fanfic: i’m a slowburn, 200 000 word fic, featuring your otp in enemies to lovers with sufficient angst and a tasteful smut scene three quarters through

my mind: it’s 3am.


my mind: bItch n0

me: bItch yEs

i’m just thinking of the way blake sobs “i’m not gonna break my promise, i swear” and how yang pulls back to LOOK directly into blake’s eyes and i’m just crying because of how blake asked yang SPECIFICALLY once to “look into [her] eyes and tell [her] the truth”

and i’m just thinking about how maybe yang’s thought about that a lot, how she recognized that blake needs to SEE it to believe it, and so THAT’S why she pulled back instead of clinging closer. so that blake could see the truth in yang’s eyes when yang replied “i know you wont” and believe without a shadow of a doubt that yang believed her, yang trusted her and that yang loved her

linda-ravstar  asked:

Soo... We've seen thay pretty much everyone is a real badass. Spark is the terrifyng 'usually nice guy", Candela is all fire and sass, main!Noire is scary af... What about Blanche and Articuno? Is any side of them like that? Dark, scary and badass like the rest?

articuno generally isnt all into that badass spring into action thing

articuno is more of the things you will find in the dark and cold and quiet. like corpses you know? if u dont bother em they wont bother you

blanche doesnt have that outright dark and scary thing going for em honestly. u can be badass without being all murder like.

You made me rip myself open, piece by piece. Every secret, every past memory…only to say I’m too much to hold onto.