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Headcannons on who growls, when they do it and the nature of the growl (please I love you and your blog)

I actually listened to some their voice lines to get a better idea
I can never listened to any Overwatch voice lines without getting flustered it’s so sexual!



The obvious one. When Reaper growls it’s very quite and very hard to hear unless you were close or if it was completely quiet. It’s threatening and possessive. A dangerous sound,


 It’s very rare for him to growl as it’s very hard to make him angry. It’s deep, deeper than his own voice and if you placed you hand on his chest plate you could feel it rumble. Like Reaper it’s threatening.


 A growl or a purr, it’s hard to tell which is which as he makes both sounds when thinking. He’s unaware he even makes the sound. It starts deep in his throat and it’s a small sound.


 A frustrating sound or when he’s in very deep concentration. It’s not meant to be threatening when heard but it can be if he’s missed a shot. 


Mostly using growls and grunts as a form of communication so his growls can mean a few things such as annoyance, anger, when he feels threatened, and so on.

Solider 76

Like Hanzo, it’s more a sound he makes when he’s frustrated. It’s not common for him to growl but when he does, it’s hard to notice because it happens quietly and very naturally.

One of the larries favourite arguments to use as ‘proof’ is, 'if Louis isn’t with Harry then he’s a terrible person’. Firstly this is false. Literally a complete load of crap. Louis is an inherently good person who puts on events for terminally ill children. Louis is the kind of person to do numerous charity events in his time off to help as many people as possible and raise awareness. Louis is loyal and kind and described in glowing terms by anyone that knows and loves him. Just because Louis has chosen to self identify as straight does not make him homophobic or a bad person.

However if Louis agreed to perform in a stunt that involved faking a babies birth. If that stunt led to the 'mother’ of this pretend baby being subjected to terrible misogyny and abuse. If he went out with a baby doll/actor and pretended to be a dad then I would question everything I thought I knew about Louis. I would question why a lad raised by a single mum, who knows the struggles that she faced would stand by and allow another young single mum to be dragged just to help keep his secret.

If Niall knew about this 'stunt’ and threw shade at it by using his close friends newborn baby then i would think he was also a pretty shitty person.

It’s time to start accepting that Freddie is real, stop turning everything the lads do as ways to push your conspiracies. Its beyond boring and is just cruel now. Freddie is a living breathing child. He is Louis’ flesh and blood. If you think Louis would use a child to hide a secret about himself then maybe it’s time to question why you’d be a fan of this person. Non of us know what’s going on in these people’s private lives and for all you know Louis could be dealing with a crisis currently at home and instead of being supportive fans you’re still wanging on about your conspiracies and calling his son fake. I literally can’t bear it anymore.


“You’re not watching the ball.”

“Fuck you.”

“Your form’s off, you’ll foul. ”

“Fuck you.” 

“No, fuck you.”  Drake jumped for the lay up 

“Fucker.” Kai panted on the asphalt. 

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Hey! Do you by any chance have any headcanons that would cover transportation to/from America? I've realized suddenly that all this gramander is strictly bound to the territory. I mean, what are the options? I guess it might be challenging to apparate UK->US, floo powder probably wouldn't work across the ocean, portkeys - can anyone make them? And what about owls?? How a cute little Newt would send a letter to beautiful and smug Percival, if it requires an owl to have superpowers to get to him..


just as a by-n-by - i am possibly the worst person to ask about hp verse lore. i will shamefully admit that i’ve only read up to book 5 (but i only remember events up to book 4) and i haven’t seen past movie 4.

so, i believe, from a quick squint at wiki, that apparating cross continents is super duper hard and only possible by the most powerful of wizards and from that, i would infer that it’s really taxing on magical power, maybe even physically too. but apparating together when they’re in the same country though? any excuse to hold onto each other amirite

in regards to floo, it seems to be a britain only thing? i would think america would have it’s own system, maybe using something based off the underground network but it’ll probably be domestic only as well, as opposed to international.

portkeys can be made! but probably a highly uncomfortable way to travel constantly and percival would probably insist on going through all the right channels and getting permission from the ministry of magic as well as macusa and it’s a hell of a lot of effort to set up (with newt not understanding why because it’s literally eighty pages of forms, percival, eighty. pages.)

so, if they’re far apart the only thing they can rely on is owl/bird post. in hp, canon (if i’m remembering correctly), sirius has sent harry stuff using a tropical bird, hermione’s sent letters to viktor krum using owl and both of those recipients are presumably overseas. so, why not newt and percival?

imagine this - newt finishing off his book in the south american jungle after the events of the movie and sending percival a letter via toucan or a parrot, something big and colourful and flamboyant that knocks on the window of his office when he’s briefing his new crop of baby aurors about something. percival sighs even as he unlatches his window and let’s the bird settle on the perch he’s had set up in an unobtrusive corner. there’s food and water ready and the bird already has its beak full of seed as percival slides the letter from it’s claw. meanwhile, his troop of young aurors just. gape. (what is he doing. what is that. does he have a secret lover or something?) - the last one is basically correct but percival isn’t telling them anything, dismissing them with a wave of his hand and a Very Pointed Look.

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“Haru.” He called his friend’s name once more as he knew Haru tended to be in his own world, however that didn’t mean he didn’t want to drag him out of it sometimes. “Haru.” He said once more as he moved his hand over to Haru’s as he squeezed it tightly. “Haru is there too many people?” He thought it’d be nice for the two of them to go outside and do a bit of shopping as he enveloped the other in a hug. “Are you too cold?” (@ofissues)

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I don't think I'll ever get over Niall not seeing Freddie. It can post an Instagram picture of Ben's baby. Oh the irony of him only arriving at night and not being able to see him during the day for 10 months!!

or harry not going apeshit over having that close of access to a baby, cmon! harry didn’t even acknowledge freddie and in fact tweeted lyrics from a song about a dead son lol.

okay but when vax is an utter dick to kynan and vex and scanlan are just like ‘oh! poor baby! wait! come back!’

like good luck teaching your future kids discipline vax, keyleth, because auntie vex and uncle scanlan are gonna coddle those motherfuckers like nobodies business lmao

Yuri on Ice episode 10 is the biggest plot twist in 2016

I’m still shook. Very very shook. o_o

i just woke up and i was like “…oh my god my babies are engaged”

“oh my god Yuuri is a pole dancer”

“Victor was being thristy af for a whole year and that little katsudon had no idea about it”

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I haven’t quite figured out how to normalize the volume of the files so they’d sound all alike. But it’s late and I’m tired. This is the best I can do in one night. I blame @diamonddragon33 and @ithinkitsdashing for encouraging me do this and sending me sound files to sort through lol. 

Anders: I’ve been trying to get you into bed for ages
Fenris: Interesting, I can do that if you wish.
Anders: I want to make you feel good…Really good…I’ll do my best to please you.
Fenris: A tempting offer
Anders: Oh yes, tease me baby, tease me. No one’s ever made me feel the way you do. Let us adjourn to the bedroom. Or if you’d like, the dining room table has potential.
Fenris: *Chuckles* Well, then I’ll see you later.
Anders: Oooo. Just as well I put on clean underpants this morning then ey!

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this is kind of a general question, but like does anyone ever feel bad for that freaking kid? like, wether the kid is Louis (which its not but) or it is that is so fucked up? like? he either is being passed around like a toy used for the sake of others use or has the world worst father (which he doesn't) like that kid gonna grow up and be so fucked up. I feel but just on a basic human decency. Like how can they do that to a baby?

oh anon yes, absolutely. i’ve talked about this a lot (especially at the height of the stunting) but it’s really upsetting to watch and i really feel bad that this child is nothing more than a prop to the people around them. it angers me that this child has parents who have no issue with treating their child like a commodity.