✨ huevember is coming ✨

I couldn’t manage to do inktober this year, so I’m gonna make Huevember! Since we got a bunch of gems this year I’m gonna make it each hue based on a gem! And I sincerely hope we get to see a sneak peek with emerald by the end of November otherwise I’m making a floating head. So basically this huevember will be that “you never draw x Gem!” for me hahaha

Facts and Opinions, How Do They Work?


This is Yuzuru Hanyu, born in 1994, Japanese, Sendai native, figure skater, reigning Olympic and World champion, current record holder for the short program, free skate, total score.

His jump technique is one of the best on the current circuit. His takeoff is clean and effortless, his air position superb, his landing light and elegant. He achieves outstanding ice coverage in every jump. 

His best jump is the triple Axel, which is routinely done out of difficult entries such as a back counter or an outside spread eagle. 

He competes with three types of quads: toe loop, Salchow, and loop. He is known to also practice the quad Lutz and quad Axel. He is the first skater to land a fully ratified quad loop in an ISU competition.

His spin technique includes difficult variations such as the doughnut and the Biellmann, which is rare among male skaters due to the high degree of flexibility required.  

His step sequences are known for their complexity, musicality, and originality. 

His choreographic sequences frequently feature such signature moves as the layback Ina Bauer and the hydroblade.

His skating skills and transitions are characterized by light footwork, frequent variation in speed and direction, plus fluency and clarity in a wide array of difficult turns/steps/free skating movements.

His composition and choreography are famous for the attention to details, showing creativity and demonstrating a clear concept. 

His performance is usually delivered with total commitment to the program. He projects well and connects well with the audience.

His interpretation of the music is both intuitive and refined. He utilizes both lower and upper body movements to express the nuances of the melody. His technical elements are known for their harmony with the musical structure.   


I love Yuzuru Hanyu.

I find his skating style completely compatible with my personal aesthetic. 

I think he is the best skater the world has ever seen.

I admire his relentless pursuit of perfection and his insistence on the highest standards.

I adore him as a person, for his articulacy, his thoughtful discourse on figure skating, his sunny disposition, and even his stubbornness. 


You can disagree with me on my opinions, but you can’t deny the facts, because they are not my facts, they are just that, facts.

Summary of all the things that happened recently
  • Dan finally spoke about that week in March
  • Their collab with Louise is finally out
  • Dan and Phil are going to launch their own board game
  • There will be a danisnotonfire video by next week (hopefully)
  • The gaming channel collab with Hazel Hayes and TomSka will be out tomorrow
  • Next week is going to be spooky week
  • There will be a halloween baking this year as well!

nightshadesydneylover150  asked:

They say when human soul mates meet the oldest stops aging or (becomes younger) until the youngest is the same age. No wonder Obi-Wan began to to grow a beard after he met Anakin.

To start off he hadn’t noticed at all.

But you could forgive Obi-Wan for not taking note of his own aging since he wasn’t that vain.

After two years though…

There was no change and snagging Bant by the elbow to examine him properly confirmed it. Obi-Wan hadn’t aged in two years just like he suspected, even if his hair and nails grew, he was not aging at all.

Pressing his face into his hands he had taken a decision.

He grew a beard, making himself look older in the process and hiding away the evidence of what was going on, that he had meet his soulmate in the shape of a boy fifteen years his junior.

Because he wasn’t stupid.

Obi-Wan was many things, reckless, attached, emotionally stunted, demanding… but not stupid even if he could be willfully blind.

He knew it was Anakin, could feel it in the way the blonds bond drew on him, explaining the level of depth they now shared to a more understanding degree and wasn’t that just creepy.

And so with that willful blindness he knew he had and an durasteel will, Obi-Wan closed his eyes and his ears to Anakin as a soulmate and reminds himself firmly that this is his padawan as he grows the beard and teaches the boy.

The boy who becomes a man eventually and Obi-Wan can take the blinds off and tell him.

A man who can and will fall in love.

But not with Obi-Wan.

And that burns him like acid, as corrosive to his heart because its his own fault, he knows its his own fault because he’s the elder of this part.

His responsibility to tell and… and…


Obi-Wan presses his face into his hands and tries not to cry.

Its a moot point, because the waterworks will not be kept at bay by his hands alone and he’s been strong for so long, waiting…

He just figured… if he waited for Anakin to be his age…

Shoulders trembling, Obi-Wan gave into the quiet despairing tears because anything harder would scorch his fragile soul to ashes.


The blind mans eyes, that’s what Obi-Wan has.

On purpose.

He knows perfectly well where Anakin goes, who he commcalls and who he talks to… shares bed with.

But if he allows himself to consider it, if he thinks about it…

He dives into the war effort as hard as he can, letting the sound of blasters and his men fill the Force and the air around him and the guilty pleasure of Anakin at his side, Anakin possessive protectiveness in the Force.

Anakin sleeping in the same tent as him, his breath soft and steady.

Its a small measure of relief and succor for a wounded soul.

And then he gets a diplomatic mission with Mace, requiring him to shave his facial hair. The Korun takes one look at him and grabs him by the shoulder and cups his chin, tilting his face left and right while staring at him with wide eyes of realization.


Obi-Wan only shook the others hands off him. “It doesn’t matter, lets just go Mace.” He mumbled, pulling his hood up to hide his youthful face.

It didn’t matter.

After all, it was only Obi-Wan’s forever shattered heart. It did not matter.