ogre (misao)

Aya Drevis from Mad Father and Ms Library from Misao look very similar. They have other similarities too:

  • Both games are made by the same man(so a connection is possible)
  • Ms Library mentions her father is a scientist. Aya’s father is also a scientist.
  • Aya’s clone presumably goes to live with her scientist father and Ogre. Ms Library is seen living with the same arrangements(a scientist father and Orge/Onigawara).
  • Both Aya and Library have homicidal tendencies 
  • They both like to read
  • In Misao, the man who comes in to kill the bully(when you hide in the intestines) looks like Aya’s father Alfred with purple hair. He even has a chainsaw.
  • Also, the bully mentioned that she doesn’t want to be, “tested on” by him. That hints that he is a scientist who may very well be Ms Library’s scientist father. Quite a coincidence for two scientist fathers to look so similar.
  • If he was Ms Library’s dad then that was probably his lab. He has the exact same test tubes in there that Alfred does in his own lab.
  • Ms Library had the book “The Red-Eyed Stranger” on her shelf. Aya has the exact same book. It is even read to her in her game.
  • The music playing in Library’s well… library is the same music that plays at the end of Mad Father.

All this doesn’t include Version 3 which hints much more strongly to it(but, as it was made after the fan theory, the 3rd version was probably adjusted because the creator liked the idea).