“I love Rouge she’s my fave”

“But her design is just awful, sexualization much?”

I have but one hope for the 13th Doctor: Don’t make her a sexualised ‘flirt with all the boys’ character just because she’s a woman now.

Keep the Doctor as the alien bastion of weird almost-asexual ‘otherness’ that they’ve always been.

Like, have guys oggle her but she just doesn’t even notice or give a shit. Have her completely non-plussed about how anything is different now she’s a woman and not a bloke.

Like how in series 8, the 12th Doctor didn’t even seem to notice that he wasn’t a young-looking guy any more. Have it be that. Like, yes she’s a woman now but for her literally nothing has changed and react accordingly to the way she’s now perceived vs how she used to be.


Borzoi par susan bein
Via Flickr :
Taken at the Borzoi Café at the Museum of Jurassic Technology. Sadly they no longer allow photography at the Museum, but they made an exception for this one photo of their lovely old dear.

BTS Reaction - Under the table smut


In all fairness, you started it.  Jin’s wearing a new shirt tonight – it’s salmom coloured and straining to fit across his broad shoulders and chest – and he’d looked so handsome that you just couldn’t help but give his thigh a good squeeze under the table, that squeeze turning into a caress that gradually works it’s way higher the more carried away you get.  Jin isn’t reacting at all, eating calmly, making small talk with the BigHit bosses like you’re barely even there, and it isn’t until you get really frustrated and run your palm across his lap that you realise you’re having any kind of effect at all.  He’s rock hard, member straining against the confining material where it’s tucked to the left as usual, and when you give it a firm squeeze you finally see a tiny slip on Jin’s face; his eye twitching slightly.  While the rest of the men at the table are laughing at a joke he made he takes the chance to yank your hand away by the wrist, hissing in your ear.  

“You just wait till I get you home.  You’re not gonna sit down for a week.”

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You’re going to die soon if Yoongi doesn’t give you some relief; you’re fairly certain of that.  He’s been denying you an orgasm for days, bringing you to the brink again and again but always stopping just when it’s getting good, and it’s leaving you a jittery, needy mess.  You’re almost permanently wet and Yoongi won’t even let you wear your underwear, which seems particularly mean when you’ve been invited out for a meal with the other members.  You can tell from the moment you sit down at the table that the very last thing on Yoongi’s mind is food – the smirk he reserves solely for you makes it very clear – and as soon as your bottom hits the chair he’s pulling on the thigh closest to him to open up your legs.  His long, slender fingers slide through your wet folds, alternating between toying with your clit and slipping inside whilst he innocently inspects his menu and you try not to fall apart next to him.  You bite your lip in panic, realising that your orgasm is approaching far too fast for you to stop it, and that this is exactly what he’d been planning when he’d been denying you so fanatically until now.  He leans close to you, pads of his fingers stroking your g-spot, his breath hot in your ear.  

“Cum for me now, babygirl.”

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Why on earth you ever agreed to combine Hobi’s end of tour with going to dinner at your parents is beyond you.  You haven’t seen each in almost a month and by the way your boyfriend can’t keep his eyes off you, you’re guessing he missed you just as much as you missed him. It’s getting to be a bit of a problem, actually, because even as he’s supposed be impressing your father and charming your mother, Hobi’s having difficulty stopping himself oggling your cleavage, his hand moving restlessly on your thigh under the table.  The moment your parents turn their back he’s all over you, trailing kisses all over your neck and murmuring how much he’s missed you, how delicious you look and how he can’t wait to get you home.  It isn’t long before his over-excited hand starts to glide further up your thigh, fingertips skirting along the edge of your panties as you glance nervously to the kitchen doorway and try to hold back a moan when he pulls them to the side to tease your entrance.  His long finger has only just slipped inside when suddenly your mother calls his name from the kitchen and makes you both jump, Hobi withdrawing his hand so sharply you’d think he’d been burned.  He smiles guiltily at you, rising from his seat to go and help her like she asked; but not before adjusting his erection and sucking your juices off of his finger with a wink.  

“I know what I’d rather be eating tonight, baby.” 

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You’re not exactly what made you think that teasing Namjoon would be a good idea.  In a moment of madness you’d decided it was smart to wear that slutty dress you know he hates to dinner with the other members, and to put on that particular shade of lipstick that he’s so fond of smearing around your mouth whilst he fucks your throat.  You go out of your way to order a plate full of pasta that you suck and twirl around your tongue, and strawberries that you put whole into your mouth to take a sumptuous bite out of as you hold Joonie’s unflinching gaze.  When you order a cocktail complete with cherry to finish off the night, twisting the stem around your tongue, his patience finally snaps.  He grabs hold of your hand and shoves it under the table, placing it directly onto his crotch as he glares at you, uncaring whether the other boys notice or not. He’s ridiculously hard, leaking so much pre-cum that it’s started to seep through his boxers and through his trouser leg to form a wet patch.  Namjoon presses your hand down hard against him, biting on his bottom lip and flexing his hips up, disguising it as shifting in his seat.  When you start to palm him in earnest he lets go of your hand and wraps it around the back of your neck instead, squeezing as he leans close to growl lowly in your ear.

“Is this what you wanted, kitten?  You have no idea what I’m gonna do to you once I get you alone.” 

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From the very moment Jimin had come home tonight he’d been needy.  The whole time you’d been getting ready he’d trailed after you around the apartment, looping his arms around your waist and nuzzling against your neck any chance he got, vying for your attention.  He couldn’t have it, though, not tonight.  Tonight you’re going out with your group of friends for one of their birthdays, and Jimin’s sexual appetite has made you miss enough social events already without missing this one too.  He’s no better at the meal, mewling in your ear that he wants to go and play, deliberately misbehaving in an attempt to break your resolve so you’ll take him home and punish him like he so wants.  His hands are insistent, pawing their way up your thighs under the table no matter how much you try to subtly push him away.  Jimin runs his fingers over the top of your panties, through the outline of your slick folds, and it’s at that moment you decide you’ve had enough. You purposefully drop your cutlery under the table when the cake arrives, knowing everyone will be distracted, and when you sweetly ask him to retrieve it Jimin’s face lights up like all his Christmases have come at once.  He immediately ducks under the table as you slouch in your chair, grabbing a fistful of his hair and pulling his face towards your core, spreading your legs wide. He drags your panties to the side eagerly as he kneels below the table, completely hidden from view, and for the entirety of the time your friends are singing Jimin’s lapping up your juices like he’s a man dying of thirst.  It pains you to push him away when they’re done, drawing him out from under the table with your knife and fork in his hands and a wide smile on his shining lips.    

“You’re so tasty mommy… can I have you instead of cake?” 

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You’ve never spent quite so long getting ready to go out as you have done tonight, and you know it’s all because Taehyung and all his friends are going to be there.  You’ve had your eye on him from the very moment you met, and tonight provides the perfect opportunity for you to find out if he’s interested or not.  You’re sure you’ve caught him looking before, and by the way his mouth drop open and his eyes widen when you walk into the club with a smile and a wave makes you fairly certain that he’s had his eye on you too.  You have a few drinks and dance together for a while, the crowded dance floor giving you the perfect excuse to get up close and personal, your arms around his neck, hips locked together in a slow grind that has his eyes darkening with desire.  When it comes time to sit down there’s no room at the booth for you, but Tae, ever the gentleman, spreads his legs and pats the space in between in invitation, smirking. Gentleman?  Yeah right. As soon as you’re hidden beneath the drink-laden table Taehyung’s hands are on the inside of your thighs, spreading them apart so your dress rides up to your hips and he can slip his fingers past your panties, his erection pressing hard into the small of your back.

“You’re coming home with me, beautiful.”

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The thought of being your plus one had initially made Jungkook really nervous. He hadn’t really met many of your family members except your mom and dad, and he’d only met your friends once or twice, so being sat all on his own in the church pews as you walked behind your sister as her bridesmaid wasn’t initially very appealing to him. He soon changes his mind when he sees you though; you look stunning in your floor length gown with its sweetheart neckline, the soft mounds of your breasts almost spilling out over the top as you walk.  The hard-on he gets watching you during the ceremony won’t go away, and by the time you’re sat waiting for your three-course meal he’s becoming increasingly restless.  You ask him what’s wrong as he shifts in his seat, frowning at the pained expression on his face.  His hands disappear under the table cloth for a moment, fumbling with something, and then suddenly he’s pulling your hand under there too.  You have to hold back a gasp when he guides your hand onto his throbbing cock, moving it up and down the length of him under the table, the button and fly of his pants hanging wide open.  It’s so sinful, touching him like this in public, not even the barrier of clothes in the way.  If someone lifted the tablecloth now they’d see his heavy member resting in your palm, the pre-cum leaking from the tip, and they’d understand why Jungkook is clenching his jaw so hard, a deadly serious look on his face.  

“Don’t stop Jagi.  I’ll warn you before I cum.”

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long rambling post i wrote at 4am sorry

prob already posts like this written better but , guys, it still spins me out that theres basically 0 (zero) sexualization, of ANYONE, and pretty much no romantic plot in dirk gently’s holistic detective agency … like …. how often do u see that, man?? how often do u see that, my dude???? my guy, how often, do you see that?????

like, shit, there is a scene where a woman showers, with ZERO gratuitous shots of her body. where a man sits outside the door to keep her company but makes ZERO passes at her. they also share a hotel room and again, nothing sexual happens between them.

there is a scene where a woman takes off her bra to use the wire to pick a lock and it is NOT SEXUALIZED AT ALL. nothing about it is about her boobs.

there is a scene where a girl gets into a van with four strangers, all of them male, and they don’t view her sexually in any apparent way.. they just…paint her nails radioactive green and welcome her into their gang?? guys can u believe this

several characters are in nothing but their underwear multiple times throughout the show and the shots are never fanservicey????

zero (0) women are raped.

the show hints at todd having a small crush on farah but it doesnt seem forced or “male lead likes girl. because straights. he has to” and the show doesnt culminate to them kissing.. it seems natural cus heck, she’s gorgeous, who wouldn’t have a bit of a crush on her

the only dude who oggles at a woman is friedkin, and he’s a) a bad dude and b) an absolute doofus being seduced into doing something

like???? im in constant shock abt this ???

The List - Bucky x Reader - One Shot

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You punched the button on the elevator and sighed, closing your eyes. It was disastrous date one after another. This guy was sent a message by his ex right when you were having dinner and getting along. He then proceeded to show you the text message of her wanting to try again before running off.

The other one previously was obnoxiously rude. He interrupted the waitress when she was talking about the specials, he interrupted you and straight out said your opinion was wrong when you were talking about movies, at first you thought he was trying to be funny, until you realised he was more serious than ever.

The elevator doors opened and you walked straight into the living room and fell onto the couch with a sigh. Steve shot Wanda a worried look as she moved over to you and rubbed your arm.

“No more dates, I’ve had enough. I’m done” You mumbled into the couch before rolling over to look at the ceiling.

“You say this but then you go on about how you miss the intimacy of a relationship and enjoying their company..” Wanda explained and you covered your eyes with your arm. She was right as always.

“Bad date again?” You heard a deep voice pipe up, you lifted your head to see Bucky in the doorway, sipping coffee from a mug without a care in the world. If anything, he seemed almost smug. You looked at him, his white vest on and his flattering grey sweatpants on. This would be much easier if Bucky Barnes would just love you. 

“You could say that” You mumbled, sitting up and pulling your coat off and your shoes. Wanda shot Bucky a look which brought him to sit next to you. Steve soon excused himself and Wanda put her face in a magazine. 

“C’mon doll, we’ll watch some crap TV and you’ll be over whatever his name is in no time” Bucky rubbed your arm, you dropped your head on his shoulder as he put on animal planet, knowing the puppies were gonna cheer you up. 

It didn’t take long for you to fall asleep with your head on Bucky’s lap, as soon as he started playing with your hair you were a goner.

“Bucky Barnes” Wanda hissed making him snap out of his lovesick trance as he watched you. “Do something.”

“I can’t just do something” Bucky hissed back “I’m not what she’s looking for.”

“What’s that then?” Wanda raised an eyebrow making Bucky groan.

“A man with two actual arms, not previously brainwashed, not previously an assassin. Someone who knows how to have a good time. I haven’t even kissed anyone since the 40s..” Bucky listed off, he realised his jerky movements had woke you temporarily from your slumber. He froze on the spot as you sat up and yawned, rubbing your eyes. You gave them both a small wave before heading to your bedroom.

“Did she hear anything?” Bucky asked panicked.

“No she’s still mostly asleep” Wanda reassured.

The next day you went in the kitchen to grab some breakfast when something really odd happened. Bucky had himself pressed up against Wanda as she bent down to get something. The look of horror crossed his face as he noticed what you walked in on. You felt slightly disheartened, you had only been in love with Bucky since you started, but he never reciprocated your feelings, so who were you to be angry. It did sting you a little that it was Wanda of all people.

“Sorry, sorry, I’ll uh..come back later” You stuttered over your words before making a swift exit, not able to get that image out of your mind.

“Barnes, please get your dick away from me” Wanda cursed picking up the plates she had dropped behind the island. 

“I didn’t mean to, I just went to grab them as you did and now Y/N walked in and..” He sighed and ran a hand through his hair “This is bad.”

“Look it doesn’t matter, she probably didn’t think anything of it.” Wanda reassured sitting down with her food “As I was saying, we are gonna go through your list of things and make you the perfect candidate.”

Wanda frowned as she picked up the piece of paper that Bucky had passed to her, clearly ripped from his journal.

1. Two arms.

“Bucky, Y/N is not superfical, and you know she loves your arm, plus there’s not much we can do about that” Wanda frowned. “Okay what’s next?”

2. Handsome

“Alright, what do you say about getting a haircut Barnes? And a shave?” Wanda asked and Bucky fiddled with his hands before nodding. He really did like Y/N, and even though he had an inkling she liked him back, he wanted to really blow her away.

You walked into the living room, blanket in hand and chocolate in the other. The room was fully free for once, which was strange it never happened. You had been out all day with Natasha, trying to get you set up with one of her friends. After seeing Bucky and Wanda, it kind of gave you the kick up the ass you needed.

You took comfort in the corner of the sofa and put on your favourite film, Dirty Dancing. You eyed Bucky walking into the room and frowned as he sat down next to you. His hair was much shorter, much much shorter. 

“Hey doll, mind if I join?” He asked with a smile as you eyed his hair, and his smooth face.

“No that’s fine, what happened to your hair Buck?” You asked, running your hand through it. You couldn’t lie he looked good, but this wasn’t the Bucky you were used to. Especially considering he was wearing some very strange designer pyjamas as well. 

“Wanda suggested I get it cut, don’t you like it?” He asked worriedly as you gave him a strange look. Your hands now running along his jaw as you inspected either side of his hair.

“It suits you, it looks good. Just not used to it” You said sitting back down. Of course Wanda would suggest he get a haircut. Maybe it was his choice too, you just hoped she wasn’t rushing him into changing himself.  “Those pyjamas are ridiculous though” You teased.

“What?” He said looking down at his blue button up. “I thought this was fashion”

“Since when does James Barnes do fashion?” You giggled. He smirked and tickled you playfully for your comment. You stopped giggling when he pulled the shirt over his head and chucked it to the side. You soon realised how dry your mouth was, and turned back to the film as he relaxed into your side.  You needed to stop oggling your friends boyfriend.

“You’re getting stubbly” Wanda warned Bucky as they sat down in the living room together to go over the next part of his list. It had been a few days and although he appreciated the haircut, he didn’t like being completely clean shaven, he felt naked. Plus you complimented him on how it looked better now.

“I know, it’s fine. I’m uh, I’m not sure if we should practice this part. Feels wrong” Bucky said chewing his lip. 

“It doesn’t mean anything, it’s just a friend helping a friend” Wanda shrugged, a lot more comfortable than what Bucky was.

“What if I get it wrong?” Bucky flushed “I really don’t wanna screw this up.”

“I thought you were the ultimate ladies man back in the 40s, you need to get that confidence back. Be cocky, girls love it” Wanda said with a smile before turning to Bucky. She watched him fidget about and sighed before grabbing his face and kissing him hard.

You had ran around the whole kitchen, unable to find your one hoody. It was freezing outside and there was no way you were going anywhere without it. When it seemed like there was no hope, you ran down to Bucky’s room and knocked, he would know where it was. 

After a few minutes when there was no response, you headed back upstairs and into the living room. You stopped dead in your tracks when you watched Wanda and Bucky making out pretty heavy on the couch. You sucked in a breath, they were your friends you had to be happy for them. Bucky’s eyes opened wide when he caught you stood there, trying not to interrupt as you moved around the living room, trying to find your hoody.

“Y/N?” Bucky cleared his throat, pushing Wanda away gently.

“Sorry guys, I’m just trying to find my hoody, I’ll be out in a second” You mentioned, your voice quiet, trying to hide the hurt. Bucky realised Wanda and him had been lying on it and pulled it out from under him. He passed it to you and frowned when he noticed you avoiding his gaze. 

“Thanks, have fun guys” You mumbled before jogging out the room.

Bucky looked to Wanda who shrugged before going back to his list.

“What’s the point in me going through this list if Y/N won’t wanna go on a date with me?” Bucky asked disheartened from the hurt written across your face.

“We’ll set her up like a surprise date. Don’t worry, you guys will have your happy ever after. That kiss Barnes was mighty impressive” Wanda giggled to herself.

“Yeah, thanks” Bucky mumbled, distracted.

You had avoided Bucky and Wanda for the remainder of the week. Bucky had tried to talk to you but when he did, he was giving you sarcastic remarks and acting like a dick. You had no idea what was going on with him. But that didn’t matter, you had a date tonight and you were going to make sure this one actually went smoothly.

You had no idea what this guy looked like or if he was remotely nice. But Natasha pushed that it was meant to be and that he would sweep you off your feet. You opted for a sleek black dress and a little bit of make up, you didn’t want to go all out like you had on the other dates, believing now that you weren’t showing them your true self.

“Table for L/N” You asked the waiter who greeted you. 

“Oh your party is already here, please follow me” He said with a smile. You followed him, nerves hitting you as you smoothed down your dress. Well here goes nothing.

You frowned when you seen Bucky sat at the table, a nice blue shirt and jacket on, his hair pushed back and a smile on his face. He thanked the waiter and took your hand, sitting down with you.

“What’s going on? Is this a prank?” You asked, looking around trying to see if Tony was hiding somewhere.

“No, it’s me, I’m your date.Name is James Buchanan Barnes, it’s lovely to meet you” He offered his hand and you raised an eyebrow at him. He let out a breath and called the waiter over and ordered a bottle of wine.

“Alright I’ll explain what’s going on.” He took your hand, although you were skeptical of why he was here, you couldn’t help but melt at the sight of Bucky Barnes actually attempting to wine and dine you. Something you had wished for for a long time.

“I’ve been head over heels in love with you for sometime doll” He confessed with a small chuckle. “I kept seeing you broken hearted that all these dates were going terribly but I just kept thanking my lucky stars because I wanted to be the one to sweep you off your feet. But I didn’t feel like I was good enough..”

“Bucky, I would have gone on a date with you at anytime, at any place..” You smiled at him softly.

“I know, but I needed it to be perfect. So I made a list of things and Wanda was helping me. I cut my hair and took care of my appearance a bit more, I hadn’t kissed a girl in a very long time so Wanda was helping me, I’m sorry you walked in on that. But I was doing this all for you, I swear..”

“You did all this for me?” You asked and Bucky nodded. “You didn’t need to change a damn thing Bucky, I was in love with you right from the start. Though please don’t kiss Wanda anymore, I don’t think I can stomach that.”

“I know” He laughed out loud, rubbing his head “I was wonderin, if tonight goes well, if you would consider may be going on another date?”

“Hmm” You tapped a finger against your lip with a smile “I’ll do you one better, if tonight goes well, how about you make me your permanent practice partner?”

“That sounds like music to my ears” 

More otp prompt ideas (beach themed)

My girlfriend was yelling at me for drawing prompts but I suppose these could work for writing too:

# 1:
Person A napping and person B waking them up by making a crab pinch their nipple/finger/etc

# 2:
draw an underwater scene with a few of your faves snorkeling

# 3:
If you remember the yowie yahoo Scooby Doo movie where the gang is at the beach in Australia and Daphne is being oggled and Fred is so mad he sets the grill on fire or whatever, that scene but with your otp

# 4:
that one game where you sit on a teammates shoulders and try to push the other team off and into the water yeah draw that

# 5:
Some of your faves having a sand castle competition. They could be in teams or 1 v 1. (Bonus points if one character grew up at the beach so their castle is like, sand mansion god tier level awesome)

# 6:
Person A laughing at Person B bc they’re sunburnt and standing next to a crab thats literally the same colour they are

# 7:
That beautiful “burying Person C in sand while they sleep and giving them sand titties” trope

# 8:
draw your fave as the hot lifeguard (bonus points if they get hit in the face with a volleyball by the character that’s been oggling them the entire time)

# 9:
“I’m so sorry we were playing Frisbee on this crowded beach like idiots I really didn’t mean to hit you in the face with it oh my god you’re bleeding are you ok uh do you want help? I should help shouldn’t I”

# 10:
Otp in pool tubes trying to flip each other off of their tube and into the water

# 11:
“Volleyball tournament! you’re going down B!”
“Uh, no? you’re going down!”
- cue A and B getting their asses handed to them by C

# 12:
Person A making obscene sunscreen art on a sleeping Person B’s back so theyll have tan lines (or burn lines) of said art when they wake up

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please DO elaborate...... 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻

From my tododeku hc post:

they’re soft and sweet in their first year, ridiculously hot and heavy in their second, and by third year, they are down right steady and known across UA as being “the strongest powercouple of the generation” (it is kind of embarrassing when people say that but they secretly love it)

Ok, so what I mean by all this is as follows:

First year: In my mind, they wouldn’t start actually dating till their first year is nearly over but ANYWAYS, when they do start dating, it’s really little things like ice cream dates after school. It’s hooking pinkys underneath the lunch table when they sit next to each other and blushing about it. It’s soft hand kisses when they part ways after school to walk home. It’s coming home with the dreamy-ist smiles on their faces. It’s the way todoroki blushes slightly and smiling softly when he talks to Momo about how his date with Deku was. It’s the way Deku’s face lights up when he talks about Todoroki to Iida and Uraraka. It’s holding hands when they think nobody can see. It’s when one catches the other staring at them from across the classroom and they both blush like crazy, Deku hiding his face in his hands. You know, pure and wholesome shit like that

Second year: At this point, they are way comfortable in their relationship and it’s less fluttery nerves and more hormone driven want. I’m basically working off the “horny high school boys” trope bc im so weak for that but you know how it goes. It just starts with them being more open about the fact that their dating and so they’re less nervous about PDA. They hold hands A LOT. They’ll hang off of each other (cue the “Todoroki holding deku by the hips” headcanon). One day in homeroom, they not-so-subtly end up sitting next to each  other even though they know they have assigned seats. Aizawa comes in and looks over the class like he does and he doesn’t say anything but he’s rolling his eyes. So, as you can imagine, this all develops into them being way more touchy than last year. Everyone can tell. Deku brings Todoroki home to meet his mom and have dinner (Deku’s mom is thrilled her son is so happy but that’s all matters for a different post).

 Their kisses evolve to the point where they’re getting at some deeper feeling than before and all they want to do is explore that feeling. Because it feels damn good. So before you know it, they’re stumbling into homeroom a few minutes late with ruffled hair and red faces bc yeah maybe they were making out behind a building and lost track of time, ok? They do stop being late for class but there’s rarely a moment after class that their hands aren’t all over each other.

There’s also the matter of the rival tension that’s inevitably between them. At first Deku is terrified that it’ll wreck their relationship but it sort of does the opposite… they figure out that it’s kind of a turn on…. Cue the sports festival and an avalanche of sexual tension. The entirety of both classes A and B end up having to oggle at it for the whole event because it’s very rare that they are put on the same teams. At nearly every break between events and such, Todoroki has Deku up against a wall kissing him crazy, the adrenaline of the games mixing with the hormonal haze that drives them together like magnets. He does have to let Deku be though as the one on one fights start because he knows how much Deku likes to take analysis notes. Without speculating on year 2 sports festival results, I think I’ll leave this here ^^ 

So, the year rolls on. There’s probably a class trip that’s at least semi-relaxing, maybe?? things get steamy ofc wtf else are class tips for.

 Terushima and other classmates start prying with little shame, asking if they’ve done it yet, had sex. Deku is slightly scandalized. Todoroki just rolls his eyes. Neither of them say so, but yes they have done the deed but just once, at Todoroki’s house one weekend when no one was home. They were under the guise of a train/study weekend, which wasn’t a lie… they just happened to also have sex as well…

so yeah, you get the gist of 2nd year ;)

Third year: By now, most of UA knows they’re boyfriends. At the very least they know that if you get pitted against either one of them for whatever reason, You’re probably fucked and if you were to go against them as a pair, well, you’re really fucked. They’re dead serious about their hero careers. They’re also dead serious about each other. Freshman and their own classmates alike look up to them as #relationshipgoals

They are way less distracted by each other than the previous year, buckling down on studying and training and more studying. They’re still stupidly in love, obviously but it isn’t all shiny, new urges so it’s less “oh my god what is this feeling?? i want more of it right now” and more “God, I can’t wait till this training exercise is over so I can flirt with my boyfriend”

Oh also, they LIVE for bragging about each other, ok. Even to people they already know like, I can imagine Deku getting first place in the sports festival that year and Todoroki doesn’t shut up about it for weeks. Class A turns into that meme of “I love–” “Yes, we know, you love Deku. You are in love with Izuku Midoriya who won the third year Sports Festival competition. you love him, Deku, the next symbol of peace among humanity, we get it…” and it’s beautiful. Deku is the exact same way, btw. Basically I see them walking though halls, holding hands and standing tall and everyone’s heads turn to watch them as they go by :’)

This post is almost 1k words so if you read all of it, i love u. let me know what u think

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Glad to be Back - Kai Anderson Smut

Pairing - (kinda) OC Kai Anderson/Reader

Warning - Smut, major lack of proof reading, slight allusion to domestic abuse?

Word Count - 2312

Summary - You’re back in town after a few years and Kai is more than happy to see you

A/N - so my last Kai writing was super popular so I thought I’d do another one (plus I’m v shook abt last nights episode and need to release some Kai). But ya, enjoy and request who/what you want me to write next!

“Winter, please. I really don’t have anywhere else to go. You know my parents, they won’t want-they won’t let me back!” You mumble into your phone. 

“I know y/n, and honestly I’d love for you to stay but there’s just so much shit happening here at the mo-” Your high school best friend, Winter, goes quiet on the phone suddenly. “Hello? Winter? Has the line cut or something?” You say, worried that you’d just lost your last hope. You’d just broken up with your boyfriend, well, your now ex-boyfriend after months of wanting to, but being too scared to. You finally did it, but he kicked you out of your shared apartment and no you had no where to go. You turned to the first person you could think of, Winter. “No, no, it’s fine, I just - anyway, you can stay here, I don’t know why I was even thinking of turning you away! When are you getting here?”

You lived about an hour away from Winter’s, so you grabbed all the clothes and personal items you could while your ex was out, took your car and drove. It was slightly cathartic, driving along the highway, singing your favourite songs. It almost distracted you from the worry and stress of the breakup, of the months of shit you had put up with. You knew the way to Winter’s like the back of your hand. You used to visit her every weekend when you first moved away, but you grew apart a little when you went to college. When you arrived, the streets were eerily quiet. You remembered when kids would play out on their front lawns, whether it was beaming sunshine or pouring rain. ‘What is happening here?’ you asked yourself, while mentally preparing yourself to see your friend for the first time in about a year. You texted each other and called every now and then; you remember how upset she was on the phone on the night of the election.

“You can stay in my room for now. I’ll talk to Kai about getting you your own room. I’m sure he won’t mind.” Winter said with a smile, leading the all too familiar way to her room. It was strange. You hadn’t been here in years, but you still remembered everything about it. Winter made you feel at home, and you settled in quickly. You and Winter were sat on her bed, catching up, when you heard the front door slam. “That’ll be Kai. I’ll go tell him that you’re here now” she said, slinking out of room. You listened lightly to the faint words you could catch of their conversation. “Y/n’s here now, Kai. When are you gonna talk to her?”

“Send her down to me later tonight…” Their conversation became even more faint, you couldn’t even make out what they were saying. Kai sounded different. You hadn’t seen him for years. When you were a teenager, after hitting puberty, you remember him always checking you out when you’d go round to see Winter, and she always used to tease you about it, the two of you finding it hilarious that the guy you saw as your older brother was checking you out. You’d laugh, but secretly you loved it; you used to have the biggest crush on Kai, but looking back, it may have simply been because an older, more mature guy had taken an interest in you, instead of all the immature boys who oggled at you at school. You had all of these fond memories coming back to you, it made you excited to be back. In some respects, Winter and Kai were your family now.

You and Winter were in your pyjamas watching a film in the lounge, you wearing a huge black t-shirt of Kai’s that barely covered your ass that Winter had let you use, since in the rush to leave your apartment you forgot to pack any. You heard someone going down into the basement behind you. You turned to look, and as you did Winter spoke “Kai said he wanted to talk to you, y/n. You should go down to the basement and see him. He was super excited to know you’re back” she grinned, poking you in the ribs. You hit her shoulder playfully and hopped of the sofa and skipped downstairs ti the basement. You remembered coming down here when you and Winter were teenagers to drink spirits you stole from your parents cupboards and smoke weed you’d buy from the high school dealer.

“It looks better on you.” You heard a voice you instantly recognised as Kai’s from hearing him earlier say as you reached the bottom of the basement stairs. You went round the corner to see him sat on the sofa, legs crossed and hands in his lap, a smile plastered on his face. “Thanks” you say, a small smile playing on the corners of you mouth, giving him a little twirl like you were a little girl showing off her new dress. As you span, the shirt lifted up a little more, giving Kai a perfect view of your ass. He groaned internally. You were even more perfect than he remembered. “You look great y/n. How long has it been…three, four years now? God you were 18 when I last saw you”. Your smile dropped “Yeah…I missed you guys you know” you say, looking down at you hands suddenly feeling bad that you hadn’t visited as often as you’d have liked. “We missed you too y/n. We’re really happy to have you back, but don’t feel bad” he said, obviously picking up on you guilt. You decided to change the subject, not wanting this to be a sad moment. “So, blue hair now, huh? It never really was your colour” You say jokingly, winking at him. “Ah, y/n, ever the tease” he says, smiling. He gets up off the sofa and walks over to the wooden table and sits down at it. “Winter said you wanted to talk to me about something?” He beckoned you to join him at the table and almost like a magnet, you were drawn over to sit opposite. He held out his pinky, looking deep into your eyes, silently asking you to wrap yours around his. “Kai, we haven’t done this since we were kids…” you giggled. When you were kids, Kai would always interrogate you and Winter like this by making you pinky promise whenever you were upset about something and he wanted to find out why. He continued looking into your eyes. You rolled your eyes, chuckling lightly and took his pinky. 

“Why are you back y/n?” He looked at you so hard, it felt like he could see directly into your soul. “I, um, I just wanted a fresh start I gue-” Kai cut you off “Don’t lie to me, y/n. You know I know when you’re lying.” He was right. There was no point lying to him. “I broke up with my boyfriend, I had nowhere else to go, Kai. You know me and my family don-” He cut you off again. “Was the sex good?” He deadpanned, his face as straight as an arrow. “Kai…Why are you asking me this? I don’t want to talk about him! You haven’t seen me for four years and you’re asking me about my sex life?” You retort, feeling tears prick in the corners of your eyes, not wanting to think about your ex, especially like this. Thinking of your ex scared you. All you could see in your mind was the sheer anger on his face as you told him you were leaving, and years of putting up with his constant cruelty. “Did he fuck you well?” He asked, his grip on your pinky tightening. “Sometimes.” Kai let out what sounded like almost a low growl. “He didn’t deserve you, y/n. No one deserves you but me.” “What are you talking abo-” 

The next thing you knew, Kai had lifted you up onto the table and was kissing you deeply, his large hands holding your waist while your legs instinctively clung around his torso. He ran his tongue along your bottom lip, begging you for entrance, which you quickly granted. You moaned into the kiss before realising what was going one and you then pulled away quickly. “What are you doing?” You say, looking up into his dark, lust-filled eyes. “You don’t know how long I’ve wanted this for, do you, y/n? You have no clue how long I’ve wanted to fuck my sister’s hot friend for?” He growled. “Let’s see if I can fuck you better than your ex, shall we?” He said, before leaning forward and attacking your neck with his lips. Without thinking, you began grinding against his hard on, needing friction against your clothed cunt. This time, Kai pulled away, and you whined at the total loss of contact. “Stand up, y/n” he said gently. You swiftly hopped down from the table, looking up at Kai. He took a few steps backwards “You look so sexy in that shirt. Take it off” You did as you were told, his gravely voice sending more heat straight to your core. You pulled the t-shirt over your head, leaving you in your sheer, black lace bra and panties. “Fuck” he muttered to himself. His hard on had evidently grown by now, straining against his pants. He noticed you looking at this “you can help me in a minute sweetheart. Take those off first though.” You quickly tore off your bra and pulled your panties down and stepped out of them, and closer to a groaning Kai. You took another step forward and began palming him through his jeans with one hand, while using your other hand to toy with your clit, needed some kind of friction there. Kai pulled his shirt over his head as you snaked down onto your knees. This caused Kai to swiftly pull down his pants and boxers and step out of them as his hard cock sprung up against his stomach. You licked your lips and quickly took as much of him as you could in your mouth, pumping the rest of his length with your hand. You looked up at Kai to see him with his head thrown back and moaning your name. “You look so fucking hot with your mouth full of my dick y/n” he purred. This motivated you to take even more of his in your mouth. Kai grabbed the back of your head and began thrusting himself into your mouth. A few seconds later you felt his dick twitching inside your mouth, so you hollowed out your cheeks and bobbed on his cock harder. The next minute, he was moaning loudly as he filled your mouth with his cum. You swallowed all you could, but some of it trickled down your chin, and you pulled away from his cock and wiped away the dripping juices with the back of your hand. 

“Such a good girl, y/n” He purred in your ear after pulling you up and backing you back against the table. You hopped back onto it and began grinding your naked cunt against his cock, your pussy practically dripping with anticipation. “Please Kai…” you plead. “Please what sweetheart? I can’t help unless you tell me what you want” He said huskily. “Fuck me, Kai, fill me up with your big cock” you purred. This caused Kai to moan loudly as his hands slipped down to your folds. One hand on your clit, the other hand making use of two fingers that quickly slid inside you. “So wet for me, sweetheart” he whispered. “Please Kai!” you begged, arching your back as he thrust his fingers deeper inside you. “As you wish, y/n”. He pulled his fingers out, but they quickly replaced with his cock as he thrust deep into you. With one of his hands rubbing your clit harshly and the other playing with your right nipple, you arms were struggling to hold you up, the pleasure rocking you to your core. “Fuck Kai, you feel so fucking good!” you moan as he thrusts in and out of you quickly. “You’re so. Fucking. Tight y/n” he growls, punctuating each word to match the rhythm of his thrusts.

You could feel your pussy clench around his throbbing cock as your arms give up on you and you fall against the tabletop, screaming Kai’s name as the pleasure of your orgasm washes over you. Kai carries on plowing into you, until a few seconds later you feel his cum shoot inside you. “Fuck y/n” he pants, still slowly thrusting into you as you both come down from your highs. You lay on the table for a minute while Kai gets dressed again. You get off the table and slip your clothes back on. After you finish dressing, Kai steps in front of you, placing his arms around your waist. “I’d better head back up to Winter” you say, looking up at him, smiling. He lets you go and you kiss him on the lips. “Thank you, Kai” you say as you skip off up the stairs. He can practically hear the grin on your face as you call back to him. “Thank you, y/n” he says to himself, smiling. 

You slip back onto the sofa upstairs next to Winter. “What did Kai have to say?” she says, too focused on the movie she was watching in front of her to look at you. “Nothing much.” You say, glad that she didn’t look to see the huge grin on your face.

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Hc losers Friendsgiving and I’ll cry

aaaaa yes
(i’m aussie so i don’t know much about thanksgiving but i’ll try!!)
((christmas hcs here!))

- so basically i’m a firm believer that richie, eddie, stan, and bill all live together in a big apartment, with bev, ben, and mike living across the hall

- they have it at bev/ben/mike’s apartment because their dining room table isn’t ‘covered in your random crap, richard’ 

- mike and ben scour through magazines for recipes and watch the food network religiously for a month beforehand, writing down ideas that they like

- mike goes full out and kicks bev and ben out of the apartment while he cooks because he needs to concentrate and everything needs to be perfect

- he’s got his own apron and everything (it was a gift from richie when they did secret santa last year, it says “mr good lookin’ is cookin’” and he wears it whenever he’s cooks)

- the others all hang out in the other apartment and have a few drinks and eddie ropes them into doing arts and crafts 

- they have construction paper and glitter and markers just thrown all over the coffee table and stan is lowkey (highkey) stressed out because there’s going to be glitter all through the fucking carpet for the next fourteen years who fucking thought this would be a good idea so he just downs two glasses of wine and sits next to bill on the floor

- eddie’s making those handprint turkey things and richie is drawing on them so they’re all based off one of their friends (like he draws glasses on one and a fanny pack on another and gives one curly hair etc)

- “i haven’t worn a fanny pack since middle school wtf richie” “how do you know this one is you? what if i just wanted this turkey to have a fanny pack, not everything’s about you eds, geez” 

- bill just kind of doodles on a scrap bit of paper and stan is getting steadily more frustrated because he can’t get figure out this goddamn origami swan and these instructions are fucking confusing

- bev takes over and finishes it for him in like ten seconds and he just gets up to get another drink

- ben keeps sprinkling glitter in beverly’s hair when she’s not looking and it falls on her face and shoulders and he keeps laughing when she doesn’t notice him doing it

- stan gets mad at ben for getting glitter on the couch

- stan gets another glass of wine

- bill takes the wine away from stan

- mike comes in to tell them that the food’s ready in ten minutes and he’s covered in flour and stains and he looks almost manic

- they all get changed into nice clothes (except for richie, who’s wearing a hawaiian shirt with cartoon turkeys in pilgrim hats on it and everyone groans when they see it)

- “can’t you just try and look nice for once” “what? it’s festive!”

- mike has set up the dining area with all the food laid out on the table and it honestly looks like it does in the magazines and there are little candles in mason jars and everything

- he walks calmly out of the bedroom wearing clean clothes and they all sit down around the table and they’re all expressing their amazement and oggling over the food and mike’s just waving it off like “eh, it’s nothing special” (but really he is so proud of it and of himself and rightfully so)

- they go around and say what they’re thankful for

- it’s all very sappy and stan starts to tear up when bill gives his toast (though that’s partly due to all the wine)

- bev says she’s thankful to have found a family in the people around her and they all just kinda melt into a puddle of Emotion

- “i’m thankful for this hot piece of ass sitting next to me” *collective beep beep richie*

- they start plating up and the food is So Good oh my god and they eat until they physically can not anymore and they feel like they might explode

- later that evening they put on warm clothes and all go for a walk together and bill ends up giving stan a piggyback ride and richie keeps picking up handfuls of leaves and throwing them at everyone 

- eddie full on tackles him on the sidewalk because he shoved fucking soggy leaves down the back of his shirt

- mike walks with ben and bev and just feels so happy because he’s with the people he loves the most in the world and life is really amazing right now

- they’re all just happy and in love and life is great!! friendship!! 

this got long whoops !

Car Mechanic AU
  • Shiro regularly gets oggled by all the neighbors
    • he pretends he has no idea he’s being watched but he knows and sometimes flexes when a particularly attractive person walks by
    • he’s always covered in oil
    • it’s beautiful
  • coran own the pet shop next door
    • all of the cats are cage free and its madness, cats are always getting into the auto yard next door
    • shiro loves cats
    • keith loves cats
    • so it’s a good arrangement
  • keith is like the Car Whisperer and can fix any hunk of junk
  • speaking of Hunk regularly walks in with his tiny beat up 1965 yellow volkswagon bug needing a fix
    • “hunk you were here yesterday” “yeah I know but she made this UUURGGHHHH sound and I think it needs to be checked out” “Hunk that’s just your engine starting up” “yeah but like maybe you should check it out i mean what if i’m driving down the road one day and BOOM it just explodes do you really want that on your conscience?” “i really want you off my property” “ooh Keith’s in a mood. Did lance come by?” “WE’RE NOT TALKING ABOUT THAT ASSHOLE—“
  • Pidge comes by after school and procrastinates doing her homework by tinkering with the cars in the lot
    • she and keith are fixing one up they plan on taking cross country on a trip once she graduates high school
  • Lance works at a competing auto shop on the other side of town
    • he often comes by the pick on keith during his off hours
    • he’s always wearing a white wife beater and flexing as pretty girls go by but none of them notice because SHIRO <3
    • lance always pouts then shakes it off and starts shit-talking keith while he works on cars
    • “i totally fixed up a 98 beemer yesterday, it was like totally salvaged but i completely fixed it up like new, the owner was so amazed she laid a huge wet one on me” “the only person to lay a wet one on you is your mother” “don’t bring anita into this she did nothing to you” “…how is she?” “she’s excellent she and hunk are making cookies to bring to you and shiro tomorrow” “the anise kind?” “yeah” “sweet”
    • lance always ends up making his way beside keith under the car, pointing out all the tings keith should be working on, leaving too little room on the mechanic creeper (thing mechanics use to slide under the car)
  • one day allura walks in with a brand spankin new bentley she managed to crash into three separate vehicles “um, ma’am, not to pry but how did you—?” “i’m an important woman, i own seven businesses and i can’t afford to miss a call and i mean where did the intersection even come from? like when did that get built?” “um, i think it’s been there…forever” “well i’ve never seen it before”
    • she’s really just a terrible fucking driver
  • when shiro gives her a good deal on the first fix she keeps coming back
    • “lady, what happened this time?” “if i told you the deer hit me would you believe me?” “i might if you hadn’t hit it ass-first” “he was going too slow”
    • she becomes a regular, hanging out in the lot
  • lance hangs onto her like glue for awhile and keith is Not Annoyed and Doesn’t Care
  • after some awkward and misplaced flirting and finding out Allura is 100 percent gay she and lance just become good friends
    • they team up and make fun of keith
    • keith Hates this (but kind of likes the attention)
    • it eventually takes an intervention guided by allura to get lance to figure out his Feelings for keith
    • “no i really hate his mullet” “yes but when you say ‘hate’ you really mean” “absolutely fucking hate it. seriously hate it. his face is so beautiful it just ruins the whole thing—wait what?” “oh my god we’re getting somewhere pidge make sure you’re recording this!” “way ahead of you sister”
  • One day keith is down below a particularly finicky rabbit (who even has one of these anymore) when lance drops down and rolls under the car with him
    • “hey” “hey” “wanna cookie?” “sure”
    • keith nearly chokes on a ring
  • they get married at the auto center
    • keith thought it’d be a great idea to have a cat from coran’s shop be the ring bearer
    • it’s a terrible fucking idea and hunk barely manages to find the cat before the ceremony begins
    • anita bakes the wedding cake
    • shiro still has oil on him
    • but it’s a fantastic fucking day
The Long Game

standalone; nc-17; smut & fluff; season 7; it’s pretty much PWP between two agents who are stupidly in love and probably mistakenly believe they have all the time in the world to be together. 


She doesn’t kiss him when he gets off the plane, bleary-eyed and harassed, although she kind of wants to. Pissy Mulder with his grim little mouth is cute when it’s not directed at her or government conspiracies or poor nurses who have no clue why he’s shouting at them. He mutters some interesting curses while throwing bags around in the luggage claim and Scully watches him patiently, hands clasped behind her back. 

When he finally finds his bag he curses a little more, but his tone lifts, and when he swivels to see Scully standing behind him, his face goes soft and the tension drains from his body like air from a popped balloon.

“Scully,” he smiles. “Hi.” 

He is not a little bit shamed by his petulant display.

“Hi yourself,” Scully says. She reaches to smooth some wrinkles from his jacket, and his eyes follow her hands. “Let’s get out of here. There’s a whole lot of terrible Chinese takeout with our names on it.”

He doesn’t kiss her, either, but it’s pretty obvious he wants to.

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A headcanon where Richie and Eddie have a date planed but it ends up raining and the weathers crap and so they stay inside and be all fluffy, soft and cute :ps I love ur headcanons they're soo amazing ❤️❤️❤️

thank you bruh glad you like them

(they’re aged up and there are some nsfw things mentioned so if you pitcure them as kids when reading that, you probably need a psychiatrist)

- they had been looking forward to it so much all week between school and trying to find jobs since apparently they needed them their schedules were pretty busy - but in hindsight eddie should have never let richie be the one to plan the date
- richie told him it was a suprise but after exatcly 0.01 seconds he told him they were going on the most cliche of cliche dates

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SILVER SPOON: Part 6 [Yoongi x Reader; Rom-com, fluff]

A girl who had to work hard every day of her life to rise from nothing, meets a man who was born with and given everything.

A classic tale of what happens when a cold, uptight farm girl meets a playful, rebellious, easy-going city boy that was born with a silver spoon in his mouth.

Summary: Having been born and raised in the country side, you have worked hard your entire life to make it to the big city. You eventually achieved your dream and now you have a wonderful paying job for a large company and you continue putting your 110% into everything you do. However, your perfect plan to climb to success through consistent effort and hard work becomes disarrayed with the arrival of your branch’s new rebellious and easy-going CEO, who never desired the position in the first place and has never truly worked hard a day in his life. Your job is on the line if he can’t be turned into a quality CEO within a year, but he has no intention of changing himself for anyone or letting you boss him around so easily. How will you work your way through this obstacle? Will you succeed in changing him or will he be the one that changes you?

Yoongi x Reader (ft. Jimin & VIXX’s Leo as side characters; some other BTS members show up too lol)
Office au
Romantic Comedy, Fluff

Parts: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 | 9 (Finale)

A/N: So this was a pretty long part haha so I’m gonna insert a “Read More”/ “Keep Reading” link for it. I don’t really put them in cause I don’t trust that they always work ;_; so please let me know right away if it isn’t letting you read more!

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          The following morning was filled with sad goodbyes from your family members. Yoongi had dropped the bomb after breakfast and you thought Jin and Taehyung were going to cry on the spot. Honestly, you also couldn’t shake off the feeling of dread inside you, not since you received the text from the Chairman last night. But seeing Yoongi’s bright smile and how excitedly he announced the end of his punishment, you figured he was happy about returning to his fancy apartment and his comfortable bed. I mean, who wouldn’t? And it’s not like you wanted him to stay at the farm forever either.

           You watched your mother fuss over him before you two made your way to the bus with a gentle smile.

           "Make sure you eat well. Pack a big lunch. Eat a hefty breakfast. And if you ever want me to pack you a lunch, just give Y/N a heads up. And if you want to come visit on weekends, you’re more than welcome to. I’m sure the boys and the girls would love it.“

           "Thank you mom.” Yoongi grinned and let her give him a tight hug and a few kisses.

           Jin and Tae squeezed the life out of him and you had to pry Yoongi out of their grasps in order to make it to the bus stop on time.

           "I’ll e-mail you hyung!“ Tae bellowed as Yoongi waved and chuckled.

           "I’ll write you letters and have Y/N deliver them to you!” Jin shouted.

           "Oh please don’t make me do that.“ You groaned.

           Yoongi laughed and ruffled your head. "I wouldn’t mind that at all.”

           You huffed, trying not to look flustered at his subtle action. The effects from yesterday still weren’t worn out after all.

           Soon enough, you two fell into a comfortable silence as you trudged towards the bus stop. It was just going to be you two heading to work today. Leo stayed behind in order to pack everything they had brought with them. Then he would head to Yoongi’s apartment to make sure the building was ready for his return.

           You realized that this was the last time you were going to have a companion on this stroll and on the agonizingly long trip to and from work. You frowned at the thought.

           As usual, you two climbed onto the bus and claimed the back row. Yoongi smiled as he stared out the window.

           "I’m actually going to miss this view.“

           "Well, my mom said you’re welcome to come whenever.”

           "Will you be okay with that?“

           You blinked. "Why not?”

           He snorted. “Have you forgotten I’m your boss?”

           You blushed. Right.

           "Oh well…I mean…you do whatever you want anyway…“ You tried to find an excuse.

           He chuckled. "You’re right. I just didn’t want to be ‘inappropriate’ by your standards and regulations.”

           You smiled gently.

           "Oh. Here.“ Yoongi rummaged through his bag and handed you his Ipod.

           You raised an eyebrow questioningly. He chuckled and grabbed your hand, placing the device into your palm.

           "You asked me yesterday what it was that I was interested in.” he closed your fingers over it. “And it was actually you that pointed it out to me a few weeks ago. I thought it was a normal interest that everyone had, but when I thought about it, I’ve always turned to music my entire life. It’s been the most consistent and comforting thing for me.”

           You glanced up at him, surprised. You didn’t think he was mulling over what you had said candidly and spontaneously last night, so it shocked you to hear that he had been thinking about it deeply. When you looked into his eyes, you recognized his serious gaze, but there was also a sprinkle of worry laced into it as if he was nervous about your reaction to his answer. You felt the corners of your mouth turn up and you looked down at the IPod.

           "So what would you like to do Mr. Min?“ You asked lightly.

           He grinned. "I would like to find a way to run a business related to music. I don’t know exactly what kind yet, but I think I’d like to take my time figuring it out.”

           You giggled and nodded. “I’ll look forward to it then.”

           "It’s yours.“ Yoongi gestured to the IPod. "I spent last night organizing my music and making you playlists for you and your family.”

           "What?“ You stared at him.

           "I think it’d be more fun doing farm work with a bit of music.” Yoongi smiled. “And I think your bus ride would be more enjoyable too, because I’m not going to be here to entertain you.”

           He grabbed the IPod and turned it on. “I made you a 'Work Work’ playlist when you’re doing last minute documents or something, a 'Farm Girl’ playlist, '3rd Sunday Parties’ playlist, and when you’re having a hard time falling asleep there’s a 'Lullaby’ list too. Oh and there’s a 'Strolling’ playlist when you’re walking to the bus stop or to work…”

           You tuned out the last few playlists he was explaining because you were busy studying his facial expressions. He was so close to you and he was talking so animatedly that it filled you with awe. So this is what he looked like when he was passionate about something. You admitted that you were going to miss having him around for some reason. It was nice to have someone that you could talk to about work and the farm life, someone to travel with, and someone that got along easily with your vivacious family members.

           "And I told Leo to leave the charger at the farm. I’m sure you know how to use that.“ Yoongi glanced over at you and found you looking at him intently, with softness in your eyes. He searched for what type of emotion you were displaying, but he couldn’t quite pinpoint it. Unlike other times though, you weren’t shying away from his eye contact and he felt himself leaning closer to you. As if realizing what you were doing, your eyes widened and you tensed up. He grinned, his face mere centimeters away from yours.

           "Finally realized how handsome I am?” he cheekily jeered.

           You rolled your eyes and scoffed. “I was just amazed. I didn’t you’d actually be interested in anything.”

           Yoongi cackled. “I’m amazing, aren’t I? A man of many talents and surprises. A genius.”

           You groaned and shook your head.

           "Do you like it though?“ he asked nervously.

           You blushed and nodded. "Yeah, I love it. Thank you, Mr. Min. It’s so thoughtful.”

           He beamed, and you wondered if his smile had always been so dazzling.

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