Stephen “Stubby” Boardman - Aneurin Barnard - Fifth Year Hufflepuff

Stephen Boardman was better known by his nickname Stubby which he got when he was a child. Being knee high to a grasshopper as his Grand-daddy used to say. Stubby always was small and tiny until he finally hit a growth spurt the summer before his 5th year. But with letters back and forth from home and his mother always writing “Stubby” on his letter is dorm mates quickly caught on to the nickname and it just got worse from there. Now though, it doesn’t bother Stubby he even signs most of his homework with the name.

Stubby was born to a witch mother and a muggle father, making him a half-blood. He was raised pretty much in both worlds equally. He grew up just outside Ogwr in Mid Glamorgan, Wales. His father worked in the coal mines and his mother ran a muggle bookshop but it had a place in the back under wards for magical books. When his father would get a few days off they would drive up to Cardiff and see local bands play at the pubs while getting their fill of fish and chips. It was those trips that Stubby realized he wanted to start a band.

Even though his mother kept telling him he needed to do well on his OWL’s and NEWT’s the school just didn’t hold his attention the way music did. His father bought him a guitar must to his mother’s dismay and he had started bringing to school with him so he could practice and impress people. He was really good at giving anyone information about bands both past and present of almost any genera but he couldn’t tell you two ingredients to the Cure for Boils potion that was taught in first year.

Even though he wasn’t book smart, he still somehow managed to pass his classes although he did ask for help when he needed it. Stubby was also a really nice bloke, kind of calm hippy type but knew how to make you laugh and smile and drove quite a few of the girls to fits of giggles with some of the lines he would come up with. Even though his best lines are saved for Mafilda Hopkirk whom has been his best friend from day one on the train. She gets him, understands what he wants, she’s pretty and smells nice. He wants to make it big so that he can take her on trips around the world and show her all the amazing things that there are out there.

Sturgis Podmore, Kitty Anderson: Music friends, learns from
Mafilda Hopkirk- Best friend, has a crush on
Charity Burbage and Tilden Toots – Mates
Sirius Black – Idol

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