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Don’t get super used to my recipes being à la exgirlfriend (cheap and easy) because my love for cooking is what fuels this blog so sometimes I’m going to post things that are a bit more complicated and intricate or time consuming. Weekend food projects thrill me. But for now I’ll present to you the most threatening ex girlfriend of all the ex girlfriend dishes. Tired of that joke yet? Good me neither.

Risotto is great and yum but takes awhile and offers zero health benefits.
I suddenly sound like a risotto hater, I’m not. This idea sprang in my head as I was walking home late one night, too late to order out plus I didn’t want to spend money when I knew I could figure out SOMETHING to make from my dusty ole pantry. Health is always nice to factor in and this is low in all the bad, high in all the good. So I fixed myself up with some savory oatmeal and we fell in love. Good for ANY meal, as a side or as a main.


1 pack of instant oatmeal OG flavor — PLAIN
1-2 table spoons of cream cheese
A drizzle of (truffle infused) olive oil
Fine grated parmesan
Optional additions: poached egg, spinach, shrooms, shrimp, (sundried) tomato, all of the above.

Make oatmeal as directed. Add cream cheese and parmesan. Add a splash of milk if needed to make it less sticky. Drizzle olive oil. Add shaved parm if desired.

To poach an egg: bring water to simmer in a deep saucepan. Make a vigorous whirl pool with whisk. Carefully plop a cracked egg (I crack into a glass and pour into water from glass). Let spin for 2-3 minutes, remove with slotted spoon, drain.

Rorix’s Dramatic Irony

Want a fun fact about the flavor text for the new Rorix Bladewing in Eternal Masters?

Since we already know Rorix’s ultimate fate, I wanted to create a bit of dramatic irony in the card’s updated flavor text, while still paying homage to the original.

The line “In an attempt to restore pride to Shiv” is a direct reference to Rorix’s OG flavor text of “restore broken pride to their race” to help reinforce the fact that he is the same old dragon we love. The part about “forging an undying legend” is meant to hint at the fact that Rorix will ultimately die and rise again as a zombie. Sorry Rorix!

Oh, and that last bit about the Grand Colosseum in Otaria? That part was written specifically for 14 year old me. The pit fights of Otaria was, and still is, my favorite setting in all of Magic. Dont ask why. :D