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just because you have to patrol on halloween doesn’t mean you can’t dress up like gotham’s favorite vigilante


…this was when Woohyun was saying that he is thankful for having a chance to see his American Inspirit , to receive a lot of supports from everybody and seeing many Inspirit had to wait hours and hours under cold weather that breaks his heart. He was about bursting into tears but everybody started to shout “울지마 울지마 (don’t cry) ” then he tried to hold himself with this smile and said “of course I shouldn’t cry , I won’t cry”


So I love searching for old zines and comix at my local vintage shops, because there’s always a unique selection of stuff there. Back issues of Ninja High School, Robotech fan comics, homegrown startup Bay Area one-offs, original Popeye and romance comic magazines. It kinda also keeps my ego in check as a comic artist, and is a great source of inspiration for inking techniques, etc.

Today’s haul was an Eclipse Comics issue of Mai, The Psychic Girl (that’s Viz Media!), as I’m a big fan of Ikegami’s clean inks and weird plotlines, and og 1987 issues of DC’s Amethyst, which I’ve been meaning to read /forever/ since the story sounded amazing. 

It’s basically a magical girl/superhero comic for girls–Amethyst is a normal girl who finds out she’s a magical princess of Gemworld, who then becomes a queen and then a straight-up goddess of order and justice. 

The artwork by Esteban Maroto/colors by Tatjana Wood are amazing–I love how psychedelic and unabashedly pretty this all is! It’s a shame Amethyst wasn’t as popular as her fellow DC superheroes, since I’d have loved to see more “girls comics” in America that weren’t just straight up romance.


Dongwoo is cute with the dino stuff toy. =)

cr. DWhome

So I guess I’ll just sit in my room and cry because I can’t be at the Infinite concert. It would have bothered me less if it were an hour or two away from me but it’s about 20 minutes away from my house. Whyy? Anyways, I hope those who went are having a great time.

I’ll just think of the happy memories I have from the B.A.P’s concert in D.C. I got to touch Yoo Youngjae’s hand. Yes, I’ll just think of that.