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Title: Peace I Leave With You, 14/?

Fandom: OUAT

Rating: T (M in later chapters)

Word Count: ~6,700

Summary: When Emma needs a friend in Storybrooke, she finds one in the sinfully attractive priest Killian Jones. AU starting in season 1.

Notes: I was distracted writing a few one-shots, but I finally have an update for you! I’m still mirroring canon, but I’ve decided to drop a few of the canon plots in order to tighten up my story arc, most notably Henry’s sleeping curse nightmares. Enjoy! As usual - disclaimer: a few lines of dialog were borrowed from the show; none of it belongs to me, etc. Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5, Part 6, Part 7, Part 8, Part 9, Part 10, Part 11, Part 12, Part 13

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Killian meets David for breakfast at Granny’s to touch base on how things are going in town as everyone adjusts to the new normal. He has trouble concentrating with the images of his latest dream of Emma still vivid in his mind. He still doesn’t know if it’s his wistful heart latching onto a false hope, or if there really is something more tangible behind those dreams. As much as he hopes for the latter, he’s afraid to latch onto that hope.

The school is back open and Henry is returning to class, but David has plans to teach the boy the basics of horsemanship in the afternoon.

“He’s a prince,” says David. “It’s time I started teaching him all the princely skills.” He raises an eyebrow at Killian before adding, “And then you can teach him how to be a pirate.”

Killian smiles. “You’d be surprised, mate—the skills needed to be a pirate can come in handy in any number of situations.”

“I’m sure they do.” David shakes his head, but he still wears a friendly expression.

“Speaking of princely skills,” says Killian, “I have your sword out in my car. I’ll give it to you on our way out.”

“How’d you get my sword?”

“Gold gave it to Emma, a bit before the curse broke. We both used it a little, that day, though she was far more successful in her endeavors than I was.” He meets David’s eyes and can’t help but wear a proud smile as he says, “She killed a dragon. One Regina had trapped down in the caverns below the library.”

David’s eyes are wide. “Really? Emma killed a dragon?”

Killian nods and David looks stunned.

After a moment David says. “You know, I’m a little jealous of you.”


David nods. “You know my daughter better than I do. I never got to know her when I had the chance. And now…”

“You’ll get your chance,” says Killian firmly, though doubts still plague him. “You’ll get all the time you need.”

David swallows hard and nods. He doesn’t seem any more confident than Killian feels.

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