dont steal someones art please just dont fucc

UHHHG…… i hate when twitter stans/any leaf stans in general (but ive really only seen twitter stans do this cuz he has a twitter to notice them on)STEAL FU CKING ART and tweet “I SPENT THREE HOURS ON THIS ogmm pleeaselike it and follow me” like bitch what the actual DAMN fuck. It’s not cool to steal art IT REALLY FUCKING ISNT SOMEBODY DAMN WELL SPENT PROBABLY MORE THAN 3 hours on that shit, now u fuckin stealin their limelight, like bitch wtf if u aint talented at art uh find something else?????TO DO??? like fuck man, im an artist myself and im scared of either tweeting leaf/posting my art here because i dont want anyone SWIPING IT and saying its their own. like seriously why are u that awful. why must you be this way.