Whistle-blowers, where do we stand?

Truth be told, prior to this course, I had no knowledge and really, no interest in the works of Edward Snowden, Thomas Drake, etc. It’s a dangerous mix really, ignorance and indifference. However, given the fact that this would be a major component of the syllabus, I went out and sought some answers, namely why is it that there are two sides of this debate if, from what I gather on the online communities I frequent, there is an overwhelming amount of support for Snowden and the other whistle-blowers.

It basically boils down to the fact that when Snowden left with all the classified information, he left with a LOT of it, some of which good (NSA Prism program) which let the public in on privacy issues that concern them and some of them bad (sensitive US defence information).

With this information in mind, I’m still heavily undecided as to which way to think. On one hand, the people deserve to know, but when I think about it deeper, is it really worth it if national security is at risk?