I’m happy skateboard pop punk soft happy Louis has returned goSH !!!!!
He looks so good and HAPPY and …. Brought a fucking unused skateboard on a plane in so awfully endeared @louis now give us pics of u on it again its TIME its been a YEAR

We all know that means some more replies, and less sudden-disappearing-ogf-the-face-of-the-Earth. Europe has been incredible and I’ll write something about it for you lot if you want it (it’s fine if you don’t, but also Europe is great oh my god), but I do have to say thaat I’m looking forward to cuddling my kitty and getting home and being back in the swing of normality. Also, I have 53 drafts, so I’ll try to ge right on them. Oops. 

Anyway! Hi. Hello. Hola. I’m online.


Mary McDonald || Seventh Year || Gryffindor || Muggleborn || OPEN

  • Loves to spend her free time sitting by the lake.
  • She’s a bit nervous to return to school this year, as it means having to face her tormenter, Nicholas Mulciber.
  • Last spring she was sent to the Hospital Wing due to Nicholas, who had tormented her for most of the year.
  • She’s spent a lot of her time writing with her two close friends, Marlene and Lily, who have helped her move past the horrors of her previous year.
  • She is disappointed in her OWL scores as she didn’t get high enough marks to take the required NEWT classes to become a Healer, like she wanted.


Soft + Observant + Kindhearted || Naive - Unsure - Dependent


Nicholas Mulciber - Stalker, Torments her.
Marlene Mckinnon - Best friend
Lily Evans - Best friend
Thomas Bennett - Crush

Faceclaim - Jenna Louise Coleman