Pay attention to meeee
  • Dragon:*is poised to attack*
  • Miss Quill:Oh, and the inspector? He was a robot.
  • everyone else:*ignores her*
  • Miss Quill:Alright, fine. Now I get it. It's only Quill. Who cares if she kissed a robot.
  • Charlie & April:*stare at her*
  • Charlie:You kissed him?!
  • Miss Quill:Ahh, yeah, now you're listening aren't you!
  • [sometimes later, when everyone's trying to come to terms with what just happened / what they just helped to happen]
  • everyone:*is upset / confused / conflicted*
  • Miss Quill:*watches them talk among themselves and walk away*
  • Miss Quill:So, is no one going to ask about the robot? *sighs dejectedly*

Please tell me that someone else noticed Ruby’s face when Nora mentions the Schnee Dust Company? She just looks so sad and oh my god??? She misses Weiss so much and you can tell just from that one shot - her face, the way she slows her pace so that she’s behind the others, her slumped shoulders, etc. 

And then it cuts to Weiss looking forlornly out the window and you could take a guess as to the three people she’s thinking about. She misses her team so much. but you would know from her development as a character(as well as past dialogue and interactions) that she probably misses Ruby just a little more than Yang or Blake - because Ruby is her partner, and she’s supposed to be the best partner ever but how can she be if she’s all the way in Atlas and she doesn’t even know if Ruby survived Beacon? After all, she was the one who let her go up that tower alone, told her that she would be able to do it. And then there’s this flash of white and then suddenly everything stops, the Grimm freeze, she’s standing alone amid the rubble, and Ruby doesn’t emerge from the tower.

And Ruby, dear child, is still so young and yet she carries so much guilt. Guilt for what happened to Yang, guilt for Blake’s disappearance, guilt for not being able to keep Weiss away from her father, and guilt for leaving Patch behind. Ruby knows that she has to warn the people of Haven, but she still grieves for those lost at Beacon. She grieves for her broken team - the team that she was supposed to lead. How can she save anyone, if she can’t even save her teammates and family? Sure, she was the one to stop the Grimm Dragon, but Beacon was overrun in a matter of hours, students were killed, professors went missing, her team is in shambles. Yang lost an arm, Blake ran, Weiss was taken from them. She doesn’t know how to handle it all, so she shoves it to the back of her mind until she does what she knows she has to - but it kills her inside and the others know it. 

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oh my God PLEASE "i’ve seen you hanging around my apartment and i thought it was because you missed me, turns out you’ve been using my wifi you asshole" for nikolina (alternatively: the "i need coffee and no one makes it like you do" or "i stalked off only to realise i’m wearing your shirt " au; these are all TOO PERFECT hannah I can't choose)

Honestly, Nikolai is a little surprised.

Not that there’s a girl hovering around outside his house. Ruefully, he has to admit that that’s a not-infrequent occurrence that he should probably work a little harder to discourage. No, the surprising part is that the girl is Alina Starkov. Who is a lot of things (a lot), but definitely hadn’t seemed like the hovering type.

It’s a little discomforting to admit that this was a big part of why he found her so attractive. Finds, if he’s being honest with himself, which he tries to do even when he’s lying to everyone else around him. There’s a part of him that had enjoyed the…challenge of her. There’s a bigger part of him that knows he never quite rose to meet that challenge, that the reason  Alina Starkov is outside of his house instead of inside of it is because she’d let him chase so far, and then called off the hunt when she was done.

Nikolai’s not entirely sure he’d been the predator in that situation.

So. He knows why she’s not with him (I’m sorry, Nikolai, it’s this life. It’s just…not for me). What he doesn’t know is why she’s hidden behind his rose bushes, sitting on bark with her back pressed to the stone. There’s something in her hands, but eyeing her from his workshop, it’s a little hard to tell what it is.

He considers just leaving her be. No one can make Alina do anything she doesn’t want to ; if he approaches her instead of letting her come to him, she’s just as likely to get up and walk away as she is to explain why she’s technically trespassing.

But Nikolai’s greatest strength is the same as his greatest flaw, and his curiosity gets the best of him. He sets his latest project down, wipes his hands on a rag (it does nothing, they remain smeared with streaks of black grease), and leaves the workshop.

She doesn’t seem to notice his approach, engrossed in whatever it is that’s in her hands. A tablet, he realises, stopping ten feet away with his hands on his hips, one eyebrow raised.

“You’re lucky i don’t have much faith in the local police,” he announces.

She yelps, pressing the tablet to her chest. There’s a pause, where he looks at her wide eyes and faintly parted lips, and the urge to kiss her grips him but the throat. And then her features settle back into a scowl, and - and the urge doesn’t really go away.

What can he say? He has a type.

“What are you doing? You just about gave me a heart attack,” she snaps.

“‘What am I doing’, she asks, having broken onto my estate.”

“I still have the keycode.”

He pauses, grins a little. Behind the scowl, a flush slowly rises in her cheeks. It had not, Nikolai admits, been the most security conscious moment of his life to not change the gate codes after she moved out. But it’s worth it to see her blush now. He steps in closer, and she jumps hastily to her feet, brushing bark off her backside.

“If you’d wanted to see me so badly,” he says, voice soft and low, “you could have just called.”

“I thought you were away.”

He’s about to call her on the cute excuse, except she’s very sheepishly meeting his gaze. No avoiding eye contact, no shuffling from side to side. The second surprising thing of the day is how much it hurts. That she hadn’t actually wanted to see him.

But that’s a pain that Nikolai has long since gotten used to, so he rolls his eyes good-naturedly for her, watches the way her shoulders slump slightly in relief. “Did you leave something behind? Because there are easier ways to get into this place than going through the–”

“I’m stealing your wi-fi.”

He blinks. She screws up her face, and squints up at the sky. That’s when he realises that her tablet is, very quietly, playing the Jessica Jones intro.

“The internet at my new place is capped,” she says, pained. “And you have fibre.”

Nikolai has been used for any number of things in his lifetime, but his ability to provide high-definition as fast speeds is a new one, he’s gotta admit.

“I’m paying for my own Netflix account, though,” she adds brightly, and that’s when Nikolai starts to laugh.

“You can come–” inside, he’s about to say, except he remembers the look on her face every time he’d caught her wandering around the manor without him. A little lost, a little uncomfortable. This is a bad idea the sensible part of his brain warns.

Nikolai has always been good at ignoring that part. Instead of giving her one of his patented Winning Grins, he just quirks a smile at her, jerking his head a little in the direction h’d come from “Into the workshop?” he offers. “You can watch in 4k.”

“You have a 4k television in - you know what? Of course you do.”

“Of course I do,” he breezes. “I’m not an animal. Of course, you’re more than welcome to remain in my rose bushes, if you’re rather.”

Their eyes meet again, one of those too-long pauses. And it hasn’t been so long since they’d been more open with each other than he can’t recognise the way she’s considering it. Dropping back onto the bark, or worse - leaving. Her gaze flickers from his, to his mouth, to the workshop, back to his face again.

“People aren’t animals for not having 4k,” she huffs, pushing past him. Towards the workshop.

“Can’t take any chances,” he shouts back happily, and follows her in.

You are so hot. And I don’t mean just looks– like, your everything is hot. You’re hot with makeup and hot without. You’re hot when you wake up in the morning… and when you tell me to go back to sleep. Especially then. Oh my god, I miss waking up to you every morning.
—  Romantic things my boyfriend says without realizing he’s being romantic, #2

hi hello how are you it’s me i’m still alive and i’m kinda back but that’s not important rn

i wasn’t online for… several weeks and now i watched the 3rd anniversary td video they just posted and like……. where is jenissi.

did i miss something during my hiatus? did something happen? is he doing well? is there something i need to know about?? where is he? T-T

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talk about huffledoof, ofemeraldandsilverblood, and al-ways-trouble

send me “talk about them!” + a url and I’ll talk about that person


Fynn is a bean! Other than that I don’t know them that well enough


Oh my god! Rose! <333 A+ artist! I miss talking to them so much! But I know they are busy with school. 


Haven’t met them yet but a quick scan of their blog. Yassss!!! A+! 10/10 you go you!

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I feel the same about mysticmessenger. its so slow and nothing the charas say were interesting, especially if you miss things. I don't get how it's gotten so much hype and the dysphoria inducing just spikes anxiety yikes not worth it not good at all

oh my god it was SOOOO SLOOOWWWWW i spent half an hour just,,,.,. fucking watching them talk to each other..and they were all so boRING


gd’s cute bare face



Zuko print for Oz Comic Con! made at a slightly delirious state at 2am because I thought the con was today… before realising it’s actually next weekend (September 26-27th, if you are in Sydney!) *stares into the abyss*

☆ Print available here