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One black woman’s powerful case against the subtle sexism of #SayHisName

  • Jordan Edwards is the latest name to be added to a long list of black people who’ve been killed by police. Edwards was only 15. His death sparked familiar outrage and calls to action. 
  • But there’s also been a push by black feminists to call out the use of the hashtag #SayHisName in place of #SayHerName on social media — a hashtag that became popular specifically to call attention to the media erasure of black women who are also victims of police violence.
  • The #SayHerName hashtag went viral in the aftermath of Sandra Bland’s 2015 death in a Texas jail cell. Its meaning was simple: 
  • In a political moment in which extrajudicial violence against black communities was becoming front page news, it was important to tell the stories of black women, whose deaths were often overlooked by media and the social movements they covered.
  • On Twitter, Chihiro Ogino made the case against using #SayHisName, noting that while it’s important to respect black men who die at the hands of police, that specific hashtag isn’t the way to do it. Read more (5/2/17)

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So it’s actually all the Ghibli’s movies I saw ! Spirited away is definitely my favorite , then comes Howl’s Moving Castle , Ponyo and after them Princess Mononoke ! I thought it would be a good idea to draw them as Bookmark, so i did .
Also I’m thinking about opening a redbubble shop … what do you think guys ?


Tribute to the films of Studio Ghibli. part 2

1.- Only Yesterday
2.- Whisper of the Heart
3.- Kiki’s Delivery Service
4.- Porco Rosso
5.- Spirited Away
6.- Howl’s Moving Castle
7.- Princess Mononoke
8.- From Up on Poppy Hill
9.- The Tale of the Princess Kaguya
10.- When Marnie Was There