Naruto ナルト [Classic] : Chūnin ShikenKonoha Kuzushi

Throwback to the Golden Age of Naruto when it was legit the number one manga out there. I followed this manga since the first volume came out and Kishimoto blew my mind with his great story arcs & beautiful characters. I mean seriously, Sabaku no Gaara was the sickest wildcard in shonen manga back then. Sadly, the last few arcs & the ending of Shippūden were a colossal disappointment compared to the genius of its predecessor. I couldn’t even bring myself to read the final arcs of the Fourth Shinobi World War Saga because of how much he butchered the ending. So technically I guess I still haven’t finished reading the series…one day I’ll bring myself to do it with a pinch of salt. But here’s to the classic Naruto, a cherished and fond memory. R.I.P.