LOVE that he got what he wanted in the end.   He’s supposed to be so evil, but how interesting is it that we see the extreme heart of this man when push comes to shove…   … hmmmm sure hope there’s a woman of equally stout heart who could be a good match for him.  *wink*  You know, someone who actually is like him.   Can’t wait for this conversation between James and Strange next week – you just know that he is going to unleash on that man, and probably has something BIG on Mr Stuart Strange that will likely secure his release. 

Among other things, still wondering if Robert is in fact his son??   Because Brace does refer to him as The Bastard – meaning in the old time use of the word folks.  There is absolutely no indication at all that he could be the child of James and Zilpha.  Maybe it’s best to just not say, for his sake?  Besides, by the way Lorna immediately puts her arm around him and takes him inside and continues to care for him?  honestly, who do you think would be a better caretaker/mom anyway?   so speaking of crazy people….

That brings us to perhaps the biggest shock, although if you were just completely enthralled by Tom’s half naked body last week and failed to see the greater detail to the incest sex scene - you perhaps were surprised at how it ended tonight.   I’m sorry people, but the very idea that she thought they could continue on after THAT?  She’s crazy.  The fact that she was even willing?  Crazy.  It truly showed how they are not the same people At All.   The fact that this was the FIRST real conversation they have ever had, and it still was essentially an argument?  A definite case of too little too late.  And honestly, I think James was disgusted by the fact she basically killed her husband to be with him, then tried to suggest that he told her to do it, and then also passed he burden of covering it up to him.  And then gave in to him when he was essentially an ass to her.  Immediately after the funeral.  His eyes have been opened.   He’s changed since he was a young man she could easily play about.   Since Oona is listed for 8 episodes, we haven’t seen the last of Zilpha, but I highly doubt that there will be a last minute change of heart.  That diamond - her second one mind you - slammed on the desk was pretty final.  And personally, I didn’t buy those tears for a minute.   Quite honestly, I don’t have anything but best wishes for her character - I hope this finally means the two of them can find some happiness - in other places. 

So, now its just a matter of James getting free and who is going to sail away with him.  If you had a keen eye, you probably spotted some letters on his writing table – I am pretty sure they will be very important in the finale.  The preview for #8 shows Robert delivering them.   Also, I highly doubt the betrayals are over just yet.  The Crown certainly will try everything, even if the EIC makes a deal with him.  I am sure someone of his league is probably dishonest too. 

It seems to me that James Delaney is very much alive at this point in time. So there goes all those supernatural theories out the window.   The question is, with the Crown and the Company and now the Prince Regent, and probably the Americans too all pressing down upon his head, and likely at least one traitor still in his league….. will he remain that way until the end?  

Can we appreciate Greg Universe’s outlook on life?

Steven: Dad I want to go to Korea and learn more about my mother’s dark past.

Greg: Ok sure.

Steven: Dad help me jump a fence that is clearly marked “Do not enter”.

Greg: Ok sure.

Steven: Oh shit it’s Blue Diamond.

Greg: It’s cool, I’ll go talk to her.

Blue Diamond: It’s very clear that I’m dangerous to you, but I am crying over someone I lost.

Greg: I miss someone too, and relate to your sadness, here’s some life advice.

Blue Diamond: You’re cool, I’m putting you in my zoo.

Greg: Wait, what


Greg: Well, I’ve been kidnapped, and put in a space zoo. God knows what will happen to me, here. I may never see my son, or anyone else I love, ever again.

Greg: Might as well let this dude braid my hair, lol


Greg’s inability to give a f*ck is something I treasure.

  • teacher: you have three unexcused absences before you fail the class on attendance
  • employer: we can fire you at any time but you have 3 missed days before written warning
  • me: *gets sick, literally look/feel like I'm dying, too broke to go to doctor's office, shows up to work/class*
Zodiac according to things my friends said.

Pisces: I’ll honestly be honest.

Aries: His PRNDL is stuck in reverse!

Taurus: Oh my god, oh my god, oh my god. I need a brownie!

Gemini: I’m completely okay with my sexuality, Miss non-gay man lover. …Oh no! My fairies!

Cancer: Am I going to bed? No I’m going to floor!

Leo: Guys, my eyes are numb!

Virgo: Why am I on Tumblr on my laptop and my cell phone?

Libra: Oh yeah, that had alcohol in it.

Scorpio: Why do I keep having gay music video thoughts!?

Sagittarius: I’m not a hermaphrodite if it comes off, right?

Capricorn: I’m not a ho.

Aquarius: Do you know how many people I sold for cigarettes?


I love when you are on the last Tube and everybody is really drunk. There are people singing, people eating McDonald’s, people sleeping. I always forget that, and when I go back I am reminded. I love the energy. London is my home. I miss my family so much, it’s hard being away. And I miss salt and vinegar crisps. And Marmite. And good fudge. Oh my God. Clotted cream fudge…

Thankfully some Gods aren't easily offended

Playing a home brew game, the party is investigating a missing person and end up at the library and are trying to question the Librarian who’s not giving them anything.

Mage: *throws down spell card* I want to use Zone of Truth!

Me (DM): Are you SURE?

Thief: If the DM asks you that the answer should always be no!

Mage: I want to do it!

Me: *flipping open my reference notebook to the deities page*  Okay you just tried to cast that on THE GOD OF KNOWLEDGE.

Party collectively: Oh fuck we’re gunna die in the first session!!


keith wearing that jumper in cause you’re learning me by @gajeelredfox is all ive been thinking about. 

also pls imagine lance coming back home and keefs brain kinda stops working and he justs gets up and hugs him because “oh my god ive missed you…and uh, thanks again for that- the present i mean.” “yeah…no problem…thanks for the chocolate.”

and lance secretly wanting a jumper like keiths

And my god, I hope you wake up one morning to someone who loves you like you’re a sunflower and they’re desperate to keep you alive.
I hope you dance with them in the small space of your kitchen floor, messy hair and tired eyes because you both been up all night watching movies again.
I hope you laugh with them in a way you never did with anyone else, head tilted back and lips apart as you let out every sound your laugh can possibly make and I hope to god you don’t try to cover your mouth. And if you do, because that’s okay, I know I sometimes do, I hope they stop you.
I hope they grab your hand before it ever comes in contact with your lips and I hope they hold it to their chest as they watch you with kind loving eyes. Because fuck, everyone knows you deserve it. And I hope you find someone who’ll accept you.
I hope they accept your messy hair in the early morning of the day and I hope they accept the way you sometimes talk too much and can’t seem to stop when you’re nervous or how you still cry yourself to sleep on some nights.
I hope they hold you and kiss you on the places where you’re most insecure at and I hope to god you let them.
I hope you find someone who makes you happy, even when you feel like sometimes, life is too hard for you. And I hope that when you both come across a tough situation and it comes down to a choice where you are one of them,
I hope they choose you. Every goddamn time, I hope they choose you.
—  A.M//for you