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starlitblues  asked:

Okay, did you ever go on like Google Maps street view or something and just "walk around" Key West or NOLA to get a feel for it? The imagery just feels so vivid when I'm reading it, it almost feels like I've been there now. Oh, and the chronology. Is it focusing on just the main characters in OGC or kind of all-inclusive? What makes it different from a timeline?

I took the entire car journey on google maps when I was writing it. I spent/spend a LOT of time on google maps while writing OGC. I don’t really look around the actual destinations all that much. I have done that. I have “walked around” NOLA and Key West, mostly to work it out spatially. I’ve had a lot of people help me with regard to some of the destinations (mostly NOLA and Orlando and Miami and stuff). I mostly just look at pictures of places for a while and build the world up in my head until I have my own clear image of it. 

Too be honest, I don’t really find all the exterior spaces all that… important. It’s the interiors I’ve always been more concerned about because that’s where they spend a lot of their time… like, Santana’s grandmother’s house. I spend A LOT of time figuring out that place because it’s like the main stage. It’s the place from which all other action takes off, so I needed to have a mental picture of that extra clear in my head. I can pretty much walk through that house and know where everything is down to like… the first aid kit or the cleaning products. 

I’m a pretty… idk, visual person. When Margie helps me with stuff now she knows to include pictures of what she’s talking about so that I can fit them into what’s in my head. I just… I need the visuals so I guess they come through when I’m writing, or something. 

And, uhhhh… well, the chronology is basically just going to be like a linear list of everything that’s happened in the OGC universe and everything that WILL happen. Like, how Brittana met and when they kissed and all other things I’ve mentioned in the story that aren’t the actual plot. The timeline is the plot… it’s like, what happens from prologue to epilogue.