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This is from RP that happened in Guild Wars 2, an MMORPG. We were trying to track down a magic fire rock for a ritual. We got to a volcano to see a fire imp flying off with our rock. After several failed attempts to kill the imp one of our party gets an idea.

Uko: “Wait everyone hold on”

Uko: “We could trade for it. I might have something it wants.”

Uko pulls out a bottle of wine and holds it out

DM (Me): *rolls for it* “Oh my god. You got a 20.”

The fire imp then proceeded to fly down and gently place the rock at Uko’s feet and grab hold of the bottle. It was even kind enough to be sure Uko had let go of the bottle before flying off. This ended up skipping past the boss fight and a good quarter of the event. We since decided that the bottle of wine was actually cinnamon whisky.

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Can I do zens reaction to an mc who's pretty close to jumin? like maybe they knew each others before or maybe they just generally get along with each other? ((Zen and mc are in a relationship BTW)) thank you if you do!!

 ~Oh yeah, I’ve thought about this before! This is going to be long btw im sorry 


  • At first, he hadn’t really noticed how close you were with Jumin
  • One day he came home and heard you on the phone with someone 
    • “Zen is home…yes, I better go as well. You too, bye!” 
  • Zen was super curious 
    • “Who was that?”
  • He tried to not be over-protective…
    • “Jumin,” you admitted calmly as you placed the phone on the counter 
  • Jumin…Han?
  • He felt a brief, sharp pain in his heart 
  • But why? 
  • He had no doubt in your faithfulness 
  • After all, what could that trust fund kid…dry as dirt ever do to one-up him when it came to you ???
  • Still…he felt his chest tighten a bit at the thought of you two talking 
  • You could see his slight wince and approached him without hesitation, running your hands gently along his shoulders and defined biceps 
    • “We have known each other for a long time…” you spoke quietly before placing a quick kiss on his lips. “He is a dear friend..nothing more.”
  • ‘Of course it was nothing more,’ Zen thought 
  • He felt the guilt wash over him 
  • You had thought he could ever believe you would be unfaithful to him 
  • Of course not…
  • He had full trust in you, he..
  • LOVED you 
  • It was just…why him? As a friend? 
  • It didn’t seem to fit 
  • If you needed someone to talk to…why didn’t you call him?
  • Sure, his schedule was demanding…but he would make time for you, no matter what 
  • If you ever needed…
  • He filled his lungs with air, releasing his deep breath through a smile 
    • “Jagiya,” he whispered, “I know.”
  • As much as he disliked Jumin’s opinions and personality, it was not worth fighting over with the person he loved 
  • In silence he remained 
  • However, he did not hesitate to make it known to Jumin, how much he loved you 
    • “I’m well aware of your relationship,” Jumin replied. 
    • “You know what I mean you jer-….Jumin. Just…” Zen choked a bit on his words in the moment. “She’s…she is the most important person to me,” he clenched his fist and spoke boldly through the receiver. 
    • “Again, I am well aware,” Jumin replied. “You two…you are an excellent match. I am very happy for you both.”
  • The sudden proclamation made Zen fall back a step or two 
  • Did he really just say that? 
    • “Thank you,” Zen finally spoke. “And I am glad she has a friend like you.”
  • As much as he might have hated to admit it, Jumin and you seemed to get along so well
    • “Would you both be interested in joining me for dinner one evening? A new restaurant opened in the area and it is supposed to be rather popular…” 
  • Zen thought for a moment 
  • It was nice of him to offer…
  • And it had been a while since he lived off of something other than your cooking or the disgusting food they brought on set for catering 
    • “ I guess we wouldn’t mind that…” Zen finally admitted 
    • “Great. I will have my assistant contact you with a time and date.”
  • Zen left the conversation feeling a bit shaky still 
  • He would have to make sure he saved up enough money to pay for your meals and drinks 
  • It wouldn’t be too much trouble for him, besides, you deserved to be treated to a nice meal you didn’t have to cook every once in a while 
  • When the day finally arrived, Zen could barely keep his hands off of you in your formal dress 
    • “Could we be even a bit late?” his lips traced the curve of your ear and he nipped lightly 
    • “Stop, you’re terrible,” you laughed and pulled yourself away from him and into the car 
  • Jumin stood when you both approached the table 
  • He let Zen pull your chair for you, after making a motion himself to do just that and realizing that it was not proper 
    • “Third glass of wine already?” you laughed at Jumin as he took a sip 
    • “You know me too well,” Jumin smiled 
  • Zen remained quiet at the table, watching you two interact as he grew increasingly self-conscious 
    • “What do you prefer to drink?” Jumin turned to Zen 
    • “I…doubt they would have it here,” Zen said nervously. “I normally drink beer not wine.”
    • “They have a wide variety of alcohols, actually. In fact, they provide many imported beers. If you don’t mind, I think I know something you would enjoy?”
  • Zen nodded hesitantly as Jumin ordered 
    • “Chardonnay for the lady and your finest import for the gentleman,” he handed the menu to the waitress. 
  • The conversation flowed smoothly from there on out 
    • “This is actually really good,” Zen boasted after taking a few sips 
    • “I’m glad you like it,” Jumin nodded and held his glass in the air for a cheers. “To the best of friendships,” he declared before the clink of glasses 
  • All three of you smiled and gulped 
  • Zen had so many questions 
  • How did you meet? How long have you known each other? Did you ever…hook up? 
  • You both were an open book 
    • “Goodness, no!!” you both laughed, “we have never been romantic. We just…understand each other. It’s hard to explain. But the thought of being more than friends has never even been on the table. We are here to vent to each other and talk about…well…personal things. Things friends confide in each other. Nothing more,” you smiled 
    • “Truthfully, I don’t know how you can handle this one,” Jumin laughed and gestured to you 
    • “Hey! I’m not that bad!”
    • “You’re lucky you found someone like him to be there for you,” he smiled and looked to Zen
  • This made Zen fill with happiness and pride 
  • Towards the end of the evening all three of you were laughing and swapping stories 
  • Drinking and clinking glasses to each other at every refill 
  • The check came and Zen reached for it automatically 
    • “Let me take care of this,” Jumin snatched it from the table with lightening speed 
    • “No way! I can take care of it,” Zen reached once more only to have it removed from his grasp once again 
  • Jumin sighed 
    • “I have no doubt you could, however, I am the one that invited you both. It is only proper. If it means that much to you, I will allow you to pay next time,” Jumin compromised 
  • Zen nodded, taking him up on the offer
  • When it was finally time to head home you each said your goodbyes 
  • Jumin gave you a swift hug, and shook Zen’s hand firmly before patting each others backs 
  • On the ride home he loved the way you nuzzled into his chest, your cheeks red and warm with the buzz of alcohol he knew would be flowing through you 
    • “This was a nice night,” you smiled warmly 
  • Zen’s fingers traced your own hand, his free one running through your hair as you lay on him 
    • “It was,” he smiled. 
  • He never thought that an evening involving Jumin Han would be so pleasant, but it really was 
  • And Zen would do anything for you 
  • He actually looked forward to another night when you all could get together 
  • Maybe at another restaurant? But which one? Or his place…well…Your place? He loved your cooking…surely Jumin would, too 
  • Before he lost himself in thought he placed a soft and gentle kiss on your forehead 
  • The streetlights flashed across your face as you made your way down the road, and all Zen could think about in this moment was how lucky he was 

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THE FESTIVAL BLURB WTF BABES but can I also add this bc I love the photo kink: The final picture that Harry snaps is of you settled between his bare legs, pink lips wrapped around this cock, wide eyes looking up at him and his hand rested on the back of your head to keep the flower crown in its place.

FUCK oh my god YES and maybe Harry’s like a legit photographer like that’s what he does so that’s why he was obsessed w taking pictures of you the whole time???? But he really hasn’t done anything with the pictures since he got home earlier that week, so when you go over to his flat to spend the weekend with him, the pictures are just sitting haphazardly on his bedside table (which isn’t a big deal, because he lives alone and he’s got the more scandalous photos at the bottom of the stack). The raunchier photos aren’t even what catch your attention, you’re just looking through the ones he’s got of you and of the two of you doing the most innocent of things while you’re curled up against his chest – one of his band t-shirts and a pair of panties being the only things you’ve got left on, and he’s running his fingers through your hair as he looks at the photos over your shoulder.

“‘S one f’my favorites,” he says, pointing to one of you wearing one of his hoodies as a dress and dancing around towards the back of the crowd at one of the later sets, lights shining and bodies moving all behind you, but you’re twirling and laughing, and looking at him, and if Harry didn’t think it was completely insane, he’d say he was head over heels in love with you already (he does think it, he just doesn’t say it – it’s been a week). You grin up at him, pressing a kiss to his chest before you’re flicking to the next photo and you feel your entire body flush, and he moves his hand down to your hip to slip his fingers beneath the waistband of your panties, just letting his fingertips drag against your side.

“Love that one,” he whispers, and it sends chills all over your body, and you can feel where you dampen between your legs at his touch, at his words, at the fucking photo – because it’s you with your lips stretched around his cock, your eyes wide as you look up at him, tears brimming them, and the flower crown in your hair adds a certain sort of innocence to it all, still, but it’s fucking filthy, because you see where his hand is at the back of your head, guiding you a bit as his hips rocked up into your mouth. You remember how he’d told you that you were being ‘such a good girl,’ the way he’d tugged your hair and called you ‘angel’ all at the same time, and you press your thighs together at the thought of it all.

Harry must notice when you do, because he drags his hand so that he can cup your cunt, the tips of his fingers dragging around your folds, and you gasp in response. You’ve been laying between his outstretched legs for god only knows how long, and you whine and let your head fall back against his shoulder, your legs spreading wider when he presses calloused fingers against your clit. “Can’t even tease y’for gettin’ wet lookin’ at that,” he murmurs, rubbing against your button in tight, slow circles. “Got hard when I first looked at it, too – had t’get m’self off,” he whispers, and his lips are right up against your ear, and you grab his free hand by his wrist, bringing it up to cup one of your breasts, and he squeezes just once before he slips the same hand beneath the cotton of the shirt, thumbing over your nipple. “Harry, please,” you breathe, and you feel his smirk against your neck as you finally set the pile of pictures off to the side.

“Think y’should lemme’ take a few ‘f ya’ when ‘m fuckin’ y’proper, yeah? Make y’ a proper model f’me,” he whispers, and you let out a soft moan when he presses two fingers against your entrance, fucking them into you slowly while pressing wet kisses along your neck and jaw, behind your ear. “Look so pretty when y’cum, too. ‘Ve never seen anyone as beautiful as you, love, I swear it,” he continues, and you can feel where he’s hard against you himself, and you clench around his fingers at the realization, and he hums in your ear. “So tight, too. Feel so good on m’cock – gonna’ be the fuckin’ death ‘f me,” he murmurs, and he presses his thumb against your clit, rubbing in quick patterns while he fucks you with his skilled fingers, and it only takes a few moments more of that combined with a bit more dirty talk (even though it’s really not dirty talk, per se, despite how filthy it is – Harry means every bit of it and isn’t just saying it to get you off) before you’re cumming around him.

He makes sure that he gets a photo of you licking his fingers clean before he fucks you into his mattress (and it’s definitely too hard and desperate for either of you to be focusing on taking a picture).


Request: How would exo react if you had a fight with them and stormed out of your/their house/dorm/apartment, accidentally left your phone, and after a while you still had not come back even though it was cold and raining?

admin k: tbh idk



has a mental breakdown because he doesn’t even know the first place to look for you

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chases after you immediately but then panics because he loses sight of where you went and roams the streets looking for you

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has a breakdown in the rain after deciding to go look for you but getting nowhere

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when you storm out he’s just like “ahh…” and puts it down to immaturity…

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… but when he wakes up from his nap in the middle of the night and realises you still haven’t returned, it’s just a straight “oh, shit.”

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goes out and looks for you, looks like he’s on the verge of tears the whole time

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contemplates his apology the whole time he waits for you to come home, trusting the fact that you’re taking care of yourself

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the “aww, fuck” guy who doesn’t know what to do when you don’t return later that night

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doesn’t know what to do

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collapses on the bed and just wallows in all his emotions

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knows that he should give you space, but can’t help being worried as it gets dark and you still haven’t returned

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uses his phone for directions to get to places you’d possibly be

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Their trips to the store turns into them chasing Alex around trying to get things out of her mouth. I also approve of her going through a stage of having to touch EVERYTHING.

“Alex…what are you- don’t touch that lady’s butt!” 

“Her dress looks soft!” 

“Alex -nO!” 

Alex touches the butt and flees behind Lexa and the woman turns around, about to kill someone for touching her ass and it’s like “Who the hell do you think you- Oh. Oh my god. Lexa Woods? The Lexa Woods? Did you just touch my butt?…do you wanna go back to my place?” 

Alex would be a GREAT wingman if her moms weren’t madly in love and married lol 

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Can you write an imagine where you and Justin Foley go to the dance together and then spend the night at your house?

Before starting, I just wanted to apologize for taking soooo long to update it. I’ve been with exams until just a week ago. Anyways, I think I got a bit carried away with the story and it has a lot more drama that it was intended to have in the first place, but yeah, hope you like it.

“Oh sweetheart. Are you sure you’re not going?”
“No mom.”
“But you looked so gorgeous in that dress… It really is a pity.”
“I know mom, but I really don’t feel like going anymore.”
“Okay… Call me if you need anything, honey, I’ll be downstairs.” She kisses her forehead before getting up and leaving, closing the door behind her. (y/n) sighed, rolling over her side as she buried her face in her fluffy pillow.
It was the day of the dance. A really important day to many, including (y/n). She was going with her boyfriend, and she couldn’t be more excited. That was until a few hours ago. She had to go back to the lockers room since she had forgotten something, and that’s when she saw it. Her boyfriend, making out with some girl in the back of the room. He was cheating on her. Who knows for how long. She kept it together for the rest of the classes, but when she got home she totally lost it. Going to the dance no longer seemed so appealing. Why go anyways? She’d only get laughed at for being such a fool and not noticing what her boyfriend was doing.
She remembered she hadn’t even talked to him about it yet. He’d arrive at her house like nothing happened, and she didn’t feel like seeing him, so she just messaged him.
‘We’re done.’ Those were her only words, and she hoped to get her message across just with that. (y/n) waited for him to read it, and right then blocked him. The last thing she needed was to see his lame excuses.
Half an hour later the front door’s bell rang. (y/n) was about to yell to her mom not to open, but she was too late.
“I don’t wanna see him.” She shouted from her room.
“But honey, it’s Justin.”
‘Justin? What is he doing here?’ She wondered, and as she thought this there was a knock on her door.
“Come in.” She grumbled, and Justin came into view. (y/n) hid her face in the pillow, since she didn’t want him to see her stained cheeks, but he still managed to see it.
(y/n)… I heard what happened with-”
“How do you know about that?” She asked, cutting him harshly.
“He was barging about it right after he received that message from you. Didn’t look like he cared too much though.”
“Already supposed his reaction wouldn’t be too great.”
“He didn’t say much… Why did it happen? You seemed happy with him.”
“I don’t wanna talk about it…” She felt her nose itching again, something that happened whenever she was about to cry. Justin knew that well, so he simply sat beside her, engulfing her in his arms.
“You know what you need right now? Some distraction, and I think the dance would be great for that.” He whispered as he drew circles on her back to soothe her.
“I don’t know, I… I feel like it’s only gonna make things worse.”
“Why though? I’ll be with you the whole time, and if him or any of his friends dare to come just the slightest distance near you I’ll make sure they don’t.”
(y/n) giggled at Justin’s over-protectiveness. He was always like this in this type of situations. And he was also the kind of person who didn’t change their mind easily.
“Do you want me to go that badly?”
“Yes! C'mon, it’ll be fun.”
“Fine. But I have to get dressed and all…”
“No worries, I’ll just wait.”
(y/n) rolled her eyes in annoyance, giving in to Justin’s request, as she got up to get her dress and put it on. It took her a while to get ready, and by the time she came back Justin was lying on her bed with his eyes closed.
“Wake up sleeping beauty.”
“I wasn’t asleep.” I mumbled before he lazily opened his eyes. Right when he saw (y/n) he froze, mesmerised.
“Do I look that bad?” (y/n) asked upon seeing his expression.
“No… You look way too good.”
(y/n) blushed, murmuring a 'thank you’. “Let’s go now. I didn’t make all this effort for nothing. Wait” She stopped midway through the sentence, thinking about something. “How are we going there?”
“By car obviously. I’ll take you.”
“Last time I checked you didn’t have a car.”
“Yeah… That hasn’t changed.” Justin admitted ashamed.
“Fine, you can use mine.”
Justin’s eyes lit up, as she handed him the car’s keys and he run outside excited.
                  *time skip*
The dance had already started by the time they arrived to the high school. A mix of blue light and music escaped through the open doors, and the outside of the building was decorated. There were some students scattered outside, completely opposite to the mass of bodies that crowded the gym.
(y/n) advanced reluctantly, thinking about what could happen if she saw her boyfriend, now ex, or any of his friends. Justin noticed and reached out for her hand, holding it tightly and giving her a reassuring smile.
“How’s it going?” Shouted Zach, wanting to be heard with all the loud noise as he approached them. “Hey (y/n). Thought you weren’t coming. Heard some say that.”
“This boy here kinda dragged me.” She said nudging Justin.
“Good thing he did, you’d be missing one hell of a party. I’ll be going now, just remember the drinks are over there. Might look the same, but the left one has a little extra.” He winked as he said this, and just as he had arrived he left, disappearing in the sea of dancing students.
The first destination were the drinks. Justin grabbed two glasses, filling his with the liquid contained in the left jar.
“What you choosing ma'am?”
“Getting risky today, aren’t we?”
Usually she wouldn’t drink alcohol, it wasn’t her thing. But that day all she wanted was to forget. And isn’t it said that alcohol helps with that? She took a sip, scrunching her nose as she drank. It didn’t taste too good. Truth said, once you got used to it, and she definitely did, it got better.
They sat by the bleachers for a while, both slightly tipsy, but that only made their conversation even more weird and funny. A few more glasses finished and they had lost any kind of sense of time. It could’ve been only minutes or hours. Not that it mattered, (y/n) was having the time of her life.
“Let’s dance!” Justin suggested after a while.
“Noo… I’m really bad.”
“C'mon, why come to a dance if you don’t dance?”
“Can’t argue your logic.”
He stumbled a bit as he got up, making (y/n) giggle, and he then proceeded to do a reverence, holding his hand out for her to take. She did and they walked, not without tripping a few times, to the centre of the dance floor. They shyly swayed to the music at first, but the drinks in their bodies easily put them in the mood, as they followed the rhythm of song after song. Whether it was because of each other’s company or just the atmosphere of the party, they were both able to forget any problem they had.
But of course nothing lasts for long.
(y/n) heard her name being called. At first she wasn’t sure if it was for her, but in no time she recognised who was calling her. Regardless of how drunk they were, she could tell who it was easily. She didn’t want to look. She didn’t want to face him. But she figured that if she took longer he’d only shout louder in order to get her attention, and she didn’t want to make a scene. 
“Yeah, look at me you slut!” He spit out once she dared to turn. “Real nice of ya! Leavin’ me through fuckin’ text. The fuck did I even do to ya?!”
She gulped, her voice sounding more scared than she intended it to be. “I saw you, in the locker room… can’t remember with whom, but I saw it.”
“And what?”
“What do you even mean with that? Do you expect me to stay with you after cheating on me?!”
“But ya not dumping me ‘cause of that. Ya doin’ it to be with that dickhead.” He pointed to Justin as he walked closer to him. Last thing needed was a fight, and thankfully (y/n) was able to hold Justin back.
“Fuck off. Haven’t you heard her? (y/n) doesn’t want to be with you. You fucked up good, so just accept it.”
“You ain’t tellin’ me what to do.”
“Justin, let’s leave. There’s no point in arguing with him, he’s too much of an idiot to get it.” She wanted nothing more than to be out of there. They walked out, as her ex continued calling them names, which were soon drowned by the noise.
It was shockingly quiet outside. (y/n)’s heart was pounding fast, as she made her way to her car.
“We’ve both been drinking, should we not be driving?” Spoke the logical side of Justin.
“I can drive. Trust me, I’m pretty sober by now.” Without a doubt she was. After the striking events from the night, any alcohol in her had magically disappeared. 

The drive down to her place was awkwardly quiet. Neither of them had too much of an idea of what to say. Regardless of that, (y/n) was able to decipher by Justin’s look that he didn’t feel like going to his own house. A sly smile appeared on his features the moment he saw how (y/n) pulled up at the driveway of her home. At first, they walked in carefully, trying not to make any sound in case her parents were already asleep, but that soon ended by the time they reached the kitchen and they saw a note which said that they had gone out.
“You want anything?” (y/n) finally said as she opened the fridge, looking for something to drink. 
“Nah, I’m good.” Another awkward silence followed. So much was going through (y/n)’s mind that she was completely unable to form any coherent sentence.
“I’m sorry for what happened.” Were Justin’s words after some long minutes.
“It’s okay, it wasn’t your fault. I should’ve imagined that would happen if a went to the dance. Let’s not talk more about it though, I don’t want to think about him.”
Justin nodded. “How about we watch a movie? To get your mind off all of it.“ 
"Yeah… I’ll go change then, you can choose whichever you like.”
Mixed emotions raced through her as she laid on her bed, trying her hardest to settle them down. Relief began to stand out over her other feelings. She had faced him, and at least now she could begin to forget him. She remembered Justin was waiting for her downstairs and she got back up with recovered energies, grabbing a blanket as she headed back to the lounge.

All the lights had been turned off, and the tv was now the only source of light, illuminating the room. A bowl with crisps had been placed in the table, together with some drinks, and Justin was already sat in the couch, waiting for her. (y/n) smiled upon seeing this, as she curled up next to Justin and covered both of them with the blanket. The movie started, and she snuggled closer to Justin, enjoying the warmth and how safe she felt with his arms around her. 
“It hasn’t been such a bad night after all.” She said halfway through the movie. “I mean, I’m having the best time now.”
“Yeah, me too.” Justin looked down to gaze at her. He couldn’t help but smile, seeing her with so much joy and tranquillity. Unlike (y/n), Justin was still drunk. He might have been staring at her for a solid ten minutes, until a sudden outburst of courage let him place a hand on her cheek, making her turn to face him, and lean in to kiss her. It took (y/n) by surprise, and there was no reaction from her. This probably made Justin aware of his actions, as he pulled back flustered. Regret washed over him as he realized what he had done. His drunk state had let him do something he had long time dreamed of doing, but had never had the courage to. 
“I-i’m so s-sorry I…” He stuttered, not knowing how to solve the situation. (y/n) didn’t know what to answer either, so she went with the classical plan of leaning in again, taking the initiative this time and kissing him. This time there was a reaction from Justin, as he kissed back with as much love and passion as he could, hoping (y/n) would feel it. And she did, as she was smiling and giggling the moment they pulled apart. She pecked his lips again before returning to their previous position, her head leaned against his chest and his arms secured tightly around her small frame. Not that they payed attention to the movie now, since they were both too busy thinking about each other, with a childish grin plastered on their features.

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Ok, we all know that Keith's parents were human and Galra. Do you think they'll appear again in season 3?

Oh I’m almost DEAD certain we’ll see more of Keith’s parents in the future. As to how long we’ll have to wait, I have no idea. 

I have a feeling the next season is probably going to back off of Keith somewhat since we nearly had an entire season about him. I mean, we’ll likely still get a lot about him probably becoming the leader in Shiro’s place, but not a whole story arch like the Galra line in season 2. 

I’m getting vibes that Season 3 is Lance’s season. He was heavily featured in the promo trailer and they keep hinting at it in the cast. (Side eyes Jeremy Shada). 

I also might be getting a little hopefully here, but I’m also hoping they might start refocusing back on Pidge and the Holts a little since we’ve barely heard of them since Pidge’s background story in season 1. 

Irregardless, I would be very very surprised if I saw Keith’s parents in the next season. But I would be very very surprised if we didn’t see them again. Especially Keith’s mom. There was just to much of a dramatic build up in the Blade of Marmora episode for it. 

And you know how the Voltron writers love to build up to events in the show. Hell, they were hinting at Keith being a Galra since episode one. 

Likely, they’re going to do the same thing with Keith’s parents. They’re going to build up to it. 

So keep you’re eyes peeled! They may start building up to it in the next season and we have no idea ;) (Or we will, this fandom loves to pick things apart)

<3 @che1sea-xiao-long

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Daddy daddy daddyyyyyy, who is your tumblr crush?

Oh shit. I have so many but I’m in love with @tasteofswallowedwords literally she’s gorgeous, smart, funny, she brights up my day when we talk, (hella in love with anything Irish too), she writes hella good. Like I could sit here and tell you so many things about her. She’s just perfect and you should go follow her if you haven’t. You don’t know how badly I want to go visit her and take her on a cute little date and watch her show me all her favorite places and where she grew up and just everything. 💕😘

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Imagine being at a BBQ with him and his family but you say something and you two end up in a heated conversation and he drags you onto his lap to sit because "its your fucken fault that I have this boner so you better help me hide it because I just want to fuck you so badly but we have to be here..."

oh, this is a good one, isn’t it?

i feel like he’d have his face burrowed into your neck, mumbling different options for places where the two of you could go to get some privacy against your skin…


“um, no.”

“laundry room?”


“the car?”

no, shawn!

“huh? why? we’re parked in the garage, remember? nobody would see…”


Summary: Cruz’s next race is being held in Brussels, where it’s been very dangerous lately. McQueen warns her against going, even if he goes with her. 

Warnings: anxiety attack, mild fluff

Word count: I’ll prolly forget to put here

A/N: I saw someone come up with the idea about what if Cruz has anxiety? Well here’s Cruz with an anxiety attack. I’m not very good at anxiety attacks because I had one like once, but it was barely an anxiety attack. It was more like a silent freak out, kinda ish. Idk. But this was my attempt. 

“Cruz, no.”

“Cruz, yes.”

Lightning sighs. “I’m serious, Cruz, it’s been very dangerous these past four months in Brussels. Lotta crime, lotta death, and I don’t know why they’re even hosting a race in Brussels in the first place.”

“Oh my goddd,” Cruz groans. He had been bugging her since she got the invite to the race yesterday, urging her not to accept. “Mr. McQueen, I’m going.”

“How many times have I told you to call me Lightning?”

Cruz doesn’t reply to that. 

“It’s dangerous.”

Racing is dangerous, and you never stopped me-in fact, you pushed me into the middle of your race!” Cruz argues. 

“But we were in Florida where there hasn’t been that bad of crime since last year!” Lightning argues back. 

Cruz makes a short grumbly sound in her mouth. She’s about to say something when Lightning continues on, giving Cruz the urge to yell. 

“Remember when they had the last race in Brussels four months ago? Someone came in, bombed it, and eight cars died. I don’t want you getting hurt, or killed, or seeing that stuff,” Lightning adds. “I even had a friend there. He lost all of his tires, and the right side of his frame was barely together.”

Cruz looked at him, now gaining a bit more seriousness for that moment. The noises on tv from her own mentor’s crash filled her head. She couldn’t help it, though, and wonder if that was her. Her bright, sunny yellow gloss shredded off and whatever was left was dull. She wondered if she’d be able to keep her tires, or if she could never drive again because her lower frame was so badly damaged. She wondered if her windshield would be okay…Oh god, if she was blind, if she was blin-


Cruz shuddered. Her mind came back from the void of images and saw Mr. McQueen’s concerned face. “Are you okay? You just…blanked out.”

Cruz blinked twice. “Yeah, I’m fine,” She ends with a small chuckle. Lightning is obviously still concerned, though. He sees in her brown eyes that she is not okay. 

“Uh, see ya later!’ Cruz leaves the cone abruptly. Lightning doesn’t go after her, or anything. He could only let her go.

 Cruz went back to her own cone after some laps to ease her mind at Willy’s Butte. The place had began to become relaxing since she came to Radiator Springs. It was always her by herself, or her and McQueen. It was her place, and it was pretty much his place. 

It was about seven thirty when she arrived back in her cone and turned on the tv. It was on the news channel. But Cruz froze and did not pay attention to anything else when she heard and saw the tv. 

“…Breaking Now, a bomb was detonated at the Brussels De Vries International Race Complex, reportedly killing twenty four cars and injuring thirty others.”

Cruz’s mind was scorched that she was hearing things that weren’t real. She did not realize that tears were slowly rising to her eyes, that her engine had sped up to unhealthy rates, and that the screams and horrific noises she imagined were not real. 

Four minutes of silence on the outside, but hellish noise on the inside was torturing her. There was a shortness of breath, trembling, and an ache in her fenders she did not pay attention to. 

“Hey, Cruz!” Lightning’s voice comes towards the entrance, but Cruz is entirely oblivious to anything outside of her.

“Cruz?” Lightning asks again quieter, hoping she was there, or okay. He decided to go inside and his mind went bursting in deep concern seeing Cruz’s state. 

The usually happy, sweet, kinda bubbly, bright banana-colored car was trembling right in front of the tv. He could see how…how scared she was-oh no, more than scared. As if it was an anxiety attack…Was it?

“Cruz?” His voice comes out quietly. There would never be one word to describe Lightning’s own fear and worry. He’s never seen her like this. Not for a race, not about absolutely anything. Since the five months she’s met her, nothing like this has happened. He’s never seen such anxiety in anyone, even. Not a single car. 

“Cruz…” He says again, driving a little closer. 

And it was sudden. Cruz felt the world around her again. 

The tv’s noises were at the bottom of awareness. She finally recognized she was having an anxiety attack. Her breathing she couldn’t stop, and the fluid at her eyes. “Mr. McQueen-” She starts quickly with panic. 

“Lightning,” He interrupts quietly. 

Cruz’s terrified brown eyes head back to the tv. Her voice was a barely audible whisper. “Why did I want to go?”

Those six words crushed Lightning’s heart. He wouldn’t hear more of her anxiety and fear-driven words, it wasn’t good for her. “Cruz-”

“I should’ve been there-I should be dead!” Her voice goes higher. 

“Cruz, please…” He urges with a still soft voice.

Cruz’s anxiety-filled eyes came back to his mildly-aged blues. He was only thirty eight, he wasn’t truly that old. It’s just that he wasn’t the new thing anymore. He was the older thing. Functional, still, of course. 

Cruz closed her eyes tightly. It felt like to look around her would choke her. It felt that bad to approach, to see, to let something touch her. “Why am I not dead?” Her voice pushes out lower than a whisper. 

“Because I don’t want you to be dead.”

With other people she’s known in her life, she would’ve found that hard to believe at all words. All the people that hated her a long time ago that were supposed to be better for her growing up. But the people who cared eventually came. Lightning, Sally, Mater and the town. There were all the fans because she had been put into the race because Lightning cared in the first place. Everything her life was now because one car cared. One car. She had never really realized how special one car could be until he came and made things brighter. 

“Thanks,” Cruz mutters lowly, but enough for Lightning to hear. Her lips had the tiniest of smiles. Nothing like when she won races. It was like if there was a joke someone made  at school when she had a bad day. But not like they ever cared. She was so silent that she just overheard. 

A moment went to a minute of no words. Just concern mixed with the calming of her anxiety. It was going down surely. 

“Do you want to talk about it?” Lightning asks. 

“No, I’m okay now…I’m okay,” Cruz replies. Lightning recognized her positivity returning. The Cruz he knew well, the Cruz he loved was slowly returning. Not that he loved her when she was down, he just loved when she smiled and when she was happy. He loved when she was racing-that was made her happy more than anything. 

As long as she was happy and safe, it’d be okay.

redhothollyberries  asked:

MadaTobi Competitive #2. I think it has the possibility to be awesome xD

Here you go!  I hope that you like it!

Madara placed his tray of cookies down on the table, smug in the knowledge that he wouldn’t be bringing anything back home with him.  He never had to, and that made it worth the extra hours he spent in his day baking after work.

He chuckled a little as he spied a plain white platter stacked with brownies.  It must be someone new to the neighborhood, everyone else didn’t bother bringing desserts to parties anymore.  Oh, sure there was the obligatory cake at birthdays if he wasn’t going to bring one, but honestly that was more for tradition’s sake than anything else and normally most of it was left uneaten by the end.

Well, best at least be polite, he thought, It wouldn’t do to completely discourage another baker.  He picked up one of the brownies, it was firm, but not in a way that suggested that it was dry.  That was good, his brother had once substituted powdered milk for real milk in a recipe and, while it turned out good, it was almost impossible to eat without something to soften it up.

He raised the brownie to his lips and took a bite.  Flavor exploded in his mouth in a mixture he had never thought possible.  The brownie was soft with gooey fudge bits in the center with a crunch on the sides creating a wonderful mix of texture.  The chocolate was front and center and yet it wasn’t overpowering whatever else was in the brownie.  He moaned around his mouthful of heaven, ignoring Yvette from three houses down as she glared at him and steered her child away.

This, this was no mere brownie!  It was divine, it was transcendent, it was orgasm worthy, it was-

It was better than his cookies.  Hell, it was better than his brownies!  This, this could not stand!

Madara hurried over to where the lady of honor was chatting.

“Mrs. Appleby,” he asked with a charming smile, “let me once again tell you happy birthday.  Could you point me to the person that made those brownies?  They were…something else.”

“Oh?” the little old lady blinked up at him, “I hadn’t yet tried them. Let’s see, that would be…ah, Tobirama Senju.  He’s the Uzumaki’s new renter.”

Madara followed her finger to where it was pointing at a tall white-haired man standing with the red-haired Uzumakis.

Madara narrowed his eyes.

Now he knew who he had to beat.

Shisui tried to peak into Madara’s office.

“Did he-” he started.

“Yes,” Obito bit out, flicking through the papers at his desk, “He’s been bringing in baked goods for weeks now.”

“I thought he only baked like this when he was stressed?”

“Apparently someone else made a better brownie,” Obito rolled his eyes, “And that cannot stand.”

Madara stalked into the Uzumaki Summer Barbeque with the best cupcakes he had ever made.  He had spent months perfecting the recipe, making sure each and every part was absolutely perfect down to the decorations and the lining.  There was no way that that Tobirama was going to one-up him this time!

He placed the brownies on the table and loomed, waiting for Tobirama to bring out his dessert.

Finally the other man exited the house, carrying a bowl.

…a bowl.  Madara stared.  This just didn’t make sense.

“What are you doing?” Madara demanded as Tobirama placed the chips on the table.

“Hm?” Tobirama’s red eyes flicked up to meet Madara’s and he raised one eyebrow, “Can I help you?”

“Yes!  You, you bought chips?!”

“Is that a problem?”

“You!  Brownies!” Madara fumbled for words in his outrage.

“Oh, you brought cupcakes!” Yvette said brightly, pushing past them both as she dumped her veggie tray down.

Tobirama’s eyes flickered to the cupcakes.  He plucked one from the tray and held it up.  He narrowed his eyes and took in the intricate decorations.  A pink tongue flicked out to scoop a frosting flower off.  His eyes fluttered shut and he hummed.

Madara swallowed.

“This is good.”

“Good?!” Madara sputters, “What do you mean good?!”

Tobirama looked at him nonplussed, “It’s not like I’m an expert on desserts.”

“But your brownies!”

Tobirama blinked at him, “Those were the result of a research project.”

Madara stared at him, “What?”

“Mm, one of my graduate students is double-majoring in culinary studies, and suggested we see if we couldn’t make a perfect brownie and then see how it would change given different environments.  We’ve already gotten through the first half, and as soon as we can get some new volunteers, we’ll move onto the second stage.”

“Um,” Madara blinked at him, “That was part of an experiment?  The best brownies that I’ve ever had, the only dessert that has ever been nigh-on orgasm worthy that I’ve ever had, and they were a research project?!”

Tobirama’s brow furrowed as he tried to decide if he was offended or not. He nodded.  Madara watched as his gaze fell back on the cupcake and gave a small smile before taking a bite.

Tobirama hummed again, his eyes drifting to half-mast, obviously enjoying the cupcake.

Madara flailed for a moment and then grabbed Tobirama and pulled him forward.

Tobirama made a sound of surprise as Madara kissed him.

I kinda have a weakness for one-sided competition, so…

time for mass effect 2 ramblings - 7

-of course, Jack’s chilling in the most secluded part of Normandy. so Cerberus raised her in a research facility, were they experimenting to increase her biotic powers? Also, it’s a bit weird that someone as independent as her decided to stick around after looking into those files.

-Grunt: “I hate turians. I thought you’d be glad” In my head, “GRUNT NO!!” I’m glad you are making more sense of things but this is not the greatest conclusion to arrive.

-OK, Illusive Man wants to talk and seems like I can’t do anything else before I talk to him, so let’s see what he has to say.

-oh shit, Kaidan is on Horizon! “they might be going after him to get to you” wtf, Collectors?

-I’m finally going to be in the same place as Kaidan but unfortunately, he’s now in stasis thanks to those swarms. not the romantic reunion I was hoping for.

-collectors look like flying cockroaches honestly.

-there are husks here too. I was not completely sold on the idea that Collectors were working with Reapers but this is weird. also, I hate how those creepy things always run towards you.

-haha, Jack called me boss lady. I like that. she does seem to be very powerful in combat too, a nice addition to the squad.

-wtf are those scions! okay, I searched for them in mass effect wiki and this is the explanation: “a type of Husk made from three human Husks fused together”. this is some messed-up shit.

-that Praetorian was nasty too and apparently it “consists of thirty deformed Husks fused together”. I feel like Collectors are treating husks as Lego pieces.

-dammit, they still got away with a lot of colonists.

-ohhhhh, Kaidan is here! and that was an intense conversation. I wish I could recruit Kaidan and I’ll miss having him on Normandy but I completely understand why he refuses to join. (honestly, working with Cerberus is one part of this storyline that I can’t get behind. so I actually appreciate Kaidan’s integrity. I know Shepard sees Cerberus as a necessary evil that will help her in this fight but given their history and their aims, being associated with Cerberus is quite uncomfortable. if Shepard was ever given the chance, I’d also be like “I’ll never work for Cerberus”.)

-fuck you and your little schemes Illusive Man. I’m surprised Shepard wasn’t more angry with him about this trap, putting both the colonists and the Alliance soldiers in danger. cause I sure was!

-why would the collectors be so interested in Shepard? are they trying to get rid of her so that the biggest threat against Reapers is gone?

-great, a trip through the Omega 4 relay. a trip where no one has ever come back before. amazing plan The Illusive Man. did you revive Shepard so that you can kill her all over again?

-and Jacob already is in suicide squad mode.

About last night...


Rob was his charming, awesome self and rocked the venue! Even my mom, who was basically along for the ride, was getting into it within three songs! And Jason? Oh, man! Jason was amazing!

Of course, Billy was KILLING IT on guitar! We tried to get him to sing, but he was dead set on no. Maybe another day!

Two, the opening act! (Yes, there was one, despite the small venue!)

If you don’t know who Hayden Lee is, GO DOWNLOAD HIS STUFF NOW!

HE WAS AWESOME! And the SECOND SWEETEST DUDE THERE! (First place goes to Rob, of course!) I got one of Hayden’s CDs, and not only did he sign it and give me a guitar pick (WHICH I WILL TREASURE FOR THE REST OF MY LIFE!!!) HE HUGGED ME!!!!

But the best part?


Rob was giving out hugs after the show. Slowly making his way through the crowd long after Jason, Billy, Cooper, and Kyle had headed to the back.



You can go back to your daily routine knowing that 1) Rob gives good hugs and 2) Rob is solid AF!

Ok, so, the gang is getting chased by a ghost yeti through the world’s longest abandoned saw mill.

Seriously, the place is like a mile long and one perfectly-straight line. It just keeps going and going.

Freddy: “Watch out, he’s right behind us!”

They run off screen, and then–

–we see the bad guy, who is, in fact, right behind them.

Freddy: “Quick! Behind those logs!”

Um… Fred? 

If he’s mere feet behind you, in an otherwise-empty building with perfect sightlines, isn’t it almost physically impossible for him to not see y–


Never mind, I guess.

Imagine Andrew as a teacher

(bear with me I gotta get this out of my head) 

-Okay so he doesn’t go continue to play exy 

-But becomes a criminology teacher at Palmetto (cos Nora said that was his major) 

-With glasses and all that shit. His students have a love/hate relation with him. To put it mildly, he’s a complete ass but I love him 

-also Professor Minyard

-And mostly after the first class itself the students realise this- You do not talk when he’s talking or giving a lecture unless you want a perfectly aimed chalk thrown at your head or a “Get the fuck out or shut the fuck up you choose Avery” shouted your way 

-And you do not dare to make fun of his height. He will fucking annihilate you. “You think I’m smol small Johnson, have you seen your dick?“ 

-And yes he remembers your name and grade that fucker with his eidetic memory 

-And his students are terrified of him but have a lot of respect for this teacher who doesn’t look like an exy fan but occasionally shows up in jerseys or sweatshirts with “Josten” written at the back 

-So. One day this student has some work and goes to Andrew’s tiny office Imagine his shock and awe when he sees Neil Josten, Olympic winner, exy champion in all his glory sitting on Andrew’s chair with his feet crossed on the table 

-“You’re not Andrew.”, Neil says. 

-“I had some questions for mid-” And Andrew enters. 

-He stops when he sees Neil “Feet off my table. Now.” the disrespect ffs Neil  And the student’s just like do?? you?? know?? who?? that?? is??

-And the student looks over at Neil who btw still has his feet on the table and the student thinks “Does he have a death wish?” Neil breaks the silence and says 

-“I thought I’d surprise you.”       

“Leave”, comes the reply 

-And for a moment they both only have eyes for each other, leaving the poor sophomore highly uncomfortable 

 -And then thankfully, before he/she becomes a murder witness, Neil takes his legs off the table and smiles. Neil Josten smiles. This was the man who ripped Riko Moriyama apart. Who fought tooth and nail to get to where he was. Who’s mouth has gotten him into trouble more times than he could count. He fucking smiles. 

-And Neil walks past Andrew, almost brushing his shoulder while leaving and Andrew grips his forearm

-And everything but the two of them melts away. Nothing else fucking matters as if it ever did in the first place 

-And for a second, a fucking fraction of a second, Andrew’s expression shifts 

-And the student is in shock cos obvs Andrew teaches like he does everything else. With stone cold apathy and a tiny bit of disgust but still fucking brilliant. 

-And then Andrew says, “I’ll see you at home.” And then the student notices the “Minyard” on Neil’s sweater (Renee gave it to Andrew as a birthday present when she learned to knit and Neil wears it all the damn time) and understanding seeps into place. Neil leaves after a bit more staring. 

-And Andrew looks at his student and quirks an eyebrow.  

-By the next day the whole school knows that their criminology teacher is dating Neil Josten. 

-After that my poor baby Andrew has to keep repeating in the first class of every freshman year “If you want to be killed in your sleep or want to fail this class, try asking for an autograph. Oh and get used to death threats, you are going to major in fucking criminology after all.

(Oh. My. God. I’m so sorry for the wait ! It took me longer then I expected with all the work that I have to do but there it is ! You might see new pages really soon in the future, I’m so excited to see how far I managed to go with that comic and I honestly can’t wait to show you more !

I want to thank personally @alainaprana for helping me with the composition of this page before I headed to her place, I was honestly struggling ;u;)

Start: Page 1

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Art & Paper Crane© @little-noko

SKAM S04E09 Clip 3 - Talk about everything

CHRIS: I don’t think you should be worried. I’m sure it’s fine.

VILDE: Yeah.

CHRIS: Yeah.

VILDE: I just have a bad feeling in my tummy.

CHRIS: What’s that supposed to mean?

VILDE: No, I think there’s something wrong.

CHRIS: Something wrong? How do you know?

SANA: Hey, should we contact the police?

VILDE: What if he has killed her?

SANA: He hasn’t killed her.

VILDE: We can’t know that for sure. He has shown violent tendencies in his past and his brother is a psychopath. We don’t know if William is or not - those things are genetic.

CHRIS: Oh my God.. They’re fucking! Stop nagging!

SANA: For four days?

CHRIS: Yeah!

SANA: Without making a sound?

CHRIS: Well I don’t know, I haven’t heard them.

MAGNUS: Hey. Fucking hell, William’s car is so cheesy.

CHRIS: Shocking! She’s alive.




NOORA: William? I have to leave.

NOORA: It’s.. It’s just like.. Okay. Because I feel like we’ve.. Just talked about everything. That.. That we just.. He just opened up completely. Do you understand? I don’t know what I was doing before, but I understand how he thinks now. Sana Bakkoush, this is the best thing you’ve done. Thank you. But hey! Oh my God, how did it go with Yousef?

SANA: I don’t know.

NOORA: But you talked, right?

SANA: I.. Yes, or.. I tried talking to him, but.. He’s going to Turkey and he’s staying all summer and he’s not a Muslim and..

NOORA: But you have to talk to him! Just talk to him before he leaves. Just send him a text. Now!

SANA: I don’t have his number.

NOORA: Then write to him on Facebook.

SANA: We’re not friends on Facebook.

NOORA: But oh my God, Sana! Add him then! Now! Seriously, come on. Yes and then you write: “Do you want to hang out with me?” Sana! I swear I’ll log onto your account and write it myself and hit send. I’m not kidding, you know that.

SANA: Okay.

NOORA: Yeeeeah! Good!

SANA: Oh my God.

NOORA: That wasn’t so hard, was it? You know what, now life is smiling. Now we can do anything we want. And I suggest that we skip. You in?

SANA: Yeah, but I already think we are. Class started a long time ago.

NOORA: Is it true? Oh my God. Yeah, well, then that’s it. I thought it be a bit more difficult.

SANA: Yes.

NOORA: But it feels very natural.

SANA: Maybe because we’ve been good all year.


SANA: Summer vacation starts soon.

NOORA: Yes, now we’ll just go and hide, wait for the summer and wait for the summer.

SANA: What if he doesn’t answer?

NOORA: No! Everything is falling into place now, Sana.

SANA: Yes, it is.


Pairing: Harry and Y/N

Word Count: 1600

Prompt (AU) : Harry took his anger out in sex-and you weren’t supposed to do that. He would go to the bar and find others just as terrible and lonely as him, drink, and then sink his sorrows into anything with breast and a hole were to put it. Niall always rolled his eyes the next morning and say to Harry “you’re a proper dick, yeh know that right?”, to which Harry would lift his middle finger up and respond with, “if soulmates are real she would love me anyhow.”

“Harry when you meet her your life will change,” Anne says, handing him a cup of tea.

Harry rolls his eyes, “I don’t care to meet her. It’s all bullshit,” Harry grumbles.

Y/N was never much of a talker; she had maybe said eight sentences in her whole life time. She wasn’t sure where the fear really came from, the fear of saying the wrong thing, of being too loud, of not being heard, so she kept to herself. People didn’t seem to understand though, they couldn’t comprehend why she chose to not talk, so she was labeled as weird, freak, stupid etc. Then they labeled her as mute (and she was) but she hated that term, she really did, Y/N just hated being labeled. At first it hurt, it really did, but Y/N soon learned to ignore them, she could only really care about what her Soulmate would have to say, and deep down a part of her wished that they were like her, quiet.

Soulmates, Y/N had been waiting for hers for a long time. She could remember sitting in class in fifth grade, when the teacher explained the process. She explained how everyone was born with a mark, a mark that only their other half had and she made them find that mark. Y/N’s was on her wrist, it was small, and lighter than her regular skin color, she wasn’t sure what it was at first, it just looked like a stick. But the teacher explained how the mark gets more detailed as they get older and closer to finding their person, and Y/N had noticed how that mark slowly grew into a small flower, a petal or two still missing.

Her teacher explained how every person was made for the other, and that they would feel their soulmates emotions, pain, negative thoughts, happy thoughts. They were connected and no matter what the other would always feel what their person was feeling. Y/N had learned that her person always seemed to be grumpy.

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