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I change the way I colored this little comic a little bit, especially on the lighting effect. Hope it gives a pleasant feeling while reading it. I drew this on Krita, and the text tool is shitty so I ended up writing the dialog with pen tab :(

I usually included some rant along the fanart I made, and this one is going to be a reaaaaally long rant (okay, maybe not, but still) so I’m putting a tab below to help you skip the rant lol

PS: I hope you’re not scared seeing He Tian’s body *sobs I had hard time configuring the body without references :’(

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Inexorable (2)

Plot: How does is feel to be arranged to be married to a cocky, arrogant Mafia leader? Once you look at his face, you think you’re lucky, but then he opens his mouth.

Pairing: Jeon Jungkook x Reader

Genre: Angst, (eventual) smut, Mafia au!

Notes: Welp, since so many of you asked for it, here is a part two!! There are two other stories which need a continuation as well, so I might keep requests closed for a while.. Sorry about that. I hope you don’t mind. Feel free to ask me questions, though! Ya’ll are so nice to me! 2,053 Words

Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 (FINAL)

The ride to the vacation home wasn’t as bad as you thought it would be. Your husband actually gave you the space you needed. There were brief glares exchanged between the two of you, a whole lot of drinking, and forced slumber – it was a 3 hour ride, after all. 

When the both of you had finally reached, the luggage was taken out by the bodyguards who had come along, and brought to your huge master bedroom. It was twice the size of your father’s office – if not, bigger – the bed was king-sized, and adorned with silk sheets. The walk-in wardrobe was already stacked with clothes for both sexes, making you wonder why you had even brought luggage in the first place.

“Too small, honestly,” Jungkook commented, plopping down on the couch by the fireplace. “My room is bigger than this.”

There he was, ruining the moment again. It was a good thing you were too exhausted to fight with him; but that didn’t mask over the fact that you still wanted to knock him out.


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The Adventures of Xiuchen
  • Minseok: *looses Jongdae in a crowd of overly tall people*
  • Minseok: this calls for drastic measures..
  • Minseok: *stands on chair*
  • Outta nowhere: *knife flies right next to Minseok*
  • Minseok: found him
  • Lance, finally back home: Oh my god I missed you all so much you won't believe the things I've done!
  • Mama McClain: Like what?
  • Lance, suddenly realizing that he fought in a war killed hundreds of people nearly died in the cold void of space like a million times and got trapped/kidnapped on the regular: So there was this space mall,
blackout | chanyeol

The way he looked at you made your whole Body shiver but you never knew if he did it for fun or if he really was interested in you.

admin: s.                                                                                                             genre: angst, fluff, smut (in later parts), university student! chanyeol au, fuckboy! chanyeol au 

pt.2, pt.3, epilogue

Originally posted by prince-chanyeol

It was the begin of September - which also meant the beginning of fall semester classes. It was time for you to go back to the Hell called university.

You lazily shoved your last suitcase into the back of your mum’s car. It was a rather old Audi A1, but neither of you cared, since it still did what it had to do. 

With the last strand of energy you had left, you got into the passenger seat beside your mum and immediately closed your eyes. Instead of sleeping last night, you gathered together all your remaining things you had bought throughout the summer - while having a voicetalk conversation with your bestfriend (and her little brother in the back screaming every three minutes).

Slowly opening your eyes again, you stared outside of the window. It had started to rain, which didn’t make your first day any better. Single droplets were running down the glass beside each other, evolving into one big droplet after they got too close.

You remembered how you always thought they were doing races when you were younger. But, after twenty-two years of living, you knew it wasn’t like that. You turned your head to your mother, looking at her side profile. Luckily, you looked like her and not like your Father.

Well, let’s not talk about him.

You looked at her defined cheekbones and sharp eyes. How the streetlights reflected in her eyes, giving them a tint of gold. You looked at her how her brown waves were flowing over her shoulders like a chocolate waterfall. 

Everyone knew you looked exactly like your mum: from the number of moles to how you both sneezed when a storm’s coming. Yet, she was more beautiful than you could ever think to be. 

‘‘Y/N, please stop staring at me like that. It’s kinda creepy, darling,’’ your mum said, bringing you back from your space-out of worship. Sighing, you turned to the front, only to see that you had arrived at the parking lot of the university apartments. 

In a matter of seconds, your mum had found a parking spot, turning off the engine and opening her door. You did the same, rolling your eyes out of annoyance. It wasn’t only because you had just arrived, but because already, you could see people you knew, and definitely didn’t liked. It was so nice not seeing them over the summer, but now that you’re back, they’re a pain in the ass again. 

Helping your mother emptying the car of your belongings, you stared at the students crossing you by, or doing the same as you. After everything was out, you closed the trunk and turned around - just to be welcomed by a pillow in your face. You were never really good at catching things, so of course it fell to the wet floor. Not that you cared.

‘‘Damn, I’m sorry, Y/N. Forgot that you can’t catch a thing, even if your life depended on it.’’ 

You stared at the boy in front of you, knowing exactly who it was. Kim Jongin

‘‘Sorry but who are you?’‘ It came out more annoyed than you originally intended. He smirked, and took a step forward to pick up his pillow. 

He didn’t even care to answer. He turned around, still smirking, walking towards more boys you knew too well and hated with your whole heart. Oh, and what seemed to be his new girlfriend. 

You picked up the remaining stuff your mum hadn’t already brought into your apartment and also entered the Complex. On the way up, you met her in the hallway, looking at you with a look you knew meant nothing good.

‘’ Wasn’t that Kim Jongin? The kid that used to visit the same chemistry course as you last semester?’’ 

You nodded, walking past her into the apartment bringing your stuff into your second home. Your mum followed after you, her arms crossed over her chest, still with that look on her face.

‘‘He’s a handsome young man. I still don’t understand why you didn’t befriend him.’‘

‘‘She didn’t because he’s not her type.’‘ Both of you turned to look at where the voice came from. In the doorway of your room was your roommate, best friend and older sister, of the boy who screamed every three minutes last night.

You rushed toward her, embracing her in a tight hug. ‘’Oh my God, Jisoo, I missed you so much! When did you arrive?’’ you squealed.

Giggling, she separated herself from you. ‘’I arrived before you. But you and your lovely mother were too distracted by talking about - you know…’’

‘‘ Y/N, don’t walk so fast, oh my god. I know it’s our first day of official classes but you don’t have to sprint,’‘ Jisoo said, while trying to catch you.

You were indeed walking very fast, but you knew your first course was economics. It was better to arrive early, since your professor was not the nicest.

‘’I’m not walking fast, you’re too-’’ 

You crashed face front into what felt and smelled like a male body, mid-sentence. You looked back to Jisoo to address her and because you were walking so quickly, this had to happen. 

Looking up you saw a very unamused face. A face you’d never seen before. Shaking your thoughts away, you bowed in apology. ‘’I’m sorry, I didn’t see you.’’

The boy, or should we say giant stared at you with cold and emotionless eyes, not caring what happened. He had his hands in his blue jeans and practically hovered above you.

Quite strangely, you found yourself imagining how it would be if he hovered over you in bed. His eyes staring into yours (as they were) and fucking you until you couldn’t walk anymore. 

When was the last time you had sex?

Looking him up and down, you noticed his big ears, his purple-grayish hear, his kissable lips and his broad body. You definitely had a thing for him. 

‘‘Yo, Y/N! Do you like Chanyeol?’’ You heard Baekhyun say unexpectedly (and, may I add, quite loudly). Oh shit. Not him. 

You cringed because of the sudden voice, the person it was coming from, and the so-very-obvious meaning behind it. Baekhyun was now standing beside so-called Chanyeol. Turning towards Baekhyun you rolled your eyes. 

‘‘Fuck off, Baekhyun. I ran into him, by accident. Go back to your hoes and mind your own business.’‘ 

Baekhyun gasped mockingly and cracked a smile, before grabbing Chanyeol’s shoulder and walking away. The whole time Chanyeol had stood there saying nothing. You wondered who he was and why he was here.

Still gazing after them, Jisoo finally caught up to you. ‘’Did something happen?’’ She panted beside you, holding her stomach. 

You shook your head and took her arm. ‘’No, let’s go. We only have two minutes left.’’

Jisoo groaned in annoyance, and both of you started walking again. This time, in a normal walking pace. Little did Jisoo know, that you were way too distracted to walk fast again. 

Your first week back at university passed quite quickly. You got used to the stressful life of a student again. Everything was back to normal, how it used to be before summer. Visiting lessons you didn’t even cared about, eating the surprisingly good cafeteria food, you kinda missed, and the constant mocking of the people you disliked the most. Before you went to university, you always thought those kind of people only existed in bad teenage movies, but now you’ve experienced them firsthand. 

You and Jisoo were, as always, sitting on the benches in the park behind the university. It was lunchtime, so the park was filled with students who were (not to your liking) extremely loud. But the weather was still nice so it was only expected that it would be that way.

You sighed and leaned back into the bench, closing your eyes and letting the sun wash over your face. ‘’I don’t know why, but I kinda missed university life.’’

Hearing Jisoo shift beside you, you opened your eyes again and smiled, knowing she totally disagreed. Jisoo was one of those people who hated everything that had something to do with studying, school or anything that could potentially stress your brain. 

‘‘I can’t relate,’‘ she said. ‘‘The only good thing is seeing all those hot boys again. You know my family went with me to Japan in summer. We stayed in a fucking grandparents hotel. I was the only young person there!’‘

You laughed, remembering her endless messages over the summer how lonely and bored she was. You also didn’t see a lot of boys during summer, but it wasn’t like you agreed with Jisoo that your university had hot boys. Actually, you exactly knew who she meant by that and you couldn’t agree with it.

Exactly in that moment, the group of boys you both mentioned walked past you. How cliche, don’t you think? Behind them a bunch of girls, as always.

Rolling your eyes, you looked to your side where Jisoo was sitting. She also had noticed the group of boys now standing a little away from you. Both of your eyes first landed on each other and then on the new body who was standing in the group.

‘Quite strange that this Chanyeol dude was somehow accepted at our university to continue his studies in the same year as us and not start fresh,’‘ said Jisoo, while opening a chocolate bar. 

Nodding, you answered, ‘’I asked our TA and he said that he has acceptable grades to do so, but he also added his parents are rather influential.’It must be nice to be rich and have powerful parents, you thought. ‘’But I don’t really care. It seems like he’s friends with the others, so I don’t want to know more about him.’’

Jisoo raised her brow upon hearing this and smirked. ‘’C’mon, Y/N, he’s freaking hot. I can see how you stare at him from time to time in class whenever we see him.’’

Giving her an annoyed look, you packed your lunch and lifted yourself from the bench. ‘’Whatever. As I said, he seems to be like the others, so he probably doesn’t give a fuck about me.’’

Jisoo followed your doings, and joined you in walking back to the university building. While walking pass the boys, your eyes landed on Chanyeol again. Jisoo was right - he was fucking hot and you were feeling bothered when seeing him. 

Chanyeol’s eyes unexpectedly found yours. You were so shocked, you couldn’t look away. It was not the first time, since you met him one week ago, that you noticed him staring at you. His stony, impassive eyes always were boring into you. It was kinda creepy, but you also liked the attention he was giving you.

You looked away, but you could still feel his piercing eyes on your back. The way he looked at you made your whole body shiver, but you never knew if he did it for fun or if he really was interested in you.

This is my first fanfiction kinda story on this blog and it’s super cliche but oh well. This was not requested but our request box is currently empty and i felt like writing so here you go with a super cliche university/fuckboy story with my ult bias chanyeol.                                                                                                         By the way the layout of the story is pretty similiar to @fuckmeupexo admin velvets strories because she’s one of my favourite writers and i get inspired from her alot. Anyway i hope you like it!                                                                       Thank you and love you guys, xx

- admin s. 

making up for lost time || kim taehyung

Kim Taehyung x reader

Summary: Taehyung returns home from tour after two months, and both your cravings need satisfying.

Genre: smut/fluff

Words: 2277

warning - smut

can you buy holy water on amazon??? *places order*

Originally posted by jjks

“Tae!” I couldn’t stop myself from calling out as soon as I saw his familiar hair leave the arrivals gate. His head whipped around at the sound of my voice, his eyes desperately meeting mine and my feet were moving before I could register it. I manoeuvred my way through the crowds of people with suitcases and children huddling by their parent’s legs, and I saw him doing the same, pushing past security as our eyes locked again.

I reached the barrier before he did, and saw him increase his speed as he pulled the mask off his face and dropped his bag from his shoulder to his hand. I let out an involuntary sob as he finally reached me and dropped his bag to take my face in his hands and smash his lips against mine over the barrier. Tears were in my eyes as I desperately kissed him back, my hands in his hair as I lifted onto the tips of my toes to reach him better. The kiss was messy and tearful and we broke away only for him to duck under the barrier before his hands were on my waist and his lips on mine again.

“Oh my god. I missed you, so much. I love you.” He muttered, kissing me between every word. I let out a tearful laugh and flung my arms around his neck, pulling me as close to him as possible, and he wrapped his arms tightly around me. I shut my eyes in relief and breathed in his scent as we clung to each other, trying to make up for two months apart.

“I missed you too.” I whispered and pressed several kisses to the part of his neck that was on display. I couldn’t help myself from lingering my mouth on the tender, tanned skin there for a moment longer than necessary, and his breathed hitched as he felt my mouth press harder on the sensitive spot beneath his ear. His hands on my lower back suddenly tightened their grip and he growled, bringing his mouth to my ear.

“I’ve been without you for two months, baby, you better not tease me like that.” He whispered hoarsely in my ear, and a shiver ran down my spine at his low, threatening tone. I smirked against his shoulder and paused for a moment, lightly nipping his ear before pulling out of the hug. His hands reluctantly let me go but I didn’t miss his gaze on me and his slightly heavy breaths as I greeted the other members and he fetched his bag.

As much as I loved teasing him, I couldn’t deny my own strong desire to feel his soft, tanned skin under my touch, and how much I had missed the feeling of his hands and lips on me whilst he had been gone.

He kept his eyes on me, but didn’t say anything else as we were standing with the members, waiting for the cars to pick us up. As we stood silently behind the others, I felt his hand rest onto my lower back, and suppressed a gasp as he moved it down to rest on my ass. The air was thick between us, as the other boys chatted good naturedly between themselves, oblivious to the sexual tension. We stood as close to each other as we could without touching. I could feel Taehyung’s gaze on the side of my face, and composed myself before reaching my own hand behind my back. I rested it atop his and squeezed, forcing his hand to enclose around my ass cheek.

His only reaction was to take matters into his own hands, literally, by squeezing even harder than I had encouraged him to, and moving his fingers further down, almost reaching the hem of my dress. I chuckled breathlessly and turned my head to him, to find his dark, large eyes already boring into mine, a smirk on his face. We kept eye contact for several seconds, the electricity between us palpable, his hand still resting where I had placed it. 

I saw the vans pull up and turned my head, removing my hand and pulling away from his touch.

In the backseat, I tried to contain myself, watching his slender fingers rest on my thigh and slowly inch upwards. I forced myself to remove his hand, deliberately brushing my knuckles over his crotch as I placed his hand back in his own lap. Turning my head so my lips were against his ear I heard him breathe in sharply, his dark eyes on my hand still resting in his lap.

“Can’t wait until we get home?” I whispered teasingly, and he turned his head so our noses were touching and our lips were centimetres apart. I felt his breath against my open mouth as he spoke lowly, his eyes never leaving mine.

“Oh, you have no idea.”

As soon as the door of our apartment was closed I was slammed against it, his hands lifting me up by my thighs and holding me against it as our lips smashed together. I wrapped my legs around his waist and my arms around his neck as I returned the kiss just as forcefully, leaning my head into his to deepen it. His lips quickly moved from my mouth to my neck, moving up it with chaste kissing and sucking, and I leant my head back against the wood of the door, arching my back and pushing my hips to meet his. My eyes were closed and I let out a breathless moan as he sucked on a sensitive spot under my jaw. His lips left my skin and I opened my eyes to find him staring up at me, his lips swollen and his hair dishevelled from where my fingers had been running through it.

We paused for a moment, taking each other in, before I jumped down from his hips, taking control as I pushed him against the wall and reached up to press my mouth against his, my tongue flicking out and roaming his mouth. His hands hungrily grabbed my ass and I began to unbutton the top of his shirt.

“I missed you so much.” I whispered against his mouth and he growled, pressing my hips against his where I could feel him pressing into me.

“Bedroom. Now.” He said, his breaths heavy and his eyes dangerous. We managed to separate ourselves long enough for him to hurriedly lead me upstairs. I couldn’t keep my hands off him once we reached our room, two months of separation catching up me as I unbuttoned his shirt hurriedly and ran my hands up and down his chest and arms, feeling his warm skin under my fingers whilst our lips stayed connected.

“Your turn.” He whispered huskily against my lips and I smirked, reaching my arms behind me to unzip my dress. He pushed it off my shoulders and down to my waist, his hands quickly finding my bra strap and unclasping it easily. I removed my hands from his hair only to slip my arms out of the straps and push the dress off my hips and onto the floor, and he paused briefly to take me in, a soft smile gracing his pink lips as he looked me up and down, his eyes dark. He gently pushed me down onto the bed, climbing on to lean over me, his hands roaming my bare chest. I tugged him closer by his hair, pushing my tongue into his mouth hungrily.

We moved until I was pressed against the backboard and he was in between my legs. His tongue roamed my mouth, and I moved my hand down to palm him through his tight jeans, causing him to groan against my lips. I felt myself grow wet as his hands wandered across my body and I felt how hard he was against my thigh. His lips pressed flush against mine, I marvelled at the feeling of his slender fingers on my hips, thumbs rubbing over my thighs. He moved one of his hands to feel me through the soft cotton of my underwear, and I gasped as he pressed a finger against my opening through the fabric. We continued to kiss each other hungrily, admiring the feeling of being in each other’s arms again.

One of his hands held my breast, his thumb sliding over my nipple, while the other moved down my stomach, his large, warm hands causing goose bumps to arise wherever he touched. His fingers teased down, sliding under the line of my underwear. I tugged on his hair and let out a gasp as he pulled my underwear down with his hand, moving his fingers closer to my entrance. He moved his body further down, his lips meeting my collar bone. I arched my neck as he began to slowly move his fingers in circles around my entrance and I quivered under his touch. His tongue danced along my chest all the while, sucking and biting and I closed my eyes, completely overwhelmed by the pleasure he was inflicting.

“God, Tae…” I sighed, and he grinned against my neck at how desperate I was for him, contrary to how controlled and teasing I had been earlier. He circled his thumb over my clit and reached one of his fingers inside me. I bucked my hips and gasped as he entered me and he swore against the flushed skin of my chest.

“Fuck, baby, you’re so wet.” He muttered, and I nodded, letting out a soft moan as he began to move his finger back and forth. He continued to move in and out of me, pressing kisses along my chest and my love for him surged with the incredible feeling he was able to give me. I felt the pressure build up between my legs and knew it wasn’t long before I was finished. I scraped my fingernails along his scalp as he continued his movements, painfully slowly, his tongue playing with the soft skin of my breast.

“Tae, I’m close.” I moaned, and he chuckled as I tugged on his hair, leaning my head back and panting.

“Already? You really were desperate for me.” He said breathlessly, moving another finger inside me, causing me to buck my hips and let out a loud moan. He moved both fingers slowly in and out of me, and I scratched my hands down his neck as I breathed heavily.

“I need you inside me.” I demanded, panting. His free hand ran along my ribs and up to my chest, his hand fondling my breast as he looked up at me. With one more excruciating push, his fingers moved out of me, and I whined, desperate for his touch again.

I opened my eyes to watch him unbutton his jeans and pull off both them and his underwear. His full erection on display turned me on even more, and I arched my back, aching for his touch as I watched him hurriedly slip on a condom. I felt my insides clench, watching him sitting on the edge of the bed, running his own hand over his length and breathing heavily.

“Taehyung…” I whimpered needily, and his eyes flicked to mine. His gaze darkened and he moved quickly up the bed to hover over me, his gaze hungry and his voice low.

“Say that again.” He growled, and I closed my eyes, as his breath washed over my face. He lined himself up with my entrance and with his tip almost touching me I moaned again, meeting his darkened gaze and bringing my hands to his hair before whispering it again.

“Taehyung.” The word left my mouth and almost immediately his lips were on mine, and he was sliding into me slowly. He started slowly until I was begging for more, my core heating up at the indescribable feeling of him moving inside me.

“Faster,” I murmured against his lips, and he obliged, grunting as he sped up his pace and I gasped, pressure building up once again. My hands ran over his back and our mouths sloppily moved against each other as he began to buck his hips harder into me.

“Oh my god,” He groaned, separating our lips to arch his head back. “You’re so tight.” I trembled under his touch and gasped as I felt myself reaching my climax.

“Tae, I’m going to…” I breathed, my fingernails scratching his back and my spine arching. He thrusted once more into me and I felt the pressure reach its highest point before releasing in a wave of intense pleasure. I let out a loud moan, shaking as I came undone under him. I sighed as I came down, panting as he continued to thrust inside of me before he came himself, letting out a series of harsh breaths and grunts as he opened his mouth at the intense feeling. I marvelled at his beauty from underneath him, his hair sticking to his sweaty forehead and his eyes closed in pleasure as moans left his swollen lips.

He finished, and carefully pulled out of me, breathing heavily as he collapsed on the bed beside me. He wrapped his arms around me, and I rested my head on his rising chest as we both caught our breath, sweaty and panting.

He pressed his lips to my forehead, letting them rest there as he tightened his hold around me.

“I was away for way too long.” He murmured, and I smiled against the hot skin of his chest.



Preference "How they react to you calling them "Daddy" or "Mommy" in front of everyone by accident"

(I JUST LIVE FOR OUR FAVES BEING SHOOK XD OMG RICHARD’S MY FAVE XD FOR THIS ONE! Yay for Laura being added :3 Hope it is as requested and you all like it :3 Gifs not mine/found them on google/credits to the original owners.)

Negan-The moment he realizes you had just called him “Daddy” in front of everyone, he’d be shocked for an instant only to start laughing, thinking it to be absolutely hilarious. As you were working in the Sanctuary, Negan would walk by and just tease you with his words about his plans for the night, obviously trying to distract you from your work. Fed up, you’d try to swat him away, but he’d only be persistent and would start to tickle you, making you laugh and say out loud “Daddy! Stop it, stop it! You know i’m ticklish!” and for everyone to turn their gaze at you. “Y/N! You just let out our biggest secret! Oh my god! Baby girl! You couldn’t resist it, could you!”

Daryl-The moment he realizes you had just called him “Daddy” in front of everyone, he’d be uncertain and make you repeat yourself, only to get embarrassed. As you’d come back from a run, you’d successfully catch dinner for everyone and would just want to brag about it to your boyfriend, Daryl. However, with your excitement, the moment you see him, you’d show your catch and approach him and let out loud, saying, “Daddy, Look what I got!” making everyone turn their heads. “Y/N…Did you…Did you call me…by our secret…”

Rick-The moment he realizes you had just called him “Daddy” in front of everyone, he’d chuckle and brush it off to hide the fact. As you’d all eat dinner together, you and Rick had just come back from a little round in your room, making you both still hot and bothered from it. So forgetting yourself, you’d casually ask Rick, “Daddy, can you pass me the salt?”, making everyone gasp to hear you and for him to stare at you wide eyed before finding a quick solution. “Y/N…Honey…You meant It for the kids, right? She calls me that way for the kids…”

Merle-The moment he realizes you had just called him “Daddy” in front of everyone, he’d grin from being so pleased and tease you back by calling you “Baby girl”. As you’d cook in the prison, he’d come up to bother you and would just occasionally lightly grope you, while whispering to you, reminding you of the night before. As you’d get lost in his flirting, you’d get cocky and forget about everyone else in the room, saying “Oh come on Daddy, how can I ever forget that…” That is until you’d turn to the side to look at him and notice the others. “That’s right everyone…Y/N’s my Baby girl…So what? Don’t act like you wouldn’t all like to have pet names like us…Right, baby…”

Glenn-The moment he realizes you had just called him “Daddy” in front of everyone, he’d get nervous but just laugh if off because he thinks it’s funny. As you would work around the camp, you’d find yourself doing most of it as everyone would be having fun and all. However, as Glenn would notice, he’d offer help and just flirt around with you so much that you instead of his name, you said his pet name out loud, saying “Thank you for everything, Daddy~”, making everyone suddenly pay attention to you. “Oh my god…Y/N! Y-you called me daddy!”

Carl-The moment he realizes you had just called him “Daddy” in front of everyone, he’d be stunned and just deny it had happened. As you’d wake up in the morning to see him setting the table for breakfast, you’d just find him so cute and with him in his pj’s, you couldn’t resist running to hug him and accidentally letting out loud, “Good morning, Daddy!”, making everyone else that had gathered at the house look over at you both. “W-what did you call me? No…No guys…She has it wrong…She never said that…She said Carl…”

The Governor-The moment he realizes you had just called him “Daddy” in front of everyone, he’d get quiet and stare at you for a moment, wondering if that just really happened before acting casual. As he’d talk about his plans for the next run with his men, you’d forget yourself and just think to yourself as to why he isn’t in the room yet, making you walk over to where he is and let out, “Daddy~ What’s taking you so long?”. As you’d stand by the door, you’d meet his eye as well of those of everyone else. “Y/N…I-I’ll be there in a few minutes…I’ll be honest I don’t always go by that when we’re together…just sometimes…”

Abraham-The moment he realizes you had just called him “Daddy” in front of everyone, he’d laugh his ass off instantly, making light of the situation. As you’d keep yourself busy in the armory, he’d suddenly walk in to see you and would just have the urge to tease you and say something playful about you. However, as you’d hear him, you’d get “mad” at him and say, “Guess, Daddy doesn’t want any of this tonight!” Only to see everyone else with him the instant you’d turn around. “Aw, come on, Y/N! Don’t be shy! You know daddy still wants you even after everyone knows about us!”

Eugene-The moment he realizes you had just called him “Daddy” in front of everyone, he’d do a double take and just chime in the facts about everything. As you’d notice him feeling sad and down from his little argument with Abraham, you’d try to cheer him up by making promises to him. You’d hug from behind and whisper everything, making him ask you if you meant all of it and for you to be taken back and to just yell out, “Of course, Daddy! Why would I lie to you?!”. “I-I’d like to say that Y/N…doesn’t see a parental or fatherly figure out of me…What, she meant was purely sexual…”

Ron-The moment he realizes you had just called him “Daddy” in front of everyone, he’d be confused and wouldn’t know what else to do. As you’d search for something in his house, you’d forget about how everyone had gathered for a party as well as to call him by his real name rather than his pet name, making you yell out, “Daddy! Did you see my-”. “Seriously, Y/N…”

Jesus-The moment he realizes you had just called him “Daddy” in front of everyone, he’d feel really flattered and would just smirk, forgetting everyone around. After a few days of him scavenging on his own, he’d come by to visit you in Alexandria. The instant you’d see him as the gates opened, you’d run towards him for a hug, only to exclaim loudly, “Daddy! Oh my god, I missed you so much!”. As he’d hug you, he’d see everyone’s expression and you’d realize yourself. “Aw, Y/N…You’re too kind! I know you dream about me but I didn’t think you’d feel this way…”

Dwight-The moment he realizes you had just called him “Daddy” in front of everyone, he’d get lost in his thoughts staring at you and would be speechless. As you’d both look for food in the kitchen’s of the Sanctuary, you’d spot your favorite snack, only for Dwight to be mean and take it before you. You’d try to take it from him but as he wouldn’t let you, you’d decide to make him weak by saying, “Oh come on Daddy~ They’re my favorites!”. As you’d realize your tone was too loud, it was too late. “Y/N…why would y-you call me Daddy…now…it’s not the time…”

Morgan-The moment he realizes you had just called him “Daddy” in front of everyone, he’d freeze just to see their reactions. As you’d walk downstairs into the kitchen and see him standing by the counter, you’d go hug him from behind, saying “Good morning, Daddy~” in the sweetest tone yet sensual tone, only to feel him hold your arm around him and for him to look towards the living room. You’d follow his gaze to see that most of your friends were just standing right there. “I-I don’t usually go by that name in this house…I swear…”

Shane-The moment he realizes you had just called him “Daddy” in front of everyone, he’d laugh at you, only to act smug about it. As you’d finally be able to take a shower after a long day on the road, you’d just get so excited that you’d forget about the others around and yell out for him to join you and really wanting him to his pet name would come out, “Daddy~ Are you sure you don’t want to join me?”, only to suddenly hear everyone gasp before going quiet and to hear only one familiar voice. “Yeah that’s right! She just called me, Daddy! Jealous?”

Milton-The moment he realizes you had just called him “Daddy” in front of everyone, he’d get extremely flustered and red and try to come up with an explanation. As you’d enjoy the party in Woodbury, he’d suddenly get quiet around you, making you understand that he doesn’t like to see Merle acting flirty with you. You’d then try to cheer him up by pinching his cheek but forgetting yourself, you’d say loudly, “Aw, Daddy~ Don’t be mad~”, making everyone around gasp. “I-I don’t make her or ask her to call me that! I swear! S-She meant Milty…Right, Y/N?”

Aaron-The moment he realizes you had just called him “Daddy” in front of everyone, he’d be lost and confused, only to nervously laugh in the end. As he’d come back from a run, you’d instantly go to greet him with a big hug, only for him to whisper to you saying he has a gift for you. As he’d hand it over, he’d whisper in your ear again about his plans for the night, only for you to be extra thankful and forget the crowd of friends around, saying out loud, “You’re really too kind, Daddy~”. “Y/N…You called me, daddy…While everyone is around…”

Gabriel-The moment he realizes you had just called him “Daddy” in front of everyone, he’d be just as shocked as everyone else before walking away with you. As you’d clean out the church, he’d come to help you, only to pass you a note, describing all the things he’ll do to you for the night, making you get so excited, you’d bashfully shove him and say, “You’re such a tease, Daddy~” in a rather loud tone, only for everyone to gasp. “W-we’re not like that…S-she meant “Father”…I was joking around with her…Yeah…Alright, Y/N, let’s go…“

The Wolf-The moment he realizes you had just called him “Daddy” in front of everyone, he’d shrug and not really think too much of it. As you’d all travel together, you’d end up falling asleep on his shoulder in the car and would hold onto him. However as a town to scavenge would be found, he’d set you to sleep properly, only for you to get clingy and say, “No, Daddy, don’t leave…i’ll be good…”, all while you were half asleep and no one has left the car yet. “What are you all looking at…It’s just a word…Grow up…”

Noah-The moment he realizes you had just called him “Daddy” in front of everyone, he’d avoid your gaze and walk away quietly out of embarrassment. As you’d all go on a run together, you’d suddenly come across some cute clothes and would just pretend to try some of them on, making him laugh. However, as you’d see some lingerie, you’d play around with it, only to flirt a little saying, “So…Daddy what do you think?”, and not realizing how your other friends had just walked in behind you.

Simon-The moment he realizes you had just called him “Daddy” in front of everyone, he’d look at you with a big grin and wide eyes. As you’d both be on a run, he’d spend most of his time actually working. You being fed up as you’re really in need of him, you’d take away his walkie talkie and just yell out at him, “Pay attention to me, Daddy! I’m the one who needs you here and now!”, forgetting completely that you had your finger on the interrupter the whole time. That is until you’d hear Negan as well as the others laughing on the line. “Alright, baby Y/N…Now everyone knows…I’ll have to punish you for that…”

Ezekiel-The moment he realizes you had just called him “Daddy” in front of everyone, he’d be startled and try to cover it up with a silly lie. As you’d take care of Shiva for the evening, you’d suddenly think about your plans with Ezekiel for the evening, making you smile and just be impatient to see him. So when you’d hear him call for you, instantly you’d be sweet and get up to answer, “Yes, Daddy~”, only to turn around and see him and his whole crowd with him. “Oh, Y/N…My dear…How can you look like such an innocent child…Did my voice remind you of you youth?”

Benjamin-The moment he realizes you had just called him “Daddy” in front of everyone, he’d be shocked and wouldn’t know how to form his words. As you’d look at him training with Morgan, you’d notice how hard he was working and just wanted to reward him for all of it, making you go to him and tell him about your plans. However, seeing him all sweaty, you’d forget yourself and smirk, saying “Looking good, Daddy…” All while people were walking by and Morgan still next to him. “I-I…U-Uh…That’s not my idea…Actually it’s just an accident, right, Y/N…”

Caesar-The moment he realizes you had just called him “Daddy” in front of everyone, he’d be pleased only to start teasing you just to brighten the mood. As you’d look over at him fighting in the pits, you’d eventually get worried over his injuries. So the instant it was all over, you’d go to join him and just jump to hug him tightly, saying “Daddy, are you alright?!” All while his friends had gathered to help his injuries. “Ahh, Y/N…Baby i’m fine! But you got it wrong…It’s Papi remember!”

Heath-The moment he realizes you had just called him “Daddy” in front of everyone, he’d look at you strangely and just get nervous from feeling all the gazes. As you’d all go on a run, you’d both have your own little fun flirting at the back of the group, only for you to ask him to join you for the night again and to plead him saying, “Oh come on…Please…Daddy…”. All while the others can actually hear you and turn their heads towards you. “S-she meant Heath…You all just heard it wrong…”

Spencer-The moment he realizes you had just called him “Daddy” in front of everyone, he’d start to chuckle and just wouldn’t be able to stop smiling. As you’d work on fixing the windows of your house, he’d come over to flirt with you and try to convince you of his plans for the night. However as you’d try to concentrate, you’d end up telling him, “Look, Daddy! I’m busy for now, i’ll join you later…” All while the others had gathered around to try and help you. “Alright, Baby…I’ll wait for you…You heard that she’ll be joining me…”

Richard-The moment he realizes you had just called him “Daddy” in front of everyone, he’d just get so flustered, he’d lower his head and close his eyes. As you’d eat dinner all together, he’d sit next to you and you’d casually feel his foot brushing against your leg, making you look at him to see him smirk. Although you’d whisper to him, “So it’s Daddy for tonight…”, before he could even nod, Jerry would’ve heard it all and ask you out loud, “Did you just call him, Daddy?”, making everyone’s head turn. “No…Jerry…She didn’t say that…Y-You heard it wrong…”

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And oh my god I miss you so much I can feel it in my chest when I’m near you and
he’s not you but god is he there like you never were but
that doesn’t take back the nights we had because
you just fucking get me and there’s a lot of history but
you have her and I’ve got him and
there’s nothing left in the grave but I keep digging and digging anyway and
there’s blood under my nails and dirt in my hair and
he’ll be home soon and
i don’t know how to hide this mess anymore.
—  are you afraid of stepping too close?– lily rain
BTS reaction to their older sibling visiting them


He didn’t hesitate to hug you the moment he saw you sitting in front of their door.

“It’s been awhile since I saw you! What brings you here?” Ignoring his question, you just handed him the envelope that was inside your pocket.

He let a nervous laugh while taking it. “What is th… Oh my god! You’re getting married!!”

“Yeah, what can I say… When he proposed to me I found it… very engaging.

“I can already see the wedding being very emotional… even the cake will be in tiers.

(cue windshield laugh from both of you)

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He wouldn’t know how to react, he would just stare at you.

“What’s with that face? Aren’t you happy to see me?”

A small smile would appear on his face. “Of course I am. But what are you doing here?”

“Am I not allowed to miss my lil’ bro?”


He was on the balcony when he saw you parking your car and getting out of it. The moment he recognized you he ran to you, knocking the wind out of you with a strong hug.

“Y/N! Y/N! Y/N!!! Oh my goood!!” “Wait. We are still outside! Come in! We have so much to talk about!! Aaaa!!”

Originally posted by btsleepy


He was annoyed at whoever thought they could just barge into his studio and interrupt him. But when he turned around and saw you looking down at him it all washed away.

“Is this a bad time?” you ask tilting your head.

“What? No! Of course not! Come, sit down!” “How is mum and dad? How are you?”

“Why are you so nervous Joonie?”

“I’m not nervous! Just excited to see you!”


It was Hoseok that opened the door and led you to their shared room. When you entered you saw your little brother sleeping in a fetal position.

“Wake up sleeping beauty.” You whispered before tickling him.

“Wh-what? S-stop it!” he managed to say between giggles.

“Look at you! You’re still a baby! My baby bro.” you said right as you hugged him as hard as possible.

“Y/N hyung is still in the room! Don’t embarrass me!”

“‘S okay Chim. We all know you’re still a baby.

Originally posted by jimiyoong


You were just talking on the phone with him about how he  felt homesick and wished he could visit more often when he heard a knock on the door and told you to wait a little.

When he opened the door he saw you smiling at him with your phone still pressed to your ear.

“Do you feel better now?” you said as you closed your phone and put it back in your bag.

“But how? When?”

“At least let me in before you start interrogating me.“


He was about to enter their dorm when he heard a loud “Jungkoookie” from down the hall and he already knew who that voice belonged to.

“What do you think you’re doing here? There’s only room for one Jeon in Seoul.”

“Is this how you’re going to treat me? After I came all the way from Busan just to see you? After I made mum make you all your favourite foods? Alright then. I guess I’ll just leave…”

“I was kidding!! Come in!! Oh my God! I missed you.”

As he pushed you inside the apartment  he heard a faint “fake ass bitch” coming from you.


Te Amo - Tom Holland Oneshot

Request: Sorry to add more to your requests, but can you make one where the reader is Puerto Rican and Tom goes with her to a huge family party for the first time please:))) by @parkerxholland

Warnings: Some Spanish, fluff

Word Count: 1,053

Pairings: Tom Holland x Reader

A/N: I hope I did this request justice because I don’t really know much about being Puerto Rican. This took me a while. Lol.


You were nervous to say the least. Your boyfriend Tom was finally going to meet your family. To most people that doesn’t seem like a bad thing because when a boyfriend is introduced to their lovers family it usually turns out well. Although for some reason you couldn’t get over all the cons of him meeting your family. Its not that you didn’t want to introduce him to the most important people in your life, it’s just that you didn’t want to introduce him to the craziness and hectic that makes up your family.

You see you were Puerto Rican, which meant a big family, tons of food, and a lot of Spanish. You’ve been trying to teach Tom how to speak it, he has tried and has failed miserably. He couldn’t quite get the trick of rolling his R’s as funny as it seemed. And Yet you managed to get through the some basics and how to keep a conversation going.

You were rather impressed by how much he was willing to learn for you. Your family always told you that Tom was definitely a keeper because he was the only guy who’s actually wanted and put in the effort for you. You’d blush at every comment that your mom and abuela (Grandma) would make.

So here you were sitting in Tom’s car nervously tapping your foot. Tom noticed and grabbed a hold of your hand.

“Hey don’t worry everything is going to go great” He leaned over a placed a kiss on your cheek.

“You seem more confident to meet my family than I do” You let out a halfheartedly laugh.

“Well I want them to like me”

“They will love you” You smiled.

“How do you know?” He rubbed your hand.

“Because I love you” You whispered.

Tom leaned in again but kissed you softly against your lips. You pulled away. “Okay lets do this”. Tom smiled at you and opened his door, you following his actions. You both walked up to the front porch hand in hand. You took a deep breath before ringing the doorbell. You waited for a minute before hearing faint footsteps approaching. The door swung open to reveal your mother. Her expression immediately changed. She was so excited to see you.

“Y/N aye dios mio! Oh cómo te extrañé!” (oh my god, how I missed you). She hugged you tightly then looked at Tom.

“Tom, es bueno verte!” She hugged him tightly as well. (It’s good to see you).

“Usted también” He responded back.

“Well come now, everybody is waiting inside” Your mom gestured over her shoulder.

Your mom took you to the kitchen where most of your family was. You immediately noticed your grandma making her famous arroz con pollo (Rice with chicken). 

“Abuela!” (Grandma) Its been a couple of months since you last saw her.

“Aye Y/N mi ninã bonita” (Oh, my beautiful girl).

“I missed you grandma” You smiled at her.

“Yo tambien. Es este tu novio del que nos hablaste!” (Is this your boyfriend you’ve told us about). You nodded.

Tom seemed to understand what she said because he heard the word boyfriend in the sentence.

“Hola” He shook her hand.

“Tom its nice to meet you” She smiled up at him.

“Its nice to meet you too. Y/n me diji mucho de ti” (Y/N’s told me so much about you).

Your grandma’s gaze fell on you. She looked rather impressed by his spanish.

“Él es un arquero” She whispered to you. (He’s a keeper).

Tom looked at the two of you curiously but smiled anyways.

“Well es una fiesta, have fun!” She waved you guys off. (It’s a party).

You laughed at her. You introduced Tom to the rest of your family. You could tell they really really liked him, and that made you so happy. Tom was impressing you with many other words you never taught him. He was enjoying himself, after all he was a likable person. Your family welcomed him with open arms. It was all you could ever ask for.

“La comida ya está lista!” Your grandma shouted from the kitchen heading to the backyard. (The food is now ready).

You were talking with your cousin and then went to go find Tom who was talking to your dad with a beer in his hand. You walked up to them.

“There she is” Tom wrapped is arms around your shoulder placing a tender kiss to your temple. You blushed.

“You did good with this one mija” Your dad pointed at Tom. (My daughter).

“Thank you dad” You leaned into Tom.

“Alright lets go eat” Your dad clasped his hands together.

“Wait till you try my grandmas arroz con pollo, you’re going to love it!” You pulled tom to the tables aligned side by side to make a long table.

“Sounds rico” (delicious) He smiled cheekily at you. You could hear how he rolled his R. You laughed hitting him playfully on his chest. 

You were certainly feeling at home again. You didn’t know why you were freaking out so much earlier because knowing Tom he was always one to make a first good impression, and that was something you admired about him.

Tom took a bite into the food and hummed in satisfaction. He loved it so much he asked if you could make him it when you guys got back home. It got soon got dark and everyone was having another round of beers or saying their farewells, to family members. You and Tom stayed a bit longer after the food, he also accepted another beer from your dad but that would be his last one before you had to leave. He wasn’t planning on getting drunk. Eventually you said goodbye to your family and told you to visit again and to bring Tom. You laughed at that.

“Today was fun I had a great time” He said walking hand in hand with you to the car.

“Really? You mean that?” You looked up at him.

“Absolutely darling, your family was wonderful to meet” He kissed you softly.

“I’m glad you liked them, I love you Tom” You sighed happily.

“Y yo te amo” He kissed you again. (And I love you).        

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Don’t stop

Request [1]✨

 pls pls pls a fic about d+p where dan is just super sub and L O U D and phil fucks him really really hard and dan calls him sir and it gets super kinky

Warnings: smut,(masturbation, anal sex) daddy!kink, top!phil, sub!dan, swearing

 Word count: 736 (ik, too short, sorry)

A/N: this is the first time i’ve ever write smut in english. it was difficult to write, but i did it! i don’t know if something isn’t right or is not the meaning i want, but as i said, it was difficult. i wrote it in my language and then i translated it to english. i did double work! i hope u like it, and tell me your opinions. thanks @little-kitten-dan and @littlekittenlucy for the help.

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A/N: OMG IM BACK. I hope you guys liked this and if you did I truly would love some feed back. love you all - maddy



Y/n has been away for so long. I feel like whenever I am working or away she is off and sitting at home but whenever she has work or has to fly somewhere I am always home alone. I just miss her a lot and feel like we both haven’t had a proper time to really be with each other in months. Ever since y/n’s modeling job really got going and she got more important roles we really haven’t seen each other. 

I’ve been trying to contact her but every time we do reach each other she is always busy working and can’t talk. I just want her back home and back in my arms where she truly belongs. We have been together for so long almost 3 years and most of it we were seeing each other till 6 months ago she starting to do some modeling for teen vogue and ever seen then she as been everywhere modeling with so many different companies. 

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saudade || stiles stilinski

word count: 3075

warnings: major character loss

prompt: none

author’s note: double post! beware, the feels may get to you.


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Beautiful Things (Tom Holland)

Originally posted by spideycentral

Pairing: Tom Holland x Reader
Warning: None
Summary: Tom is out of town for filming and the reader is stuck at home waiting for him until he comes home early just to see them. It’s a little short. 
Author: Dizzy
A/N: Special thanks to the anon who requested this saying, “Hi, i don’t know if you’re familiar with Tori Kelly but can you do a imagine based on her song “Beautiful Things”. Reader x Tom Holland. Please & thank you.” Beautiful Things

Masterlist Request a Prompt

You had fallen asleep on the couch when Tom had called you to tell you he was on his way home. You had fallen asleep to a movie marathon, not waiting for Tom when he had called you. You didn’t know he was even coming home. 

Tom had told you he was busy shooting for yet another week and that he wouldn’t be able to make it home as planned, when in all honesty, he was just trying to surprise you, something he was never quite good at. 

You slept soundly, images and colors swirling in your head. You sighed softly in your sleep at the sight of Tom in your dreams, the images and sounds of him talking to you, telling you about how much he missed you and wanted to be with you. 

In the midst of your sleep, you awoke to the crash of a suitcase hitting the floor and Tom cursing at himself for making the noise. You sat up, leaned against the back of the couch as excitement caused your heart to jump. 

“Tom?! You’re home!” Your squeal scared Tom for a second as you jumped off the couch and onto him. “I missed you! Oh my god, baby, I missed you so much.” 

Tom laughed and wrapped his arms around you, luckily keeping his balance as he pressed a kiss to your head. 

“I missed you too, baby girl. You don’t know how much I missed you.” He said softly, pulling away from you. 

You ran a hand through your hair in an attempt to calm the wild tangles that formed in your sleep. 

“Why didn’t you call to tell me you were coming?” You asked.

“I did call you, you just didn’t pick up.” Tom said, picking a piece of popcorn out of you hair. “And judging by the popcorn in your hair, you fell asleep watching tv.”

You blushed, glanced away fro a second before you looked back up at him. 

“Yeah,” you started sheepishly, “I was watching all our favorite movies, but it wasn’t the same without you here to say the lines along with me.”

“God, you’re adorable.” Tom said, pulling you close to his side. “I can’t believe I forgot just how adorable you are.”

“Oh, shut it, Tom. I look gross. I have popcorn in my messy hair.” You argued. 

“But you are still beautiful.” Tom said with a yawn trailing close behind his words.

You ran a hand through his hair with a smile and lead him over to the couch, pushed him down on it before settling yourself down in his lap. You kissed him passionately, your hands reaching to cup his cheeks. 

Tom smiled softly into your kiss and wrapped his arms around your waist, pulled you close to him before tickling your sides, causing you to pull away in a fit of laughter. 

“T-tom! Stop!” You gasped. “That tickles!” 

“That’s the point!” He laughed before he stopped, allowing you to sit beside him. 

He then turned up the volume on the movie and settled himself close to you, his head in your lap as you ran your fingers through his hair. 

It wasn’t long before he fell asleep, nestled in your lap and you fell asleep along with him, glad that he was finally home and finally in your arms. Just as you had dreamed and hoped he would be. 

tonight ♡ grayson

requested: yes

anon: can i have a gray imagine where you do something that turns him on and your walking around the house hella happy all day and ethan asks why you’re so happy the readers says “i’m getting laid tonight :)))))”

word count: 785

You ring the doorbell to your boyfriends house as soon as you reach the door, waving goodbye to your friend who was generous enough to drop you off. She honked the horn twice and drove away, and you looked away and waited anxiously for the door in front of you to open.

You hadn’t seen Grayson for two whole months, due to the tour that was now finished. He had been gone for a longer time than that, but he always came for a day or two to see you most of the time. You were so proud of your boyfriend and how far he had come, and you could not wait to bombard him with kisses when he opened the door.

The door finally opened wide revealing a shirtless Grayson, and his eyes widened as a huge grin took over his face. You squeal a little and drop your bag, jumping into Grayson’s arms excitedly, “Oh my god I missed you,” You mumble and lay your head on his shoulder and he adjusts you so that he could properly carry you. He placed a kiss on your shoulder and you lift your head up so you could give him one on the lips.

Once your lips touched, everything felt better. You finally felt home with Grayson, and you could tell that Grayson felt the same way.

“I missed you a lot more, trust me.” He tells you and you smile brightly, jumping down and grabbing your bag, “C'mon princess, let’s go to my room.” He takes your hand and grips it tightly, leading you upstairs.

When you get to his room you place your bag on his desk, turning around to face him. It was hard to keep your hands off of him after he had been gone for so long, and you could tell Grayson felt the exact same way.

“Well,” He starts, “I tried to hold it in, but I can’t anymore.” He shrugs and walks towards you, picking you up and placing you on the bed gently. You giggle and pull him onto the bed as well, placing your lips on his quickly. The kiss was passionate and desperate, you knew that you both needed what was going to happen in a few seconds.

Grayson lays back and pulls you onto his lap, pulling your shirt off quickly revealing your ace bra. You lean over slightly, pressing another sloppy kiss to his lips. You begin to trail kisses down his neck, and then you move on to trace his jaw with kisses. Then, just to tease him, you place a gentle kiss on the corner of his lips making him groan, pulling you close and placing his lips on yours.

You feel his tongue trace your bottom lip, asking for entrance which you gladly except. As you fight for dominance over the kiss, you hear a loud knock at Grayson’s door, making you both pull apart quickly and look at the door.

“Gray! Have you forgotten about the part of the video you have to edit? You promise! No takesies backsies!” You hear Ethan say from the other side of the door, making you giggle a little bit.

Grayson closes his eyes and sighs in annoyance, “We’ll finish tonight.” He says seriously and you nod, whispering something very dirty in your ear that make you blush profusely.  

“Put your shirt back on and hang out in the kitchen, I promise I won’t take long.” He assures you and sigh, pressing your lips on his and he hums, starting to walk away but you pull him back for one more kiss, “I’ll be back,” He reminds you and you whine, falling back onto the bed as he leaves the room reluctantly.

You close your eyes for a moment, feeling very excited for tonight. You found a he grin make its way onto your face and you slip your shirt back on, practically skipping downstairs to the kitchen. You open the fridge and grab a soda, turning around to see Ethan looking at you with a strange look on his face,

“Why are you do happy?” He asks, his eyebrows raised but you just shrug and pass him, turning around with the same grin on your face and saying,

“I’m getting laid tonight.”

a/n - LOOL i’m actually laughing i loved this request. guys i have so many requests rn I’m happy lmao you guys are the best haha (:::::

Secret |Jack Avery|

|Word Count - 790|

|Request - Yes|

“Corbyn!” You exclaimed dropping your bags before running towards the blonde. He turned, eyes widening by the sudden shout of his name but smiled once he realized who called him.

“You got so tall.” Corbyn mumbled once you were in his arms. Hugging him back, you let out a snort at his remark.

“We’re literally the same height.” You whispered trying to measure up to your twin brother. He let out a laugh softly pushing down on your shoulders so that you went back to your normal height.

“The guys are waiting outside.” Corbyn said as he grabbed both of your bags. You gave a small smile hesitant to see the guys again. It had been a while since you had seen them and a lot had happened.

“Don’t worry, they all still love you.” Corbyn whispered wiggling his eyebrows at you as the both of you walked out of the airport. A smile covered your face when you saw Zach excitedly jumping up and down at the curb. Before you could hug Zach, Daniel engulfed you in a hug knocking you back into a struggling Corbyn.

“Daniel! Oh my god, I missed you buddy.” You mumbled into the brunette’s chest as he rocked you back and forth. He pressed a soft kiss to your forehead before letting Zach get a hold of you.

“I missed you so much, they’ve been so mean.” Zach mumbled giving you a side hug. You sent a playful glare to the other boys making them all laugh. Jonah also gave you a quick hug before leaving you to wonder where Jack was. Noticing you were looking for the curly haired brunette, Daniel gave you a soft pat on the shoulder.

“Jack wasn’t feeling good.” Daniel said making you confused. Jack had texted you this morning on how excited he was to see you. Why hadn’t he told you he was sick?

“Okay.” You responded getting into the car with the rest of the boys. The car ride was filled with excited chatter and a bunch of picture taking since the boys were so happy you were back for a little bit. But what bothered you the most was how Jack wasn’t responding to your messages at all. Once you all got to the house, Corbyn and Daniel took it upon themselves to haul your bags inside the house. 

“He’s in his room.” Daniel mumbled directing you upstairs. You skipped up the stairs, your flip flops making quite obnoxious noises. Reaching Jack’s bedroom, you softly knocked before letting yourself in. Shutting the door behind yourself, you smiled seeing Jack cuddled up to a pillow. Light snores slipped through his lips making his just as adorable.

“Jack.” You whispered sitting on the bed next to him. You ran your fingers through his soft locks trying to wake him up. He groaned in his sleeping shuffling around as he tried to go back to sleep.

“Jack, I’m back.” His eyes snapped open once he heard a very familiar voice call his name. A smile engulfed his tired face as he pulled you down into a tight hug. 

“I’d kiss you but I’m sick.” Your boyfriend mumbled with a pout. You let out a laugh getting under the covers with him.

“Do you know how hard it is keeping this a secret from Corbyn? He’s always on my case.” You mumbled into Jack’s chest making Jack nod along. You had been dating Jack for a couple of months now, you both made it official the last time you were in LA. You decided to not tell your twin brother since he had made it clear he didn’t want you dating any of his bandmates.

“Same honestly. It’s so hard to call you when everyone’s always around.” Jack whined making you let out a soft laugh. You pulled his face closer to yours kissing him. The thought of him being sick completely left your mind when the feeling of the soft familiar lips against yours made you happy inside. Jack leaned against one arm, dominating you in the soft make out session you were both having. You hadn’t heard his door open as you were both focused on each other.

“It’s time to- Really?! (Y/N), Jack of all the guys in the world?” Corbyn exclaimed, pain evident in his voice. Jack pulled away from you sitting up next to you. Corbyn gave him a frown before looking back at you.

“I can’t believe you.” With that said, Corbyn slammed the door behind him, the sound of him running down the stairs the only thing you could hear. Letting out a frustrated huff, you ran your hands through your hair as Jack flopped back onto his pillow.

“We fucked up.”

|Hopefully anon liked it, part two out soon xx|