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a/n: bc ive always thought jeongguk would make an excellent tattoo artist. (also i’ve remade and i’m reposting this on my new blog as the first addition!)

“____, please? I need you to hold my hand, I can’t do this without you,” your best friend pleaded, eyes wide and unblinking and you felt yourself wavering at his terror-filled gaze. You groaned internally as you stared him down, knowing that you would always give in to him.

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Bond Bug 700 ES, 1974. The ‘ultimate’ version of the three-wheel Bond Bug which entered production in 1970. The Bug was designed by Tom Karen of Ogle Design to be a ‘fun’ car. All Bugs were bright orange apart from six white ones which were made for a Rothmans promotion. Production ceased on 1974 after 2270 cars had been produced, its relatively high price had limited its appeal


The ‘Sotheby Special’ DBSV8 – a ‘barn-find’ unseen for 40 years is to be auctioned by H&H Classics on October 14.
The Ogle-designed, futuristic show car based on an Aston Martin DBSV8, first showcased at the 1972 Geneva Salon and Montreal Motor Show. One of only three such cars, the first of two originally commissioned by the W.D. & H.O. Wills tobacco company to promote ‘Sotheby’s Special Reserve’ cigarettes. Stored in secret for 40 years, it still carries its original dark blue paintwork, gold pinstriping and vibrant green Moquette upholstery. To be offered by H&H Classics at its 14 October 2015, Duxford sale at £100,000 - 120,000

I’ve blogged about the Ogle Aston before


EXCLUSIVE: Preview IDW's New G.I. Joe #1 with Character Designs and More
What do you think of the new look for "G.

“But once G.I. Joe hits, once people actually see and read how we’re approaching this material, they’re going to be blown away, they’re going to have to put the pieces of their shattered minds back together so that they can read the book again and again and again. It’s the book that people are going to be talking about, raving about, shouting from the rooftops about. It’s the Crown Jewel of the Hasbro Universe.”

Click through to check out @milonogiannis‘ character designs, to ogle at covers from Ariel Olivetti & Aaron Conley and to read me yammering about what makes this new Joe series so different from previous ones.