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Akashi Seijuro (Kuroko No Basuke)

 insp (+ voltage inc. games in general) { the fourth and fifth pictures are gifs} & for fateaid

** You end up falling for both sides of Akashi (forgetting your memories of him but later remembering your time together), but only one side loves you as of yet. However, slowly the other Akashi begins to fall for you. Will he let himself fall for you completely? **


Wassup my name is Isaias but everybody calls me zay, I’m 18 years old i live in New York, and I’m currently single. I’m Puerto Rican & Black. I love to play basketball. I’m a senior at freedom high school. I like rap and my favorite rapper right now would be french. My type of girl would be short beautiful smile nice body and great personality. My future goal is to join the marines and go to college. and yea thats pretty much me


ig: papashmoove

twitter: ZAYSMOOTH2

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Hi, My Name Is Daniel, Or Obed. I was adopted so I have 2 names.

im 18 actually, but since my father was an illegal immigrant the state had little information on my birthday, so im legally 17.

I live in Memphis Tennessee.

im single, because I’ve been cheated on in EVERY relationship of mine. but I still give every girl a chance and love each one as if they were my only girlfriend ive ever had. J

im puertorican, Dominican, and black.

I like photography acting, singing, dancing, rapping, writing poetry, drawing, coloring, playing basketball, football, baseball, soccer, and tennis. I like to run, jump, dream, and fall in love. I LOVE TUMBLR! and I also like walking both alone, and with a huge amount of people.

I Love all music. music is life, and I love life.

I love all girls. i don’t have a type, because having a type could cause you to not meet someone that could forever change your life!

I want to be a psychologist and a teacher. I want to own a Lamborghini (all black) and ride into the sunset.

My Favorite Quote Is “Women aren’t bitches. bitches are female dogs. women have a vagina, known as a “pussy”. Cats are called pussies. cats and dogs don’t get along, but bitches got a pussy?”

My Instagram Got Hacked Recently At 14k, So Follow My Twitter @OgChronik And My Tumblr @hisdopeass.tumblr.com

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Hi. My name is Nery Morataya. Friends call me Diamondery. I’m 18, I live in South Gate, California, and I’m taken by a beautiful angel ♥ I am Puerto Rican, Colombian, Dominican, Italian, and Black. I’m a mutt. I really enjoy singing, rapping, playing the piano, and playing my guitar, and i’m hoping to soon make it in the music industry in the future. I love all music. It doesn’t matter what kind. My type of girl is just someone who accepts me for who I am. The looks don’t matter to me. :)

“Keep your head up.” 

Tumblr- http://nerymorataya.tumblr.com

Instagram- @diamondery

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Whats up my name is Leel I’m 19 from Queens, NY, but I currently live in Florida and Im mixed. Im currently single. I play basketball for my school and in my spare time I like to draw and chill with friends. Im currently a freshman at St. Petersburg College and I major in Criminal Justice. Im pretty open when it comes to music, I’ll listen to what sounds good to me. My type of girl is cute girl that is just as weird as me, and who is understanding and down to Earth. In the future I see myself playing professional basketball either in the NBA or overseas.

“Always remember that no matter how useless you feel, you’re someone’s reason to smile”- unknown



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OGM from HolyShitUnfGuys