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Have you or Bee heard of Shadowrun? Also, wasn't there another Ogre in the Clan? Murkanna I think. I want to learn more about them. Actually I want to learn more about everyone.If its not too much trouble I mean.

I think someone has brought up Shadowrun to us before, but I’ll be sure to check it out again!

Also yes you remembered right! Murkanna is another Ogre in the Clan of Storms, they’re a jeweler and enchant precious stones. There are actually three Ogres in the Clan, Murkanna, Tovak, and Oorok

Since I’ve already talked about Tovak, I’ll talk about the other two!

Murkanna is a bit of a gossip and loves pretty things. They act as a the “tough love” shoulder to cry on, but will always listen to others’ problems– as long as they get a fun story in return. They have a close working relationship with Heduel, the Clan’s blacksmith, and is best friends with Emion, the Cleric.
Kanna thinks Emion and Yerzhi’s relationship is the cutest thing and often teases them for it, but their relationship with a certain statue-esque Ogre warrior might be blossoming too…

Oorok is the nurturing parental figure for the Clan of Storms and affectionately called “Mum” by the other mercenaries. They can be seen in the kitchen at practically all hours of the day, or spending time with their husband Kalta.
They were raised as a warrior like Tovak but really rejected the lifestyle growing up, yearning deeply for a family and non-violent lifestyle. They were unfortunately drafted into the North-West War, where they worked as a cook (and backup infantry), but that’s also where they met Kalta.