How they end up with kids..

Jumin: Initally resents the idea of children and doesn’t like the idea of MC going through childbirth for a couple years. When Jumin warms up to the idea of having his own heirs for his corporation he convinces MC for surrogacy rather than her to endure childbirth. They have 1 son and 1 daughter who are taken care of by a full time nanny. Zen judges Jumin’s parenting decisions daily.

Zen: Surprise pregnancy! MC gets sick while Zen is filming a movie. They find out together MC is pregnant when she faints on set and ends up in the hospital. MCs entire pregnancy is covered by entertainment news outlets. Paparazzi camped the hospital when word got out she was in labor and the RFA helps MC and Zen go to a secret location for a private birth. Zen is overly protective of MC and their daughter to the media.

Yoosung: He wasn’t kidding that he wanted children as soon as possible with the MC. They end up having 5 children total (3 girls, 2 boys). MC stays at home as a full time mom initially, but when Yoosung opens up his own vet hospital out in the countryside MC also helps him run the new family business.

Jaehee: MC decides she wants to adopt a child and Jaehee is named the godmother. MC adopts a toddler girl from a broken family with the help of Jaehee’s intense research knowledge and Jumin’s connections. The entire RFA helps MC her daughter, but, MC’s daughter refers to Jaehee as “Mommy Kang.” 

Saeyoung: He left more than just evidence he existed on MC before rescuing Saeran. MC found out she was pregnant while Saeyoung was helping Saeran but kept it a secret because she knew how much was already on Saeyoung’s plate. MC eventually confides in Saeyoung after the engagement party. They decide to keep it a secret from everyone until MC gives birth, however, that plan goes out the window when Yoosung comes over unexpectedly one day. MC and Saeyoung end up having triplets (2 girls with red hair and 1 boy with brown hair) much to the RFA’s dismay. The children end just as obsessed with Elly as Saeyoung is.

A little something cause I was getting bored atta my mind so I needed some entertainment to keep me going and I gotta say I love this reference scene from Disney Movie Hercules so this was perfect to demonstrate some of my frustration =) 

Aaaand also this happened O-o 

(Im confused & shocked and akfjnskrjngsg) holy hotdogs omg I thank ye 1,000,000,000,000 overdrive of stars turning confetti ;-;

(One thing that was a drag is that I couldn’t shake the screen at the end since I don’t have the program for it so this was all I can do though I hope ya like it anyhow c: )

Nightmare!Sans & Art /c/ the awesome gal @jokublog Original Post / Movie Scene

Tsuki's birthday party
  • Tsuki:Kuroo please...
  • Akaashi:happy birthday day Tsukishima
  • Tsuki:thank you Akaashi
  • Akaashi:now all I need is a room to show you my gift
  • Bokuto:HAPPY BIRTHDAY GLASSES-KUN! How old are you now? Like, 12?
  • Bokuto and Kuroo:*attempting to sing happy birthday in Spanish*
  • Kenma:I forgot about your birthday but you can have my apple pie
  • Tsuki:oh... Thank you, you really sho-
  • Kenma:*wipes tears* *sniffles* just take the fuckin pie already
  • Tsuki:I loved the plushy and cake Kuroo thank you they're really lovely
  • Kuroo:oh baby I got another gift waiting for you back at my place~
  • Suga:*throws party hats at him* NO, NO, NO!
  • Suga:h-happy birthday Tsukishima! *sniffle* I can't believe my baby boy's growing so fast *sobs*
  • Tsuki:...thank you?
  • Suga:*blows his nose*


waitwhatidontknow  asked:

Can you explain to me what Adenosine is/does? A girl I know named her baby that...

Oh my gosh! 🙈🙈🙈
Hahaa Adenosine helps “reset” the heart by stopping it when it’s in a deadly and “not compatible with life” heart rhythm called supraventricular tachycardia. People that have had it explain the experience like getting kicked in the chest. If it doesn’t work then the next step is a higher dose THEN if still not working, it’s time to shock someone 😕

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What are your thoughts on Morpheus? I quite like him and the fact he doesn't buy into Rumple's bullshit. I find it funny (and rather telling) that DBers & BSers now hate him because he's not the daddy's boy they wanted him to be. They use to think the Rumbaby was the most precious thing in the world that needed to be protected at all costs, now they think he's a brat/shithead. violetfaust*tumblr*com/post/150986867651/samoyedjack-violetfaust-anonymousnerdgirl

I’m just here, laughing and laughing…..and wondering (again) where that anon troll from last season who insisted I’d “be so angry and jealous when DumBelle were together and happy with their baby” is?

Oh BTW, they’re also (again) starting up a petition. This time it’s on twitter and apparently if they get enough signatures, ABC/Disney/A&E will “have” to retire DumBelle for the rest of the series (or until they can “write them properly”—i.e. in accordance with their fanfics).

The only thing wrong with Morpheus is that he’s too hot and too tall to be their kid. But I guess recessive genes?

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I feel guilty about liking myself, whenever someone comments on how I like taking pictures when I actually believe I look good, I just feel so guilty. Like I shouldn't be doing that and that it's conceited to do it. So I tell myself not to do it, I say 'come on no one else thinks you look good enough so what's the point?' Either way in the end I just feel awful. Any advice?

Oh baby, I feel this so much… honestly, keep doing you, keep feeling yourself, keep documenting those glorious moments when you love yourself and your body… you’re gorgeous and cute and adorable and I don’t want you to stop, okay? Take as many pics and selfies as you want - no limit

Other people can be so ugly and mean and just plain jealous so they’ll put people down for taking pics of themselves… “oh, but you said you feel ugly so why are you doing this?” SHUSH!!!

Don’t listen to them - they are full of nonsense and should mind their own damn business

You are good enough, you look good enough and no one should dare stop you!


yourmuseco’s aesthetic series: daddy bought me friends/queen bee

Her eyes, they look lonely for all way yeah and inner
                Oh baby, it’s such a lie to act so nice
        Will never begin to let you in
                                 They’ll act surprised, apologize
                 We’ll never let on the face you wear is wrong….

                                       - The Socialites/Dirty Projectors

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Bri I just lost my social worker who was like a sister to me because I turned 18. We're not allowed to talk or see each other anymore because of the rules of her work. Today was our last meeting and it honestly feels like I'm mourning her like she died. I can't stop sobbing and everything in my house reminds me of her. I feel so broken because she was a huge support system and now she's just gone and I don't know what to do

oh no baby i’m so sorry!! i can’t imagine how hard that is 😞 its okay to grieve the loss of somebody that important to you. i’m sure it hurts!! these sort of things take time to hurt less, but it won’t be this painful forever. just try your best to work through it, ok sweetheart? it’s okay to be sad. losing people who are a big part of your life is very hard.


step 1: dont actually throw it
step 2: toss it instead
step 3: spike that sucker

yay, another dumb thing. 

this just popped up into my head, because wouldn’t they do this? yeah this actually has nothing to do with the app, but oh well… i might do more pokemon kagehina next time.