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Are we gonna hang out some washing with those pegs? 😇

awwww yeaaa baby… im gonna wash your laundry soooooo gooood. mmmmm…. its never been so clean as when they hands get ahold of it.

So soapy…. so… hot… so…… wet. 

scrubbing… and sudsing… and…. oh baby that spin cycle. mmmmmm.

I’ve got the rope… you bring the clothespins… and lets… do.. some laundry….. togetherrrrrrrr.

my-one-love-is-music replied to your post “My headcanon of Q having depression has shifted. What if he had…”

Okay I’m on board with this. How do you think James would react learning about it and helping Q with his bipolar disorder before and during their relationship?

Well, I would think James would be one of those people who thoroughly researches how to be supportive. My headcanon that he has some freakin’ bad trauma/PTSD still stands. So he would believe Q when he insists he’s not faking anything, and try to learn his moods; what triggers him, what the signs are that he’s manic and not just drinking too much tea, what he needs most when he’s depressed (which is usually just being held and told it’s okay to cry). He’d learn the best ways to help Q defeat the brain weasels, and the doubts that tell Q that everyone secretly thinks he’s an arrogant prick and they hate him, and the bad headspaces. And Q would learn how to break through James’ armor, get him to trust Q with everything, so they could lean on each other, even at their worst. And even when they fight (and the fights can get pretty spectacular) they always end up sorry and forgiving each other.

Can you tell I’m a hopeless romantic

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Clarke going to Aerie or Victoria's Secret or some place and she snapchats the entire experience to Lexa, who's in class. "Oh baby, look at these lacy bras!" "Ooh, crotchless panties. I know you'd love these." Lexa ends up having to excuse herself from class.

Okay but you know naughty Clarke is def gonna put on a striptease for Lexa over snapchat and Lexa just…Moans in class and it’s game over Lexa

There comes a time in every man’s life
When he gets tired of fooling around
Juggling hearts in a three ring circus
Some day it will drive a body down to the ground

I never imagined that love would rain on me
And make me want to settle down

Baby it’s true
I think I do and I just want to tell you that
I want to with you and baby if you do too
Oh, forever, forever
Baby I want you forever 

I want to keep you for the rest of my life
All that’s wrong in my world you can make right
You are my savior, you are my light
Forever I want you in my life

Forever in My Life - Sign O the Times

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How would Ink, UT sans and papyrus and UF sans react to triggering their S/O's panic attack?

Oh the poor baby wouldn’t know what in hells name to do. The creator is panicking…. Loudly. “Omg omg omg OMG my little Ladybug Im so sorry!” Inky is quick to apologize and is even quicker to comfort.

UT Sans
Sans instantly jumps into action hugging you and apologizing. He knows whats going on and he feels awful about causing it. Soon your being fed fries from Grillbys and have a cup of tea in your hands.

UT Papyrus

Instantly turns s/O into a blanket burrito as he apologizes profusely. “HE’S VERY VERY SORRY DATEMATE!!” He soon sets you on the couch and turns of your favorite show and makes you something to eat.   

UF Sans

Poor thing doesn’t know what to do. “Booooooooss heeeeeelp!” “GODDAMMIT SANS!” Argument ensues, good luck calming down by yourself. Afterwards Red feels guilty and takes you out and buys you anything you want.