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Tfln where Harry's really late for a date/stood the missus up and she is upset but trying not to show it?

Harry. Missus.

Harry, where are you?

I’m at home, why?

Do you need me to come and get you from somewhere?


I thought you were busy and that’s why you were late.

Don’t worry.

Late for what?

No, no.

It’s okay.

Don’t worry.

Gorgeous, what am I late for?

We had a date scheduled for tonight at the restaurant by your house.

But, don’t worry.

I know you’ve been really busy with the fifth album.


Was that tonight?

It was, yeah.

But, it’s okay.

No, it’s not okay.

I stood you up.

I’m so sorry.

Harry, it’s okay.

It’s not okay.

You keep repeating the word ‘okay’ and I know when you do that, it’s not fine or okay.

Harry, I promise.

You’ve been so busy with everything.


You’re my girlfriend.

We’ve been together for 3 - almost 4 - years.

I shouldn’t be standing you up.

Harry, please.

Yes, I’m pissed off that this happened but it’s understandable because you’re so busy right now with setting up the fifth album.

I can get dressed quickly and run down to the restaurant.

Don’t bother. 

I’m in a uber on my way home.

An uber?


A taxi-like something that will drop me off home.


No, Harry.

I’ll see you Saturday.

What about tomorrow?

I thought we were having a date so I could treat you to the new film you’ve been wanting to watch.

I think I’m going to pass.

I’ll just see you on Saturday when we go for Gemma’s birthday.





I am sorry, Gorgeous.

I know you are.

I’ll see you on Saturday. x

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there's this guy who i've been spending a lot of time with recently bc of a summer programme, and i feel like with him i can be myself more than i can with anyone else & honestly i really like him, he has a gf though but even still i feel like i want him in my life even as a friend? we talk but i'm not close enough to ask for his number or anything so idk what to do. it ends in a week & i really don't want to lose contact with him but i can't make myself ask for his number, what should i do?

Oh I think I answered this too late for you now. Ask a friend to ask him for his number, if nobody does this favor for you, then just as him by yourself. If he  says no then you can be happy that this program ends. Just do it now or it might be to late. 

Armin is best friend

Armin: Eren, have you and Levi…

Eren: Ah! N-no way Armin, why do you even-

Armin: Oh good, I`m not too late! Okay lemme help you out-

Eren: Help me with what?

Armin: Preparing you for doing the do with you man!

Eren: WHAT?

Armin: Okay first, it`s bigger than you think it is! Having it in your hand and having it in you are two completely different things!

Eren: Armin sto-

Armin: And if you think you can handle it, think again because you can`t!

Eren: Please no, Arm-

Armin: And another thing you ne-

Eren: ARMIN! I don`t wanna hear this!

Armin: Do you want to accidentally break his “soldier”?

Eren: N-no, I`ll need that eventually…

Armin: Then listen to Armom.

Eren: Sigh. Fine.

Armin: Good, now the way me and Erwin do it is-


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Perhaps 26 & 71 from the prompts? Also I adore your writings so very very much! <3

26. “I’m sorry.  I didn’t mean to.”

Allura always knew that the Paladins of Voltron would lead lives full of danger and risk. She just hadn’t realized at the time of finding the new Paladins it would be so heartwrenching to watch them risk their lives. Her heart was still pounding in her chest as the Lions landed and the Paladins disembarked. All of them were exhausted, bruised and battered, but her heart leapt to her throat when she saw Shiro with his arm wrapped around his side, the white uniform stained by blood. 

She immediately rushed to him, prying his hand away. “How did this happen?” she demanded, her voice laced with fear.

“Before we got in the lions,” he mumbled, his eyes unfocused. He looked like he was going to pass out. She slung his arm around her shoulders to support his weight. “Got a scrape.” 

“That’s some scrape!” Coran remarked, worriedly stroking his mustache. “He needs to get to the infirmary, stat!” 

It didn’t take Shiro that long to heal, and after a few hours in the healing pod he was released with strict orders for bed rest. Seeing their leader was alright, and knowing they had other things to attend to (checking their lions for damages, among other things) the other Paladins headed out. Shiro would be far more likely to relax if he knew they were all doing their jobs properly, after all. 

Coran patted Shiro lightly on the back. “Glad to have you back, Shiro.” He glanced at Allura’s stony expression, and hesitated. “Well, I suppose I’ll leave you two alone.”

Allura waited until he was gone to speak, her usually expressive face blank. “Do you have any idea how worried I was?” she said softly.

Shiro’s brow furrowed in concern. “I’m sorry princess, I didn’t mean to―”

“I thought I was going to lose you.” She swallowed hard. “I can’t―the universe cannot afford to lose you.” She reverted back into a professional tone, a prim and proper princess, and hardly one that would form unprofessional attachments to a Paladin. No matter how kind or brave or handsome he was.

Shiro smiled, with an almost knowing look in his eye. “Of course not.” He pushed himself to his feet and walked over to her.  Her eyes widened as their proximity grew smaller and smaller, until he was less than an arm’s reach away from her. “Although I have a different problem: I can’t afford to lose you, because you are my universe.” He leaned in, emboldened, and pressed his lips briefly to her cheek. “Good night, princess.” 

“Good night, Shiro,” she said faintly, reaching up to touch her burning cheek as he walked away, her heart pounding. Maybe she’d be brave enough to tell him the truth before he wound up in the infirmary again. 

71. “No reason.”

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Treat You Better

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If you were given the challenge of thinking of something harder than being a single parent, a young single parent at that, you would’ve failed.

Growing up, you hadn’t understood the work that went into being a parent. You thought that love, support, and a bit of financial stability was all that was needed. Turns out, you were oh so very wrong.

Being a parent involved late nights, comforting a fussing child. Being a parent involved time that you didn’t have spent doing things that never would’ve done otherwise. Being a parent involved mental breakdowns daily because, holy shit, you’re responsible for another human being’s growth and development. Being a parent involved money that you didn’t have spent on things that you needed more than anything. Being a parent involved patience and understanding. Being a parent involved love and kindness.

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BTS fanfics rec


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Happy Birthday @blanania

Thank you for the last three years I have been following you . You are an awsome artist and watching your improvement was one of the best lesson in life I had . Watching how you went from simple fanart with no real background (your very first drawing tbh ) to your actual arts with details designs and background . How the color went from simple to such a unique coloring style that give off a deep feeling . This is the third year for me wishing you a happy birthday and looking back at it , it felt like such a short time but it have actually been more than three years . and even though you actually blocked me on here and on instagram I am still a persistent fucker serves me right tbh but you were my very first inspiration I watched you grow so much so quick in such a short period of time so even though I am blocked I can’t help keep an eye at your every updates it’s just a bit harder now that i am blocked but check insta and tumblr everyonce in a while to have a look at your new art or your new merchs 

Anyway I am still gonna follow your amazing work cause I am a fucker but you are just an amazing artist plus I have yet to get at least something anything from your store cause I gotta support my fav artist and just 


If I could say something to the characters

I don’t know I’m hoping maybe this can be a trend? do it id love to hear your opinions!!

1. Riley Matthews
oh Riley, Riley Riley Riley. I love you sweetheart. I do. but lately you have been bothering me. I don’t like the way you have been treating Maya and I hate that I haven’t seen any growth in your character since the show started. you’re cute sometimes but other times I feel like I’m watching a child and ugh I don’t know. also honey, drop the face and get on the Farkle train because he loves you honey toot toot

2. Maya Hart
honey I love you so much and you deserve the world. don’t worry because you will get your happy ending. don’t lose hope, it makes you beautiful. also, whoever you end up with Lucas or uncle boing, I’m okay with it

3. Lucas Friar
just choose already!!! oh my gosh I know it’s hard but what are you doing? it’s your choice bub whoever you like more that’s who you choose. I love you man like you’re so adorable but damn like what are you doing 😂😂😂 we all know you like Maya more just say how you feel. and p.s what is this sexual tension I’m feeling between you and Smackle?? bc I like it

4. Farkle Minkus
we know you like Smackle, but you love Riley. it’s always been Riley. I need you to face it dude. also, I’m so with you on this whole triangle thing like brooo I’m bored already. and also you’re so cute and hot like where did that come from???

should I do a part 2 with the other characters?

I wish glave would just take off his mask. ‘-’
I was gonna make perkisas joke & say stupid things
like ”you’re so ugly, put your mask back on” …ahhaha.. //bricked


Im sorry.

Lost Together

This was supposed to have been for han-leia-solo’s Han & Leia appreciation week, but I went away for the weekend and didn’t get the chance to post this :( Oh well, better late than never. 

“I hope you realize that this is entirely your fault.”

“My fault!”


My fault!”


Han threw his hands up in frustration. They’d been trekking through the jungle for hours, and their speeder was nowhere in sight. The terrain where they’d needed to set up the atmospheric sensors had required them to leave the speeder behind and travel a few miles on foot, and they were supposed to have headed straight back to base afterwards.

“You’re the one who suggested we veer south, Your Holiness,” he snapped, swiping at a bead of sweat running down his temple and swatting a large, leafy branch out of their path. The air was so heavy and humid that he couldn’t even tell whether or not the moisture he felt all over his body was a result of the mist or of perspiration.

“I only said that because you lost the navicalculator,” Leia said from behind him. She was panting; he figured her significantly shorter legs were having more trouble with the terrain than his were.

“I didn’t lose it,” Han huffed. “I just forgot to bring it.”

It was a damn shame that he had to walk in front and clear a path, he lamented, because about an hour ago the princess had been so hot and sweaty in the stifling jungle air that she’d stripped off her shirt and was traipsing behind him in her form-fitting, sleeveless undershirt, her coiled braids damp and disheveled.

“Why am I not surprised?”

Han scowled and continued barreling through the foliage. They’d tried to comm for help numerous times, but there seemed to be some kind of atmospheric interference with the signal; they couldn’t get anything other than static, and without the navigational positioning calculator, they were completely and utterly lost. Under ordinary circumstances he might’ve been a little more optimistic at the prospect of so much time alone with the princess, but she’d not taken well to his attempts to small talk her, and he was getting nervous as dusk approached. The jungle planet was crawling with large predators, and he didn’t like the idea of blundering around at night with some carnivorous beast on the loose. He was beginning to think they’d be better off finding cover until morning; making it back to base before nightfall was looking increasingly less likely.

“I say we give it another hour and then we stop,” he said, using his vibroblade to slash through a particularly dense wall of vines. “Unless you wanna wander around and wait for a modrol to find us. It’d go for you first, y’know—easier target, and all.”

Han smirked to himself, waiting for her cry of indignation behind him, but was perturbed when it never came.


Concerned, he wheeled around, one hand dropping to the blaster holstered at his side, half-expecting to find her in the hands of some monstrous alien creature. What he found, though, was nothing of that nature. Leia stood as still as a statue a few yards behind him, staring unmoving into the jungle. He could see her face only in profile, but it was enough for him to catch that her eyes were wide and that her expression was grim. Frowning—and slightly irritated that she’d stopped without telling him and that she hadn’t even been paying attention to his teasing—he backtracked and moved to stand at her side.

It was immediately clear what had drawn her attention. Lying in a lifeless heap against the mossy floor was a dead animal. Its mottled black fur—clearly meant to camouflage it against the black tree trunks of its habitat—shone scarlet with spilt blood. A massive piece of flesh was taken out of its left flank, leaving a gruesome wound that had clearly ended the animal’s life. Judging by the bloodstains all over the surrounding foliage, the poor creature had staggered and suffered for a while before collapsing.

Han winced and looked down at Leia, who seemed to be transfixed by the tragic sight.

“It’s a rixx cat,” he grunted, unsure what else to say. The feline’s large paws, stubby tail, and white-streaked belly were unmistakable. “There’s a lotta big animals in this jungle. Must’ve crossed paths with something.”

Leia nodded, still looking profoundly sad. Han realized that he’d never seen Leia interact with an animal before. Did she have a thing for big cats or something? He found the idea strange, but twilight was beginning to cast long shadows in the trees, and he didn’t want to linger around while it got dark. He cleared his throat.

“C’mon. We should find a place to make camp.”

Leia nodded and turned, seeming to have finally snapped out of her trance, but just as Han thought they would be on their way again, she abruptly spun back around and took a few sharp steps towards the dead rixx.

Bewildered, Han watched her keen gaze focus on the animal, and she crouched down on her haunches in front of it.

“Leia,” he huffed—exasperated, concerned, and wary. “Don’t go near it—”

Just as quickly as she crouched, however, Leia was upright and walking towards him once more, and in her arms, cradled against her chest, was a fuzzy, grey thing with large pointed ears.

Han gaped at her. It was clearly a rixx cub, only a few weeks old, by the looks of it. The thing squirmed, yowled plaintively, kicked out a paw that seemed way too big for its tiny little body, and then settled against Leia’s breast in resignation.

“It’s a baby,” Leia blinked, staring down at the rixx cub like she wasn’t quite sure what she was seeing.

Han shifted his weight from one foot to the other.

“Uh, yeah, that’s—that’s too bad,” he said gruffly. He really wasn’t sure what to make of whatever was happening. The rixx mewled in distress, and, to his consternation, Leia began to gently rock it in her arms. This was too much for him.

“Listen—c’mon, Leia, put that thing down. We gotta keep moving—”

“What, just leave it here?” she demanded, head snapping up to glare at him in disbelief. Her eyes flashed, and he noticed that she angled the animal away from him.

Bewildered, Han stared.

“Well, we can’t take it with us,” he pointed out, eyeing both Leia and the rixx warily. He wasn’t sure what the hell had gotten into the princess, but his priority was to get her somewhere safe before sunset.

Leia retreated a step.

“This rixx cat,” she said icily, “is an orphan.”

Ah, hell. Han winced and rubbed at the back of his neck. So that’s what this was about.

“Princess,” he said carefully. He knew the situation called for more tact than he could manage. “Look, this stuff happens in the jungle. Nature’s not pretty, but it’s getting dark—”

“If we leave her, she’ll die.”

She? Now it’s a she?

“I’m taking her with me.”

“No, you’re not! C’mon, put it back. I’m sure it’ll be fine—”

“This rixx cat is coming with us, and that’s final,” she snapped, pushing past him and striding off into the jungle. She disappeared through a screen of white and purple leaves, and, incredulous, Han hurried after her.

“No, it sure as hell is not final. We’re gonna have a hard enough time looking after ourselves tonight without worrying about a helpless baby animal!”

“Oh, so you’d rather leave her—a helpless baby—to starve all alone? You want to abandon her to a gruesome death at the mercy of some vicious predator? I knew you were selfish and arrogant, but I never thought you were heartless, Han Solo.”

Han grit his teeth.

“That’s not what I said,” he growled.

Leia stopped and regarded him with a heated, haughty expression on her face.

“Fortunately, it really doesn’t matter what you said, because I’m in charge and I say that she’s coming with us.”

She started walking again, still holding the rixx cub close to her heart. Han blinked after her for a second before he stormed in her wake, getting hit in the face by a low-hanging branch that Leia had been able to pass under without a problem but which was at his eye level and which he hadn’t noticed because he was too busy glaring at the back of her head. Swearing, he batted the thing away, spitting leaves from his mouth and cursing every rixx cat and every princess in existence.

“Let me get this straight,” he griped. “You’re gonna keep that thing?”

“Isn’t that what I just said?”

“For how long?” he asked. He knew that Leia was so passionate about the rebellion because she couldn’t bear injustice and suffering where it was avoidable, but he felt that it was completely irrational of her to run around adopting rixx cats when she had so many responsibilities as it was.


“Well in case you forgot, Your Highness, that’s a wild animal. It belongs in the wild. You can’t just keep it. It’ll bite your arm off.”

“You know perfectly well that rescued rixx cats are an easily domesticated animal. And they’re an endangered species; this must be one of the last planets to have a rixx population at all. I couldn’t possibly leave her to die.”

The two of them stepped over a large log, slippery with a thick layer of moss. It bugged the hell out of him that she was able to gracefully manage it with her miniscule little legs and her arms full of baby rixx.

“Oh, so you’re just planning on strolling into base with a rixx cub? Isn’t there some kinda rule that says you rebels can’t have any pets on base?” he pressed. “Huh? How about that?”

This, finally, gave the princess pause. Han wanted to feel smug about it, knowing that he was right, but instead all he could come up with was an unpleasant twinge in his chest as he caught sight of the princess’s stricken expression. She bit her lip, gazing down at the grey ball of fur in her arms.

“Well,” she said slowly. She picked up her pace and stared straight ahead. “I suppose I couldn’t keep her with me… But the Alliance can’t prevent an independent, free-lance pilot from keeping an animal on his own ship…”

It took him a few moments to determine that she had indeed suggested what he thought she had. Han felt his entire face turn red.

“Now, wait a minute!” he yelled, balling his hands into fists. “I didn’t even wanna take it with us for the night! Now you want me to keep it on my ship?!”

“I’ll take care of her. She’ll just sleep onboard.”

She spoke so calmly and with such finality that Han saw red. It was like the matter was already decided, like she was so sure that the thing was going to be his newest, permanent passenger.

“No way, Princess! You think I want that thing scratching all my stuff and chewing on power cords and shedding everywhere?”

“Oh, please! As if you’d even notice a few extra scratched panels or frayed wires on that hunk of junk! Besides, she couldn’t possibly shed worse than Chewie!”

“Hey!” he snapped. “Watch it, sweetheart!” He wasn’t even sure what he was reacting to, but insulting his ship and his best friend weren’t helping her case. He scowled down at her. Typical princess, he grumbled to himself.

“I’ll feed her and brush her and clean up after her. You won’t have to do anything.”

“Yeah, except live with it! Answer’s no, Princess! I mean it! You might think you can pull rank on me and order me around out here, but not on my damn ship!”

Leia stopped walking again and stepped into his path. The ground they stood on was momentarily level, so the top of her head was about even with his shoulders, and she craned her head back to look up at him. He was expecting a tart response—some type of sarcastic, bossy remark—but what he got instead was a display of such softness that he was taken aback.

“Han, please,” she said softly. She held out the rixx cub towards him. “Look at her. She’s all alone. I can’t leave her. I can’t.”

As she spoke, the rixx shifted and opened its eyes. They were yellow and huge, and the thing seemed to understand completely what was going on, judging by the way it was desperately staring up at him, all small and pitiful and fluffy. Han grimaced. It was kind of cute, he admitted grudgingly to himself. Fuzzy and frazzled, but cute.

With a sigh, he looked back up at Leia. Her eyes, if it were possible, seemed even bigger and more vulnerable than the rixx cat’s. His stomach twisted, and with a growing sense of dread, he knew that he no longer stood a chance. Maybe if she’d been glaring at him, giving him that enraging look of superiority, he could’ve resisted. But not like this. He knew deep down that he could never have refused her when she was looking at him the way she was.

“It’ll only be for a little while,” she was saying. “We’ll figure something out. I’ll look into finding a wildlife reserve for her—I think there might be a rixx cat sanctuary on—”

“Yeah, yeah,” he grumbled, waving his hand dismissively. “Quit talking before I change my mind.”

Leia blinked at him, and then, as she realized what he’d said, her lovely face broke into a beautiful smile that he was irritated and resigned to note warmed his entire body.

“Thank you, Han,” she murmured. “I promise she won’t be any trouble.” She ran a hand gently over the rixx cub’s little head and looked down at the tiny animal. “Will you, Roxi?”

“Roxi?” Han snorted, shaking his head. “Roxi the rixx cat?”

Her answering glare made him grin.

“I suppose you have a better idea?” she asked with a quirk of her eyebrows.

He smirked and shook his head. “How do you even know it’s a girl? Could be a Rokko the rixx cat.”

The two of them together made their way through the jungle.

To his surprise, Leia simply shook her head and gazed affectionately down at the rixx.

“She’s a girl,” she told him firmly. “I can tell.”

His skeptical expression was lost on her, however, when a sudden sound blared from both their comms.

“Han? Leia? Do you copy?”

The words were muffled and interspersed with heavy static, but clear enough that they could both distinguish the speaker with ease. Shooting a grin at the princess, whose hands were still full, Han reached for his comm.

“Yeah, kid, where are you? We could use a lift.”

Luke’s voice was immensely relieved.

“Send up a flare. I can’t pick up a homing signal. Did you two turn off the satellite transmission on your navicalculator?”

Leia rolled her eyes while Han glared at his comm.

“Why the hell would we do that? And hurry up, it’s getting dark out here and the bugs are eating me alive.”

Luke laughed while Han rummaged through his pack for the flare and Leia stood holding Roxi. His hands faltered as he looked up at her, her big brown eyes fixed on the rixx’s face with a look of such tender affection that his chest hurt. She ran one finger carefully over the rixx’s snout and smiled a little when Roxi made a little noise that sounded alarmingly close to a purr. This rixx cat is an orphan, Leia had snarled at him, and although she never spoke to him about her parents, he knew that she was thinking of her own devastation in losing her family when she had reacted so strongly regarding the rixx. As Luke’s voice once again sounded on the comm, Han resumed his search for the flare. They were all orphans—all three of them. Maybe it was right for them to take the damn rixx cub, after all. She’d fit right in.

Idk why but I always feel so fucking guilty that all my style art is angsty as shit cause I can’t help but associate the ship with my own best friend and the fact that I fucked up my relationship with one of the most important people in my life all because of my stupid fucking gay feelings??? So now I have these terrible negative connotations with the ship?? But I still really love it?? But in a bitter sweet sort of way?? Idk man…
I’m sorry if you followed me for style art cause it’s all sad as hell and Kyle always ends up with the short end of the stick…


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Wake up, Angel

Wake up, Angel, time to fight

‘Cause evil never sleeps

Your grace that once was shining bright

was stolen from dark deeps

You saved me from death and gore

And tried to close hell’s gate

So little Angel, please fight before

For earth it is too late

Oh Angel, Angel, you’re too slow!

By time you should have learned

God won’t help you, now, you know

The darkness has returned

My sweet Angel, it’s forbidden

But i love you, I could cry

Before I have to keep it hidden

I would rather die


Submitted by @walking-talking-wikipedia