ogden avenue

fall into me. [linstead one shot.]

Author’s Note: This literally just got stuck in my head at about 1 AM and I had to type this out so here it is. I wish with all my heart they’d delve into Jay dealing with his PTSD but I’m not holding out much hope so I hope this gives you guys something and hurts your heart like it does mine. Let me know if you like it or if you have any ideas you’d like to see- I’d definitely be down for writing them. Thank you for stopping by!

[11:42 pm] 2102 W. Ogden Avenue.

[11:46 pm] Please.

The first ping of a message coming through her phone woke her from a daze; one of those foggy, brief lapses of a few moments that was more of a zoning out than a dozing off though her hazel eyes had somehow flickered closed. The second came as she began to fidget, trying to course a sense of feeling back into her knees, her ankles, her toes. Trying to get a sense of her surroundings, of the now single-occupant apartment that had seemed to grow immensely in his absence.

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