Oh, Baby (Namjoon x Reader) Pt. 19

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Pairing: Namjoon/RM x Reader
Rating: M
Genre: Smut/Mafia-ish AU

Words: 4,988

Summary: You were only supposed to have seen him twice. Only twice, no more, but now you’re getting dragged into situations you never wished for and Namjoon just keep showing up.

A/N: Bet you guys weren’t expecting this update, huh? It’s only been a week and yet the second to last chapter is suddenly done xD Well, I’ve finally gotten motivated to finish this series, that’s why! Last time…I believe we left off with a lot of you mad at me, right? Well…read on and see this time if the ending leaves you feeling any more satisfied.

“Oh fuck.”

Those are the first words that come out of Yoongi’s mouth as soon as he realizes that it’s none other than Namjoon who has just been shot, and not a second later Namjoon sways on his feet.

His eyes shut, blood dripping from his chin as his knees buckle, and he sways forward. Immediately Jungkook, who is stood between you and Namjoon, reaches out and braces the taller, wincing in pain as Namjoon’s dead weight smacks into him. Thankfully, Yoongi is there just one beat later, taking his friend from Jungkook’s grasp and lowering him to the floor.

Despite the sirens blaring—and the additional shot that rings out behind you as Taehyung disables Jeon for good—your mind goes quiet. Suddenly you become unable to speak or move—you can only watch this nightmare play out before you.

On the floor, barely awake, Namjoon shakily lifts his hand and presses it to his chest. Without hesitation Yoongi bats his hand away, eyes frantically scanning the area he had touched for any kind of bullet wound. However, to Yoongi’s surprise he finds no wound, let alone any blood, which can only mean…

Grabbing the collar of Namjoon’s blazer, Yoongi rips downwards, and then repeats the process with his shirt, buttons tearing from the clothing as Namjoon’s torso is exposed. However, it’s not pale skin that greets your unwavering eyes, but a thin, black vest instead.

Yoongi rolls Namjoon onto his side, wishing more than anything that he was in possession of a knife at the moment as he’s forced to maneuver Namjoon’s shirt from around his shoulders—a clear blood stain visible on the backside of the white fabric.

“I fucking told you that we shouldn’t have used one of these old, thin vests,” Yoongi grumbles more to himself than anyone as he spots the point of entry through the back of the outdated bulletproof vest. In his arms Namjoon laughs breathily, but the laugh quickly dissolves into fit of coughs, another small amount of blood escaping from his mouth.

“If we had they would’ve been able to tell I was wearing one…,” he responds to Yoongi weakly, and Yoongi clicks his tongue as he works to undo the buckles on the vest.

“Shut up, you dumbass. Don’t talk.”

Finally undoing the vest, Yoongi discards it on the floor beside Namjoon and takes a look at his friend. Having been heading for the exit with Jeon collapsed on the floor in the center of the room behind them, it makes sense now that he had managed to shoot Namjoon in the back. And from the looks of it, the bullet had struck just below his right shoulder blade.

Yoongi narrows his eyes, palm moving to splay against Namjoon’s skin below the wound. He knows this isn’t good—they need to get Namjoon out of here and get him to help as soon as they can. Being hit where Namjoon has been means it’s not immediately putting his life in danger, but with time that doesn’t mean his condition won’t change.

Yoongi’s jaw clenches, a vein popping out near his temple. At least the old bulletproof vest had kept the bullet from ripping clean through Namjoon’s entire chest…

“Y…Yoongi,” you finally manage to speak, hands shaking where they grip your dress. You return to reality slightly, but your breaths still come out shallow and quick. “Is Namjoon—?!”

Your feet move on their own as you intended to rush to where Yoongi and Jungkook are surrounding Namjoon a few feet away, but you hardly make it two steps before a hand is gripping your elbow, forcing you to stop.

Shocked and inexplicably angry, you whip your head around, prepared to curse or fight or just scream, but when you’re met with the sight of Taehyung—his face contorted with such a look of empathy—your anger disappears. You’re still upset with Taehyung…there’s no way you can forgive him right away for the things he’s done, but…right now you know that he’s on your side, and you don’t have the energy or will to fight him.

Noticing how Taehyung has momentarily stalled you from coming to see your injured boyfriend, Jungkook crouches down and leans in towards Yoongi.


“We really need to get him some help,” Yoongi responds, voice loud enough to be heard over the alarms, but quiet enough that you won’t hear his sincerely worried tone.

Jungkook nods, lifting a hand to card it through his hair—a sign of his stress. He takes a deep breath, squaring his shoulders, and Yoongi allows his gaze to wander to the young heir for a moment. He worse for wear—bruised and battered thanks to his father—and Yoongi can see the fear that still lingers in his gaze, but he hasn’t given up hope yet.

“Jin hyung is still downstairs, right? Let’s go now, before the cops start arriving.”

Despite his anger towards the current situation, Yoongi nods. He knows that Jungkook is right.

“You’re better with a gun, so let me carry him,” Jungkook says, flipping around so that his back is facing Yoongi and Namjoon. Yoongi looks skeptical—worried that Jungkook is too injured, but the younger flashes him a half-smile, half-grimace.

“I’m tougher than I look, right now.”

Not really having a choice, Yoongi helps maneuver a barely awake Namjoon onto Jungkook’s back. The younger loops his arms around Namjoon’s legs, and Yoongi makes sure that Namjoon’s arms are locked around Jungkook’s neck. He truly feels like dead weight right now, and the thought makes Jungkook cringe.

“Let’s head downstairs and find Jin and Hoseok,” Yoongi speaks up once Namjoon is taken care of. He looks up in the direction of you and Taehyung, and then meets your eyes. For once, the light in your eyes has begun to fade. You simply look sad and defeated, and Yoongi bites his lip. He doesn’t want that…he needs you to be determined right now. They still need to get out of here.

“Y/N,” he says, redrawing your attention. You blink, focusing on him again, wondering when your attention had wandered.

“It’s not fatal, but we need to get moving. Let’s go and get away from this hellhole, yeah?”

Clearly the news that it’s not a fatal wound gives you some relief, and you take a second to inhale a deep, calming breath. Yoongi is right. You need to get out of here, still. It’s not over yet.

“Yeah,” you agree, thankful for his words, and Yoongi nods, turning back towards the door.

“Stick close to me. Taehyung, cover the rear. Let’s go.”

Back in action, your pack of five finally exits the suite, leaving the unmoving body of Jeon Enterprise’s CEO behind. Your pace is cautious, yet swift. Yoongi leads the way, Jungkook directly behind him, and you keep near Jungkook. Taehyung lingers a small ways behind you, eyes narrowed as he watches for any potential threat.

If they had been paying more attention Namjoon’s injury could’ve been prevented, after all…

Finally, a minute or two later, the ballroom comes into sight. Near the entrance greeters are urging people to leave the ballroom—giving instructions on where to wait, and what to do. Save a few lingering guests, the few hundred invitees had cleared out, making it very easy for you to spot Jin and Hoseok in the middle of the dance floor, a passed out Jaehyuk still on the ground beside them.

“Please, sir, you need to leave–!” you hear a member of the event staff urge them as your group nears.

“He’s still out cold! Please trust me, we’ll just wait until the paramedics get here!”

“But we can’t let you stay in the building! We have no idea if a fire has broken out or not!”

“Don’t worry about them!” Taehyung suddenly speaks up, brushing past you and Jungkook. He momentarily tucks his gun away, digging in his coat pocket to show his verification, identifying himself as a member of Jeon’s security unit.

“I’ll stay here with them until the cops arrive. Please, stay safe yourself and don’t worry about them. Everyone else has already gone,” Taehyung points out, motioning to the door. He steps closer to her, blocking Jungkook and Namjoon from her line of sight, and at realizing the other staff members are the only ones left—waiting on her to join—the woman bows and quickly excuses herself.

At her retreat, realizing that the remaining occupants of the ballroom are now leaving and that for the most part the coast is clear, the 5 of you who have just arrived turn to face Hoseok and Jin, who immediately turn their attention to you as well.

“Did you pull the alarm??” Yoongi questions Hoseok, and the younger male raises his hands defensively.

“I’m standing down here and all of the sudden I hear what sounds like a gunshot! The people around me started murmuring and getting worried, so I figured it’d be better to pull it sooner than later. Last thing we need are people hearing even more gunshots to clear up their doubts.”

“Fine, fine—,” Yoongi responds angrily, and then notices the way Jin’s eyes are lingering on the newest addition to their crew.

“Is he…?”

“Taehyung,” Yoongi sighs. “But he’s on our side now, don’t worry.”

Taehyung keeps his face carefully blank as Jin begins glaring at him.

“I have a bone to pick with you later,” Jin hisses, and Taehyung blinks, but isn’t appalled. He had never expected to be able to switch teams without encountering some bridges to rebuild along the way. But either way, Taehyung shouldn’t be their focus right now, it should be—

“Namjoon,” you speak up, stepping out from behind Yoongi and motioning back to the male being carried by Jungkook. Jin’s heart lightens at the sight of you—because thank god you’re ok—but as soon as he looks to where you’re pointing and sees Namjoon nearly passed out on Jungkook’s shoulder, he knows that something has gone terribly, terribly wrong.

“What happened?!” Jin startles, rushing to Jungkook and Namjoon’s side. Jin can see the dark bruises blooming on Jungkook’s face, but considering he’s walking and Namjoon isn’t, Jin assumes he’d better check on the mafia boss first.

As Jin busies himself with checking on Namjoon’s condition, Hoseok, Yoongi, and Taehyung gather to discuss what comes next. How are they getting out of here? What can they possibly say about Jeon? They don’t have much longer before the police should be arriving, so they really need to hurry.

Caught between the two groups, you can’t help when your attention wanders. Your ears tune between the group discussing your getaway and Jin and Jungkook, who are mumbling about what had happened upstairs. At this point you just want to grab them all and drag them away from here. You need to get out.

“Jimin should be out back waiting for us right now,” Yoongi announces, looking at his phone screen. He turns to Jin and Jungkook, opening his mouth to speak, but you end up tuning him out when you see movement in the corner of your eyes. It puzzles you, since no one of your group is standing over in that direction, and you turn to face the cause of your concern.

Immediately your heart drops.


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worst Star Wars character, full stop? It’s the big purple Chewbacca guy in Rebels whose establishing character trait is that he loves to punch children and beat them up. Every episode he’s like “Oh boy what a day in space this is! I can’t wait to find some children, and beat the shit out of them” and everyone else on the ship, even the cool green getaway driver lady and Freddie Prinze Jr, is like “Oh baby-punching purple Chewbacca, there you go again!” Like what’s that guy’s DEAL?!?


zelda @ zelda: why did he have to be waiting outside my god damn house!? ugh, i’m so mortified. i wonder what he even thinks of me right now..

isaac: mama!! mama? are you sad? D:

zelda: oh, hi baby. no of course i’m not sad

isaac: but you look sad mama..

zelda: shh, don’t be silly isaac. how could i be sad when i get to see your sweet little face every day, hmm?

isaac: *giggles* ok mama! can you come play blocks with me?

zelda: ..of course i can. just let mama have a quick bath first okay? then we can play as much as you like

isaac: yay! :-D

anonymous asked:

sorry sweetie but what are these "subtle" moments ya'll going on about? oh them simply cooking in the background quietly is "subtle" now? oh u poor babies that is not subtle silly that's just them doing what they're supposed to since they're in the same team lmao. oh and about "sharing clothes" do some research and u'll see tae has worn more of jks stuff than jm has and anyways ya'lls "same hoody" theory was debunked anyway karma really doesn't like jikookers wow

this is so pathetic omg u act as if jimin and taehyung are in a competition as to whom can wear jungkook’s clothes more .

omg yes. i gave in. all the things u said is right. i ship t/k bc tae wears jk clothes more. wow how romantic.

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The entire anti community @ this shit: Oh no baby what is you doing

not even, we out here clinking champagne bottles because we knew they were gonna make even bigger fools of them selves soon


“I choose to fall.
So far away from the Light, I’ve found your grace…
And Now I’m lost.
My life is in your hands cause with all my knowledge I’ve never dreamt even the chance about know u.
My eyes for your mercy,
My life for your lips calling out my name…
Lost on you,
Forever yours,

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Imagine cuddling on the couch. Shawns hand in yours. Tracing his tattoo. His other hand resting on your small baby bump. The little boy inside kicks. A smile spreads across shawns face. “Hi baby boy” he says kissing your head. “Can’t wait to meet you.” Smile still stretched wide across his face.

“Hi baby boy” 

OH MY GOD he would totally like move so he could have a conversation with your  bump, tracing shapes on it and talking about you and shit. 





oh… augh.

one two three… four… f-… six lapeeps…! and a gem? it looks undamaged too.

they came back… still wont let me near… but…

they found all of these alone? how?? maybe the lapeeps helped?

I just wish they would give me a chance to thank them…